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"I've got hemophilia b 23% factor 9 deficiency. In 1981, age two (now 35) via transfusion of factor 9 hep c anti. Can amyl nitrate be prescribed 4this?

"why did CDC announce people born between 1945 and 1965 should be tested for hepatitis c? Was it due to risks taken by sizable numbers of boomers?

33 yr old hep c 5 yr will i get cirrhosis if no meds ect in like 25 yrs? Everything is low and treatable.

40 years old and just found out I have chronic hep b, I have no idea when or how i got this..How long does it take for it to become chronic?

A friend of mine said if malaria parasites live in you for period or longtime. It can lead to liver problem or hepatitis b.True or false?

A new aide for mom had a liver transplant years ago and has chronic hepatitis b. Is my mom in danger of getting hep b?

Acute hep vs hep c positive: which one is worse?

Acute hepatitis patient with diarrhoea, what will be the treatment?

After a hep c diagnosis, then a liver biopsy of cancer. How long to live?

After fibrosis stage of hep c does patient often live?

After successful treatment for hep-c, what are the chances of the hep-c virus returning?

Alt reduced from 110to50 and to20but ferritin changed from300to400during5 months(no pill or drug or hep b, c, liverusond ok). Other factors are normal?

Among all the types of hepatitis, which is the most severe form? Is it possible that a patient with hepatitis b will also have hepa c?

Any latest news on treatment related to hep c n cirohsis?

Are hepatitis d and e new viruses?

Are swollen ankles combined with hepatitis C a problem.

Are there any cures for people with hepatitis C for headaches <other than acetaminophen or ibuprofen>?

Are there any new drugs for treatment of hepatitis c?

Are there any treatments for hepatitis D?

Are there effective medications to treat hepatitis c?

Are there herbal supplements for chronic acute hepititis and cirrhosis?

Are there racial disparities in regards to hepatitis b infection?

Are there racial disparities in regards to hepatitis C infection?

At what stage is a liver biopsy required with hepatitis c?

Autoimmune hepatitis not responding to medication?

Blood in my stools so how do I be careful around hep c patients?

C-Reactive Protein 24 mg/L for 3 months, first time despite history Hep C. Crushing fatigue 2 weeks and gastro issues. Cud b Candida yeast overgowth?

Can a hep b treated patient be infectious?

Can a hepatitis a patient with a liver infection be cured?

Can a hepatitis b infection lead to an autoimmune disease?

Can a naturopathic dr help with hepatitis d?

Can a person with chronic hepatitis b live a normal lifespan with regular checkups and proper treatment?

Can a woman contract hepatic c if she has sexual intercourse with someone that does? I was involved with a man for a couple of years that i didn't know had hepatic c. I have just recently found out that he does care the disease and that he contracted it t

Can abuse of too much pain medications lead to hepatitis c?

Can all types of hepatitis have the same symptoms?

Can antiviral medication treat chronic hepatitis b?

Can autoimmune hepatitis be passed on?

Can chronic hepatitis B inactive carrier clear hepatitis infection ?

Can chronic hepatitis b infection cause cirrhosis?

Can chronic hepatitis C cause Yiy to constantly have aniexty and be depressed ? Ive never had aniexty until hepatitis C ? I have GAD now ?

Can chronic herps simplex virus cause low total liver proteins if goes to your liver? I know chronic herps can infect the liver.

Can having liver disease affect your blood results you get back from hep c?

Can hep c come back after a successful treatment of infearon?

Can hep c progress so quickly.I don't believe I've had it over a year?

Can hepatitis B be treated with a shot? Thanks in advance.

Can hepatitis be cured?

Can hepatitis C cause lots of unbearable pain?

Can hepatitis virus infection interfere the progression of HIV disease?

Can I get medications for Hep C virus without prescriptions please?

Can I live a normal life with hepatitis c?

Can I reverse any damage caused to liver by auto immune hepatitis? does it have a 100% percent cure please answer both of the questions Thank you

Can I still conceive if I have autoimmune hepatitis?

Can I use norfloxacin to treat my UTI if I have hepatitis c. Is it safe for my liver?

Can improved immune reverse hep C 1a?

Can jaundice occur again after recovering from it ? Previous cause was hep a.

Can korean red ginseng help in healing patients with hepatitis b virus?

Can non-viral (hepatitis) liver inflammation be treated?

Can RA cause hep c virus to damage liver more quickly due to constant inflammation? I have both, weighing treatment for the hep c, level 2 damage (0-4

Can someone live with Hepatitis C untreated and undiagnosed for over 60 years, or would they be dead by then? Thanks!

Can someone previously infected, but now cleared, of acute hepatitis C still infect others?

Can someone with hepatitis b or c undergo a complete hip joint replacement?

Can spiralina cure hepatitus c? What are docs opinions?

Can there be a treatment or cure for hepatitis C that is affordable?

Can there be complications with hepatitis a if I am an alcoholic?

Can we give gulcon d for one with hep c and cirohsis. Feeling very weak?

Can we give tablet neurobin forte if suffering from liver cirohsis and hep c.

Can you get hep c from used bandage ?

Can you get hepatitis C from snorting drugs?

Can you get hepatitis C from your mother?Even if you had all the vacs for it?Could it cause inflamation of the CNS or peripherl neuropathy?

Can you have liver inflammation without it being hepatitis, or are live inflammation and hepatitis exactly the same thing?

Can you let me know how many people with acute hepatitis get it from some one that had chronic hepatitis?

Can you please describe the health consequences of a 5-6 year delay in the treatment of chronic hep c?

Can you please lay out the latest treatments for hepatitis c?

Can you still spread hepatitis b even if it's acute?

Can you tell me about the hepatitis C treatment {pegasys & rebetol}?

Can you tell me how is hepatitis C clearing on its own different than HIV clearing on its own?

Can you tell me if i could get cured from hep c & fatty liver disease combined?

Can you tell me is hepatitis C curable or treatable?

Can you tell me is hepatitis treatable or not?

Can you tell me what to expect with of hepatitis C treatment ?

Chronic hep b sufferer with twitching around liver area. Am concerned, please kindly advise :-)?

Chronic hepatitis b ... I did interferon therapy for one year and then 1 year break and now I have viral loud 38074609 copies .What i do?

Chronic hepatitis b ... I did interferon therapy for one year and then 1 year break and now I have viral loud 38074609 copies / ml.What i do?

Chronic hepatitis b, long ago liver function&the quantity of hbv-dna is unnormal, used anti-viral treatment, now all is normol 3ye , can I use liver care?

Chronic hepatitis C do solvadi and ribavirin cause liver pain?

Chronic hepatits b always cause liver complications in future? can a person get rid from chronic hepatits b?

Chronic ruq pain in waves alt^126, u/s normal.On 4 month waiting list for hepatologist.No hep, wilson's, ferritin, etc. What shall I do whilst i wait?

Could Ayurveda have any medicine to cure chronic hepatitis b or atleast lower the viral load drastically ?

Could hepatitis C ever be treated? ? Is it easy to catch it as a phlebotomist?

Could homeopathy have any medicine to cure chronic hepatitis b or atleast lower the viral load drastically ?

Could tenncare blucare cover liver transplants for cirrhosis and hep c patients?

Could you tell me if someone takes treatments for hepatitis C can it be cured?

Could you tell me what are major and minor symptoms of hepatitis c?

Currently on victrelis (boceprevir) for hep c tx. How often are blood labs recommended?

Diag. With autoimmune hepatitis type 2.. Had hep.c for 15 yrs.. What happened? What triggered this help me? Dr didn't even tell me found it on med.rec

Diagnosed 10 yrs ago with hep. C., my doctors haven't once discussed treatments, nor a liver biopsy, nothing! how do I encourage him to do something?

Diagnosed with hepatitis C virus then a week later diagnosed with cirrhosis, what should I do now? Party or get liver transplation?

Diagonised nafld my height 6 feet weight 80 kgs -ve hbsag, hcv, HIV will it get cured also iam not diabetic? Does it progress to more serious problems

Diagonised nafld my height 6 feet weight 80 kgs hbsag, hcv, HIV -ve will it get cured also iam not diabetic? Does it progress to more serious problems

Difference between hepatitis a b c d e...Acute...viral...Chronic...treatable? Please explain