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I cannot stand on my feet for very long and I have memory foam shoes that I wear but they don't help can you help me ?

1-must wear straight shoe lasts for overpronation & flat feet? 2-can sneakers have mesh and leather tops?

4 weeks after metatarsal break I am in tennis shoe & another 4 weeks in a "regular shoe." Will I have to wear flat shoes for life? I like high heels.

About 3 months ago had baby, now my toes hurt when I wear high heels and jam feet into old shoes. Is foot fractured?

After a broken foot is healed, is it uncommon that my former tennis shoe will not fit that foot but is too tight? Still using cam wkr.

After breaking your pinky toe, how long before you can wear closed shoes?

After having a bunionectomy, can I wear high heals?

After spending a half day in my shoes my feet are vet sweaty. This happens whenever my skin is in close quarters with clothes or shoes. What can i do?

After wearing my high heels my toes are numb. What can I do. ?

After wearing shape up tennis shoes stomach back and spine hurt what is a good shoe to wear thanks?

After wearing some tight camping shoes for about 10 hours, i took off my shoes and have the feeling of much less sensation in one of my outer toes. It's been 4 days and i still feel as if I have a cotton ball between my affected outer toe and the followi

Am i likely to fracture my foot if i don't wear shoes while exercising outside for about an hour?

Am I supposed to cover my toes when wearing a foot cast to keep clean?

Any good remedies for ball-of-foot blister prevention? I walk for exercise. Wearing dr-made orthotics. Ball-of-foot friction.

Any practical advice for putting shoes on with severe drop foot? (i suck at it)

Any reasons why my feet hurt when i'm not wearing boots?

Any suggestions for good comfortable dress shoes for men to prevent foot pain from standing all day at work?

Any suggestions for putting shoes on with severe foot drop? (0/5)

Any way to get taller without wearing high heeled shoes?

Are running shoes wider in toe box? I walk for exercise. Blisters on ball of foot, rubbing on side of feet. Is there a shoe type I should look for?

Are there any special shoes to wear if you have a badly bruised foot?

Are there custom made to order prescription compression socks? Foot area too short, heel zone is in middle of foot, not at the heel where it should be.

Are wearing skate shoes too often bad for your feet?

At work, mod thick socks / relatively new shoes - twice toes ( only ) became very cold, to the point of pain, rest of foot felt warm after shoe off?

Balls of my feet hurt. What kind of insert or shoe do you recommend? Has to be a non slip shoe

Best flip flops for sweaty feet?

Big toe pad lacerated from wearing flipflops?

Blood from IV start went into shoes and seeped into socks.rinsed shoe, sock and foot with water and soap and continued to wear for shift HIV anxiety?

Both little toes are red from rubbing in my sneakers. I put toe pads on them but they don't help. Would extra wide sneakers eliminate the problem?

Broke 4th metasaursal but is not displaced. Wearing boot for 4-5 weeks. How long might it be before I can wear a regular shoe or high heel sandals?

Broke my toe a few weeks ago. Doc told me it wasn't a case where you use buddy tape, instead he gave me the rigid, flat shoe. Why?

Bruised pads of foot from gymnastics. How do I prevent this?

By tying your shoelaces too tight can you develope nerve irritation of the foot?

Can anyone tell me is wearing high heeled shoes bad for your bone structure?

Can cortisone epidural cause edema in ankles? Also, wearing new heavy shoes and change in gait? 84yr b

Can foot pain be from wearing an over-sized running shoe?

Can I use heels after getting my bunions removed?

Can I walk in a normal shoe or is there another boot to wear after I have three pins removed from my toes?

Can I wear ankle braces inside shoes while running?

Can I wear compression socks when I sleep? When I wake up, I can barely walk from the plantar fasciitis. Anything else I can do @ home to help myself?

Can i wear heel shoe in my pregnancy?

Can i wear shoes if I have stitches right above my toe had stitches for 4 days 4 inches long

Can knee/ leg pain be caused by suddenly switching to wearing flat shoes after wearing high heels/wedge shoes daily for 10+ years? What can help?

Can not wearing socks/shoes have anything to do with nose allergies?

Can not wearing socks/shoes lead to nose allergies?

Can plantar warts be spread in communal bathrooms if you wear socks That aren't necessarily thick?

Can tight shoes damage your feet like with neuromas?

Can toenails get messed up from tight shoes?

Can tying your shoe laces too tight result in foot tingling and numbness?

Can wearing a high healed stick shoes can cause neuropathy?

Can wearing a high heel shoe prevent a lady of being pregnant?

Can wearing really tight shoes cause you to have claw toe?

Can wearing slippers cause flat feet?

Can wearing tight fitting shoes over a period of time cause nerve damage in your feet or what is called peripheral neuropathy?

Can wearing tight shoes cause toe pain?

Can wearing too tight shoes and walking a lot cause oedema?

Can you get arthritis in your feet just from not wearing socks and letting your feet get cold?

Can you get club foot from wearing tight shoes?

Can you get corns from wearing tight shoes for many years?

Can you get warts if someone w/ plantar warts wears your just-washed slightly-damp shoe and you wear them later with socks and your feet sweat a lot?

Can you list some types of shoes that puts less pressure on the heels and more pressure on the toes?

Can you please explain how and why who have diabetes have to remove their shoes and socks at doctor appointments?

Can you tell me how I could stop being heavy footed its ruining all my shoes!!?

Can you wear high heels with turned out legs?

Can your toes rubbing against shoes cause any damage?

Cannot walk barefoot or wear flat shoes. Ball of foot feels swollen but doesn't look swollen. Have to wear clogs?

Cant wear heels after bunionectomy. Is there something wrong?

Change to sandals if callus on toe from shoes?

Chilly toes even when I wear warm boot! are boot warmers safe if neuropathy?

Could you get gangrene from wearing socks to bed?

Could narrow / tight shoes give you headaches?

Could tight shoes damage your feet?

Could wearing an orthotic too long cause toe pain?

Could wearing bad shoe damage knee, legs?

Could wearing new glasses cause tingling in hands and feet?

Could wearing small shoes stop foot growth in teenagers?

Cracked feet and open wounds on my 4 yr old son i put lotion on his feet daily and he wears socks and shoes throughout the day?

CRPS diagnosed after foot injury and surgery. Hard to wear shoes, but moon boot can be worn carefully over foot and protects it. Is that fine?

Cut on the back of my.Foot how to wear shoes?

Diabetes: what should I do to care for my feet. Will foot massage machines or hot water soaks help? Should i wear special shoes? Do tens machines help

Did I get fluid filled bunions on my feet from wearing excessively tight shoes?

Do I need to have surgery on my foot for neuromas from tight shoes after pregnancy?

Do shoes help babies' feet develop properly?

Do you know are high-heeled shoes ok for 'big' ladies?

Do you know if there are padded bicycling shorts, to cushion your crotch from the chaffing?

Do you know of any shoes that are similar to Hoka but made for narrow feet?

Does football shoes work for everyday use?

Does wearing a sleeve while running help comfort the pain of shin splints or am i better off buying a new pair of shoes?

Does wearing high heel shoes cause long term damage?

Does wearing high heeled shoes stunt your legs growth?

Does wearing high heels for a long period of time damage any muscles in your feet?

Does wearing high heels make your calves bigger?

Does wearing high heels truly help your legs get stronger? Is it rec. And how often if so, or is it better to avoid/wear shoes with a supp. Heel?

Does wearing socks without tight elastic around the top enable better circulation?

During wwi, what are all the things you could do to avoid trench foot?

Even when i wear socks or layered with blankets and it's 100 degrees my toes are still cold. What gives?

Even when i wear socks, my feet sweat. Can I do anything to stop this?

Every time i wear closed shoes, my little toe hurts me. What are the possible reasons ans solutions?

First left foot swollen now both feet swollen I use two pairs tight socks support stockings is there anything else I can do it seriously?

Following wearing tight shoes my big toes realllllly hurt, what to do?