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10 weeks post-op left Achilles tendon surgery. I had tendonitis and heel bone spurs removed. And i still have pain and swelling. Is this normal?

15 weeks after ankle sprain. Can do toe raise, heel raise, stand one foot. Inner ankle pain when walk. Doc said muscle n ligament tight. What to do?

25 y/o, posterior tibial pain at navicular. No arch collapse, can do heel raise OK Do these tendons heal or is this only going to progress to pttd? TY

3 weeks after Achilles surgery/fhl transfer/debride/lengthening it has started being very painful in calf when standing up. Is this normal?

3cm swelling in one leg from Achilles tendon to gastrocnemius. Also feels cold and tight/pressure. All day every day about 3 years. What could this be?

4 weeks after achillies tendon surgery i feel great but once and a while i get pain pulsing in the tendon. Is that a sign of healing?

6 weeks ago hurt my peroneus brevis which is more painful now afta 6 weeks of physio doing exercises and massage what can I do to help lessen the pain?

6 yr old overpronated ankles. Has orthotic inserts, physical therapy. Right leg is starting to bow, pain in calves/knee ankle gives out frequently!

6th week after ankle sprain. Do foot n ankle stretching n strengthening exercises, but feel pain doing heel cord stretch n calf raise. What to do?

A car rolled over my right foot and ankle tearing my tendons. I have temporary numbness once or twice week and it has now been 9 months. Please help?

A nurse said I have badly pulled/sprained my Achilles tendon. It is really painful to walk on, she hasn't given me any crutches? Help?

A week ago injured foot-stress fracture, pulled tendon. Today ankle swoolen with fluid, numbness and pain-warm. What's wrong?

A week before i had any swelling from peroneal tendonitis i had nerve pain from my ankle up into my calf. Does this make any sense?

About 8 years ago , I had perineal tendon repair surgery. I'm now walking on the outside of my foot and my hips and back hurt. What should I do?

Achilles pain that worsens with stretching. What can I do for my Achilles tendon pain?

Achilles tendon pain and I have spastic cerebral palsy and can barely walk because of pain what should i do I'm suppose to work today?

Achilles tendon surgery 2 years ago this 9/1/12. I still have serve pain in my heal & when I walk I can feel like something is tearing. ?

Achilles tendons are very tight causing heel pain. What can I do?

After a high ankle sprain 6 weeks ago, I am still experiencing discomfort at my achilles' tendon and heel when i plantar flex my foot. Why is this?

Ankle feels jammed. Pinchy pain in Achilles when pointe foot or on Demi-pointe. Feels better when someone yanks on it. How to yank/release myself?

Ankle gave out few days ago, now sore in ankle joint just anterior to medial malleolus, hurts with dorsiflexion. What is this?

Ankle is swollen between ankle and heel. Calf muscle pain. Was first caused by shoes pushing ankle out of place for 3-4 months. Now hurts all the time

Ankle sprain 3+ months ago. Can scar tissues in the ankle cause tightness inside the ankle. How to loosen tightness? Pain in ankle during calf stretch

Ankle sprain 4 months ago. Did mri. Everything normal. Still have pain doing heel and calf stretch and turning foot to r with hand. What's wrong?

Any advice? I have got a swollen bump on each achilles. Do I have Achilles tendinitis?

Any recommendations for a good foot and calf doctor in the san diego area? Feet/achille's tendon rupture and torn calf muscle. Conserve treat no work.

Are the symptoms of Achilles tendon injuries bad?

Are there any tendons in back of the leg below the knee besides the Achilles tendon?

Are you supposed to walk if you have mild Achilles tendon pain?

As I take my finger from back of heel and up the middle of achilles tendon I feel a vertical split. Is this split the soleus?

Asked to wear insoles because of posterior tibial tendonitis. Start to have 2nd toe pain when i walk. What to do?

Backside of my heel (upper portion) near Achilles feels really tight when flexing my toes upward.

Besides exertional compartment syndrome, what other things would cause gastrocnemius contracture whereby need to flex at knee to dorsiflex foot?

Bets way to deal with Achilles tendon pain?

Bone hurts where peroneal tendon ascends up the leg (above ankle). No trauma or injury. X-ray normal. Palpation causes sensitivity and pain. Plz help?

Both arms and both feet tendons hurt a lot. Nothing has helped. Doc says no rheumatism. What could be the cause?

Burning stinging pain by achilles tendon,i had a rupture in my other achilles last year?

Bursitis or lumps in both elbows, left wrist and a heel spur lump. What can I do regarding this?

Can a cyst on Achilles or back of heel cause bruising when it surfaces?

Can a pinched tibial nerve in the lower extremity cause a swollen/inflamed Achilles and paratendon? Rupture ruled out by doctor.

Can achilles feel tight and thicker even 8 months after ankle sprain? Sprained ankle achilles feels much thicker and knotted than noninjured

Can an ankle simply be extra bendy? No amount of pronation no matter how severe injures my right Achilles tendon, left ankle is another story.

Can ankle and heel pain be caused by nerve compression on the cervical spine? Ankle pain feels like peroneal tendonitis.

Can ankle tendonitis cause tenderness over the metatarsal above the little toe? Does ankle tendon run over the metatarsals?

Can bilateral Achilles tendinosis pain move up into the calves as the tendons heal? The tendon pain has improved but high calf pain has worsened.

Can extensor tendonitis in foot cause tingling?

Can feel pulse in bottom of heel and along Achilles insertion without palpation. Arterial? Request ultrasound? There is no swelling or spur.

Can i pull a muscle or a tendon on my foot?

Can May-Thurner Syndrome cause discomfort/pain in the achilles, soleus, and calf, region?

Can one palpate the peroneal artery or is it below superficial muscle? Does it run on out side of the Achilles tendon? I feel something hard in area.

Can peroneal tendon subluxation cause tightness in the soleus? Peroneal tendon on left leg sticks out and area is sore. Soleus tightness in left leg.

Can posterior tibial tendonitis cause swelling in the shin as well as the ankle and instep? Orthotic used 3 months, now just wrapped, but swells more

Can resting sprained ankle/no rehab and limping for months after the injury cause achilles tightness and bottom of foot pain(metatarsalgia, plantar f)?

Can screws make your ankle pop and pain on outside of ankle? One doctor said its sublaxation tendon the other said it is screws. What do you think,

Can someone help me verify that this is an Achilles tendon injury? It feels tight and hurts when i stretch.

Can the heel cord lengthening be for one leg?

Can the soleus rupture closer to the foot than knee?

Can tight tendons cause painful toe?

Can weakened soleus muscle cause achilles/heel pain and maybe plantar fasciitis? if so, what is the best way to strengthen it?

Can you tell me how dangerous is a pulled or strained tendon in foot?

Can you tell me how I could make the tendons and ligaments in my ankle stronger?

Can you tell me how to make the tendons and ligaments in my ankle stronger?

Child has jra and on both feet where the Achilles heel is has been hurting any connection? Should i tell her rheumo? Any advice?

Could I have torn my plantar fascia even though there is no bruising?

Could lumbar disk bulge cause swelling and thickening of Achilles tendon, accompanied by Achilles pain? Pain and swelling worse after walking uphill.

Could the gastrocnemius explode?

Debilitating heel/achilles pain at insertion point for 2 years. Popping felt at heel, cold feeling at times, MRI shows healthy tendon, No walk/stairs?

Diagnosed with a dislocated extensor tendon(snapping tendon) foot.Doc recommended surgery. Will it get worse if untreated? Ortho or Podiatrist please

Do calf raises help Achilles tendonitis or make it worse?

Do u have tendons in your collarbone areas?

Doc told me I have Achilles tendonitis. Last couple of weeks my heels has been painful and burning need some help on what to do?

Does having strong legs, calves and hamstrings stop you from injuring your achilles, ankles and from getting shin splints?

Does only calf tightness cause plantar fasciitis? Can atrophied/weak calves cause plantar fasciitis as well? If so can PT help?

Does peroneal tendon subluxation get better on it own?

Does the soleus extend from the Achilles to the back of the knee? Does the soleus lie under the gastrocnemius?

Dorsiflexion osteotomy caused hallux limitus. Inversion compensation causing ankle sprains and knee pain. Surgeon only give shot. Can this be fixed?

During foot reconstruction for foot compartment syndrome damage, cut plantar fascia off my heel bone. Will it scar back to heel or remain floating?

Feels like under my heel was smashed by a hammer. No trauma to heel. Does this description fit pinched nerve in back or nerve impingement in heel?

Fell back hit boot heel on my non weight bearing foot. Achilles lengthening 2.5 weeks ago. Intense pain in tendon for hours. Likely ruptured or okay?

For a tendon tear. is it ok to walk on a torn posterior tibial tendon without a huge amount of pain or would it be something else?

Former ballet dancer. Ran in stability shoes for month and now all of the muscles of my deep posterior compartment are injured?

Groin area has hurt for a few weeks and stretching the tendon doesn't seem to help. Rest doesn't either. Could it be a labral tear?

Had a cortisone shot in my lateral plantar nerve now I have coldness from foot up to knee is that a normal reaction ?

Had a ruptured Achilles repaired about 2 weeks ago but I'm having a lot of burning pains on the back of my heel below my calf. Any advice?

Had another MRI of foot doctor said there is a little inflamtion of Achilles but not much. He said he is stumped as to why I am in so much pain in my achilles. I asked if it could be from the calcaneal spur and he said it could be. But I am in pain eve

Had foot in boot for torn fascia. 4 weeks later & injury is healed but have pain in other parts of foot.Custom orthotics on order.What do I do for pain?

Had peroneal subluxation tendon surgery and now I'm starting to walk and I'm getting pain on the inside of my ankle every time I walk. Why?

Had peroneal tendon and Achilles lengthening surgery on right foot and ankle 9 weeks ago and Achilles is still sore. When can I start driving again ?

Had peroneal tendonitis a couple months ago and now sprained same tendon. Will this tendonitis affect healing? No swelling, but ankle is really sore.

Had shot of dextrose (prolotherapy) in my achilles' tendon 3hrs ago & my heel & bottom back half of my foot is numb still. Should it be still numb?

Have pain on medial side of foot near arch, sometimes when i twist my foot, a mass or ball of muscle or something pops out and it is very painful?

Hello doctor, I have a soft tissue bulge that protrude when i run in my Achilles tendon and disappear when i don't. Hurts at times. Assist please.

Hello! If I rest my elbow on the table for a couple of minutes then try to straighten it I feel a pain. Tendonitus ,tear ligament,tendon,sprain?

Help plz! Can repeated ankle strains cause tight calves?

Hi, i had a ligament rupture in 2007.Right foot turned 90 degrees inwards. Now my heel hurts chronically. What should I do?

Hit on right heel by shopping cart foot bent under cart heard a pop in my plantar fascia now pain bottom of foot & Achilles tendon what to do?

How bad does it hurt if you rupture your achillies tendon?

How can a person walk and exercise with a damaged heel tendon?

How can I get rid of intense pain in my Achilles tendon, calves, and arches of my feet when I run?

How can I tell if ankle aggrevation is sprain or strain. Did not have unusual bending. Possible overuse strain. Can walk short dist no limping.