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1 week, 6 days after and achilles rupture, a podiatrist put a cast on with toes pointed downwards. How long in general does that cast have to stay on?

12 weeks ago i broke my big toe in the joint, had it xrayed and have worn a flat shoe. When will it bend? Do broken joints fuse? I don't have insurance

15 days after nail puncture in foot - foot is slightly puffy and minorly sore - no other problems. Is this normal course of healing for this wound?

1yr status po-op bil bunionectomy w2 screws at the big toe & 1 on the 5th; 5th toe screw displaced & 1 big toe screw head is rubbing muscle, help!

2 yr toddler has ingrown toe nails.Has always preferred to walk n jump on the toes like ballerinas.Doc suspects infection.How to stop him walk on toes?

2.5 cm cut, top of foot below big toe, 6 stiches. Hallucis longus tendon was partially cut, wearing a cam boot. Is it ok to be on feet 5 hours?

2mo postop cheilectomy, pain in sesamoid area increasing last few wks & big toe turning in & over other toe dr says its normal & thats it is it normal

2nd toe crossing over.Ortho PA says wait and see if it progresses to hammertoe/can't wear normal shoes. Is there anything to prevent those outcomes?

2nd toe numb next to moderate to severe bunion. Could it be related to the bunion?

3 weeks ago, I was diagnosed to have a fracture in a form of split in the middle phalanx of my right leg big toe and put a splint. Should I remove it?

3 weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a fracture in the form of split in the Phalanx of the BIG toe of my right leg and put a splint. Should I remove it ?

5-yr-old has painful hammer toes and flat feet despite nearly 3 yrs of orthotics and regular toe stretches. Would you recommend tendon clipping or ???

6wks pst op bunion removed & screw in big toe, wires in 2 toes. Plaster & wires removed 2 days ago. The big toe is sticking up is this normal?

A cut my foot big toe tendon and today they take off my stiches after 10 days of the operation and my toe still not working up and worried?

A year ago, i had a foot surgery for bony spurs by the pinky toe. It still hurts and it feels as if needles are pricking. Is there a soaking method or a rub that i can apply on my foot?

After a big toe fusion can I run or wear heels ever again?

After a month of displaced toe fracture it's now dry gangrene. Immobile hard scaly. Also my last three toes don't touch the ground in neutral position?

After injuring my toe and the area around my first metatarsal it now hurts when my toe clicks. limited motion compared to other foot. what is wrong?

After rupture Achilles tendon surgery my fourth toe is black and blue, is that normal?

All my toes have a slight bend at the middle joint and have done for a number of years. Is this normal?Not sure if it's severe enough to be hammer toe

Also, can the stitvhes on my toe be taken out in 2 days?

Any advantages to having big hands and feet?

Any tips when looking for discount prosthetic foot?

Are bone spurs at the base of big toe (bottom) related to turf toe? Feel like spur needs soft cushion, but turf toe calls for hard extension. Confused

Are some toes easier to fracture than others?

Are there any home remedies for pain due to bunion of big toe joint and also peroneal subluxation?

Are there other options besides amputation for a claw toe?

Are there treatment guidelines for claw toe?

Arthrodesis of 2nd toe dip and pip +5 yrs ago. Stubbed toe hard today & very painful at pip fusion. Could fusion be broken? How would that be treated?

As a result of news shoes I have tingling in my big toes. Will this subside?

Besides antinflamatories, any good remedies for painful osteoarthritis in my big toes? I don't think its gout because it is there every night after wk.

Big toe broken then got bone infection?

Big toe joint pain question?

Black toe on my two bi toes -will i lose both ?

Both my second toes bend sideways at the tip toward the third toes. The toe is still flexible but stiff at a 45 degree angle at the tip. ?

Both pinkie toes are extremely red and swollen. I know the root cause(steel toe boots for new job) but could this be dangerous? Can toes have clots?

Broke big toe on 8/12. Detached toenail. Skin is falling off in sheets from ALL toes on the foot. No cast. Walking boot,now surgical shoe. Why?

Broke foot per ER doc. Big toe points toward others slightly. Getting a cam walker but should I buddy tape big toe to next toe. In a lot of pain still.

Broke my 5th metatarsal 5 mos ago. Had trouble managing the swelling for 2-3 mos. Bone is healing nicely, but now big toe is red/swollen at nail base.

Broken ankle last year ..numbness on sole of foot and when I raise my toes it feels like block in paw of foot op block damaged nerve ..can it be fixed?

Broken pinky toe and can't walk on it.. At all. And IV read that most people walk with their broken toes, just with a limp.. Is this bad, or normal?

Bunions on both toes(not big),wear flexible splints(unprescribed).Dr:theres nothing wrong &gave some exercise.My grandfather's were big&Im

Can a 5th toe tendon that was cut be repaired so the toe does not start straight and then hyper rotate when waking?

Can a bunion make it hard to point your toes?

Can a bunion that's forcing my toes to overlap cause them to cramp up and lock, too?

Can a pressure sore cause loss of the?Big toe?

Can arthritis of the big toe be diagnosed with xrays? Also can bunions cause big toe joint pain?

Can it be possible to break the tip of the big toe bone?

Can it diabetes, big toe vascular congestion?- glucose:378-swollen foot big toe hurts so bad - how to resolve pain-using vascular medicine for 10 days

Can metatarsal cuneiform joint exostosis go away and come back. The bump is on my little toe bone almost exactly between the toe and ankle?

Can running worsen the deformity on your big toe?

Can somebody tell me how can an ingrown toe surgery feel?

Can the gout spread from one joint to another in a toe?

Can they shorten overgrown toes?

Can toes get arthritest?

Can you break your toe/bone if you attempt to crack the knuckle of a very bad hammertoe?

Can you get surgery for hammer toe?

Can you put pins in your toe if the fracture is bad enough?

Can you run again after having big toe joint replacement?

Can you tell me how I could get fiberglass out of my toe!!!?

Can you tell me how to create a splint for my toe?

Can your toe bones break or become lose with hammer toe pins in them from standing or walking after 3 weeks?

Chilblain toes: is a rubbing wellington boot ok?

Could a podiatrist fix ideopathic toe walking?

Could exersices like running worsen the deformity of the big toe?

Could I get arthritis from turf toe?

Could the bone chip from your toe migrate up your foot?

Cronic foot pain in toes no reason even got a spinal stimulator balls under toes don't touch floor has to ware toe scocks for support all the time?

CRPS L foot. Infected toenail- removed, slow to heal. Now toenail on R foot has become infected after kicking it on chair. Is this due to CRPS too?

Cut foot bíg toe tendon and after 12 days they take off my stiches some doctors told me to move my toes and some told me not and my toe still not work?

Do curly toes need to be fixed in toddlers?

Do those crests you can buy for hammer toes help to straighten toes at least somewhat?

Do you end up with arthritis in the toes if you cramp them with high heels all the time?

Docs, could a podiatrist fix ideopathic toe walking?

Doctor thinks I have nerve damage both my big toes are discolored and I have hammer toes what could have caused this?

Does a non displaced fracture at the base of big toe cause your foot, ankle and toes to swell 4 weeks after it happened?

Does anyone have suggestions for treating a gout flare in my big toe?

Does anyone know what can cause pain in someone toes ?

Does anyone on here know about severe foot pain around the smaller, middle toes and "neuroma"?

Does arthritis make your toes curl up?

Does bruising normally occur after a fracture or break in a foot and pain in big toe, what causes that?

Does having short toes decrease your chance for hammer toe?

Does the big toe contain muscles?

Feet : knot of henry planta fisha metatarsalgia small bones around big toe and ball of foot very inflamed & grating will fracture unless rested op?

First I am a type 1 diabetic. I think I have 1 or 2 broken toes. It's the second and third toe after the big toe. They are swollen and bruised, but outside of that there is really no significant pain. Part of my foot above the toes is swollen also.

Foot big toe hurts so bad - swollen foot big toe - the doctor said in the report(there are dorsalis pedis artery monophasic) - angioma was 6 days ago ?

Foot problems - fractured big toe - tendon cut?

For bunions, if the sessemain bone in the foot is out of place is it true that the big toe bends towards it?

Getting relief from hallux rigidus taping my toe. Any complications from doing this?

Girl with huge feet but really short toes, can this be fixed?

Gout on big toe can see bone have an infection?

Had 4 of my right foot toes fused with smart toes - how can I help alleviate the pain?

Had a cortisone injection in my foot for morton's neuroma, and my middle toes are now very swollen in between. Is this normal or a shot reaction?

Had big toe fusion on oct 14th and toe is now pointing upwards and crossing over second toe. Is this normal outcome?

Have a cut on the underside of pinky toe at bend approximately 1/4 inch deep. Have type 1 diabetes and partial toe amputation on opposite foot.

Have a sore lump under the middle of my big toe. Podiatrist said it's start of arthritis with hyperextension of top portion of toe. Name of problem?

Have an appt with podiatrist. If she removes ingrown toenail, can I go straight to work afterword? Will i need to wear open-toed shoes, etc.?

Have bunyon left foot, hammer toes too. How complicated is the surgery to fix them?

Have psoriasis&walk briskly daily.My toenails are brittle.Can cut toenails off toes nearest big toes with almost no pain.Is this due to psoriasis or walking? My skin is relatively clear.Need more med?

Having knuckle bone removed out of my pinky toe. I'm so nervous! what do I have to know? Like boot or shoe? How long are stitches in? Crutches?