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Hello, is it correct to use hot water compresses for swollen lower lid sacs besides TobraDex (tobramycin and dexamethasone) or is it supposed to be cold water compresses?

How does a cool compress help with a sunburn?

How does a hot pack help a skin abscess?

10 month old baby eyelid is little swollen..its been 4 days tried warm compress..but no I need to visit a doc or any home remedy will help..

A bug flew into my eye on Sun. It is now Wed; the lid is very swollen and the upper duct hurts. I have cold/warm compress, rinsed w/saline. Suggestion?

A drop of hot cooking oil splashed on my upper eyelid and now it is swollen , what do I do?? any quick remedies?

After a tooth extraction, should I be applying a cold or a warm compress to my face?

After how long using lid scrubs and warm compresses will blepharitis get better?

Any home remedies for sore clogged milk ducts other than warm compress?

Are tea bags and hot compresses effective in treating eye styes and swollen eyelids?

Are there any over-the-counter medications /ointments for chalazions? I really need help and warm compressors are not working for me.

Because of my vericocele my scrotum is always very warm and very saggy, is there anything i can do to keep it cool or help tighten it ?

Besides warm compresses, what are other ways to remove a stye?

Blocked meibomian glands, should I use damp or dry compress?

Can a warm rag help take down the swelling in my neck?

Can clogged meibomian glands unclog themselves with time (no warm compresses, no antibiotics, no lid cleaning, etc.)??

Can i boil the tea bags first, then apply it to my eyes after it cool down?

Can i drink alcohol after 1 week of stye surgery? And do i still have to apply warm compress?

Can i drink alcohol after 1 week of stye surgery? And do i still keep on applying warm compress im on my 3rd day now

Can putting a hot compress on a chalazion make the chalazion better?

Can someone explain how the "warm compresses" work on a wound?

Can too many warm compresses harm my eyes ? I put them on like 4 times a day at most

Can too much of a warm compress or high temperature heat cause a cyst to become infected? I haven't had problems w/ my cyst until i applied heat to it

Can use prid ovrerthecounter to bring a boil on my nose to drain ?

Can you use warm compresses on an abscess tooth with facial swelling?

Cold compress or hot compress for teeth pain and infection cold seems make worse but will heat make face swell ?

Cure for frequent heat boils in nose?

Do i need warm or cold compress for swollen eye?

Do I use Ocusoft Eyelid Scrub immediately after warm wet compress or is that unnecessary?

Do massage oils hurt your eyes?

Do warm compresses heal epidermal cyst or at least make the skin flat again?

Do you place a warm or cold compress on sore muscles?

Does applying a warm rag help with darkness around the eyes? Or would a good night's sleep make it disappear better?

Does heat applied to a stye help it pop?

Does sarna cream work better than a cold compress?

Every time i apply warm (NOT HOT) wet compress my eyelid/meibomian gland oils get thicker and worse! I'm so frustrated what do I do!

Face and around eye swollen what to do it been 3 days I been using ice and heat and also I have small bumps around my eye could be heat bumps help?

For blepharitis, do you use ocusoft lid scrub before warm compresses. How long you wait before you wash your eyes after using ocusoft lid scrub?

For stiff neck do you use warm or cool compresses to reduce swelling?

Have a small stye on the bottom waterline. I tried warm compress for a week and it shrinks but reappears, sometimes itchy. what should i do?

Have a stye when I do the hot compress I see a white head but it won't pop on its own. Then when I'm done with the compress the white head goes away?

Hi Doc! How do i know if my stye is heaLing?.. It has been two days after the pus from my stye popped out using only warm compresses

Hi doctor, I have blepharitis. I continue lid scrubs, as well as warm compresses every day. Can I use an antibiotic ointment to help the condition?

Hi. I have a stye developing on my left eyelid but I wear contacts daily. Is it ok to continue to wear them if I treat the stye with warm compress?

Hot compress wound why does it work?

How can I soothe blephartis? I'm very clean, wear my contacts for only 2 hours and use hott compress! help!

How do I get rid of my child's stye if warm compresses and the eye ointment didn't work?

How do unclog the sebecouos gland with heat and pressure what do i use?

How do warm compresses help styes? I've always heard that moist, warm places are where bacteria grow and thrive.

How do you get rid of a big stye besides using hot compresses? Do oral antibiotics help?

How do you get rid of a sty/chalazion I have tried everything from warm compresses, tea bags, washing my eye lids with baby shampoo but its not workin?

How do you treat heat boils on the outside of the eye.

How do you use a compress in aromatherapy?

How does a warm compress help skin spots?

How does putting a hot compress over your eye help to get rid of a stye?

How effective are cold compresses for reducing swollen eyes?

How hot should a hot compress be if I want to drain a zit?

How long do I leave am the warm compresses on my eye for my stye and how many times a day?

How long does it take for swelling from a black eye to go away? When do I switch from cold compress to hot compress?

How long should I put hot compresses on an ingrown hair?

How long will it take for a lump/pimple to go away if using hot compresses? Do hot compresses work for it?

How many hot compresses should I put on my sty?

How to reduce face swollen from infected teeth? Am on antibiotics and my dr adviced me to apply warm cloth on it, am in pain too please help

I can't seem to tell if my skin is warm or cool. Is there something wrong?

I feel as though every time i apply warm gel compresses, more meibomian glands become clogged/thickened?

I feel as though everytime I apply warm gel compress so my eyelids, it makes the situation worse and more meibomain glands become clogged/thickened?

I feel my nose warm and liquid, my eyes warms, what can I do to releive?

I have a blocked duck, how many times in a day that i make a warm compress?

I have a boil and it is very painful. I tried a warm compress but it's nothelping. What else can I do?

I have a bump on my upper eyelid. I was told it was a stye. Doing compresses and prescribed drops. It's starting to dry out. Do I still do compresses?

I have a chalazion for over a year now, do you think moist heat will help it this late? I haven't tried heat compresses before.

I have a large upper lid stye. Treating it with warm water compresses. Should I do anything differently since I'm on Humira (adalimumab) for AS?

I have a nasal septum abscess which has been red, swollen, and painful for a few days. After warm compresses there was some pus and blood. Doctors are expensive so I have not seen one. I'll apply warm compresses again. Should I get antibiotics or othe

I have a recurring vaginal boil. How and when do I know it is improving? I am using warm compresses daily.

I have a red scratch underneath the eye lid. What is it? I only get relief when I have a warm compress on my eye

I have a small stye that has formed on my lower lid. Can I use tobradex (along with warm compress) to heal quicker?

I have a stye in my eye and its swollen what can I take to relieve the swelling its been two days? Is there anything over the counter?

I have a stye on my eyelid. If i give it compresses with steam from boiling water 2-3 times a day. How long will it take to go away?

I have a swollen areola that hurts when I breastfeed my baby I try relieving it with a warm compress and pumping but it hasn't helped what could it be?

I have a white pimple on inside of my eyelid. What should I do? Warm compressor and antibiotic cream?

I have a year old ear cartilage piercing that hasn't healed--it gets red and puffy on & off. I use saline washes & warm compresses. What should I do?

I have an abscessed tooth and my face is swollen. Will applying warm or cold compress to it help?

I have an internal stye. I took ibuprofen and apply warm compresses. What can i do to prevent pinkeye and help make this inner horedeolum rupture?

I have blepharitis and I do los massages and all this oil goes up and covers my pupil and i can't see anything i put warm compresses and no help?

I have blocked/clogged glands on my right eye. Would warm compress be good enough or i heard of lipiflow. What is best to treat this condition?

I have clogged blocked gland on my eye. I've been treating it with warm compress for about 2 months. My eye is still blocked. What do I do?

I have had a chalazion for 6 weeks. I tried applying hot compresses but not disappearing. My doctor wont help unless it gets bigger. How can I cure it?

I have stye in my both eyes i washed and copmpressed it by warm water after 3 weeks iit is not yet gone ?

I have terrible pain where my eye lashes are.. The eye is swollen and feels bruised when i blink.. What is wrong? Iv used a hot compress and warm water rinse also i used an ice pack

I have varicose veins, at home is it better to apply a cold or hot compress to the vains?

I have what might be a cyst (firm skin bump), a warm compress temp. Reduces swelling. Would cancer respond to a warm compress?

I hv eye stye frm 5 day,i do hot compress,seems it extend not shirink,n it dont explode self? What should i do?how long more hot compress?

I just burned the top of my eyelid with a hair curler and don't know what to do. I put a cold compress on it but that's all. ?

I see my eye lid lump (stye) to be soft and ready to burst when applied warm massage. How do I squeeze oil from it without spreading infection?

I swear every time i put warm wet (NOT HOT) compresses, my eyelids only get worse and more thick!! Im so frustrated what do I do!! ?

I swear every time i put warm wet (NOT HOT) compresses, my eyelids/meibomian glands only get worse and more thick!! Im so frustrated what do I do!!

I use a gel compress on my eyelid and then use a q-tip to push the clogged oil out of the meibomian gland but I dont see the oil secreting?

I used warm tea bag to compress on my infected eye. It popped, should I continue compressing the tea on my eye?

I was putting a warm compress on my eye and suddenly it popped and started bleeding. What should I do?

I'm not really one for meds. What happens if you don't take the antibiotics for cellulitis with red streaking and instead apply cold compresses?