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Acne medications don't work well for me, but when i spend time in a hot tub or sauna, my skin clears. How do I recreate the results without swimming.?

After a session in the sauna, is it better for your skin to cleanse with cold water, ice or cold air?

Always cold, but friends use me as their personal heater? Why is my skin always warm, but im cold? This is an everyday thing. (sometimes im warm too.)

Am type 2 I do exercise almost 4/5 days a week with average of 6/8 kms per day. Is it ok to go on this way ?. Shower with hot water is ok after

Any medical drugs to keep body warm in antarctica?

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Are hot tubs a problem for people with pacemakers?

Are there herbs added to a hot bath that are good for a muscle strain?

Body temperature out of control.main problem is heat!its bad. Any source of heat from fire, heating even to my toaster, sun, I want to rip my skin off!

Can aids withstand the heat of an oven?

Can anxiety make your feet stay ice cold ? Whatv can I do to keep them warm. Socks make them sweat and stay cold. Only warm water help.

Can heat lamps cause skin cancer? I work at mcdonald's and our fry station uses heat lamps.

Can heating fuel cause a maculopathy?

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Can you please explain how and why with MS prefer to exercise in a cooler climate?

Can you sponge a child with alcohol to keep him cool during a heat wave, or is that dangerous?

Can you tell me if someone skips a warm up during a workout it creates what?

Can you tell me if the room is hotter (thus i sweat more), do I burn more calories?

Can you tell me is a hot shower sufficient for warming up the muscles?

Can you tell me the benefits to working out in a hot room?

Causes of hot flushes in feet in in healthy 23 year old male ?

Contrast water therapy, during my shower alternating 2 minutes of hot water with 30 seconds of very cold water. Will this aid in muscle recovery ?

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Does using a steam room or sauna have any health benefits

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Does yoga make your sweat? How much? Also, when you do yoga, do you feel humid or maintain normal temperature?

Explain why warming up is important.?

For a 101.7 fever, should you cool the patient or bundle her up to keep her warm?

Help plz! Can prolonged hot showers or saunas kill brain cells?

Hi, can sunlight heat damage the embryo if the abdomen will get very hot for one hour like heat pack?

How can I prevent hypothermia our heating is not working.

How can I protect my hair from a heated room like Bikram yoga class or a sauna?

How can I tone down the heat in hot oriental mustard?

How does a anorexic keep warm outdoors all day?

How hot is too hot? How hot does bath water need to be before it can burn you? What is a high, but still safe temperature to use?

How long should you warm up for before exercising?

How much one should warm up before running a 12km...?

How should you cool down a burn? With a cold soda can? Or slowly cool it down starting with a warm cloth

How to bear the heat in summers? By nature i tend to perspire as if I am in a shower. And how to keep the body salts in balance?

I am having imsonia for 11 days now and my body is warm most of the time, what should I do?

I have a problem with heat (cold and warm) . For example my body feels tired and warm after a shower or swim even if the water was cold. ?

I have heat stroke, i'm drinking lots of water. What should I wear?

I have hypothyroidism and cant really tolerate the cold. It is now hot would this make my body cooler in the heat? i think still experience heat same

I have to stop an antibiotic because of hot flushes and intense heat? What do I do?

I here water running in my neck is this normal?

I want to buy a hot tub for my arthritis and exercise (water resistance), what should I look for?

I wear ice pack vest and neck wrap when exercising or going outside in warm weater due to heat hives. any health precautions from this?

I'm almost 50, how can I reduce my body heat? I am always hot ?!

Icy hot all over my body?

If I drink water I feel heat / hotness in my body?

Im overheating at night and sweating. We keep the air on 60 degrees f yet Im still hot. Im 19 yr old male?

Im 20.. is a 98.3 temperature normal?

Is a cold beer really the solution to bringing down body temperature in this heat?

Is antiperspirant still effective if: I apply at 10PM, sleep until 7:30AM, shower for 25 minutes, and don't reapply?

Is cotton better for athletes in the heat?

Is hot yoga (bikram) safe while taking warfarin (coumadin)? What about hiking or running in the extreme summer heat of AZ? over 105F for example.

Is it a good idea to use icy hot wrap to try to lose weight?

Is it better to use warm or cool water for shampoo?

Is it harmful to sit in a hot steam room for about 10 to 15 minutes after each workout (about 5 times a week)?

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Is there a natural herb I can take to cool hot body?

Is there medicine to warm ones body its naturally cold even when honey?

Its super hot out how can I workout without dehydrating?

My body is very warm / hot all the time why?

My face is hot when after drinking water in the morning starting 1 o'clock probably 2-3 hour hot.4-5 o'clock be okay but some times evening hot too. ?

My friend told me that you burn up to 133 calories in 10 minutes by sitting in a ice cold bath. Is that true?

My hands and feet are always ice cold. Only way to warm them up is in a hot shower. It only last for about 10-15 minutes after i get out. Causes?

My mother stated she seen on tv that bathing in epsom salt with water as warm/hot as you can stand for 30mins can help with weight loss. Thoughts?

My vagina stay hot , I have to lay down in front of the fan to cool her down. Not even a cool shower will keep her cool for long. Is anything wrong wi?

Sauna ok for a 7 month old?

Should you take a warm or cool shower after a workout?

Since my childhood, my feet get really hot by night time. I can't sleep with hot feet, so I use a 'cooling towel' and an ice pack to keep it cool. ?

Taking bath with hot water harmful for the body?

Want to about sauna... Which one is better... The old sauna using heated water or the infra red sauna? Is it good to sauna?

Warm up before walking workout important? What kind of warm up should I do?

What are some good warm-up and cool-down exercises?

What are some ways to help keep my body tempurature and feet warm when attending lengthly cold events?

What can a sauna or steam room or hot spa/spring provide for you that other workouts can't?

What can help in heat other than water?

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What if the cool room doesn't reduce, would rubbing alcohol do the trick ?

What is "metabolism" and how does it generate heat to make you very warm?