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Hot is cold cold is hot pain all over focusing at the cerebral cortex could this be a sign i had a stroke? If no what else can cause this

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How can you manage the after effects of severe heat stroke i.E. Excessive sweating and suceptibility to heat. I have had 2 major heatstrokes and was taken by abulance. Now i sweat easily and have to run air conditioning on slightly warm days. Even minor e

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I have severe heat intolerance, any overheating causes mental sluggishness and i cannot think clearly, what should I test for?

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Im on 5mg midodrine for pots. Will this block my vessles vasodilating in the heat as heat makes me worse.

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Is having hypothyroidism correlate to increased instances of heat rash because the body doesn't know how to regulate heat? Ex wearing layers when cold

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