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How does moist heat promote healing of a sprained ankle?

 I am having muscle pain on the front of my thighs. Heat, ice, my chiropractor, aleve, (naproxen) and massage don't help. Any suggestions?

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After RICE for my torn meniscus, the swelling has gone down after about 4 days. Should I now apply heat to my injury. ?

Applying heat to a stress fracture. Is that ok?

Are you supposed to ice or heat a pulled muscle?And will massaging it help?Also, if massaging does help, should I do it before or after the ice/heat?

Bakers cyst treatment ice or heat?

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Can you let me know is ice or heat better for the pain of Achilles tendinitis?

Can you run through shin splints? I have taken 3 weeks off from running, went to physical therapy, tried ice, heat, compression and new shoes.

Can you use ice on hydroceles?

Can you use ice PACk for shoulder pain?

Could a sprain or pulled muscle that lasts over a week need medical attention or should you just rest it and ice it?

Could ice do anything to keloids ?

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Could use expert help with why are my feet ice cold a lot of the time?

Do always inflammation in the knee accompanied with swelling , and if not , heating or cooling to be applied ?

Do getting massages help ice pick headaches?

Do heat packs relieve headaches ?

Do I ice or use heat on my hip pain that was caused from Pilates?

Do i need to use heat or ice?And do I need meds for inflamation ?How long should it last?

Do i put heat or ice on swollen labia majora?

Do I use heat or ice for a torn muscle?

Do you really put an ice pack into a bag or wrapped around a towel before applying to injured areas?

Do you think I should apply ice or heat to a sprained ankle?

Do you think I should switch back and forth from heat to ice with my sore shoulder?

Do you use heat or cold for a sprained ankle?

Doctors can you tell me when should I use ice and when should I use heat on a sprained ankle?

Doctors can you tell me when should ice or heat be used for joint or muscle/tendon pain?

Does chilling with ice cause swelling to go down?

Does ice cream flare up ostearthritis?

Does ice or heat work better for back pain? Such as Donjoy iceman?

Does icy hot really relax your muscles, or does the heat just distract you from the pain?

Does putting ice compress continuously to an inflammed gout beneficial?

Either a way to fix shin splints, or even manage them better than constant heat/ice gel and ibuprofen.

For a head bruise/contusion, how many hours after the injury can I apply heat? How many times & how many minutes each time?Use heat for how many days?

For back pain do I use heat pack or cold pack first?

For gallbladder pain is it best to use ice or heat?

For huge bump on side of my neck, should I ice it or apply heat?

Have heard ice pack first and then warm compress after for tmj?

Heat or cold on dislocated shoulder?

Heat or ice for swollen joints best?

Heat or ice on injury?

Herniated disc, what is better, heat or ice?

How can i avoid hurting myself on the ice this winter, ive fallen on cleats, ice bugs, stabilizers, etc., i got myself an ice cane, will that work?

How can you reduce swelling in a sports injury other than using ice?

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How do you know whether to use heat or ice on sprained and pulled muscles?

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How effective is RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) for treating tennis elbow?

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How long will ice be effective on an injury. Will it still have the same effect that it would if you ice it right after the injury?

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How often to apply heat to sore muscles?

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How to treat an oblique strain heat or ice?

Hurt knee on a trampoline, do you put ice on it or heat?

I am experiencing ankle swelling. Apply heat or cold?

I broke my collarbone last week and it seems to be healing well. Ice has been helpful relief, but when should I switch to heat?

I didnt stretch before my baseball game and I pulled a musle in my back should I use ice or heat and how do I heal?

I fell on cement, hit knee. Should i be using heat or just ice?

I fractured my collar bone and 4 days later it burns and when I put ice on it it sill burns, so much so I can't feel the ice.

I go to the chiropractor ever thursday and afterwards he tells me to ice it. Would heat work too?

I have an ankle sprain, why shouldn't heat be used? My foot is freezing and want to warm it up but wasn't sure why heat packs can't be used?

I have an ice pack burn from several weeks ago. It is very red and painful, what should I do?

I have frostbite from an ice pack. How can I treat it? My hip is very red, numb and swollen.

I have pain and bruising in ankle what could this be? Tried elevating feet, heat, muscle relaxers

I have shingles on face can I use ice pack?

I hurt my leg and put ice packs on now my leg feels cold where they were days later no blisters or redness is this an ice burn? 1st degree?

I hyper extended my knee about a week ago what should I do now ice it heat it or both?

I injured my shoulder falling off my bike last week. Should I ice or heat and/or stretch?

I just fell and hit my head, what do I do? Motrin? Ice pack?

I need help getting rid of my bicep soreness, ice or heat?

I punched my dry wall 2 days ago a few times now there's a dent in my knuckle. What do I do? What's wrong with it? I've tried ice and heat.

I sprained my foot 1 week ago. Should I use heat or ice?

I think i may have broken my little toe. Other than wrapping it in ice and taking Advil (ibuprofen) is there anything else i can do? Do i need to see a doctor?

I was recently in a car accident, and my back has been hurting me. Is it better to ice it or apply heat?

I'm not sure but is heat or ice better for swollen lip?