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I got my wisdom teeth out on thursday can i smoke if i use gause ive been rinising with salt water and leaving tea bags in my mouth to help cloth ?

10 days ago,I hurt my wrist.Today,applied ice(in a towel) to wrist for 20 minutes.Then washed it with warm water.The skin there feels burning.Problem?

11 mo son has hand foot mouth disease. Doc said it's a bad version. He has horrible blisters/rash even on his bottom. Are warm water baths ok? I read about oatmeal baths. Good idea?

2 days in to my toddler taking amoxicillin 4 ear.He grabs his booty in pain. He won't put it in bath water. It's all red. Allergic reaction? Wat 2 do?

2 weeks w/ crick in neck. Have iced/heated, stretched, massaged, OTC meds. Little to no relief. Heard rumor could be viral or some infection. Advice?

2 year old girl put her thrombophob oint. all over the body . washed with soap and water.still redness present.what will do next.

23yearold male, can a ice bath help the healing process of strained mucles. Or is a hot bath better?

24 hours ago, I had a fever. During night sweats, I woke up with my ear filled with sweat. I have since tried warm towel and warm olive oil. No luck..

2nd degree burns-should i keep it dry while taking shower?

3 year old burned his foot on the oven door sleeping now & I have noticed a large blister but no redness or bleeding used cool h2o aloe anything else?

Abess on the crack of my butt for a year and it keeps draining I use a gauze pad to drain on I have suger diabetes should I be concerned about it gett?

After a fall. skin around elbow has liquid. Was just told by doctor to put ice. is this ok?

After Epsom salt bath - burn like lesions occurred on sensitive areas where sat on salt. How to treat pain and lesion ?

After having wrist brace on for 8 hours my skin smells like vinegar. Why is that?

Are you supposed to use a hot or cold compress for a hurting ankle?

Arm today from hot liquid and oil from the stove, what is the best treatment for that?

At work sometimes i have to work in the freezer when I come out of it do I need to slowly warm back up. Or is that only in the movies?

Bath water from body floating epsom salt bath entered urethra, and there is moderate pain when touched (lasted so far about two weeks), how to heal?

Be put in nursing home whirlpool to help aid healing a bed sore . Would dead sea salt help?

Best way to treat earache immeditely and soothe pain is with heat. Make a hardboiled egg, place it in a clean sock, knot the sock and hold to ear.

Big lump on gum can't get swelling down tried salt water clove and other stuff please help very painful?

Big toes hurt when soaked in warm water?

Birth control was on floor of jeep during travel in purse, was very hot when I picked it up? Did that extreme heat make it ineffective?

Blue skin on ear from a lot of boxing hooks (in one session). The ear isn't painful, how can I treat it? Should I use heat/cold/vibration massager?

Boiling water on my leg,its dark and dead skin on top but no pain,using mebo cream,but i'm going on holiday(pool) in 4 dys will it be ok by then?

Burned underside of fore arm. About 2inches by 1.5 inches. Mostly blistered. How do I treat it? Ran cold water, used aloe gel and cold compress.

Calf has been swollen 4 10day. swell has gone down.used ice the 1st 72hrs. should i use heat now until swelling is gone & elevate while sleep?

Can a gout attack last more than 6 weeks. Also is it normal that I need to soak my feet in very very hot water and use hot water bottle 2 relieve pain?

Can a warm, wet washcloth compressed against the penis trigger ejaculation? Is this used in hospital care?

Can a wet towel reduce my ear pain?

Can applying an ice pack to a child's bumped forehead have any negative consequences?

Can I apply either a hot or cold pack to a 4 day old csection incision?

Can i bath baby in a tummy tub with baby shampoo small amount, without changing a water? I mean will it beb bad for his skin?

Can i change the bandage aroubd my big toe that was stiched 5 days ago and put a new one? Also, can i wash it with soap and water?

Can i keep pumped breastmilk on the counter for 8 hours with a cool wet cloth on top of it?

Can I make ibuprofen into a paste to numb my skin??

Can I put arnica tea in my ear?

Can i take shower with only tap water after having a chemical peeling to my upper back?

Can I use baby dessintin on pressure sore, its small but open?

Can I use both hot water and cold water treatment to relax the knots in my chest muscles? Or should I treat with only one of them?

Can I use camomile in hot water to steam open my pores then pinch my black heads myself?

Can I use ice water to shrink my vocal cords when they are sore and swollen?

Can putting an ice cube in your vagina delay your period ?

Can putting ice in zip bag on hand to get for swelling it turns a pink color look to a dr like it is cellulitis never hot or raised put on kepflex?

Can putting tooth paste and salt on your cold sore make it go away faster?

Can taking hot showers and getting some hot water in my mouth made my invisalign treatment less effective? would i have to restart the whole process?

Can this nystacid ointment be use for any baby diaper rush , heat rush or any rush for that matter,?

Can toothpaste help bring a boil to a head along with warm compress? (found the idea on home remedy site)

Can touching an area at back of mouth/throat make it sore for rest of day?Think i've done it, was gentle.What is equivalent to tylenol (acetaminophen) in uk? Thanks.

Can you place a heating pad on a staph infection sore to stop the burning?

Can you tell me what to do if i burned my-self with a hot iron! #pain! i r ran over it with cold water, but it stings even more!?

Can you use a potato to draw out an infection from your finger?

Can you use regular vick's salve on a four year old with a head and chest cold?

Can you use room temperature chamomile tea wash off a child's eye crust?

Can't get warm. Many layers of clothes + blankets + hot water bottle. Had fever for two days. No fever today. Inability to get warm started today.

Cold air blowing in right eye day after washing muscle rub out with water and rubbing with towel. What is it? Is it temporary?

Could I get frostbite from touching dry ice?

Day 3 post circumcision...bandage soaked off...area has minor bleeding when I move I redress the area? Do I sit In salted water? Or shower

Dentist just told that i had bumps on my lula. Is there a home remedy to use. I have had a cold that felt like i would hear myself in my head. Have a?

Did a clorox/water foot soak for athletes foot. had a little cut that burned a little but fine after rinsing. can this get into blood and be bad?

Do i need to go to the hospital i poured hot butter on my phoot

Does it help to put ibuprofen in water and soak my jammed finger in it?

Does massaging with ice or pouring cold water onto your testis can harmful?

Does putting hot water (tolerable) mix w salt stops severe palm sweat? I've heard many ppl who recommended it and said it really make it stop

Does putting hot water make foot swelling worse or better?

Does putting ice cubes on either side of your nose help reduce nasal inflammation from a cold?

Does soaking cotton in hot water and then placing it on a cyst help, or is it better just left alone?

Does using a home whirlpool help healing a bed sore?

Don't have Vicks but have icy hot would that also work to fight foot fungus? Does it have almost the same properties? Thank u.

Don't laugh! can putting an ice pack on my throat reduce the swelling? (i have a goiter & i hate it w/a fiery passion) could it be harmful?

During a shower today, some very hot water got into my vagina and caused some burning sensation.Can it cause cancer and can I use Bacitracin ointment?

Fast and easy ways to reduce redness in the morning before school ? Wash with cold water , witch hazel , antihistamine ?

For 3 days i have had a warm sensation (like something thick and warm spilt on me) around my heart area or below. ?

For a fever, when are you supposed to apply an ice pack on your forehead and when are you supposed to bundle up in blankets for extra warmth if ever?

For cremaster muscle strain placing hot water bottle on groin good?My doc said 2 use ice packs b'coz hot can effect spermatogenesis.Used cold it hurts

Gel in hot pack entered my eye, what to do?

Getting hot and cold flushes 4 days after surgery to remove infection from big to that had 3 breaks and a fracture! What should I do?

Got a black eye 3-4 days ago. When to the er and things is normal. Doc said don't use cold or hot compression. Isnt that good for healing?I'm confuse

Got new tattoo 2-3days ago i feel warm heat coming from tattoo not red or anything just Warm heat am i gonna be ok?thank you

Got wisdom teeth out last week went back to oral surgeon and they said to apply heat to face so swelling will go down. What do I use for heat?

Had a mild burn on my hand due to hot oil and my friend advises me not to put it in ice water and don't blow or cough near the wound. Why ?

Had a pap, and the sterilized speculum was soaked in cold water. It was still hot when used, felt like a burn. Can this impact pap results? Thank-you

Had surgery. Stiches on face. Can i go for steam bath? Any risk of infection? If i want to go, can I use oil on stiches and go for steam bath?

Had three epson salts baths over the weekend. Last one on moday night. Developed severe itching yesterday on my scalp, ears, face, neck and chest. ?

Have a boli on inner thigh and have been using tea tree oil and Prid but it hasn't drained although it seems to be going away. Is that normal?

Have elbow bursitis + infection. Getting antibiotic shots and pills. Doc says to run very hot water on elbow 10 min 4 x day to bake bacteria. Agree?

Have what amounts to rug burns over my legs. Got silvdiane but my legs r getting crusty & unable 2 stretch tried aloe vera but ow can I keep moist?

Having shoulder sx Fri. Last sx had onQ ball.Tegaderm dressing.xsessive wet,blistering. Not sure if tape or med in port. What to tell them? Need med.

Hello doctors when I put my face skin in any hot condition source thin in any cold condition source that will make the collagne refresh ?

Hello, how do I know if my stye is healing? It is currently leaking a lot of fluid, I keep a warm rag on it, get the build up puss using a q-tip

Hello! I have blind pimples all over my thighs and I dont know why, I've been soaking in epsom salts and that seems to kind of help, I wear leggings e?

Hello. I had wanted to know if it's safe to heat up prune juice on stove top or microwave to make it more warm and for how long. ?

Help! did the salt and ice challenge and burnt my skin. How long till it goes away?

Hi Doc. My belly button is sore. I am using and antibiotic ointment but it is not working. I wash the area with mild warm salt water. It has not helpe?

Hi doctor, can we put water on he dog bite after treatment? That means while taking bath.

Hi I got a nose piercing changed from a stud to a hoop and soon after a keloid formed I ve tried salt water rinses and saline solutions for about a month with no result is there anything else I can try for example do aspirin pastes work at all before seei

Hi its good to treat warm watet or little hot to athletes foot because im always using cream but nothings change thanks?

Hi, I've just developed erythema an Inge from a hot water bottle. Will using ice packs help to relieve it?

Hot oil splattered into my eye, i've put ice on it, but it's still really sore and if i try to open it, it's completely blurry, what should I do?

Hot wax from a mosquito repellent splashed on my foot about 3 hours ago & even now it is still burning.....nothing seems to be able to cool it down...