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How many showers a day is too many? I have folliculitis and wonder if taking 3 per day is to many. I sweat a lot and it's hot here. I liketo be clean

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I am a 31 yr old female. I am always hot no matter what. After a cool shower or just putting on my clothes. Should I be concerned? Too young for meno

I am always hot hot hot and my friends are wearing sweater while I have on a tshirt I use estrace (estradiol) 1mg but it doesn't help.

I am trying to conceive. Is it ok to be in saunas or hot tubs?

I do itch after I bath, doesn't matter whether its cold or hot water. please doctor give me some advice.

I gave a hand job in a hot tub. I had on my bathing suit. He came underwater. Jets:on. Temp.:100 I am a virgin. Could I be pregnant?

I got dizzy in the shower because the water was too hot and I fell. I blacked out for 0.5 second and when I opened my eyes the shower curtain was spin?

I had a baby a month ago. Is it okay for me to get in a hot tub?

I have an inflamed anus due to prostatitis.I been told to take a sitz bath. I now have jacuzzi that i sat in for 15 minutes. How hot can the water be? Is 101 too hot?

I have bronchiolitis and I was wondering is it okay to shower?

I have cold urticaria .....Why do I breakout when i get into a hot tub?

I have heard water masterbation for women is unhealthy, is this correct? In the shower or tub.

I have hot tub folliculitis, and I heard it should go away on its own in a week or so?

I have very bad menstrual cramps are there any home remedies I should try other then hot tea and hot packs and baths because them 3 seems to not work

I heard that daily hot water bathing is good. Any side effects?