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Drove for 20 mins in the cold, wore uggs. Right heel is semi numb/ feels raw. Skin was yellow and cold. Other foot is fine. Still weird after 2hrs?

19 female. Have facial hot flashes and a sore throat/chest that crops up randomly.

19, fever of 99.9, feel burning & freezing at the same time, tried 600mgs of Motrin & cold compresses but nothing is working? Any other ideas?

1year post radical hysterectomy experiencing feelings of sever cold can't get warm r stay warm why ?Never been cold nature

20yr old active male. Lately my skin has felt cold to the touch and numb all over, mybody use to feel warm i remember. Im going to neuro doc soon help?

27 y female my feet at various times suddenly get really hot where they feel like their burning and I have to put them in ice water?

3 month olds hands and feet are pale cool and clammy a lot. We have dr apt in am. I just want to know if I should worry. He is acting fine?

3 year old complaining of hand pain (both) daily for past 3weeks. Most often associated with coming in from cold or washing hands in cold water.

33 weeks pregnant Shortness of breath, weaking of the body when standing up and body gets warm or either cold, can't stand 80°, feel bloated/bursting?

35 year old male anus feels damp alot seems to be worse when avtive also have foot rash for past 2 years that used to go away in cooler months?

3y ago DR said Raynauds causes my feet&hands to be cold/blue/no feeling But why sometimes do they become hot/red/swollen/stiff;latter effects my sleep?

5ER visits in10 days.Repeated hot dry flushing face, neck, arms;unknown trigger, today a banana. Lasts less than an hour, makes my BP raise,160/89. Y?

6/f/3p26.3 duplication (GDD, small stature). Unusually cold, sore, red, swollen hands in cold weather. Not improved upon warming near heater 30mins.

6yr old son gets hot swollen hands, fingers, ears, lips in cold weather or extremely cold food, depending on exposure. What causes "hot swollen skin"?

A cold sensation like cold water running in my chest and i saw pink?

A doctor described raynaud's to me as being something like being "allergic to the cold". Does that make sense?

A sudden flash of warmth comes & goes for 1-2 secs under my right foot since a week. Im 39 yrs old, 7 kids: breastfeeding a 4 month old ?

After eating chicken, my lip starts tingling and feels swollen, usually directly where the chicken touches and lasts for an hour afterwards. Thoughts?

After I run or excercise outside (usually in cold weather) I get a sharp pain in my inner ear. Is this common and can I stop it?

Almst daily suddenly feel like drops of cold liquid landing on skin. Stop activity to find source but Skin dry hand arm foot or leg, 1-2 min. cause?

Always feel cold when everyone is fine.Toes are always freezing; sometimes hands too.My temp is normal, yet my bf thinks my skin feels like a furnace?

Am i right that it's no issue to take a really hot shower if I have a fever?

Any reasons why my my thighs hurt in this cold weather?

Asthmatic. Develops red patches on body, hand and face specially, are painful with burning feeling. This happens when she exerts. Symptoms last 1.5hrs?

At night I get sudden pains in my arms and hips, and I also wake up warm and sweating so I have to keep my room cold. Is this a sign of anything?

At times it stings/strikes me inside my head?is it cause of sleep or cold or something else?

Been sitting in front of fireplace a lot lately. My back is very red and the redness doesn't go away. Can this damage any organs from too much heat?

Before sleeping I am encountering allergy (may be hives) mostly on right hand and feet .it's stays for 15 mins. Please suggest it's happening daily?

Bite on child's leg hot to touch. Does this mean it will turn into fever?

Blue feet when sitting, cold feet+hands even in warm settings, and chest tightness/pressure when standing..what kind of doctor do I see for these symp?

Body COLD to touch goosebumps hands purple. Neck up HOT to touch. Nausea. Blurry vision. Faintness. Took sugar salt water inhaler. 1hr better. WHAT?

Body gets heated around stomach and chest area. Not to bad but a little uncomfortable. Shower or having a fan on help cool down. Should I worry?

Both arms are flushing, especially when anxious, hot, or lifting something heavy/exercising. Bright red and warm all over entire arm-something serous?

Bulging disc. My hands feel warm water as not warm enough, my feet as too warm, and my body between. Is it nerve damage?

Burned arm wk ago. At least 2nd degree. Now hurts a lot and is becoming more red and is hot to touch. Can ER do anything i can't do at home?

Can anxiety and cold weather be the reason why my face has broken out in a flaky rash that wont go away? How soon will it clear when weather warms up?

Can anxiety make your feet stay ice cold? Like there always sweaty and clamy. Nothing keeps them warm.

Can anybody give me a solution or quick fix to redness in my face , especially goin from hot to cold tempratures .From inside to outside , after golfing?

Can being outside help or hurt a cold?

Can burning come and go with crps? I have noticed I have distinct temperature changes between my legs. If i'm not having burning, one leg is ice cold

Can fibromyalgia make my legs cold?

Can fibromylagia cause your feet to feel like their in hot water ?! i had a doc diagnose me with fibro; but im skeptical

Can heart pain manifest itself in your toes? Keep having these 'cold flashes' in toes. Especially when i get startled.

Can heat bring on butterfly rash? I get mine in hot weather on cloudy days after being outside 10 min & if i work out really hard even inside?

Can hot water make neuropathy worse? Seems like my feet and face itch and tingle (fall asleep) after a hot shower or bath .

Can keeping chest area warm by for example by woolwn clothes help quick recovery from severe chest congestion in toddlers?

Can menopause cause painful burning/stinging skin sensations or can it be through vit/min deficiencies. Change in temp. Makes it worse. Better in summ?

Can metabolism problems cause skin temperature changes in the left arm and left leg? Very bothersome. Skin goes from being hot to cold every few sec

Can taking baby aspirin cause slight water retention in the tops of feet and hands? They don't look swollen, just sort of a tight feeling.

Can the cold weather bother you after you get a pacemaker put in? It use not to bother me at all. But now some time it makes me sensitive at my heart

Can toes get very hot at night during peri menopause? When my body starts to warm up my feet feel like they're on fire.

Can you get frost bite on a limb that won't stay warm and it -9outside?

Can you get hemorrhoids by sitting on cold concrete?

Can you use hand warmers while pregnant? The ones that get warm after shaking

Can your head of your penis get extra sensetive in cold weather?

Cold feet especially during the night, started a few days ago. It's usually warm in my room and I always wear socks. What could be wrong?

Cold is tiggering raynauds but its not cold enough to wear layers or gloves w/o overheating-ideas? Numb stiff pain hands

Cold right cheek; as if ice pack is sitting directly on it even if I cover face with blanket it feels like it's cold and at times stinging ?

Cold&blueish/lips/hands/feet/low grade fever/18 month old/behavior is normal/occurs in morning/goes away after a couple hours/what could it be?

Colorless bumps on arms shoulders and back, the itching is all over and Comes&goes.. I was just out in high heat 100+ degree weather over the weekend?

Concussion last year, now have cold water dripping sensation around the sore spot on head where i hit, skin there feels softer. normal?

Constant burning tingling feet for years, no relief, mainly in heel area, worse during rest, with hot weather and drinking alcohol. Ideas? Treatment?

Cool water on skin feeling? Randomly i will feel there is water on my leg, arm face feet, back; but when i go to wipe it off it's nothing! what's up?

Could use your help docs! my fingers stay swollen and stiff for hours after the cold weather?

Cryogrobulinanemia is painful especially with cold temp. I on the other hand am always extremely hot with pain that cause my extremities to burn, numb?

Despite wearing two pairs of thick socks my toes still feel like ice after 3 hours. I have ? Raynauds. Is it normal to feel so cold for so long?

Dizzyness like feeling about to fall over. Heat going through body, sweaty and cold hands and feet and weakness?

Do type 2 diabetic patients get sensation or feeling of cool water flowing or driping on thighs, legs, groin. As when I see or touch it its all dry.

Docs haven't been able to pinpoint. Skin hurts, cant have shirt touch, flush intensely with exercise esp. after 30 min. exertion. Not much sweat. Why?

Does cold weather bring on a Lupus flare up? All my joints are swollen, weak and painful. As soon as the cold weather hit, I'm in pain everyday

Doing things around my house and my knee felt hot like i was sitting in the sun i could feel the hotness througn my pants i looked knee was bright red?

Every evening for years, especially in the winter, my face has gotten red, burning, and aching, while the rest of my body gets chilled. What is this??

Every time the weather changes and it becomes rainy and cold, my legs start to hurt like pins and and neddles;a twisting feeling..What is this?Wt treat

Everytime I get into water (bath, pool, lake ect) I get extremely itchy hives on my neck chest and back. What could be causing this?

Ex-husband had stroke 3 yrs ago. After a hot bath he squeezes and pushes down his leg and fluid leaks out and numbness temp gone. What is this?

Exercise & standing up for period of time causes hands to swell severely and become stiff, blotchy, and painful. Relieved by hands in air for sev min?

Feet are always cold, like so cold you don't want to touch, but if they get warm the rest of me gets hot. Whats the deal?

Feet cold a lot. Spider veins hurt after hot bath. Both legs turned red, some rash, severe itch. Got better 20 min with cold cloth. Have polyeuropathy?

Feet cold to touch most of time & feel cold.Warm a bit when eat. Burn at night & after alcohol. Disrupt sleep.Minimal colour change.Not diabetic.Help!

Feet get too warm and sweat at night. End up uncovered year round. Causes?

Feet getting red and hot 2 touch like sunburn at night, veins bulging out. Had normal CBC and ultrasound. No pain. I have anxiety. Cant get an answer?

Feet purple when cold, then during hot shower to warm up get tingling in feet. Had spinal tap, no MS or other neuro. probs. Circulation issue?

Feet remain cold everytime, what's the matter.

Finger joints have lumps could it be from steaming baby bottles everyday (steams goes on fingers with lumps only)then stepping out in winter weather?

Finger tips are cold even when wearing gloves it has been cold where i live like at 38-40 degrees fahrenheit cause?

Fingers on one hand feels frost bitten and go numb in the slightest of cold weather. Condition continues until a warm place is found.

Flushing on upper chest & neck- sometimes warm-goes away when i lay down & goto sleep then returns all day. Dermo said maybe from sunburn 3 month ago?

For 5 years I have been extremely cold, when everyone else is hot or warm. I am constantly shivering at school, and most of the time my fingers turn purple. I've done some research, and most of my symptoms look like they are symptoms of raynaud's disease.

For 57+ female with arthritis, knee joint feels little heavier during cold weather but fine during hot climates. Is it normal ?

For a few years I have had episodes where certain spots on my feet feel very hot, like a warm sensation. What could this be?

For years I have had sporatic red, inflammed, hot ears. It lingers for a while, and then goes away. Should I go in? Is this common?

From rest to standing face becomes hot&flushed.Start to see spots and feel faint.Sweaty palms/pounding heart.Body aches.Dry lips.No appetite.Help?

Glucose was 42 out in cold hunting. Rechecked twice same thing, felt fine other than cold. Felt horrible in house when glucose 56 earlier? Cold hands?

Had cold-air hives when younger, but seem to handle cold better now. can i go swimming in a pool if i ease myself in the water gently? no probs lately

Had drug induced lupus now resolved, still get very cold hands & feet etc i noticed today that now my fingertips are wrinkled from cold. Why is this?

Hands and feet always cold ice cold no matter what also penis to what could cause this I take Norvasc (amlodipine) raynaumds or? Its very painful also

Hands really warm, but feet cold. Is this because of anxiety? Dehydration? PS I also have a lot of layers on cuz I get cold easily

Hands usually cold, then one or several fingers get red hot (no pain). Raynauds? Erythromelalgia? Seems to be worse since started Ritalin (methylphenidate). Related?

Have a freezing sensation since Nov in my feet & fingertips. My feet are warm to the touch & often bright red. My fingertips are cold to the touch. Y?

Have anxiety. Neck /back issue. had cool a/c on , like I was hot & cold , mostly cold on hands & feet . Turned a/c off ..I'm kinda cold still . What is this ?