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49 yo F with ICA aneurysm had endovascular coiling & takes ceham, nimodipin, ecosprin, clopilet & eptoin. Extreme hairfall 14 dys after surgery. Why?

Family history of Carotid Artery Occlusion.Good Angiogram Clear Artery's,had Mitral Valve Repair.Is Aspirin necessary?Surgeon says not really, agree?

Hi. Please can you tell me if its possible to stent a diagonal vessel.. Many thanks..

I have a blockage in my abdomin, however my body created a bypass. I am a 42 yr old female and non smoker. My Dr does not know the how or why.

"For patients with a narrowing of an artery between 50% and 99%, it is recommended that surgery to remove the plaque carotid endarterectomy," True?

"it was circumferencially dissected with right angled forceps and then ligated with #0 prolene, 2 strands. The thrill disapearred upon ligating the pda." what does this discharge summary mean ?

"my dad is 65 and report shows lcma: 40 50%, lad:80 and rca:50% lesion.It says "left main disease with triple vessel disease".Should he go for cabg?

1.What is the durability of blood vessels used in by-pass surgery? 2.How long you can survive after by-pass surgery?

20 months ago coiled aneurysm. I am worried about electrodes being placed on my head for retina angiogram test incase it affects my platinum coils. ?

49 yo F had ICA aneurysm coiling 3 weeks ago. No major complications. Head still hurts. Any dangers in the future ( from now on) ?

65 female with history of stroke has severe narrowing on right carotid has passed out and fallen eye sight blurry should stents be done?

70 year old with artificial artery bypass in leg & has had over 5 surgeries to remove blood clots. What can we do to save leg? Q

70+ fem can cholestorol embolus affecting sight in one eye temporary few mins be of significance ?am taking Plavix and fibrazate for Carotid Arteries

74 yo m angiogram: 2 blocked arteries (75%) which were addressed, in satisfactory condition, staying overnight at hospital. Any reason for concern?

81 year grandpa having a triple bypass arteries are 85% blocked docs say success rate is 98% in his current health. Does this sound right at his age?

93 yr aunt has mesenteric ischemia, 2 of her valves 100% closed, 3rd 50%. Dr tried but failed to put a stent in, couldn't get thru plaque. Now what?

A 1 week old baby had a surgery for aortic coarctation. Isn't it extremely likely after end to end anastomosis that thelayers of aortic artery become prone to problems?

A 13 year old child has bradycardia. There is no obviousshunt. What is the best treatment for a coronary fistula collateral flow in main pulmonary artery, above thepulmonary valve?

A family member just returned home from carotid artery surgery on the left side what are the normal after effect symptoms?

A relative (63 yrs old) is undergoing treatment for left coronary artery stenosis and has a minor heart attack a week ago. Is surgery necessary?

A women that have a surgery on her first day of life of transposition of great vessels can deliver vaginaly?

After a cardiograph how long can they leave u for ur opereation? Im definately to have twe valves replace but need to see if blocked arteries first?

After a percutaneous coronary intervention (ptca), hard and painful hiccups started. What could be the cause, and which doctor could help?

After brain aneurysm surgery by coiling, will I be able to go back to normal life?

After femoral artery leg bypass surgery, how long before you can fly on a plane?

After having surgery performed to replace the aorta, will you need blood thinners for the rest of the life?

After renal artery stenting how long should I be off work? I work 12 hr days as a nurse, on my feet 90% of the day. I have >70% bilateral stenosis

Angiagam to be done via the main artery in the neck, tell me more about this?

Angiogram at age 26. Main coronaries are clear, but "endothelial dysfunction" of the small vessels. Is this bad? They explained badly. Heart atk risk?

Any info on the janene or other heart operation for transposition of the great vessels?

Anyone know what is a micro - penis and what is the coronary artery disease link?

Aortic root dilatation: what size bifore operation?

Are lumps in the leg norma after having a femoral artery bypass procedure with artificial graft?

Are secondary varicoceles rectifiable? Perhaps such ones caused by the nutcracker effect? Stent and angioplasty could resolve?

Are some people more prone to getting renal artery occlusion?

Are the stents put in for renal artery disease temporary or permanent?

Are there any arteries or veins connected to the navel (as an adult)? Would it be safe to do surgery on the navel? Would there be blood? Thanks.

Are there any helpful tips for the recuperation period after renal artery occlusion?

Are there any major veins major artery or major nerves in the eyebrow ?

Are there some genetic reasons I could get renal artery occlusion?

Artificial artery- leg artery problems - need help asap! cardiovascular problems- urgent hello. A relative of mine is in need of an artificial artery implant in the leg. A doctor told my relative that replacing the artery in the leg (arteries not workin

Asd closure after retinal artery branch occlusion. Post procedure = palpitations that felt very irregular. After 6 weeks it improved. My dr thinks i may be in af. Is it possible that af was transient?

Aside from a rupture, when is emergency surgery needed for a brain aneurysm?

Assending aorta aneurism --- when can it burst, what to do?

Atherectomy-how big of a lesion can it treat?

Av fistula, av graft, subclavian or femoral catheter, av shunt permanent or temporary, which is better?

Basilar artery fenestration found (small) no aneurysm. F, age 53. Scared to death. Overweight, no other health problems. Is HRT ok?

Best prescription on a patient with more than two spenic aneurysms largest 2.3cm and one is close to the hilum?

Can a blocled svc be repaired ?

Can a cerebral infundibulum be dangerous. I was just diagnosed with two via angiogram and the doctor said they need to be monitored why?

Can a doctor notice clogged arteries during an ep study; although he cannot do a stent in that type of procedure. Can he still notice them?

Can a friend or a family member donate the saphenous vein for ilial bypass surgery?

Can a partially blocked artery affect my sex drive?

Can a person be allergic to carotid ultrasound?

Can a person put off surgery and not worry much about it if he/she were diagnosed with Celiac Artery Stenosis/90% Occlusion w/ little/no symptoms ?

Can a woman's monthly cause coronary artery dissection and continue to be problematic? Will a hysterectomy help prevent this from happening again?

Can adults get coarctation of the aorta surgery?

Can an AV Fistula be created by one doctor and closed (this is the only thing he is doing), so that another doctor can treat and aortic aneurysm with a graft?

Can an ep study tell you if your arteries are blocked? How safe is the procedure? Can you feel it ?

Can atherectomy one day replace vein bypass for lower leg artery disease treatment?

Can atherectomy replace a vein bypass for lower leg artery disease treatment?

Can cysts at c6-7 nf cause pressure or occlusion to vertebral artery? Ex. Different head/neck pos. Or...

Can having an atrial septal aneurysm with a hole in it cause brain aneurysms which I have 3. Also is it safe for me to donate plasma?

Can I live longer if im not having surgery with a level 4 aortic aneurysm?

Can i suffer an injury to their femoral artery and still lived a good life?

Can more brain aneurysms be fixed by coiling in future? (was told my 5mm aneur. can be clipped, would need a stent to coil) Fearful of elective cran.

Can someone go home with intra-aortic balloon pump?

Can stenosis return after celiac artery compression surgery? Pain nausea steatorrea back. Sma plaque also. Could ischemia be from SMA alone?

Can the person who went through coronary artery bypass surgery live a long life?

Can there be an online community for patients with carotid artery dissection?

Can you die from renal vein transposition surgery?

Can you enumerate at least 5 major arteries and 5 major veins.?

Can you give me suggestion: any treatment/surgery for central retinal artery occlusion?

Can you have the vascular stenting done and how you feel after that?

Can you please go home with an intra-aortic balloon pump?

Can you tell me about caritod artery surgery and how do it go?

Can you tell me about double outlet of right ventricle with transposition of great arteries medication purposes?

Can you tell me how can someone with a huge fear of needles, surgery, doctors and hospitals clear a blocked artery?

Can you tell me how I could become a cardiovascular radiologist?

Can you tell me how to treat a case of basilar artery thrombosis with multiple is male 77 , dm, ht?

Can you tell me if someones carotid artery got nicked, would they lose eyesight and/or become paralyzed?

Can you tell me in lower leg disease, how long a lesion can atherectomy procedure tackle?

Can you tell me what to expect at Dr consult for a 15mm splenic artery aneurysm. I don't have appt for 3 weeks is there a problem waiting that long?

Can you unclog your arteries naturally without meds and surgery? If so how? Just asking out of curiosity

Cardiac cath in '12, intense femoral site pain last 2days. Us done today, no pseudo, can the vessel wall (structure) have been damaged, need repair?

Carotico-opthalmic giant aneurysm surgical approach, can you tell me more?

Carotid artery disease. Is it reversible w/o surgery?

Carotid duplex exam - can you tell my what info might be gained?

Chronic radial artery occlusion. Vascular surgeon i just have to live with it .Occlusion due to clot. Pain un hand. Any advice.

Chronic thrombosis of radial artery. Vascular surgeon says bypass could kill me. Do I have any other options. Only on Bayer aspirin.

Clopidogrel for a TIA Consultant found an ordinary diseased Vein in neckand NOT Carotid Artery from the Tests.take Fibrazate any ideas of treatment?

Coiled brain aneurysm year ago. Conflicting advice by neurosurgeon & neurologist.One says cardio excercise but no lifting other says no restrictions?

Colon cancer, bleeding mass, havng cath/stent/bypass. Risk of hemorrhage/complications from thinners during/after procedures? No CAD symptom, pos tgxt

Could a partially blocked artery affect sex drive?

Could bilateral internal thoracic artery grafting increase surgical risk?

Could competitive flow reduce internal thoracic artery graft patency?

Could i survive a knife stab through the aorta?

Could use of the internal thoracic artery be avoided under certain conditions?

Could you know the data sheet for examination of a patient of carotid artery stenosis?

Could you or anyone you know have a coarctation of the aorta and pulmonary hypertension that did/does not require surgery?