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Due to a heart attack in 2005 I had a stent to my LAD . I also have diffuse atheromatous disease to my RCA. So, what is the reason of Ramipril 1.25.

, y dad has a 44%heart funtion is there something he can do he i80?

43 yo heart attack with one stent put in 12 days ago. Is it normal to itch where stent is?

44 yr m.On 15th may gone through coronary angioplasty with inserrtion of one stent. What precautions should I tk. Can i lead normal life nw?

46 years old with bifurcation aorta iliac artery atherosclerosis do I have to wait for a bypass or can a stent be placed severe heart disease in fam?

61 yr old hypertensive male has total occlusion of right coronary andom.Stenting of om1 done. Ejection fraction is 45-50%. Is CABG indicated for rca?

After 1 week of balloon catheterization of heart my 70 y/o grandma is now having problem with right leg swilling in same leg that she did the catheter?

After 9 days AVR Surgery if left bundle branch of heart is found blocked, then is it advisable to have pacemaker. EF is 50%. Heart rate is 70. Age 58.

After a heart attack I had 6 stents placed in my right coronay artery. Is it plavix (clopidogrel) forever now?

After a heart cath I was told by the Dr. that I don't have blockages. But the discharge diagnosis was CAD with unstable angina. Can that be right?

After a heart stent , why am I prescribed sartel 20 even when my BP is normal?

After a major heart attack in February the heart cath caused a tear in my aorta.need to know if my risks are higher having another cath done?

After angigram it show two blockage in walls so any mediction toh clear the blockage without stent or by pass operation?

After CABG operation what the normal heart beat?

Angiogram and heart stent the same thing?

Angiogram showed 100% blockage in two arteries ( lad) . What helped was my heart built lot collateral vines. Should i try medication or do bypass.

Are people always put on a ventilator during cardiac bypass?

Are there any drawbacks to metal stents for your heart?

Are there any medications or supplements that can open blocked arteries in the heart?

Are there plastic heart stents?

Are there tanning restrictions after an angiogram?

Cabg 10yrs one stent 4yrago still get pressure.

Cadio cath 30%lad blood works normal put on statins can I replace that with fish oil or natural alternative if so what and how much, is 30%lad bad. Ta ?

Can a person with three bare metal heart stents be shocked by a defibrillator soon after stent placement. Could holes in heart be caused by blowout?

Can chest compressions be done on someone with 17 heart stents?

Can cornary heart disease be treated with statins and diet alone or is stent or surgery needed?

Can diltiazem be the cause of my cough? I have WPW & myocardial bridging of the coronary arteries

Can dye from heart cath cause uti?

Can good cardiac collateral flow keep you alive and healthy?

Can i get a tattoo with a coronary stent?

Can i kickbox if i had a stent placed in my heart weeks ago?

Can I prescribe beta blockers in post-coronary artery bypass surgery with LBBB patient?

Can I ride a roller coaster 3 years after having a heart attack due to blockage of the right coronary artery and getting stents implanted?

Can my dad who is 92 and has a pacemaker and defibulator still die from heart failure his arteries are beginning to clog up again?

Can ssri's/snri's cause shortness of breath(shallow breathing) in heart patients. 2 stents in lad..Never had this problem before stents?

Can there be any chances of blocking heart arteries again after doing heart surgery?

Can unstable angina last for 24 hours?

Can you do chest compressions on someone who previously had stents placed in the heart?

Can you have pre-emptive heart bypass surgery to mitigate the risk of death by heart attack?

Can you let me know how many cardiac stents could a man have?

Can you prevent a heart attack by putting in a stent?

Can you tell me how the insertion of a stent would prevent a heart attack?

Can you tell me the complications of having cardiac stents inserted?

Can you tell me what is the best treatment to remove 70% stenosis from LAD in heart?

Cardiac catherization showed100% blockage in LAD & other(oy has collateral). Do i need immediately cabg, robotic assisted bypass, or just medicine now?

Cardiology I have been having chest pain on exertion for a couple of years. After a stress test and a cardiac catheterization, the blockage is too small and behind the heart and hard to reach to place a stent. I am on plavix, zocor, (simvastatin) ecotrin,

Catherization on LAD 100% blocked---was walking around that way before cath.--if it build up over time and not suddenly is that why no heart attack ?

Chest compressions and stents?

Chol145, hdl44, ldl86, trigl96, bp120/80;strstest:[email protected], ctangio:mixd plaque no stenosis, was given plavix (clopidogrel). What other treatment is needed?

Colectomy for cancer postponed due to likely severe cad, cath tomorrow. Is it risky for cath/stent/bypass with blood thinners for colon hemorrhage?

Congestive heart failure i was diagnosed with CHF and a 80 percent block of the right coronary artery my ejection fraction is up to 55-60 from 25-30 i still get tired and short of breath not getting answers from my doctor could that be from the block any

Could it be a good idea for an 89 year old female with a pacemaker to have a heart catherization?

Could patients listen to an ipod during a cardiac catheterization or angioplasty procedure?

Could something be done for someone with severely blocked arteries to the heart?

Could you live "well" with only one artery feeding your heart?

Could you please describe how the insertion of a stent would prevent a heart attack?

Dad had 2 stents replaced in RCA, now he has dyspnea, could this be due to LCX occlusion which he has as well or to heart trying to adapt to B supply ?

Dad had coronary stents and now he has severe chest pain and dyspnea his cardiac contractility function is 32 % is he in need of open heart surgery ?

Dad has weak myocardium and he had stents before he takes enalapril will his condition improve ?

Decided the arteries diagram (heart)?

Dizzy all the time after 5 heart stents.

Do i need another heart stent for a 50% blockage?

Do many cardiologists follow their angioplasty patients?

Do you think I should I have heart stent replaced? Is it dangerous?

Does a cigarette cause coronary artery vasoconstriction? If yes, wouldnt this cause a angina if you started exercising?

Does anyone have a heart stent and on aspirin?

Does anyone know of rest positions after cardiac bypass?

Does chelaton therapy for oppening of heart blockage effact on kidney function?

Drug-coated cardiac stents safety?

During cardiac catherization, if blockage found, which best to use to open the blockage:balloon or stint, cons and pros please?

During heart transplant surgery. How is blood flow kept to the brain since the heart has to be taken out?

Dx with micro vessel dysfunction, endothelial dysfunction and unstable angina with a stent in LAD have chest pain lasting hours. What can I do ?

Experiencing angina/ time for angioplasty?

Failed stress test. EF 33%. Poss. blockage both RCA and LAD. Will be doing angiogram. What are chances this can be resolved with stent vs. surgery?

For 64yo female who never had bypass, no stent, no cad, but had asd closure and pvd, having a-fib and chf, clopidogrel+warfarin really required?

For coronary heart bypass surgury, which vein they cut from lower limb to put there?

For human heart, what is the function of LAD artery. What symptoms you feel if it is blocked at the med section only.

From heart cath, coronary procedure notes: femoral angio with loss of flow into sf. no closure. what does this mean?

Gallbladder ef 17% does it have to come out? How bad is surgery if u have heart conditions atrial septal defect and asa.

Had angioplasty and stent placed in heart artery 4 days ago after being rushed to ER with chest pain. At home now with pain under left breast. Normal?

Had cto of LAD opened. 1 doc said take betablocker, 1 said no need. no known heart attack or high bp. what is betablocker benefit or indication here?

Had mi 4 months ago and stenting now aching all over?

Has acrylic been used in a heart bypass?

Have you had any patients who got a sudden blocked LAD artery, MI, and SCA, and who survived despite stent failure (permanent total blockage)?

Having trouble controlling my husbands BP he had open heart surgery two months ago. Is this common heart rate ok and INR stable.?

Heard about cabg, what is it?

Heart stent question please help me find how to research it?

Heart valve mv repair cath test on friday / no blockages in arteries no stents used ! heart beat was atrial fibrillation. On friday after. / need to get pradaxa. ! have not sense was discharged on saturday. Am i in any danger ! blood clots / platelets

Heavy breathing after stent insertion in heart arteries, should I be concerned?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is cardiac tamponade cholesistisis?

Hi how many stents can you have in your heart before a bypas happens? Tx

Hi Sir, My grandpa is 93 years old. Cardiologist suggest angioplasty to rule-out Angina. Is his age suitable for this procedure??. we live in Karachi,

High blood pressure after angioplasty.... in ecg.... he had undergone angioplasty last month.....what would be the reason for variation in ECG ?

Hoping you can tell me, is heart catheterization procedure dangerous?

Hospitalist said need cath: AV block, biatrial enlargement& cardiac insufficiency. Heart Dr. won’t cath due to my low BP. Should I get second opinion?

How often heart cath is done with some one with no block arterys ?

How can a cardiologist insert a catheter into a patients right femoral artery and then see the heart?

How can I find out which hospital in my area is best at doing heart bypasses?

How can the heart be completely stopped during a bypass?

How can you have a blockage but not have a stemi? Why would a doctor choose a heart cath with possible balloon and stent not be treated as emergent?