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"No evidence of calcified plaques in coronary arteries or thoracic aorta.Therefore, calcium score is 0."T.chol150,gluc84.What's risk of MI in future ?

Any drugs out there to break up plaque in coronary arteries rather than all invasive stuff? Clot buster drugs but nothing for plaque?

Are plaques deposited in the blood vessels permanent? Or can it be removed by exercise?

Are saturated fats always found in plaque build up on arterial walls?

Are there any ways to reverse plaque build-up in the small arterioles through diet/exercise?

Arteries blocked in neck and on blood thinners. What kind of diet should I maintain?

Artherosclerosis is when plaque builds up occluding lumen of arteries, right. How does this affect blood pressure?

At what age does someone get arteriosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis question. If you stop eating fats for one year, would that clear away your plaques?

Calcification & hardening of arteries, would cholesterol reducing drugs help to undo or control the problem?

Calcification in the arteries is bad. What could we do to prevent this?

Can a heart attack to occur resulting from a cause other than plaque build up in the heart arteries (e.G., muscular compression of arteries)?

Can a temper outburst in someone who has heart disease (plaque lining the arterial walls) be a catalyst for a plaque rupture and consequent mi?

Can cinnamon actually help unglog arteries?

Can clogged veins and arteries remain clogged even after an ideal lifestyle change?

Can doing exercise wash your arteries free of plaque?

Can eating oat meal help in declogging the fat deposits clogging the arteries/blood vesells?

Can excercise+diet+statin clear arterial plaque??

Can exercising prevent blocked arteries even if you are a smoker?

Can exercising remove plaque in your arteries at all or not?

Can garlic clean out my arteries?

Can hardening of the arteries cause someone to become violent?

Can heart arteries harden from causes other than plaque build up?

Can plaque build up in your arteries be reversed?

Can spices remove plaque or just keep existing arteries clear of oxidized cholesterol?

Can teens develop clogged arteries?

Can the food that helps lower cholesterol also helps to remove other plaques in the arteries?

Can you explain the metabolic mechanisms that take place during coronary artery blockage?

Can you have a coratid artery when you have low cholesterol ?

Can you reverse hardened arteries that calls ed?

Can you tell me how I could know if I have arteries build up?

Could dissolving with effective supplementation "plaque" from inflamed arteries dislodge and cause stroke or heart attack pre-maturely? %?

Could food preservatives influence arteriosclerosis/atherosclerosis?

Could it happen that a fall causes a plaque build up in an artery to break off and cause a complete blockage?

Could trans fat buildup in the blood vessels and brain ever dissolve/breakdown?

Could you define plaque arterioscleosis?

Could you tell me what are remedies for clogged arteries?

Do small plaques in carotid signify cardiovascular heart disease? Will plaques be everywhere? Im 41 quit smoking 2 yrs ago. Low BP cholest fine Dr say

Do stenting procedures for carotids also clean out the existing plaque?

Do the triglycerides also clog an inflammated vessel of the heart? Or is it only the LDL cholesterol that clog the inflammated vessel ? Or is it both

Does "i can't believe it's not butter" clog your arteries?

Does a normal CT Calcium Score Scan eliminate possibility of Atherosclerosis plaque build up in arteries?

Does alcohol dilate arteries?

Does chocolate clog your arteries?

Does exercise clear plaque build up over time and if not how does it help your heart?

Does gout/uric acid crystals make coronary artery blockages worse in my heart?

Does having blocked arteries mean you have high cholesterol?

Does plaque of peyronie's disease increase on its own?I masturbate30 times in a month.Will it increase the plaque formation?

Does salt harden the arteries?

Does stress really clog arteries and kill us?

Does the ornish program apply to coronary artery blockage?

Does whole milk leads to artery clogging?

Does zinc help clean out the arteries?

For artery plaque that already exists, can healthy lifestyle changes actually eliminate that plaque or is it there to stay once it develops?

From a preventative view. Does cardio help to strengthen existing weak artery walls and reduce existing plaque buildup or just help to stop further?

Good idea to use heart and body extract for clogged arteries?

Hardening of the arteries treatments?

Hello docs, is dental plaque similar to aortic plaque?

Hello docs, is hardening of arteries the same as scurvy?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes plaque buildup in the arteries?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a condition where fatty deposits associated with atherosclerosis from within the coronary arteries?

Hi dr, during artery cleansing, when the plaque gets dissolved, does it cause temporarily the blood to be thicker?

How can fat and cholesterol get into your blood system and clog up the arteries?

How can high blood pressure speed up plaque buildup in arteries?

How can omega-3 help dissolve plaque in the arteries?

How can a heart artery be unclog after a stent was put in and 18 months later is found totaly clogged?

How can I accelerate plaque build up in a mouses cardiovascular system?

How can I control very bad plaque build up?

How can I fully reverse plaque in arteries?

How can I get rid of plaques and blocks in peripheial arteries?

How can I unclog arteries in my heart and keep cholesterol down?

How can I verify if my arteries are clean?

How can someone decrease the amount of senile plaque in his brain?

How can we deal with hardened heart arteries?

How can you get rid of the cholesterol that already clogs your arteries?

How could plaque build-up in the heart produce a thrombosis?

How do ateromatous plaques clog vessels?

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How do I have all the other arteries check to see if any plaque is building up or blockage?

How do I prevent hardening of the arteries?

How do you effectively prevent renal artery occlusion?

How do you get rid of the cholesterol that already clogs your arteries?

How do you predict whether or not somebody has plaque in arteries or the heart ?

How do you prevent calcification in the arteries?

How do you tell what plaque type you have without an angiogram?

How does atherosclerosis start?

How does plaque build up in a diabetes patient's blood?

How does plaque build up in your arteries?

How does plaque form in the arteries?

How does someone get arteriosclerosis?

How does someone get atherosclerosis?

How does the build up of plaque in someone with atherosclerosis cause the hardening of the arteries?

How effective is chelation for removing artery plaque?

How is garlic for cleansing plaque and other clogging agents from your arteries ?

How long does the heart have before the arteries get clogged up from greasy food?

How much time do clogged arteries take to kill?

How much time does it take for plaque to build up in arteries?

How to best reduce plaque on cornea?

How to naturally reduce the plaque in the arteries for coronary heart?

How to treat a blocked coratid arterry?