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severe LAE, left atrium is severely dilated, mitral valve leaflets appear mildly thickened. mitral regurgitation (1-2+), what does this mean?

Had a murmur ,My echo says I have trace to mild mitral regurgitation in one valve. normal weight, lipids, bp, glu. Reason to f/u with cardiology?

i went for a echocardiogram an my doctor has told me I have trivial pulmonary and trivial mitral regurgitation what dose this mean an can it kill me?

Migraine Aura with no headache while having intercourse is there a connection with Mitral Valve Repair or from the CPB pump? Family History of Aura.

Post mitral valve repair surgery w/ diag of exercise induced PHTN: Does this generally worsen to overall PHTN? With or w/o treatment? statistics?

, my 75 yr old mother with pulmonary valve replacement ant mitral valve stenosis is having symptoms of bronchitis .i have 500 mg keflex on hand,.

"Nurse"no need for Sterile wipe forB12 loading dose today 5 more over two weeks had Mitral Valve repair so have to be careful of Infection Endocardit?

( MITRAL VALVE Prolapse2012) Repaired2013 with ProstheticRing with Normal Functioning Valve . Antibiotics for Upper Endoscopy with possible Biopsy?

16 month son had heart surgery for coarctation aorta.He also has bicuspid valve, 2 pulm veins into 1 on one side anat. Still has 1-2 murmur - usual ?

2 yrs ,Mitral Valve Repair after climbing 4 flights 50Steps inwarm climate leg calf feel heavy yearly check of heart was Fine with Stethascope,normal?

21 year old had mitral valve repair for leaky valve but after cardiologist told me still see a little leakage is this normal? Will it get worse

22 year old female..Had mitral valve repair done been two months since had surgery..Feeling shortness of breath sitting down.Is this normal?

26 y/o male 5'9 139lbs w/aortic stenosis &bicuspid valve. I can see and feel heartbeat in my stomach. Is this aaa? I have yrly echos for routine

28 yr old female Bad Chest pain after standing up from washing floors,pulling weeds,picking up toys and so on.I do have mitral valve prolapse+ murmur.

29yo male I have a bicuspid aortic valve with minor to mild concentric aortic regurgitation how concerned should I be for problem in the near future?

2yr has mild to moderate mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation. And has increased urinate, cough at night & low body temp. Could flow be increasing?

3 month old Son diagnosed with mild aortic stenosis. Trileaflet with slightly thickened commissures. Will he outgrow this? What does the future holds?

30 yo female previously diagnosed w/ Mitral Valve w/ regurgitation and Pulsatile tinnitus. Advice on daily headaches and RHR staying between 100-138?

35 yr old, W male. Pacemaker in January, Mitral valve repair in May. EF went from 55 before surgery to 25 6 weeks later. How serious is this?

6 month son has heart checkup next month, operated for coarctation aorta at 1 week. Has bicispid valve and open pfo. Whats hould i be asking?

8 yr old nonverbal autistic child + bicuspid aortic valve + now also diagnosis with 3.15 CM dilated ascending aorta. When to do surgery?

85 years mitral valve replaced 8 years ago very active bowls large garden etc but digital wrist monitor shows atrial fibrillation many days. Dangerous?

A 2D Echo Cardiogram indicated a bicuspid valve as opposed to tricuspid valve. Is that going to be a problem? Will there be any issues?

A 75 yo lady who had mitral valve replacement 13 years ago has developed recurrent breathlessness. Can she be helped?

A few years after mitral valve repair and not on betablockers occasionaly have a body massage and hands get pins and needles temporary is this normal?

A leaky heart valve at 4 means what?

A relative of mine may be eligible for a trial of a percutaneous mitral valve repair. Thoughts on safety and effectiveness?

Advice for a 93 yr old female just diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm? Leave it alone?

After a bout with bacterial endocarditis, what hurts the heart valves?

After aortic valve replacement, will I feel a different sound of pulse in my body?

After Mitral Repair with minimum residual leakage should Periodic checks by your Cardiologist be once a year or every 2 years Advised 2yrs in the UK.

After mitral valve repair , i still have a little amount of leakage , i thought the repair was done to eliminate all leakage, is this normal?

After Mitral Valve repair from mitral prolapse although classed as heart disease when successfuly carried out the long term outlook is very good?

After mitral valve repair with annuloplasty ring and health is good with trivial regurgitation is there any evidence in betablockers for life? Jay

After succesful Mitral Prolapse repair how common is it to find mitral stenosis in these type of patients with Annoloplasty ring over a certain time?

After successful Mitral Prolapse repair some years on what are Specific findings in median Valvular readings in mmHg results in Mitral Stenosis?

Age 61.Surgery for 70% regurg. Mvp 3 mo. Ago with 28 ring. Heart muscle 35%. Waiting on lifevest b4 pacemaker safe. Any exercise to help heart muscle?

Altogether i copd, aortic valve insufficiency, bradycardia, and sick sinus syndrome with repaired right coronary anomaly what can I expect?

An echocardiogram revealed mild mitral valve thickening & prolapse. Can this be causing a fast heart rate/tiredness?

Antibiotics for Endoscopy maybe biopsy my Surgeon says NOT needed in UK with Mitral Repair prosthetic ring Material with Normal Function Valve(true)?

Anyone diagnose mitral regurgitation? How?

Anyone died with mitral valve insufficiency?

Anyone relationship with mitral valve prolapse, cfs & fibromyalgia?

Aorta valve replacment patent peeing every two hours for a month now. also had hip surgery 1 week after.

Aortic cusp separation: can there be too much separation or opening? Or do they just open as wide as the ao root allows?

Aortic heart valve disease or regurgitation what's the difference?

Aortic valve regurgitation diagnosed. What is prognosis?

Aortic vegetation w/encardolitis confirmed what kind of treatments are best?

Are Antibiotics required in the UK or USA for Endoscopy GI for a person with Mitral Valve Annuloplasty Ring Repair with Proshetic Material ?

Are Antibiotics recommended for Upper Endoscopy (which could include Biopsy) with Annuloplasty Prosthetic Ring with Mitral Valve Repair?

Are heart pains a typical symptom of mitral valve prolapse?

Are mitral regurgitation and mitral stenosis the same?

Are mitral regurgitation and tricuspid regurgitation dangerous to have?

Are mvp's and mr's symptoms the same? I've dignosised with mvp thickened in leaflets. Can it progress in the future? How much is its possibility?

Are root canals harmful to her mitral valve heart condition. Why is this?

Are there any common mitral valve prolapse symptoms?

Are there any exercise restrictions that should apply if you have trivial mitral regurgitation?

Are there any heart valves what are harder to replace than the others? More dangerous,? ? Plz

Are there any options down the pike for significant mitral valve leak instead of replacement. She had rheumatic fev & te test:valve can't be fixed?

Are there risks with Dental Hygienist Air Flow cleaning to Heart Patients mitral repair with Annuloplasty ring, in regards to Infective Endocarditis?

Arotic regurgitation grade1, mitral regurgitation grade1, left ventricle distinction.Taking n-pill.Need best solution.He's my dad.Age:50?

Artificial vs tissue aortic valve replacement. Is it worth it to do tissue when it will have to be redone in 10 to 12 years? Effects of blood thinner?

Asthma and mild mitral and pulmonic regurgitation, are the same?Or the mild mitral and pulmonic regurgitation manifest, bec of regular asthma attack

Atenolol makes me tired. I had aortic valve replacement 6 weeks ago. What can I take?

Atrial fibrillation & flutter , mild COPD now minor leaky aortic valve is all this connected ?

Av block post double bypass and mitral valve repair. Toprol (metoprolol) cut from 50 mg twice a day to 25 twice a day. Better but still experience skips. Next?

BAV triv regurg with 45-47mm aortic root known for 4 yrs, 32 yo When is it likely I need surgery and what is prognosis & life quality after root surge

Bicuspid aortic valve , aortic root dilated at 4.6cm, no stenosis, trivial regurg, cardiologist not worried at all, i'm really anxious, should I be?

Bicuspid aortic valve & aortic stenosis & baby sometime gets blue lips and tongue, what to do?

Bicuspid aortic valve & aortic stenosis. Baby sometimes gets a blue tongue, is there a way to treat this?

Bicuspid aortic valve, dilated aortic root, what to do?

Bicuspid arotic valve?

Bicuspid heart valve disease causes?

Blood test in UK , i have Mitral Valve Repair with Annuloplasty Ring No sterile wipe was used and The Nurse put her finger on vein Endocarditis.risk?

BP 120/79 L Arm 139/80 R Arm on resting. 16 mth After Mitral Valve Repair with Ring Off of Betablockers trial period Is this Normal to be expected?

Can I go to gym if I have. Mild MVP with trivial mr?

Can "trace mitral valve regurgitation" cause shortness of breath and palpitations?

Can 5 weeks of pulmonary hypertension (as well as a few other diagnoses) lead to moderate anoxic brain injury? A patient in his early 50's receives diagnosis of mssa- causing pulmonary hypertension, chf, aortic valve regurgitation, a stretched mitral valv

Can a ballerina foot MVP be caused by pregnancy valve changes and can be reversed after pregnancy?

Can a chest X-ray finds severe mitral regurgitation..?

Can a girl operated on for severe aortic stenosis become pregnant?

Can a leaking heart valve make CHF worse?

Can a leaky heart valve heal?

Can a leaky mitral valve be repaired or best to have it replaced?

Can a mini echo test ( in hospital) rule out Mitral Valve Prolapse or Mitral Stenosis? The doctor did an ultrasound last night and said everything looked good. Can't afford full echo but he said I need one to fully rule out any valve problem

Can a mini echo test ( in hospital) rule out Mitral Valve Prolapse or Mitral Stenosis? The doctor did an ultrasound last night and said everything looked good. Can't afford full echo but he said I need one to fully rule out any valve problem.

Can a mitral valve heart patient(mitral valve stenosis) be a mother?

Can a moderate to severe mitral regurgitation can be identied in ecg. .?

Can a person with mitral valve regurgitation do cardio exercises with out worry?

Can a person with Mitral Valve Repair be classed as a Patient with a structurally normal heart after healthy cardio Echo result?

Can a stress echo rule out plaque build up and mitral valve prolapse?

Can a trivial leak in the aortic valve get worse?

Can a trivial leaking heart valve become worse?

Can an echocardiogram still estimate pulmonary pressure if there is no tricuspid regurgitation?

Can an enlarged heart due to htn and/or mitral valve prolapse heal itself & return to normal size? If so, how? I have both mvp & htn.

Can anterior mitral leaflet redundancy with trivial regurgitation cause ventricular tachycardia?

Can anyone give information about mitral regurgitation?

Can anyone tell me anything about mitral valve prolapse?

Can be mitral valve prolapse may be associated with depression ?

Can both tricuspid valve stenosis and tricuspid regurgitation result in hypertrophy in the right atrium?