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Can you tell me what does aortic unfolding with mural calcification mean?

I am 62 yrs Detail report- LAD- Mild irregularities in mid LAD; RCA- Dominant. Mild proximal irregularities; LMCA, Diagonals & LCX are normal & free?

radial artery is narrowed in calibre with eccentric calcific foci in its midportion causing partial occlusion. What is calcific foci?

There is a dominant right vertebral artery. Outpouch measures 2 mm in width and 4 mm in length.suspicious for an aneurysm. What does it mean?

" hypoplasia of the left anterior cerebral artery a1 segment is noted. Impression: normal mra of the circle of willis." what does above hypoplasia mea

1. Ct scan shows 30% stenosis in the proximal vessel, 30-50% stenosis in the mid-vessel in left anterior descending artery. What procedure is needed?

2.5mm sized nondominant artery with focal significant (70)% stenosis, distal to 1st rv branch;mixed wall plaque for length of 7mm rest of rca is normal?

60% mid LAD help?

60% narrowing of mid LAD how serious is this .

8m old Dx with valve incompetent foramen ovale w/ trivial L to R flow through 2mm gap btw valve of fossa ovalis &upper rim of foramen. What is this?

9mm splenic artery aneurysm is something to worry about ?

Abd CT showed severe stenosis of celiac artery with post stenotic dilation.Does that mean an aneurysm? Was referred to vascular surgeon.

Abd CT showed severe stenosis with post dilation of celiac artery likely due to compression of arcuate ligament. Can that cause an aneurysm?

Abdominal aorta bypass due to blockage in the aorta. How long is typical for this surgery? Veins in legs are good. Just blockage in aorta is causing almost no blood flow to legs.

Absent posterior communicating arteries. Anything I should be aware of with this? They have no idea if it's from birth or ...Something else

After how many time an endoleak after a descending thoracic aorta repair could be closed ( the aneurism is stable after 2 CT in 1 and a half year)?

An MRA confirmed that I have nutcracker syndrome in my left renal vein and right hepatic artery arising from the proximal Superior mesenteric artery. Could this be the cause of my uncontrolled BP &HR?

An MRI to test for HCM says There is a tortuous descending aorta. There is an aberrant right subclavian artery which courses posterior to the trachea?

Aneurysms run in family. Do I need to fix this? There is a rim calcified 0.9 cm distal splenic artery aneurysm. There is some diffuse mild dilation of the entire pancreatic duct without definite ampullary mass or calcification.

Angiography report of dad lm- nor lad- proximal seg 90% stenois lcx- distal diseased. Ostial total occlu. Rca- domi, prox total advice cabg?

Aortic root 3.5cm, ascending aorta 3 cm, LVOT diameter 86 year old man (not overweight) are these good numbers?

Are ascending and descending venogram typically conducted together, or just one or the other?

Are hepatic arteries intersegmental as well?

Are there any major anterior arteries in the lower leg other than the anterior tibial artery?

Arterial doppler indicates that brachial, ulnar and intraosseous artery are of low resistive pattern. S this normal. Radial artery occluded due to clot?

Arterial doppler shows anterior intraosseous artery is of low resistive pattern. What does low resistive pattern mean. Is this normal?

Arterial doppler shows small collateral branches within the musculature of forearm. Is this normal. If not what does this mean.

Arterial duplex u/s noted bilateral below knee peripheral small vessel disease. Is that PVD? Can Raynauds cause this? Added report & pics to file.

Arterial phase within 20seconds. Does that mean that the tumor has a vascular invasion, what to do?

Arteriography showed 100% blocked Circumflex..had bypass on LAD 16 yrs ago..I'm 83.....prognosis?...worried

Arteriosclerotic internal carotid & vertebro basilar arteries predominantly the left vertebrobasilar segment appearing tortuous with slight prominence?

At the skullbase: there is presence of signal void in carotid and basilar arteries at the level of skull base. What does this mean?

Bilateral high flow in common carotid artery and internal carotid artery with normal end diastolic velocity and no stenosis. Is this normal?

Brachial artery shoes triassic flow but with blunting if the dialostic component and suggests collateral distal flow. What is collateral distal flow?

Brachial artery shows triphasic flow but with blunting of the dialostic component and suggests collateral distal flow. What does this mean?

Brain MRI says satisfactory intraluminal signal is noted in distal carotid vertebral and basilar arteries. Unremarkable brain MRA. What does this mean?

calcified abd aorta and common iliac arteries, 60% ostial stenosis of coeliac trunk, bloating, abd pain, can't gain weight. Intestinal ischemia?

Can a calcified abdominal aorta occur without high cholesterol?

Can a cat scan usually show if a person has superior mesenteric artery syndrome (SMA)?

Can a dilation of the ascending aorta be temporary and caused by infection?

Can a LCX para ostial occlusion be stented in addition to small diagonal branches ?

Can a paraganglioma in the carotid artery be functional and symptomatic? I have a ball there over 5cm. It feels attached to the muscle, not a lipoma

Can an aortic dissection lead to unilateral leg ischemia?

Can docs explain what does thrombosed aneurysm mean?

Can docs explain what does unfolding of descending thoracic aorta mean?

Can I know what is left cca and left bifurcation atherosclerotic plaque causing less than 50% stenosis. However no significant hemodynamic stenosis ?

Can my chest muscle function without the internal mammary artery?

Can renal artery blockage or dsisease cause mood swings?

Can superior masentric arterial disease go away on its own?

Can swelling in the limbs be caused by coarctation of the aorta?

Can u see all of the thoracic aorta with echocardiogram or just the root, ascendens and arch? if u ask the doc if ha can look at all of the aorta?

Can vertebral artery dissection cause slight bleed out or form hemotoma on exterior rather then within artery wall - if so, what could that cause?

Can you define vascular sclerosis and venous dilation and tortuosity on fundus exam? What does that actually mean?

Can you do angioplasty stent on restively short 100% blockage in mid LAD and 100 % posterolateral branch of circumflex artery & both relatively small.

Can you please define fetal origin of the right posterior cerebral artery?

Can you please describe myotic aneurysm from pancreas transplant artery anastomosis?

Can you please tell me how large and small artery disease differ?

Can you tell me in occlusion of the femoral artery at the level at which the profunda femoris is given off, arterial inflow to?

Can you tell me in the duodenum, are their differences between the ileum and jejunum in re: arrangement of arterial branches?

Can you tell me what "femoral pulses to exclude aortic coarctation" mean?

Can you tell me what vascular calcification in the aorta and iliac vessels and pelvicaliectasis bilaterally mean ?

Carotid doppler ultrasound showed elevated psv in right ica but normal ica/cca. What's this mean?

Cerebrovascular Duplex Scan reveals bilateral homogeneous plaque present in carotid bulbs. No evidence stenosis/plaque in ICA. Lower stroke risk?

Chest X-ray revealed "the aorta is unfolded and demonstrates atherosclerotic wall calcifications. The width of the cardiac contour is normal." ?

Chronic radial artery occlusion. What does this mean? Doc said there may be concern for embolism with branch occlusion. What does that mean.

Chronic radial artery occlusion. Pain in hand arterial doppler shows interosseos artery enlarged. Ulnar artery responsbile for profusion. Advice?

Chronic total radial artery occlusion in right hand with collateral flow in ulnar and intraosseous artery. What course of action would u.Advise?

Common symptoms of arterial tortuosity?

Coronary Angiography report concluded;"atherosclerotic coronary artery disease showing moderate proximal LAD mixed stenotic lesion 50%"what it means?

Could a person with congenital lateral recess stenosis have developed compensations over a lifetime like more blood vessel off shoots in foramen?

Could the internal thoracic artery be skeletonized?

Could vena cava syndrome be correlated to a pancoast-tobias tumour?

CT angio shows moderate to severe stenosis of mid LAD artery. What would be the normal course of action?

Diagnosed with total right radial artery occlusion with collateral flow in ulnar and intraosseous artery. Occlusion due thrombus. What does this mean?

Diplopia, squeezing band of pressure in head, absent L posterior inferior cerebral artery. chol/hdl calc 6.7. FH mutation. could this cause stroke/tia?

Does a Distal right renal artery aneurysm of 11 x 0.9 CM need intervention?

Does blood flow from the anterior communicating arteries to the anterior cerebral arteries?

Does peak systolic velocity (psv) determines % of carotid blockage?

Does ras stand for renal artery stenosis?

Dopplerultrasound shows chronic radial artery occlusion with collateral flow in ulnar and intraosseous artery. In pain at elbow and wrist. Need help?

Dr S Sinatra talks about Intimal Medial Thickness IMT Analysis of Carotoid Artery. My doctor referred for Ultrasound of Carotoid Artery, this is same?

During an ECHO, where anatomically, is the aortic root dimension typically calculated?

Dx'd w/medial arcuate ligament syndrme via CT, US, and Angiography shows decrease blood flow in celiac artery, backflow of blood in mesenteric artery.Could this be cause of abd pain, nausea after eating?might surgery help?

Eit is possible to stent a distal lesion of ischemia?

Explain my anomaly: sup. Sag. Sinus extending into posterior fossa in the midline w/bifurcation into two veins draining into jugular bulbs?

Fusiform aneurysmal dilation 2 CM of proper hepatic artery in porta hepatis. Can someone explain this in plain English?

Had a CT A done, this was the results Mild calcification of the left main. Otherwise normal coronary arteries. What does that mean?

Had a cta everything normal. It's says right coronary artery is dominant. What does that mean.

Had a liver ultrasound. What does "main portal vein is patent and demonstrates a systolic flow rate of 32.2cm/sec. Flow is hepatopetal, mean

Had arterial doppler ultrasound. Would that show if clot has moved? Have radial artery occlusion. Chest pain and out if breath on and off.

Had coronary angiogram initial result were mixd plaques prox segment 627 of the LAD no stenosis & right dominant circulation. What does this mean?

Had coronary angiography and inital results were mixd plaques prox segment 627 of the LAD w/o stenosis and right dominant circulatio. Wt does dis mean?

Had CT done of pelvic region. Shows arteriosclerotic calcifications in iliac arteries. What condition causes this?

Have relatively short 100% blockage in mid LAD &100% posterolateral branch of circumflex artery (both relatively small targets).Will stent help or ris?

Hello - How is possible placque detected/measured in vertebral and carotid arteries?

Hello doctors, can vena cava syndrome be correlated to a pancoast-tobias tumour?

Hello I am 48 years old and have a CT heart calcium score of 194 in my left anterior descending LAD is that a lot of plaque. Can I reverse this HELP?

Hello sir good morning I'm Sunil from India and i have bladder cancer and i have also blockage in aorto iliac with complete block of infrarenal abdominal aorta and right external iliac artery, left common iliac and external iliac arteries with distal ref

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is myotic aneurysm from pancreas transplant artery anastomosis?

Hi. What is the meaning of diffuse atheromatous disease to RCA.. Many thanks..