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Can you survive with one carotid artery? I'm not talking about a blocked one. I'm talking about not having one period.

Is a stethoscope quite accurate way for listening for bruit in Carotid Artery from a Cardiologist?

1 carotid artery closed. # 2 carotid 60% secondary artery restricts blood flo. I am on simvastatin 20mg warfarin 5-7 mg. Will serrapeptase help?

100 % blocked artery I have 1 artery that is 100% blocked and 2 that is 50% blocked.I'm with the va and they said the 100% blocked artery rerouted two little veins to the bottom of my heart and kind of repaired itself.They are also 50% blocked and too sma

A friend of mine has 100% blocked arteries in her neck, is she going to be okay?

A nerve can press an artery and cause a stroke?

After Stroke from Carotid 1 yr and on antiplatelet Clopidogrel had some headaches and GP found a Bruit in Neck referred to Consultant i am Concened .

Am I too young to get carotid bruits? I am 18 years old.

Are carotid arteries easily seen on a CT angiogram? Would you be able to see dissection?

Are carotid duplexes dangerous?

Are there any natural remedies for a blocked artery in my arm?

Are there meds for carotid artery stenosis, or is it surgery or nothing?

Arteries clog. Why do they never treat clogged veins?

As soon as an embolus travels through the heart and up a carotid artery can it cause an aneurysm?

At what usual age are you too old for carotid artery surgery?

Attacks of pain directly along carotid artery av. twice a year & EXTREME lightheaded.HX of migraine and IIH. Normal MRA BUT DEFINITELY my artery. Why?

Blocked artery in neck caused by radiation?

Can 30% plaque in your carotid artery cause pain in the carotid/neck area?

Can a 3 mm thyroid nodule cause carotid artery occlusion?

Can a bad dowagers hump affect carotid artery flow?

Can a blocked artery make one's breathing abnormal at times and cause hoarseness too? I am to do angiogram and possible angioplasty

Can a carotid artery bruit come and go with time?

Can a carotid artery bruit sound come and go? Does it mean you have a blockage?

Can a carotid stent be visible from the outside?

Can a clogged heart artery affect the brain?

Can a femoral artery become infected?

Can a stroke in the medulla (100% blocked right vertebral artery) cause personality changes?

Can a thrombosis of right coronary artery just lie there dormant not doing anything or nor causing harm ?

Can an ENT tell if your lymphnodes are swollen? Can he tell if its your carotid artery?

Can carotid artery stenosis cause increased brain pressure if left untreated?

Can carotid bruits cause severe headaches?

Can carotid bruits go away by itself?

Can carotide clog be seen in a thyroid us?

Can cold weather worsen symptoms of inflammation, occlusion, stenosis and/or dissection(s) found in arteries of the neck and/or head? Pls explain:)

Can constipation lead to appendicitis or clogged arteries?

Can cutting off circulation to any facial arteries cause clotting that can travel to the brain and cause stroke or aneurysm formation?

Can dizziness be a sign of blocked arteries to the heart?

Can doctors see carotid artery during PFO closure?

Can flying affect a carotid bruit?

Can going to the chiropractic too much cause an issue with an artery in your neck that can lead to a stroke?

Can heart massage therapy help open blocked arteries?

Can heart rate increase by pressing on the vagus nerve and/or carotid artery?

Can it be possible to have blocked arteries at the age of 23?

Can past vad - vertebral arterty dissection cause stenosis or a bruit in the carotid artery? Or any other stress to local arteries? What is the path?

Can physicians detect carotid artery thinning with an ultrasound?

Can playing with the carotid arteries by compressing them at the carotid sinus(for the fun of the feeling) lead to carotid sinus sensitivity syndrome?

Can pricking your carotid artery with a safety pin, be deadly?

Can radiation therapy lead to carotid artery blockage?

Can someone have a clogged basilar artery but the carotids are clear?

Can surgeons fix an 80% narrowing of the left subclavian artery?

Can the results of a carotid artery ultrasound be applied as an indication of the state of other arteries in the body?

Can tias over time be caused by temporary or partial occlusion of vertebral or carotid arteries and cause foci or lesions?

Can u get an aneurism in your neck veins or arteries ?

Can vertebral artery dissection or occlusion be caused by forward head posture?

Can you be saved if you sever your carotid artery? It's for a story.

Can you explain results of left carotid artery is 194cm with plaque visual what should be done?

Can you feel a blocked artery in your neck?

Can you fly if you have a carotid artery blockage, or is the cabin pressure and altiude too much that it can cause it to dislodge and cause a stroke?

Can you get a carotid artery dissection by poking a finger in neck?

Can you have raynauds manifest in large vessels? -as in severe spasms in carotid or other vessels in the neck?

Can you tell me how to unblock a blocked artery in your leg?

Can you tell me more about basilar artery migraines ps ?

Can you tell me more about an ailment called stealer artery?

Can you you explain peak systolic velocity in right internal carotid artery 61.9 and 80.7 in left internal carotid?

Cardiologist said Aneurysm External and Internal Carotid very rare in Neck and rare inside Sternal Head andJugular Notch No Ultrasound Needed ?True?

Carotid artery feels numb and full. I'm only 18 but could it be possible my artery is blocked?

Carotid duplex ultrasound; can it tell my risk of bad things happening?

Common symptoms of clogged brain arteries?

Could blocked carotid arteries impair vision?

Could a carotid artery bruit come and go ?

Could atherectomy work better on badly diseased leg arteries better then heart arteries?

Could blocked carotid arteries impair vision?

Could blocking only one of the left and right common carotid arteries lead to complete brain death?

Could carotid artery stenosis cause sciatica nerve pain?

Could retinal artery spasm be the symptom to something major?

Could some one tell me what flow void in cavernous carotid artery means please ?

Could the carotid arteries clear themselves or with massaging my neck?

Could there be a home remedy for a carotid artery?

Could you die by touching the carotid arteries?

Could you explain what is a carotid duplex bilateral?

Could you get vertebral artery dissection from neck cracking?

Could you please describe hollen horst plaques in the right peripheral retinal artery?

Could you still get a pedal pulse with a doppler with an occluded femoral-popliteal artery graft?

Could you tell me what happens to people when they only have one carotid artery?

Could you tell me what happens when a carotid artery gets nicked?

Daily lightheadedness for approx 7 weeks.. If it was carotid artery dissection would things have got a lot worse by now?

Describe the features of a carotid artery dissection.?

Difference between coronary artery and just muscle spasm in chest?

Difference bw branchial cyst and carotid body tumor and anuresym of carotid ?

Dilation of both carotids for over 12 years. Doc says might be clot, and wants me to have carotid ultrasound. Does this make sense?

Do a lot of people get basilar artery migraine?

Do people with vertebral artery dissection have a lot of pain?

Do you know any symptoms of clogged head/brain arteries?

Doc heard a Bruit In left CAROITED artery. Ultrasound came back complete normal. What is causing the bruit?

Doctors please advise. Is it ok to press your carotid to ck pulse if you have carotid artery disease?

Does act angiography show all blockages to the heart like clogged arteries anywhere and everywhere?

Does flying affect a norrowed corotid artery?

Does radial artery occlusion affect a pregnancy?

Explain briefly about retinal artery occlusion?

Explain this please? The ophthalmic artery comes off the neck of the aneurysm. There is a right posterior communicating artery infundibulum