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was taking oxycodone for pain. I stop for a while, I had lost of appetite. Now I started again and it's not affecting my appetite. why is that? f/55

.29 yr male. feel lightheaded when i lift weight.and acid reflux.i can do cardio.Is there any treatment for this. it never used to happen few yrs back?

14 year old lost 30 lbs since last summer (appetite low) lost 8 this week. Urinates frequently and bowel movements different. Fever at the moment?

16 year old, iam facing problems in my body,iam very thin i cant get weight,one side in my hair is thinner than other side,any influenza affect me bad?

16/ F Pulse in stomach, had it years. Increases and decreases in speed. Left side feels quiet wide can't really feel ends also I'm thin. Is this nor?

17 yrs Male,weight loss ,involuntary neck movements,takes leg back while walking,irritated,good IQ,moody,on antipsychotic drugs since 6 yrs on doc adv?

17 yrs Male,weight loss ,involuntary neck movements,takes leg back while walking,irritated,good IQ,moody,on antipsychotic drugs since 6 yrs on doc adv?

17yr girl athletic, ferritin<10, not anaemic, oral iron for 18mths, memory loss, no coeliac , light periods, extreme tiredness, joint pain. Any ideas?

19y/o female: HR keeps dropping into the 40s-50s when resting. Usually associated with dizziness and nausea. Something worth getting checked out?

2 1/2 yr old diagnosis dysphagia. Refuse thickened drinks, barely eats, weight up and down and has constant cold symptom since dx. Not allergy related. Lost?

2 days ago I did some welding outside. Since I've had nausea, migraines, feeling out of it. Lack of appetite. I did use proper welding protection.

2 sores on scalp, racing heart, fatigue, dry mouth, left house 3x in 8mos, can't stand&walk 4 long period, muscleloss, anxiety, could it be cushings syndrome?

20 weeks pregnant .i start to have odema in full body specially in my legs ..should I worry about it or normal ?

20 year old male sick to stomach pressure in head losing train of thought ?

26 athletic bmi=22 male. Muscles sore/tight on waking. Symptom coincided w/ buying ikea futon mattress. Clearly need better bed, recommendations?

26/F. Healthy. Past 2 weeks body itching when overtired, NOT interrupting sleep. Not everyday. Also, sudden right knee pain. Chances of lymphoma?

3 yrs ago, happy(38yo, m). Did mostly cardio, then started weights. Pinch nerve neck, shaky with anxiety/insomnia since. Feel bet. Lie down. Life slowly down since, lifeless now. Many workups, all neg.

31yrold.I always get dehydrated due to exercise or sun.Takes 2days to recover.I am afraid that will affect organs.How to prevent dehydration/sweat?

31yrold.Sweat a lot.Recently joined swim classes.Feel very dehydrated,muscle fatigue,weakness after 4 classes.I drink enuf water.Should I discontinue?

32 weeks pregnant been exhausted for weeks. Woke us this morning with a huge amount of energy and couldn't stop cleaning. Why the sudden change?

4 mths and counting of unsteadiness/lightheadedness 24/7 since 1 night of binge drinking at a wedding.Not a regular heavy drinker. No gait issues. ?

44 yo male overweight, no diagnosed health problems. Heavy sweat with little exertion, overheat easily. Dirarrea almost constantly for 20 years. Help?

5 days ago i had neck surgery. Fusion of the c4, C5 & c6. Since leaving the hospital i've had a significant weight gain, 10 lbs. I also feel and appear very bloated, almost pregnant. Is this normal and when will i loose this?

5'7 140. Lost lbs over year. Now 123 too thin. Bones tiny.No energy, muscle mass loss, stress. 1med nucynta, (tapentadol) leg pain. Sensitivity light- eyes hm?

56 year old male, do drink every night, have high ferritin. Recently find that muscles burn whilst working in workshop, legs cramp,twitching in sleep?

6 yr old sick since sept. 2nd, admitted 4 times, vomitting, no appetite, lack of thirst, sunken eyes, no bounce back in skin. Getting worse.

64 days late w/multi -test. Pregnancy symptoms bigger painful breast, heart burn, lower back pain, heighten taste, weight gain, urination, mood. ?

70 yrs old male mostly sleepy, very little hunger, weakness in legs and in general feeling week. Could it be related to some liver disorder?

After urination some drops fall in my pants no matter how much i shake it off. Is this normal?I also have ED are these problems linked?

Am always feel sleepy and tired.. Am 26 height 5.4 inches weight 80kg. This will create any health issues ?

Am looking for vitamin to help my body recover from alchohol and crack addiction am in 12 step program and struggling due to fatigue/have chest pains

As soon as I turned 14 I started to pick up weight (specifically on my legs) could this be a change due to puberty or is my metabolism slowing down?

At this point, is it possible for my teeth to turn my whole body into disarray? Anxiety over tooth loss, losing sleep, jaw tightness, possibilities?

Been taking amitripyline 10mg for nerve pain, but have notice skin clearing and looking better does this mean my hormones have been out of balance?

Before my periods i've started feeling pain on right side of stomach on the waist line, also i'm losing my hair at a disturbingly fast rate, wot is it?

Being treated for chlamydia 2nd try. Myself and my gf have experienced other symptoms. Canker sores to stomach noises to weight loss. Me 5 p, her 12 p . Both stressed r these normal side effects ?

Big drop in mental concentration post (mild)exercise&dizzy&nausea in past-why?Struggle w/ normally easy things, can't focus, spaced out.

Body aches, hair loss, easily bruised prior to period. Also tired 1wk prior and during what is causing this? I'm 34 have 3 kids my youngest is 11!

Bouts of general body weakness, usually only 30-90 min. Arms especially. FYI On meds for depression but not depressed. Have old back injury. ?

Can a dr hold your récords if you owe them a past due balance?

Can a fever be another side affect of losing blood?

Can a thyroidectomy cause bloating of the body and if so how long until it gets back to normal?

Can a virus in the sinus that is ongoing eventually making me loose my sense of smell and bringing on bouts of dizziness, numbness, and loss of energy?

Can Afib be caused by trauma. Got hit in the chest not to hard, about a month ago. Seems as if my ability to exercise has reduced. I get tired faster.

Can all my symptoms trying to tell me something bigger is wrong on the inside of my body? I have daily headaches, sciatica, irregular heartbeat etc

Can amphtamine/speed cause damage 2 my PC muscle, I hav lost its strength totaly gone, canot make myself get a hard erection nor stop myself urinating?

Can certain things such as being underweight increase risk of experiencing dizziness/lightheaded/weakness? I seem to exp these in severe ways sometimes. I'm a little underweight trying vegetarian diet

Can low estrogen cause teeth to feel loose?

Can low estrogen levels cause me to be so severely weak I am bed ridden, along with severe flu like body aches- once a month for an entire week?

Can never sleep,gained roughly 40-50pounds in 6-12months,moodswings,crying everyday, sore throat/muscles all over,headaches usually leads to eye pain?

Can restless leg become bad enough to be 24 hours and severely painful? And why has only Tramadol at 200 mg worked for me in past? I'm losing hope.

Can smoking a little bit of cannabis help with pain? Im in constant pain 24/7 all over my body! tried alsorts of pills from doctors and no help!

Can spending too much time in bed 16 h/d cause causse musscle weakness/aches about 2 months before that had very active lifestyle?

Can topamax (topiramate) cause fever up to 38 specially when feeling hot ot making effort and making activity?

Can weight bering exercise change the pain receptor on the nervous system to a higher level, where you start of weak and then become strong?

Can you get shaky hands due to improper weight lifting form ? This problem started to happen like 3 weeks ago. Thanks in advance.

Can you point me in a direction to start? I have no energy, fatigue, excessive need to sleep, body aches from neck to s spine, completely drained?

Can your body temp jumping around do any harm to ur health? Like if it's low then high. Bounces back n forth. Between 97.7-99.2

Cheese cravings. Any reason? Making it hard to lose weight. Have chronic pain, chronic fatigue. Another way to get what my body wants?

Child age 12 "perpetual cough" 6 plus Wks. Original diagnosis micoplasma pneumonia-resolved. 10-12 lb. wt. loss. Extreme fatigue continues, whole body in pain from constant ongoing coughing. ?

Could a severe dengue fever result in metabolic disorder? In 19 days i lost 20kg, and it took about 6 months to get my weight back and gain more later

Could change of altitude have bad effects on someone?I'm working in the rocky foot hills in BC Canada and been having massive muscle spasms and thirst

Could I have diabetes? Symptoms: - frequent urination (last 6 months) - sleep about 12 hours a day(for years now) - no immunity, sore throat comes and goes constantly (last 6 months) - unintentional weight loss (last 2 months) most recent and most conce

Could overweight cause quick numbness of limbs when adding pressure for a very short time or could it be for other reasons?Thanks

Cushings ? Gained over 30 lbs in last 6 months despite little change in eating or exercise. Hump on back, face swelling, wkns in legs , increased bp

Dad is 59 and had knee surgery 4 weeks ago. He sleeps all day long and won't eat anything and says his whole body is achy. What could be wrong?

Dad with Parkinson's Lewy bodys.Dx 6 yrs. In nursing home.Rapid decline past 3 wks.Sleeping most of day, not eating.Cant sit.What could be cause? Ideas?

Did a lot of exercise the past 2 years, but have been inactive for 3 months. Past week was in home healing. Will this weaken my bones and muscle alot?

Dont know exactlymy problem.when i use my full power(ex when i do pullup) or sometimes just when i think of it i cant control the left side of my body?

Dry eyes & sore throat in morning, eat a lot but losing weight, sore joints & weak muscles, acne, but normal TSH (2.25) and glucose (76). What is it?

Every morning once i wake up n i get weak urine flow. I am 23 female and a it bladder prolapse due to heavy weight lifting in gym or normal?

Experiencing extreme joint and bone pain along with extremely fatigued unable to eat and hold it down. Slightly high antibodies and th factor?

Fat loss pills causing numb in body and low sexual appetite(ed).Was all fine b4 takin it. Will my hormones back to normal when i finish/stop takin it?

Fatherhas been having eye pain, and loss of balance these days.He was alright after taking medicine, but almost fell in work.Anyone know what this is?

Fatigued all the time. Weight gain dry skin and hair. I also have the feeling of something being stuck in my throat?

Feel like my heart beat is getting weaker everyday and something surrounding it. Loss of appetite loss weight. Doing a catscan chest. Will that show anything wrong ? Feel like not getting enough blood to pump. Blockage. Major headache like crazy

Feeling like i never sleep when i get average 8 hrs, weakness, body aches, excessive sweating off and on. Someone thought may be thyroid?

Feeling weight on eyes. What does it means medically?

Female has recent frequent headaches on right side of head, diarrhea, thirst, leg soreness and loss of appetite. She is studying for law bar and stressed. Is it that or something more?

For 3 years now, i develop feverish condition & weakness after heavy meal.I use malaria tablets every week as a result of that.What is wrong with me?

For almost a year, I´ve had slight (at most 1mm) tremor in my jaw. It does not affect my lifestyle, but is constant, even while sleeping. Any hints?

For the past year, my entire body has started to swell up. Docs at Mayo say I have about 50 lbs of retention, but have no idea what caused it. Help?

For two weeks now I have been getting this annoying heart burn its truly nauseating and i don't know the reasons behind it? I haven't changed my diet

For3 i masturbate 2times daily afterthat ihad lost my concentration, constant headache , muscle pain, can't do exercise, insomnia ihave taken antidep for2?

For3weeks i've been severly dehydrated vomiting and dieria vomiting so much thought there was blood feels like insides are out can barely swollow lost15 pounds im a healthy male 43, 5.11, 175approx sleep 13 hrs over3 weeks recently had2 backsurgery 2fusio

Freeling completely zapped of all energy and increased resting pulse off 90 - 100 for past two days, what could be causing this?

Friend has extreme edena in legs for a month, long term anorexia with quick w/g to a normal bmi. No purging. Bloods came back okay. What could it be?

Friend w teenage son w low grade fever, nausea, not eating, lost 30lbs in 90 days, complextion ashen white pale, lost normal color.

Frm last 2 weeks my appetite reduced, no consistency in stool n stomach feels tight and filled Change job last mnth traveling type to stationed type?

Gained alot of weight I am 58 I weigh 230 I walk every day which is very difficult im 30 have fissures and am always tired but cant sleep someti dizz?

Get dull yet prominent, localized headaches when lifting heavy objects since taking adderall (5 y.a.). i'm 27, 6'2" 250 lbs, prescribed 25mg/d. consume 1-2 cups coffee. ex-smoker for 1 yr. poor diet, very sedentary lifestyle. should i be concerned?

Getting loss motion, if eats a food with little chilly get loss motions since 4to5 months please hilp me to what was wrong. Thank you?

Glipizide 5mg xs 2/day. Lately #s rising slowly. Haven't changed anything )I don't think). Is diabetes progressive? Lots of fatigue also. :(

Good diet to recover from temporaral bone fracture.How to over come from dizziness?Its been 3 months already but cannot overid of dizziness

Had 2 periods of leg pain/sore muscles, then stopped. Crazy thing each time my height increased inch or two. What could've caused that (I'm over 35)?

Had pneumonia 9 wk ago. Feeling 95% better. Legs feel weak at times. Healthy 35 yr old female. Do I need to build up strength or from levaquin (levofloxacin)?

Had swollen glands near apple night sweats not too bad lost interest in food eating fine diag depression but i can't sleep properly and pain by armpit?

Have a constant drunken buzz feeling with no pain, loss if appetite, or real balance issues. Eye exam fine. May have one alcoholic drink a week.

Have active sle, also on 5 mg prednison daily stay hugry and swollen. How to control both hunger and weight issues?

Have been losing my balance(without dizziness)randomly but consistently for about six months. What is a good starting point, medically, to address/dx?