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I'm 37 weeks pregnant, my ankles have gone really swollen and haven't gone down at all in 2 days, I feel lightheaded And my heartrate is 120 this ok?

I'm a 18 year old male.& for the passed I'd say 3 months my heart beats really fast and my head pounds with it when I hardly even run. Please help.

symptoms: heart beats over 105 even in relax,sudden weight loss,easily get tired when going up on stairs (20 staircase) and slightly pale?

Yesterday at Dr office BP 206/101. New try Clonidine. This morning BP 116/43, irreg. heart beat. Dizzy, fainted, Chest pain. What is going on?

1 week post tia. I have SVT and afib. If I do any activity even for a short time my head starts pounding and my chest hurts. What's wrong with me?

1 yr ago i had SVT episode, my pulse went to 195. I went to ER & they just discharged me bc it went back 2 norm. Now on beta blockersfor wpw. Ok?

120kg walking hard to lose weight + not getting tired + having heart skipping ,walking like 2 hours fast with a lot of up hills Im I over exercising ?

13 month old daughter was crying and shakey. I gave her a cookie and it all stopped 10 minutes later. Could it be hypoglycemia and should I test @ home?

13.5 wks preg. Walked 4km's afterwards felt little cramps, was short of breath entire time & dizzy kept going. Does increased heart rate cause m/c?

135 pulse rate, 98 spo2, 103.8 temperature, 3yr old female, breath sounds clear, no SOB, should I take her to urgent care? Concerned about EN-D68

14 wks pregnant blood work ok . Echocardiogram ok. Been having fainting spells but not faint with a HR after of 150 in morning hours.kinda scary!

15 year old brother today has very high blood pressure 150 or 160 in the morning, and fast hear beat, what is the cause? He slept and it has gone

165 beats per minute just standing up, heart goes fast then slow back and forth constantly with dizziness/palps. Clogged arteries possible at age 23?

165lb 16 yo. Squatted 200 today (3 x 5) Now I am home and I can't seem to catch breath + ab tightness. No heart probs (checked). Ruptured aorta?

16yr son non- athlete son felt dizzy heaviness in chest walking up hill went to hospital heartrate 35 on EKG rthm ok no drugs. Worrisome?

17 female, 52kg, bp- 95/67 pulse-71 sugar-4.6 hour and half after fainted whilst having blood test. Always dizzy or light headed. Is this normal?

17 y/o athlete female.resting HR around 65-75,walking up stairs HR 115-120.sometimes resting HR in 90's,pounding,pulsating,walking stairs up 130-145?

170 heart rate while running to high? I am 26 years old. I turn 27 in one month. I just started running. Iam out of shape too.

174-180 give or take heart beats per minute for 18 year old male after jogging 25 mins? Normal?

17yo girl. What to expect at cardiologist referral appt due to long QTc interval? I have chest pain and fainted suddenly last week.

18 athlete.walk up a flight of stairs and HR goes to 140's and I feel heart pounding. Sit down and sharp drop to 55bpm. Goes to 75 min or so after?

18 weeks pregnant get dizzy after walking 30 mins on treadmill. Have low Bp running around 90/54. Chest pain on occasion. What would this be?

18wks prg SOB, tummy pains tired and dizzy, bloods and chest X-ray all normal query PE discharged from hospital yesterday. What else could it be?

19 y/o female, generally healthy, not very active (not overweight though). Been anxious about my heart lately, as my resting heart rate feels slow/I feel tired often. Resting BPM is usually around 55-60. It'll go up with exercise, but I'm worried?

19 yr son working in woods for americorp. In OR.Loss sensation left foot for 2 mo no pain. Last wo dizzy & vertigo heart rate 40bpm. Mom in MA, wht do?

2 yo lips turned blue 2x. Once when tickling. Once holding upside down and windpipe got blocked 10 sec. Back to normal rt away. Has 3 innocent murmurs. Ekg/echo normal. Been to peds cardio 2x. Worry?

2 yrs I get ltheaded and winded if I sit up for more than a few min. I lost 60 lbs lst yr. My bp isnt the same in my arms. CRP is elv Carotid u/s neg.

20 wks pregnant twins,7 mins walk heart beat goes 180+,chest xray,ecg blood tests fine,dr say just pregnancy causing this,should I be concerned?

20-year-old brother fainted suddenly yesterday. Otherwise healthy, felt fine before & right after. Bp, sugar and EKG fine in er. What can be cause?

21 male athlete.Measure 179.5cm in mornings and 177cm In evenings after running. Why does this happen why do I get short in the evening after running?

21.F. Overweight. 68 resting b.chest pain and skipped heartbeats occurring often. Called doc appt tom. Still uneasy, all work ups clear echo included.

22y male. Heart rate when lying 55, standing up, hr goes to 120, within 3min normal again. Chest pressure and dizy when I stand up, worse with heat?

22yo. Intermittent random chest squeezing more then 20x a day lasting \u0026lt;15sec. Most in evening and when standing. Ekg rest/stress Both good. 6months ago holter was fine to? Gp says it's ok?

23M. threadmill stress test, reached only upto stage 3 of it, coz my usual sympt (hardbreathe,palps,almost passout) came. results=OK.still feel bad.

23y/of. Feel pressure in chest&neck when standing&heart beat in neckforfewsec w/lightheadd&dizzy since i cn remember.No htn or cardiac hx:is it normal?

23yo female sats at hosp were 98% but my pulse was 130 BP was normal have very bad aniexty anyway. Now i am worried?

26 wks pregnant. Had palpitations+sweating over 6 hrs. Came to hospital. Ecg normal. Possibly dehydrated but heartrate 110-119bpm. Can it harm my bub?

27 F uk why do I experience ectopic heartbeats when I laugh thanks?

27 y/o, normal blood test & EKG 1/2 yr ago. Returning chest pain, hr 67 bpm, blood pressure good, palps now very frequent every night past 2 wks. ?

28 female, in april 2013-now I have went from 150lbs down to 128lbs and my boobs went from a 32b to a 36c now about to be a d cup, what is going on?

28.Waking up mid night for weeks with a racing heart but nothing over 100.No other sym.Recently had all norm heart tests. Should I have this checked?

28/f, possible heart attack? I've been having palpitations and intermittent rapid heart rate (150-160 resting bpm, lasting 1-3 hours) for a couple of months. Last week as i was getting dressed i suddenly felt dizzy and nauseated, and felt a weight on my s

28f resting heart rate 117 EKG norm shortness of breath not happening during exercise it happens while resting dizzy feeling?

28yo F, dx May-thurner syn, tachycardia.Chest pains for past 2 hrs, pain now in jaw. Breathing fine, HR 119 resting.What should I do? Emergency?

29 weeks preg. Feeling dizzy and weak recently. I have a home BP monitor and it read 110/62 yesterday and 107/67 today. Is this considered low?

295lbs. 30yo. I exercise. Mild anxiety. Slight high blood press: its never happnd b4 but today my heart skippd when i exrcisd. Shud I be worried?

29yr male. LeftArm tightness with sweat after walking more time than regular(for over 3hrs).Normal ecg,electrocardio,t/millTest month ago.Bit worried?

2x in July & 1 in aug. I was laying on my back for bedtime. Then begin to rock side to side.lasted like 10 seconds.cbc glucose 100.(normal 99) so why?

2yr old went to ER vomiting 102temp &headaches dr said its the flu heartrate reached 155. home now &Breathing is very fast&heavy should I be worried?

3 days ago I went to ER bec. chest pain and a little Bradychard.EKG,enzimes and Echo ok.Since yesterday tachychardia (at rest 104-115).What could be?

3 wks ago I had a pacemaker change,1 lead to a 2 lead one. My HR is going above 100 and when it does go below it is still in the 90s this is 4 a wknow?

30w pregnant and just getting up walking to the kitchen to make a sandwich my heart rate jumps to 150bpm and I feel short of breath. Normal preg?

30y female having frequent episodes of lightheaded & near syncopal episodes. Had tilt table test and hr went from 70-130 with nitro. What's this mean?

31 y/o. 6'6". 230. Pretty active. Is 9 minute mile running time a decent time for health observation. HR 170-180bpm. 50 BPM drop after 2 mins stopping?

31 yo male, 6'2, 168 lbs. Can feel my heartbeat in my abdomen when laying down before bed or especially after exercise. Relatively normal?

31y male. I have some extrasystoles and chest pain+"jolts" when lying in bed trying to sleep, worse in supine. Ekg, echo, holter normal. What can it be?

31yr old female. Went to ER with ALL heart attack symptoms. HR 144 BP 136/83. arms lost circulation, turned blue. Tests normal. discharged within 3hrs?

32 yr old fit female, got air bubble feeling in chest when running this morning, rising up windpipe, thought i'd faint but didn't. Burping a bit since?

32/yo.M 318lbs. been exrcsing/eating rite for 2wks now. I know Im outta shape bt I feel my heart pound hard when I do cardio after only 5-10min. I take atenolol 50mg of atenolol @ morn & workout @ nite. not sure if its wearing off or palps r serious?

32yo, restinghr=60. Recently started biking 2 lose 60lbs. Had night of bad sleep, upper body aches & panic, and now rhr is 45. Scared of heart attack!?

34 M echo stress fine normal cholesterol non smoker. When I climb stairs or any activity, heartbeat increase quickly . Short of breath. What can it be?

34 male, EKG, echo stress fine. out of shape. Throat burn after walking. Is walking enough cardio at my age? Can I start by walking for 30 min/day?

34 yo f. Quit smking after 22 yrs. During cardio exercise BPM gets to 160& ifeel like heart is beat out of my chest.How do I know what's healthy bpm?

34 yo female, fit and active. No medical history to speak of. Sudden nausea hit with rapid heart rate while in car today. Lasted for 1 hr. Anxiety?

35 weeks pregnant and I have pots. Heartrate keeps going fast randomlyit makes me cough. And when sitting BP and pulse fluctuates quite a bit. This ok?

35 y/o f. Carrying 40lbs up stairs felt like heart was being squeezed. Better when I stopped. Just too much? Clear echo 2 yrs ago.

35/36 wks, Last wk had bad contractions 35 in 3 hrs., Sat. dilated 1cm. Wed. loss mucus plug. back/pelvic/hip pain & disabled vet w/120-heart rate.

37 years male, awfully tired, struggling to get off bed, trouble breathing feeling not getting enough air, low heart rate, leg pains. Blood clots?

37wks preg.Routine Ob appt my HR140bpm bubs HR170-190. EKG normal. Echo showed fluid pocket near heart n sme swellin. No Rx jus re-echo 2wks. Bad?Bub?

39 yo fem. High BP climbing 145/116 highest. Heart rate last night woke me was 125. Waking with left side of head, arm numb. Tight chest. Ideas? Go

4 year old complains oh his "heart hurting" and it is "racing". It lasts for approx 5 min or less & 2x in 24 hrs. Should I have him checked?

40% EF, 115/65 BP, 57 YRS, is it okay to brisk walk 40 mins daily ?

41 yr man with BP standing 157/95, sitting 135/85. I run all the time, work out. Doc said less salt and lose wt. What's the cause, what else to do?

43yo m I don't know what to do BP 137/87 hr85 same chest and shoulder pain over a year just bit very scare and panicky tonight any help?

45 y.O f 2 spells fluttering in chest 1 day after long plane ride (australia). Exam was nl?

45, perimenopause, taking zestorectic (10/12.5mg). 5-7 mile walk/run 5 times a week.Ldl=42.Developed palpitations only when sitting. Zestorectic? Peri?

48 yrs old. Max heart rate on slow (65 mins) 5 mile run =230. Average HR =182. Training watch says 0% of run is at appropriate rate for my age. OK?

50 y/o woman. I recently started running. Is it dangerous for me to run and elevate my heart rate over 143 BPM for extended periods?

55 yr M. Confused about 10000 steps a day for fitness /weight loss. I avg 120 steps a minute. Should I pick up the pace ?

58yo F BMI 36.8 get tight painful head & panic feeling shortly after begin exercise: help? Heart/Lung Doc gave all clear. Heart rate monitor useful?

59 going on 60 soon wf treadmill 25 minutes. Heart rate 128 didn't decrease for15 minutes. Out of shape? Or something else. Thx

5days old and bilirubin at16.8 is this bad?

63 yr old male with cad, cardiomyapaty and lvd. When i work out at gym my heart rate never goes over 90. Stationary bike mostly. 30 to 45 min.

64 years old have a-fib and flutter. My ef is 25%.Do not smoke or drink. Walk four miles three times a week. Will my ef increase over time?

65 year old male.Pulse rate always 55 to 58 even at rest.otherwise healthy person.walks 3 to 4 miles a it normal?possible reasons?

68 yr old runs 2 miles a day. Is it normal to have a pulse of 45 after waking in the AM?

8 yr old sister complained of heart flutter as we were walking. I sat and talked. Pulse was normal. She said she has them very rarely. Normal?

A few times a month, my heart suddenly starts pounding while I'm lying in bed. It usually lasts two hours or so. What causes this?

A few weeks ago my heart rate was always above 80(rest) 100(standing),now its below 60(rest) and just 70-80(standing).Im scared,what could be wrong?

A fit person's heart rate comes back quickly why ?

Abdominal Pain, loose stool, nausea laying on the couch my heart rate is 125, BP is 125/93, waiting for doctor to call me back. temp 99.9 can't sleep

Ablation 4 wks ago, MRI normal EF 70% started back w/pvcs again. On metropolol 25 a day. What else for treatment?

After 10 jumping jacks my heart rate jumps from 90 to 125. Could this mean something is wrong?

After 3 years of running my hr gets up to 200bpm while running the same as when i started. I had a normal echo and holter monitor. Resting hr is 40.

After a 30 min fast walk how long does or should it take to bring your heart to a resting rate. How many mins?

After a 30min run when i just stopped running i get like 3 heartskips in a 2minute span. I have had all tests by cardiologist. All fine. Why is this?

After a round of golf I have a lot of pain in my acchillys tendon and lower leg. My heart pulse rate is 40 beats a minute. Can this be the problem. ?

After being in cold weather (-1c) when i i walked in a heated room my heart rate dropped dramaticaly, i was blurry, dizzy for 1 minute more or less?

After doing the cooldown of exercise, I am stuck at 110 - 115bpm for at least another 20 minutes before it drops to below 100. Heart Disease?

After eat my food any time when I was sit on the chair in my head like heart beat increase in my head for 10 minutes and i have no other problems?