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3 weeks my voice has become more enhance in my ears., left ear makes my voice go in and out. Chewing gum seems to pop it. However, the loud noises of voice remains in ears. I have avoided social interactions because i focus on loud voice sound.

I am getting adrenaline rushes all day long from phone ringing, exciting tv, raised voices, strong language etc. Scared my heart is damaged by this.

12 yr old girl has heard a "big noise in her head like a boom" in class each of the last two days.She looks around and nobody else has heard. A?

2 diferent e.N.T dr. Told me my hearing is perfect after seeing my audiometry & tympanomatry report but i feel problem listening with background noice?

2 different ENT dr. Told me that my hearing is normal after seeing my audiometry, umpnomtry report but i fell dificulty listen with back ground noice

2 years old child respond to only high noise(hitting hard on door, high volume music), he is not responding to normal/low noises talking and ringtone?

26 weeks pregnant is going to shows/concerts okay? Didnt feel fetal movement during the concert only after the music was over.

2x this week I have been awoken in the morning by a loud door slamming type noise but it's in my head no one else hears it. Is this a dream or physica?

4 y/o child with noise bleeding withou any hurt?

4 year old recovering from cold can hear clearly if whispered in ear or when I speak in normal tone but not when I whisper sit infront of him,no fever?

7yr old says he doesn't hear me or dad until we are yelling, i could there be a hearing problem or is he so engrossed that he just tunes out?

8 week old does not turn to sound but startles with loud noise.His startle reflex is still strong and doesnt follow hands with eye should i worry?

A 3ft balloon just popped near me how loud are they in decibels and will i suffer hearing damage from that?

A fire cracker went off inside during a play. 3rd row back. Very loud but did not notice ringing or issues at the time. Any permanent hearing damage?

A mouse was killed in a trap in my home i heard it and now i can't stop crying. I can't sleep cause all i hear is the mouse. Why am i like this?

A stressful event resulted in a noise (running engine) in my right ear. (3wks) Weber test.Only heard in right ear. Though my hearing seems gd?

Accidentally focusing on background noise, sensitivity to sound, even played clinking together hurt my ears, also noticeable not major hearing loss?

After a nap or night's rest a high hissing sizzing sound in my head like a tv station in between programs, drives me crazy, do I need a CT scan ?

After workout I sometimes experience clogging in my ear..what should I do? Should I concern for a pass out?

Am I likely to suffer hearing loss if something in another part of the house is making loud noises? It's not close to me, but I know it's pretty loud.

And getting sensitive to sound. Worse at ballgames, with shrill noise, running water. So what should I do?

Are 60 year old people who went to occasional rock concerts at higher risk for hearing loss than those who did not?

Are there better microphones in some hearing aids than others. I wear rexton and hear myself very different. It sounds sharp and echos. Thanks?

As a medical student where i put my stethoscope that i cleary hear respiratory sound? Front or back/ area?

Being a cold room (wine cellar around 53F/12C) pain in both ears when talking or humming (moving vocal cords) what could cause it?

Besides a hearing problem, what would be a reason for a 7mo not to coo or babble? She passed the newborn screening & turns to noises but is not vocal.

Biggest problem is my hearing is terribly distorted. On the phone voices sound exactly like the chipmunks in the xmas song. I use nasonex (mometasone) and astepro?

Can a 17 weeks old baby hears noises outside the belly? Like if i or my partner talks to him? If not how old will he starts hearing? Thanks

Can a high pitched sound like scream (editing for a broadway play) in headphones cause hearing loss? Its uncomfortable, is it permanent?

Can a person hear sounds around them if they are in a coma?

Can a toddler perforate eardrum from brother screaming loud into it? He didn't bleed or cry. He also has tubes in his ear. Just worried it was loud.

Can a white noise maker help me get better sleep?

Can hearing aids cause frequency loss if not properly adjusted? I have distored/buzz sound when I raise my voice/laugh and my dr can't seem to fix it

Can i get brain cancer if i played my headphones to loud?

Can i go deaf if i refuse to wear the earplugs for an mri?

Can loud noise/rock concert/movies hurt unborn baby in any way? Pregnant on 3rd trimester.

Can loud noises hurt my unborn baby?

Can loudest volume on cell phone, playing music not too close to the belly, damage a 24w fetus' s hearing? How much is too much? Also use hairdryer.

Can my fetus hear my voice and the music i play at 16 weeks pregnant? Thanks

Can short exposure to loud music harm a 33wk fetus hearing? at husband xmas party. Music very loud & bass vibrating.10min exposure before left.

Can the sounof a food processor startle a 28w fetus or damage her hearing? I just used one twice for less than a minute and my girl started bouncing.

Can there be any door bells on the market with a louder db that would assist a person who is partially deaf?

Can tinnitus get worse? Mine was diagnosed as loud noise induced. After waking up from the sound of a loud dust vacuum it seems to get much louder now

Can ultra sounds (high frequency noises over 2000hz) damage our ear in any way? Since we can`t detect them at all.Same goes for infrasounds, below20hz

Can wearing headphones on belly harm baby's hearing development at 18 weeks? The sound was fairly loud but i wore the earphones for less than 10 min.

Can you get tinnitus while on Accutane treatment by going to bars/clubs with loud music? or increase the risk of it?

Can you use headphones if you have tinnitus and will headphones make it worse? And is it bad if your ears hurt when you use them ?

Could a tinnitus that i'm just getting from a cold be permanent or get worse if i listen to loud stuff like movie theaters or maybe a a loud tv?

Could an ant enter the ear and make damage in the ear (or the brain) or it is only a myth? thnx for answering

Could i go to the club with earplugs or this would be a risk for my tinnitus to get worse?

Could I have gotten hearing loss from being a waitress in a bar with loud bands?

Could inflammation in neck make tinnitus 24/24?

Could the bad state of my teeth & gums cause music playing in my ears, same song on Hammond Organ over & over & over! HELP!

Couldn't get an ENT to tell me if drumming with heavy duty ear muffs on was bad for my tinnitus. Bad? Okay? Quit altogether? Thoughts appreciated.

Crackling noise in ears, when blinking/swallowing. Now noise, like music on radio or drums make me dizzy & nauseous. Related? How to avoid that?

Diagnose of the person who: has personality changes, hear noises coordinated with his movements, feel people shadows in his room and hear voices.

Did I permanently damage my hearing from going to one loud concert?

Did the valsalva. one of my ears whistle when i talk or other people talk louder than normal conversation. also have earwax in the?

Do all the women make loud noises during lovemaking?

Do headphones hurt your hearing? Which type would be better? Thanks

Do I have tinnitus? Often I get a noise in my ears, but it is a low "wa wa" sound that reverberates when other people talk,not a high pitched ringing.

Do white noise machines affect your hearing if you use them nightly for decades?

Docs can you explain, is it weird that i hate loud typing and chewing?

Does a very loud (loud enough to be heard by the person next to you) crackling sound (rales) in the lung on inhale and exhale warrant an er visit?

Does any sound heard within our body called tinnitus? What's a safe tinnitus level? If ignored (like all suggestion) and noise control, will it be OK?

Does someone with autism commonly get over loud noise?

Does this white noise work better than the humming of my fan?

During my hearing test, every time I closed my eyes, I'd hear music loud enough to completely block the tones I was supposed to identify. Why is this?

Ears were exposed to very loud sound by my strong headphones and I had pain and reduction of hearing but I feel better now, do I still need to go Dr?

Feel heart beat/pulse in right ear while or after using headphones it's annoying anyway to prevent this so I can use headphones at the same times ?

Feel like phone is ringing in my pocket but their isn't a phone on me. What is that ?

Fire alarms (obvioisly over recommended decibels for brief exposure for baby) went off in hotel for nearly 10 minutes. It was very very very loud! Could my 5 mo old have experienced hearing damage? So scared.

For ten years now after i accidently ruptured my left ear drum , my ear acts like a blown speaker with high tone noises and loud base. ?

Got a doppler. Cuz i believe i'm pregnant! range from 142 to 158 could this b a baby or blood flow. Heartbeat is by a loud wind noise. My heart 110?

Grandpa has an icd+pacemaker. Is it safe to wear big headphones to listen to music? I am concerned about the magnets in the headphones... Thank you!

Gun discharged now ear sound static like on tv. How long does this last?

Had hearing test and can't hear very high frequency,what does it mean as can hear people alright?

Have a ringing i my ears painfull sometimes its in differents notes like a modem have been druiling no joke?

Have I burst my ear drum? Had headphones on, and brother cranked the volume up for fun.

Have you ever heard of exploding head syndrome?

Having a tough time dealing with tinnitus its hard to think constant hissing in ears i don't know who to talk to im at my wits end very depressed

Hear noises in both ears, car reversing noise continues after you take car out of reverse why? Had fall in december. Noeline.

Hear sloshing in my head. Is there a fatal disease that teens get?

Hearing loss when bend over and sounds like broken speakers. Have had 14 tube sets & bones replaced hearing always bad always have infections...?

Hearing problem, 6 yr old. My 6 year old is always complaining he can't hear. He blares the tv, ect. He has in the past, passed more than one hearing test (he's done the ones where they make the toys in the room make noise and he turns to them, ect) he ha

Hearing sometimes sounds robotic like the movie wall-e. There's no pain. I do have allergies and swimmers ear but don't listen to loud music?

Hearing voices and seeing faces before falling asleep. Does this mean anything?

Hello Doctor! I have a question about my ear. Ever since I was a kid, around 8 years old, I've always played around with my ears. Always bending them in certain specific folds (I have really flexible ears) that just feel good, I don't know why I do it but

Hello, im Ike. My body itches severely when I use much energy or when I'm exposed to noise or when I laugh or when I hear sounds of laughter.

Hi i'm always getting told i'm shouting when I think i'm talking normally could it be my hearing ?

Hi, I drink water before sitting down and after that i felt really loud noises twice, so are these normal and does baby get affected by these noises or not?

Hi, I was recently working in a factory with industrial magnets, and under a lot of stress. I heard my shunt make clicking noises and felt pulling around the scars. I also became nauseous, irritable, uncoordinated and have frequent headaches. Advice?

Hi, my right ear hurts me and makes internal buzz when i hear loud sound whether musics or voices or even my own voice if i speak loudly, any medicine?

Hi. I am 31 yeras old. Last night my wife was playing with my erected penis like a car stick shift and then I heard a loud click sound from the base o?

Hi. I was reading something when i heard the smoke alarm & above my ear , it was aching a bit. It went away but I'm always anxious when I hear it. Is it only anxiety?

High frequency whistling in both ears all the time especially when it 's quiet going on for months what is it ? It is like electonic devices are on

Horrible nightmares, seeing and hearing things. What could it be?

How can I ignore it and stay sane constant tinnitus, it's making me deaf?

How can I keep peace at home when loud noises are hurting me?

How can I stop constantly having imaginary conversations in my head?