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100/70 is normal BP or low .i feel giddyness ?

13 yr old son, still feeling light headed, after 5-6 days. What could be causing this? BP and pulse fine. Eats well. 110lbs, 5ft, 8inches.

14 yr old son having dizzy spells, fatigue, pulse of 50, low blood pressure. Chronic red hands which when squeezed take about 8 seconds to go normal ?

15 yo son has been feeling nausea, tired alot, fatigued and off and on chest discomfort. When at rest his HR on pulse oximeter has been as low as 50?

162/102 bp 22 yo female with SLE . just shaky and tired is this something to be worried about?

2 days this week after high intensity exercise I have been feeling dizzy...Just took my BP 137/98. ?

2 weeks postpartum on labetalol for high blood pressure. Having blurry vision and ears sound like everything is under water. What is happening?

22 weeks pregnant, drop in blood pressure, dizzy, sick feeling, how normal is this, anything to worry about, more typical when having a boy ?

26/f. After exercise felt jittery, light headed, and pins and needles in hands. Ate something and felt better. Just low blood sugar or something else?

30yrs numbed in arms and legs, head pressure dizzy tired forgetful collapsed 4 times this week. BP perfect.Symptoms over1yr now What else can this be?

36yr old male with 2episodes of feeling dizzy while standing. No nausea or collapse. Normally fit and well. Normal pulse and blood pressure. Cause?

37 weeks pregnant sometimes when i wake up feeling too hot or something I have shaky vision? Is this normal? I usually don't have high bp. Possiblitys?

3weeks pp csection delivery; I'm lightheaded, dizzy & often times feel like I'm on the verge of fainting, bad balance. Why & should I be concerned?

47 year old female blood preasure 129 over 83 light headed just bad feeling just feel like puking would help 3rd day of this

5 days after period starts i always get dizzy and my blood pressure goes down to 110/57 then up to 134/83 in minutes and i feel faint and anxious why?

51 year old female stuffy nose and dizzy all the time.allergy medicine not tired all the time.blood work normal.blood sugar normal BP good.

80 yr old father has empty feeling in head, can't sit still, gets angry very fast he has high blood pressure and diabetic

85 yr, history of high blood pressure, has morning sinking spells, low BP , faints, lethargic, weak, BP goes up by noon, ran tests, nothing major?

After I drank last night today I feel hot in the face but my blood pressure is good?

Ammonia like smell when taking deep breath, and lightheadedness (without spinning) it happens when im not moving. Blood pressure normal. What is it?

B/p is 189/111, fatigued and generally lethargic. Can feel my heart beating while sitting still, ears ringing. Can it all be from elevated b/p?

Bad allergies 2 days. slightly blurred vision moments thats its slighty harder to breath..went outside for abit and blood pressure feels higher bpm100?

Been feeling light headed with headache & low bp every mornings for last few days don't know why. I have breakfast but still feel like my bp low.

Been feeling really dizzy lately only at certain times of the day though not all the time my blood pressure and pulse is fine?

Been having bad headaches not feeling well tired cant sleep and dizzy along with anixiety and no energy blood work 2 months ago insulin 2 points high?

Been having fluctuating BP last 4-5 days verry stressted its ok when im in bed but get up it goes high nausea headache and panic dizzy episodes anxiet?

Blood pressure 160 over 103. Feeling weak. Sometimes dizzy. What should I do?

Blood pressure 98 over 50 dissy and couldn't stay awake?

Blood pressure decreased to 65/54 after exercise. felt very lightheaded. Causes? I'm an athlete

Blood pressure is very low 110/76. Could that be causing the hangover feeling i get in the morning and sometime during the day?

Border line with high blood pressure but question is have been clammy feeling for bout three days feeling drained no energy?

Bout 1time a week my BP will drop to 80/30 a few times makes me feel fait did EKG blood ultra sound of heart all ok what would cause this please help?

Bp is189/102 Pulse is 101 Headache Feeling somewhat fuzzy ?

Bp isusually norm. Went to dr 4 headache& dizzy. Bp was 150/100,&been that ever since. When lying down it's 135/86. Dizzy when sitting. What iswrong?

Bp usually on the high side-during pregnancy it drops as is normal. This pregnancy it dropping suddenly and a lot..To 95/54 and i feel dizzy. Too low?

Bp109/60 very low for me. Hr88..Dizzy, weak, headache, don't feel like self. What could be wrong?

Can 4mm chiari cause symptoms?my neurologist thinks no . I'm upset bc I feel it causing a lot of symptoms.heart rate,bp drop,headache,dizzy,weak.

Can a BP of 90/61 make me dizzy at times?

Can an aneurysm develop in seconds or minutes with EXTREME BP? Or get weak of some kind without pain?

Can anxiety cause pressure in head? I'm a constant worrier/hypochondriac. Ecg normal, d dimer normal, normal bp. Dizzy spells... Worried... Brain?

Can blood pressure 140/90 give you head rushes and make you sweet or what are some of the feelings it will cause?

Can blue tansy oil 5% dilution rate make one feel dizzy, nauseous, lightheaded and all round weird?

Can dehydration cause you to feel faint after you ate too fast & to feel lightheaded? How about if your low on a nutrition?

Can episodes if low blood pressure feel like a head rush and dizzy? Normally have low pressure, at times get head rush/dizzy. Scans of head are normal

Can feel and hear my pulse in my head for the first 10-15 seconds when I stand up. I do not have high blood pressure. What may be causing this?

Can havin a little. It of fluid around the heart make you feel as if there is pressure?

Can low blood pressure make it feel like its hard to breathe?

Can my allergies mKe me feel dizzy off balance feeling? Blood pressure normal and no medical problems. Very worried been this way for wks

Can psychological stress and/or high blood pressure make someone feel dizzy and also feel faatigued?

Can quitting smoke cause high blood pressure. Have been having bloody noses and feeling tired weak and nauseous. Slept through one all nightredphlem?

Cpap. Apneas low at pressure 11. Feel like I want it turned up. Why would I feel relaxed by machine & want more pressure? Daytime fatigue persists.

Daily temperature rising to 99.5-99.9. Fatigue, dizzy, fast pulse. All conditions disappear when i lay down. Bp is fine. Possible cause?

Dcm is controlled by bi vent & meds. Ef was normal. Still have days where I am light headed & dizzy. Have overwhelming feeling something isn't right?

Dizzy and feel like i'm walking on "air". Just got off a plane and had some fruits to eat. Is this low blood?

Dizzy when I stand.dizzy, floaty head now and again.27 blood pressure fine,eyes fine.

Dizzy, shake, & little bit nauseous when move around. Not pregnant. Not on BP med. Bp is ok. What could be wrong?

Dizzy, tired, pulse 117, BP 80/53 (was 150/90 2wks ago, not on meds). What's causing BP fluctuation? How can I get BP back to normal & feel better?

Do we feel fear in high blood pressure or also in anxiety i don't know I have anxiety or high BP i feel uneasy everytime?

Doctor said he believes why my blood pressure is high is cause of stress. Why would the sides of my head have a numb feeling coming and going though?

Does having a hot face and ears mean high BP or something else like anxiety?

Does high blood pressure cause headache? It's more like throbbing. It's cause & cold flashes that make me throw ?

Dr had me stop bystolic (nebivolol) b/c i dieted and lost 50 lbs. My BP is fine now but i still get headrushes/see white/dizzy when i stand up. Maybe inner ear?

EKG normal. Strenuous yardwork 6days ago, and now very weak, easily agitated, anxious, vertigo, bulgy eye feeling and BP/HR spike if I even stand. ?

Every month the week im due to start my period I have these spells of shaky, nausea, dizzy, and panicky moments, my BP shoots up high and then im fine?

Every time I run I feel ill a couple of hours later. Headache, no energy. Have to go to bed. Not on any meds. Have 'normal' low bp.?

Every time I stand up my head throbs and there is lots of pressure. I also feel lightheaded and dizzy. I have had a past of migraines and had a normal mri as recently as 4 months ago. I am not over weight. I weight 123lbs and am 5'2". My recent blood pres

Everytime i feel warm temperature, my blood pressure starts to elevate?

Extremely lightheaded, feel like I'm gonna faint. BP 104/72, hr122, blood sugar 131. No exertion,walking in store. Causes? What to do?

Extremely sleepy feeling and then had hardly the energy to walk. Ears burning sensation. Have abnormal blood sugar. Pulse 47 & BP good?

Eyes are red and itchy on the corners.Green Stool. Notty Stomach. feels like High BP. Rapid pulse when exerting. Occ. Palpatations.

Faint feeling in chest, as if I was scared or when a drop in blood sugar occurs, happening in the night. Seemingly healthy 23/m , any comments?thanks.

Fainted at dinner table after spinning sensation and felt tingling finger tips after. Blood sugar or blood pressure? Never fainted before. Pregnant?

Feel dizzy, weak after taking celebrax and methylcobal. Has BP 119/40. Can these med cause low blood pressure?

Feel pressure in head for a few days. When I take something from the floor, feel blood is going up to brain. Am I just tired? What is that?

Feel very tired, lightheaded when standing. Not enough energy to get through day. Erratic BP. What is wrong?

Feeling a lot of pressure and i'm 17 weeks, is that normal or what could it mean? Help please!

Feeling dizzy and nausea and 1st bp was 140/87. 2nd bp back to normal 106/60. But I'm still feeling the symptoms even lying down. Should I be worried?

Feeling dizzy, weak, achy, on and off tunnel vision. On and off hat flashes, blood pressure is 144/98. I have had a cold, sinus congestion for several weeks now. On amoxicilian for that

Feeling dizzy/dazed after taking prenatals is it normal I have high blood pressure and have had it all my life but today it was very high 157/91 ?

Feeling lightheaded and some palpitations upon standing. BP is 114/72. Last day of period. Is this just my pots acting up? Exhaustion make it worse?

Feeling nauseous when high on weed. What should I do?

Feeling unwell like hungover & bed bound with extreme pain for 2 weeks, went for blood tests tue, did BP in gp which was 138/72 109bpm is this high?

Florinef (fludrocortisone) for pots 50mcg felt a lot better now .1mg feel dizzy and sick. Will these side effects go? Potassium is fine weekly blood test. Ughh!

For the last 2 morning when I wake i find that the room is spinning around.Could this amount to blood pressure,?

For the last 6 month I've been feeling weak dizzy and i want to sleep all time I've also been coughin blood. Whats wrong with me?

Gastric sleeve 10/21. Sometimes i get these weird lightheaded spells where it feels like my head is floating. Bs, bp, and temp are fine. Help me!

Get 'attacks' where head pressure, balance goes out, pupils dilate, frequent urination and feel jittery any ideas? tests only showed high iga/hba1ic

Getting extremely tired.EKG fine,pulse blood pressure all fine.Have had anxiety but not before tiredness starts.Can last hours, can wake with it,why?

Given IV saline fluids, but everytime BP checked it was low. Did feel better on iv. Once taken off symp. Of weakness, dizzy, shaky returned. Why?

Got dysautonomia and makes me light headed daily, bp and hr is perect. I drink 1.5 pints of alcohol 5% and the light headedness disappears completely?

Got extremely dizzy couldn't hardly walk, broke out sweating and heart racing. Blood pressure 158/91?

Had bloody nose earlier, felt anxious and heart feels fast all day. Checked blood pressure 125/79. What could be wrong?

Have a feeling like blood is rushing down my legs so irritating blood work good and raised heartbeat. No fever , 5-11 155 lbs, what can be cause?

Have been light headed, dizzy feeling, faint but not passing out for last several days more frequent today is this a stroke? Female, 63, high blood pressure, diet controlled diabetes, hinayana hernia symptoms

Have blood pressure problems my blood pressure was 149/107 heart rate 101 I am dizzy weak and head pounding. Came home took my BP meds still feel bad?

Have connective tissue disease. At start of flare, wake up feeling spacy, lightheaded, increased hr. Lightheaded lasts until prednisone is given. ?

Have had a headache on/off since yesterday and today blood pressure of around 156/74. Feel weak and tired. No history hypertension, what could it be?

Have high blood pressure, on amlodipine and levothyroxine. Feeling chest pain/congestion around heart especiallly when stressed. Best way2 calm down?

Have postural orthostatic tachycardia when i stand up my BP goes up a tiny bit but i still go light headed a few seconds? How if my BP didn't drop?

Have spells of lightheadedness, weakness, adrenaline type rush, feeling hot, fuzzy in head after eatingBlood sugar ok. Ideas? Pressure on vagus nerve?