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I've noticed the last couple days I've had a really fast pulse in my neck on the right side but my pulse in my chest is slower. What could this Mean?

1-2 times per day i feel a pressure in top of chest like base of neck i check my heart beat with finger and inspiring beat fast and regular when expir?

17 yrs.athlete.pounding sensation in my neck and body exercising.try to block it out but feel it rly bad when high,visible heartbeat on chest.

19, female. Anxiety and depression. From panicking I can feel one hard pump of the heart through my neck, head, and stomach. It kinda hurts. High bp?

2 days ago i started feeling a pronounced circulatory blood movement in my right leg, it goes with my pulse and with a unique vibration. ?

20 yrs old male, i have chest congestion on my left side, and feel a little lightheaded and always tired. my heart rate is 72bpm ?

21 m.felt pulsation around umblicus.cant feel apex beat.beating pulse in the fifth ICS near chest pain.nose running whole yr.Pls advice me.

22 male. Been having anxiety for weeks over heart but since yesterday had a feeling of pressure top of my head and ringing in my ear?

24yo ectomorph, I can feel my heartbeat in my head, eyes, and stomach (if I put something on my belly it follows my pulse), & I have tinnitus. ?

26 y.o.mild mitral.v.p. Last days i feel some bounding pulses/muscle twiches(cant tell the difference) in right front neck.lasts few secs.4-7times/day?

31 male Pain in my left chest above my nipple. When I move only feels like a pinched nerve it squeezing? Also what does pi in oximeter stand for ? Is it the strength of the pulse ? It was 12.2 and I can't feel the pounding heat beat feeling in chest

31m Tension headaches migraines for 3 months. Clicking /ticking feeling and noise when my heart beat / pulse is going fast. Lump feeling in throat / tightness. Shallow breathing weak pulse feeling

36 f. I notice when i bend my head down, or turn it sharp , i hear the blood in my jugular or neck get real loud high pitched squishing fast, normal?

36 yo female slightly overweight, anxiety, bp borderline- is it normal to hear pulse loud in each ear when that ear is pressed on pillow laying down?

80 bpm at rest, frequent big "thump" feeling in chest when laying down. 30 weeks pregnant. What is this ?

A hard heart beat in my stomach I can see & hear, it gives me head aches + my anxiety makes me anxious I get nervous & puke="It's all in my head"?!?!?

At random moments i can feel my heart beating in my chest and i feel light headed and weak, but it disappears within minutes. What is it?

At times when laying down half asleep feel like my heart is fluttering.very odd sensation. my BP has also been increasing lately...related?

Been having a weird feeling past 8 months where my pulse / heart beat weaker in strength daily.I workout I don't feel pounding heart beat feeling. Lump in throat feeling nonstop . If no tumor in throat what can it be? Seen every kind of doc? Cancer?

Blurred vision can't focus, dizzy, nausea, heart feels like fluttering ear and jaw pain right side, blood work good cardio test good but slow heart beat?

Bp 157/97 been feeling tired, dizzy, nauseas, fullness in head, nights i feel/hear pulse in my head and fast heart beat. What should I do. F, 22, ?

Burning sensation across center chest and lung areas, rapid but shallow feeling heart beat. light headedness and arms feel heavy. passes in approx 30?

Can anxiety cause your head to feel funny n lightheaded worried neuro issues inner ear my heart beating fast to?

Can anxiety make me feel every pulse in my body and also when i'm laying down i can feel my body moving to the rithm of my pulse ?

Can hear my heart wooshing in my ear when laying down moving sometimes. No pain no nausea. Is this bad ?

Can you have an arrhythmia when your pulse feels steady in your wrist? Been waking up with fast vibrating chest feeling but pulse is 74 to 85 n steady

Cardio question is it normal that i can feel my heart thump through my chest when i feel under my left side. I feel the same sensation if i lay on my left side. I am 6 foot 155 poundsso fairly skinny?

Delay in ejaculation(a sec) then pain in left side of head & muscle tightens,chocking feeling,heart rt fast and all shaky?goes away after a min,ecg f9

Dizziness,uncomfortable feeling on left side of neck ear&head,numbness on lips and face and tongue,high pulse rate,fast heart beat.ECG normal.y?

Dizziness. Ears have heartbeat. Cannot move fast seem to loose my equalibrem, feel as though I am going to fall or passout.

Do you feel pulse or heartlike beat in your neck during early pregnancy?

Doc can't feel popital pulse on back of both knees, all other pulses normal, what cud be the problem ?

Ear pounding everytime i swallow , if i move it gets really bad and poundsand i feel my heart beat, pain is a 8 on 1-10, have strep , what is wrong?

Every few seconds I feel 3-5 throbbing pulses/hear 3-5 high-pitched rings in my head. Not painful. During these I feel lightheaded. What is it?

Every once in a while i feel my veins in my head twitch.Why? I'ma 28 year old female and i'm kinds scared..

Every time my heart beat, my head hurts from the left side and it been like this for a month happans almost everytime.

Everytime i move my heart pounds in my head?

Exercising is so uncomfortable bc heart pounds so hard.feels like it is trapped in a box and is banging against my neck/chest.dizziness.athlete.cause?

Fast irregular heartbeat & the back of my head/upper back is beating. Can't sleep & hot shower not helping. What's the best suggestion?

Feel heartbeat in ear a lot. at random times for some reason I don't have high blood pressure. What can this be it feels if ear is pumping or moving?

Feel heartbeat when i put my hand on my forehead. No headache at the moment. Beating over eye. Is this normal?

Feel slightly nausea, tired, left chest tingle, heart pounding. I'm resting and my bpm is 68, whats wrong? How can I cure it

Feeling of my heart jumping inside my chest while I lie down. What could this be ?

Feeling pressure on back of my head when lying down. I feel my hear beat on the back of head, its waking me up at night.My heart is also pounding.

Feels like a vein pulsing in ear canal, occurs for a few seconds when burp/hiccup, I can't hear it I just feel it pulse like heart beat uncomfortable.

Feels like blood rushing through my ear when i press the pulse on my neck. Normal?Also pulse of foot do not pulsate the exact same time as my neck do?

Felling that I have something stuck below my adams apple but no pain. Pulse 108 beats per minute. Also a feeling my ears are clogged up, any ideas?

First I feel unbalance feeling, then pins & needles in the body along with running heartbeat and fast pulse rate with weak hands & legs . Y?

For 7 months now i can hear my heart beat in my head all the time, it never stops; please help me; also started to get headache across forehead?

For about six days my heart has been racing and I have felt shaky with little niggly pains all over my upper body?

For about six days my hearts been racing an I have felt shaky with little niggle pains all over my upper body?

For several days my heartbeat has been running anywhere from 95 to 110. I can feel a flutter or extra beat. Swishing sound in ears began tonight. ?

For the past few days I have been experiencing a very rapid heart beat which i can feel in the back of my head and neck causing headache.?

From last 7 month i have continuous hypertension, having medicines but still no improvement. feel heart beat in head while lying, pain in sideburns.

Get pulsing and v painful headaches which pulse on and off in time with my heartbeat. What is this?

Got sick 6 days ago. Pressure/squeezing sensation in head and ears. Heart beat in left ear. After dinner, heart rate 110-115. Related? Normal?

Had cold. Last two days heart has been fluttering. Feels like phone in vibrate but it's my chest. Can see the beating above left breast towards sternu?

Have feelings of blood rushing through the neck and heart beating in head. Can feel the pulsation of blood. Feelings grow stronger when i lay straight?

Have tachycardia sum brady did squats 1st in long time feel weak sat, and right neck vein pulsate hard periodicaly does so why left neck vein pulsate?

Having a hard time detecting my pulse with my fingers. I feel it, but it feels faint/weak. App says it's in the 70's, lower than norm for me. Worry?

Having a sensation of my heart beating slow but hard and can feel the blood rushing up my neck with the hard beats?

Having fast heart rate with every movement, also feeling pulse in the back of my head. What could this be?

Having heart palpitations and fluttering, plus localised head ache that feels like a pin stabbing. The heart problem does hurt a fair bit. And suggest?

Headaches, fast jumping heart and a pulling feeling in right breast?

Heart beating very hard past 2 days. Can feel/hear blood pumping into my head, even feel it in my teeth. Giving headache and nausea. Causes? Serious?

Heart feels like its beating to fast&head is spinnin in circles&can't focus on anything&standing up makes head whoosh&want to barf, what could it be?

Heart palpitation w/ center chest pain. Lasts few moments. Dizziness & sweating fallow for several mins; felt plus pulsing in neck hard & fast.

Heart palpitations that go to your head or makes head throb ? I had my heart checked all is pretty much normal but I still get this now and then

Heart races when raising arms above head for a few seconds (stretching) and beats hard, causing pain in my head each time it beats. What causes this?

Heartbeat that can be felt in the knee ?

Hello I've been having what feels like heart burn for 3 days. now my left ear has pressure like i'm in a tunnel and everything is amplified and echos.

Help? Weird pulsing sensation below right breast? I am 16 years old, female, healthy. For the past few days I have experienced what feels like a heart beat under my right breast, 4 or 5 inches below it. It is rapid and may go on for 30 to 45 minutes, then

Hi doc, I have been feeling a sinking and shrinking sensation around retrosternal area for last 2 months.Blood and heart results normal.Any help. ?

Hi there, everytime I workout or exercise I feel a blockage or pressure in my left ear. I feel like I am having a hearing loss for a moment. What can be the possible causes of this ?

Hi.I'm 42.Bp 130/80 HR 85. I'm hearing a swooshing sound in my left ear in synch with my heartbeat and feel dizzy. Started yesterday. Concerning?

How dangerous is it when you feel blood pounding in your head during excersize?

How do I stop a pulse feeling in my head? 4 days ago, I had a headache & could feel my heart pulse in my head. Headache gone, but pulse still there.

How do u feel after a heart attack. Like when u wake up the next day. How do u feel? Would u have weakness? Head pressure? Brain fog?

How to feel your baby heartbeat by touching your neck?

Hr goes up 130-140'swalking up 1 flight of stairs.feel pounding lower neck and feel beating mid chest.out of breath,little dizzy.slowly back to norm

I a have this feeling if something stuck in my throat..Burbing and chestpains lyk am being pinged with a needle..Sometimes my pulse Raises really fast?

I am 19, under stress. Is it normal to get fast twitching, pulsing sensation between chin and the carotid artery?

I am 19. Is it normal to sometimes feel heartbeat in chin?

I am 43 kg and nearly 160 cm. I feel my heart beating on my throat and sometimes I feel my veins somewhere in my body (head throatarm etc)?

I am feeling my pulse pulsating on the top of my head what causes this?

I am having on an off fluttering feeling in my chest. My blood pressure has been good along with my pulse. Should I be concerned?

I am having problems. I have fast heart rate, body aches, and the limphnodes in my neck hurt. And i only feel this way around the evening.

I am suffering every night when I lay down to sleep. I feel instant pressure in my head and I can hear and feel my heart beat in my head.

I am very very afraid that I have broken heart syndrome. I have been really said and now i feel my back pulsate and I have palpitations? ?

I been having an inflammation on my throat pain on neck, dizzy ,pressure on my molars,fast beating heart bad headache, hot flushes please help!

I can feel a pulse beneath my stomach. Comes every month or two, lasts for 5-15 minutes. Not synced with my heartbeat or rhythmic. I'm female.

I can feel a very light vibration in my femoral artery. It started yesterday and i seem to feel it with the regularity of a pulse rate.

I can feel heartbeat in wrist sometimes while sitting down. And when I look at it you can see it pulsing. Please help is this a serious prob ?

I can feel heartbeat when i touch head where temporal artery is. This normal?I ask cause never seen heartbeat checked by touching the side of the head

I can feel my abdominal pulse just by laying my hand over it; when i push on it i hear a whooshing sound and i can feel the blood flow. Normal?

I can feel my heart beat ( pulse) when i close my fist .This happens only sometimes and also i can feel i feel if bring my both palms together tightly?

I can feel my heartbeat from my left ear when i burp for 4 second maximum , can you tell me what is it....

I can feel my pulse by temple irregularly as i try sleep?

I can feel my pulse throbbing throughout my body. It feels as if my entire body is expanding and contracting with each heart beat.

I can feel(touch) slight pulses rhythmic with heart on the back of head. Besides Temple region Is that normal to physically feel pulse back there?