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Lately I have been experiencing headaches that cause a nose bleed. They are like a very fast build up of pressure in my entire head. ?

vp shunt pain in my head when i sleep and i cant sleep My neuro says everything looks good but said come back in 2 weeks could it b surgery ?

10 weeks pregnant, bp-80/50, nothing can eat, vertigo and vomiting, hot head & forehead, how to get eating back? Please Sugest some medicine!

15dys I have dizziness when turning in bed, getting out of bed and while making certain head movement on daily basis. Can it be tumor? Do I need MRI?

15dys I have vertigo when turning in bed, getting out of bed and while making certain head movement on daily basis. Can it be tumor? Do I need MRI?

15dys I have vertigo when turning in bed, getting out of bed and while making certain head movement on daily basis. What can it be?

18 month old acting like left arm and leg hurts. Lossing balance easily, very clumsy, hit head 6 times in 24 hours. What is going on?

18yrs old. Fell off roof 8 months ago. Had persistent "tightness" in spine, shoulders to skull, since, that makes turning head most ways sting. ideas?

2 weeks ago I pushed my c1 vertebrae in really hard. I read this can help bppv. I had a headache and neck ache ever since and now noticed my pupil on that side is somewhat smaller only in dim light. Was not like that 2 weeks ago. What did I do?

2 y/o seeping on edge of bed with her head half layed on mattress and half like dripping down (out ) is gravity dangerous for her brain. I'm scared

23yo female so scared i have a brain tumor just have a feeling of pressure at the top and side of my head. Doesnt get any worse no other symptoms?

29 yrs year old ymigraines 10yrs year 4-5 a year, in the middle of the top of the head, vomiting, blackouts, can't move, has had blows to head couple times?

29yrs F,one day I felt like something flowing backward from center head,just once.(it was like water flowing from head).had head ache then ok.any reas?

32 weeks pregnant i've noticed numbness in my face and sometimes when i lie down with my head too low i get pressure in my face and head. Normal?

32 yr old healthy female feel like I have motion sickness for 3 days now especially the morning or when i turn head certain ways my ear not hurting?

39 yr old. Feels like gentle poke / ping on top right side of head for months. Not headache; no brain tumor symptoms, but worried. My dr says stress?

52 yr.Female, sudden dizziness to where i had to sit still and focus on one spot on the wall. I couldn't blink or move my head as it made me extreme nausea. As i sat, i got hot and each pore on my head sweat, dripping. I finally vomit, and crawl to bed,

7yr/o child has had headaches on top of head almost daily for 3-4 weeks when should she see a dr? What else would be concernig with these symptoms?

8 month old looks to the side or looks up and after a couple of seconds shakes his head and fusses. is that normal or abscent seizers?

8mo tilting head to side with what could be involuntary nodding/bobbing. Just exploration? Teething? Or something more concerning?

A sudden head bumps in my head that exist without any head trauma or anything do I have to be alarm?Im having panic attack its itchy and feeoing hot

A week ago I have stared exercise, so when i run for 8 minutes i hear blood flow inside my ears and also feel head surrounding.

About an hour ago I smashed the back of my head on the corner of my bedside cabinet.. There is no blood just a headache & lump. When can I sleep?

About ten months ago I bent my head down heard a crick in my neck and suddenly lost my balance. My struggles with balance.

Afraid of planes and having bad thoughts in my head?

Afraid to go to sleep strange noises in my head headaches?

After a stroke could you get the movement back?

After childbirth, when I am in a car, I cant move my head any side, or see my mob's screen. otherwise I have terrible feeling of nausea and giddiness.

After hit behing ear. After 24 hours it was OK, now I sometimes get nausea but its getting more rare with time. Is it dangerous?

After i lost my baby in seventh month i always had a headache in the back of my head when i get tensed.

Always get bad headaches when i lie down -going on for 10 yrs. Also pain when i press on head. Worried it's a brain tumour. Ears click when i swallow.

Anti clockwise vertigo when turning over in bed & upon getting up. Worse with eyes closed. Subsides gradually&recur when moving. Is it BPV? Which ear?

Any side effects to shampooing ur head at night? wife says I will get headaches when I am old. I don't buy it but I'm not a doctor to argue with her

Applying a certain amount of pressure to my head, makes my headaches less painful. Is this normal?

Are headaches caused by leaning forward, laying down and worse with excersice always happens with brain tumors? Are these symptoms with other things?

As I got up quickly from lying on my side in bed, my hair was yanked (Partner lying on it). Now I have a headache. & think I injured my neck. Am I ok?

At what age do you get the "turn your head and cough" hernnia test?

Baby acne on her cheeks behInd her ears & all over her head normal? Not spreadIng to body but seems worse somedays could my dIet be cause? Fast food?

Baby fell off bed 3ft no side effects perfectly mobile no swelling of the head no dilated pupils, but i feel horrible what else should i do/ check?

Back of head headache w/warm wet sensation& pressure.Dizzy when stand up. Stiff, sore neck,eyes hurt when try to focus.Appt Fri. can it wait? Serious?

Bad fall, brain bleed. In hospital. Dr put on Decadron (dexamethasone) and Seraquel. Low BP because of seraquel. Would this cause buzzing sound in head? Pain in head?

Bad headache from neck and all over head randomly lasts 2-3 min. Comes when bending over, coughing, laughing, etc. what is this??

Balance trouble ,lo back pressure an weird headache an tension in blood vessels vision trouble if i move to right side brain not getting message w?

Been a biatch and my head has been hurting all week. How can I reduce stress?

Been getting a lot of head rushes. Are they dangerous and how can I prevent them?

Been getting headache for monthes not TMJ as have false teeth, i feel pressure and dizzy and head tender?I wake up with one, have least 7 a day

Been getting random pain/pressure on the top of my head/brain about 3-4 times a day. Mostly happens when I bend over. What is it? Should I be concerne

Been having dizziness when I turn my head when laying down and when I close my eyes in shower. What could this be?

Brain cancer hello, i am a 16 year old girl and someone brought to my attention that i may have a brain tumor. I have been getting very bad head aces in the back of my head from my ear down mostly on the left side, but sometimes my right, i get these hea

Brain scans normal. No Ms, etc. why do I feel pin prick feelings on the back of head? Also random parts of body? If I move my hair it stops on head

Brain zaps that happen infrequent and randomly on the top of my left head. It lasts 1-2 seconds and makes me stop dead in my tracks. ?

Can working excessively persistent head aches?

Can a chemical in balance from taking tricyclic ad and benzo then stop CT cause head pressure, throbbing, numb and faint feelings all day for months?

Can a GI issue cause everyday head pressure, vessel throbbing, numb feeling in back of head. Seems to be worse when i eat. But its all day non stop.

Can a GI issue cause me to feel head tightness in the side of head and nostril clogged alternative cause my ENT say everything ok go to gi?

Can a pill of fat burner (oxylelitepro) cause nerve damage in the head especially with one dosage only ? My head tight for 6 months in the back !

Can a sinus infection cause your whole head to throb? Also will it throb worse if you are doing physical activities, like lifting things?

Can a stomach issue lead to back of head tightness(pulling feeling ) not always plus also one nostril clogged alternative?

Can a upper tooth abcess cause pain in your ear and back of head and pressure feeling in head? I'm at the emergency room now but there taking forever

Can afib cause you to have a "head rush" of adrenaline that makes your face and head hot and numb?

Can anxiety and depression cause head pressure on the sides and forehead and a sore scalp? And can it cause memory trouble? hard remembering things.

Can anxiety make you have headache i got hit in the back of my head some symptoms eyes are fine balance is ok did not eat all day hearts little now?

Can entroviruse. And otis media. Cause diaherra. Loss appitite. Head pressure top of head constintly. Fatigue. How long can symptoms last if so?

Can hitting yourself a few times in the head hard cause immediate damage. I've been really tired sleeping a lot and feel out of it with headache?

Can HIV caused headaches be extremely painful when you shake your head?

Can Orgasm Headaches (severe pounding, surging blood through neck and head) be dangerous? Cause bleeding?Feels like a fire hose shooting blood to head

Can stress cause headaches in back of head and make my lungs feel full?

Can Suprarobital Neuralgia cause dizziness when laying down? I can get dizzy just sitting also. I have used essential oils to help my TMJ

Can you damage your lanyrax or anything around it by putting your head back or to the side and rubbing it? What are the symptoms of damaging it?

Can you get a concussion from intense sex. Like if your head is jerking everywhere?

Can you get a concussion from resting your head against a pillow rapidly from a few inches above it? Ridiculous sounding I know

Can you get an embolism from mastrubating with a shower head?

Can you please list the risks associated with shaking your head every day after a shower?

Car fire, stand 25-50 feet from fire on front end. 24 hours later throat hurts/dry feeling. No sinus issue, yes headache from stress. Help?

Causes of electric shock in head? Happens when walking, sometimes when head still with eye movement and at times with sound. Losebalancet treadmill.

Child w/epilepsy & heavy head feeling?

Clear MRI 2 yrs ago. Laughed so hard last night felt pressure back and sides of head. No headache after or when straining, but worried it's a tumor.

Concerning a stroke a few years back? Head makes a constant " his " .Never quits

Constant burning feel top back head w. occasional head weight feel causing elevator effect when walking. dizzy can be replicated w pressure back head.

Constant headaches getting worse 2 years after a fall onto head from 15-20ft, doctor doesn't listen to me, i don't take painkillers, what should I do?

Constant senation in my head, feel the nerves in my head run down my whole head, starting to annoy and worry me, mri/no brain damage, what is this ?

Could CSF leak under under the skin causing very baggy eyes. Started all of sudden and i get very bad headaches in the upright position. Better when i lye down. I have hydrocephalus and had a etv. ?

Could I have aneurysms, such as in my head or abdomen? Should I even worry about such things?

Could i have brain tumor i have mild headaches for 5 days all over head pressure on eyes tho7gh gained 4 kg weight in 1and half month also less alert?

Could shaking my head violently to make my thick hair look good growing up for years be the reason I have such horrible mental illness now at 18?

Cspinesyrinx pregnant eds3 pots. Past 4 days tension headache neck and back of head on& off. Feelslike pressure when i go up stairs and stand up.Worry?

Daily i get headaches in the front of my head and a dripping sensation itch in my ears. Whats cause and treatment. I live in basement ?

Despite drinking plenty of fluids, head feels foggy & lightheaded for days after being in the sun. I'm being treated for almost lupus. Why does the sun affect my head?

Dizziness and vertigo at heights. Afraid I will fall and get neck trauma. Rational?

Dizziness comin from low back to head from fluid retetnion does anyone know why?

Dizziness when turning head. Could this be bc I dont move my neck much cause of my office Is this veritgo and is there home remedies and how long las?

Dizziness/lightsensitivity, both sides of head headaches/random pressure around head mainly between eyebrow, bad sleep and anxiety could it be the reason?If so can I use sleeping pills to help? I'm 22

Dizzy inside head for 2 hours a day then stops.No nystagmus. Lips tingle Slight ear-fullness.No positional difference. Ear clear and healthy per doc.

Dizzy inside head for 2 hours a day then stops.No nystagmus.Slight ear-fullness.No positional difference. Merniere's disease maybe?

Dizzyness after allergy testing. I have work in an hour and I can't pick my head up. ?

Do I have a growing benign tumor. I get nauseous. I get dizzy. My gag reflex is strong, but i don't vomit. I have a headache on one side of my head.

Do I have bppv? Lied down and with eyes closed had a spinning sensation. Fine when i sat up. Bend head over or side fine too? What is this? Fine now.

Do taller people get dizziness more easily because their heads are farther from their hearts?

Does anger make your head swell? Is there anything out there that makes one have a big head? Too much blood

Does anxiety cause head pressure. I get serious anxiety now when I read and I can literally hear my head strain like muscles are being pulled. ?