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1+months ago i had 4+daily head rush/see white/dizzy when i stand or stretch (even if i sit) past of ^bp but lost 50 lbs BP is fine now but no change?

17 weeks pregnant, very light headed, vision tunnels after standing for 10-15 minutes. Is this serious?

2-3 times a week i will get a heart rate between 120-140 light headed blurry vision, ear fuzzy sound & weak feeling have to sit & goes away. Reason?

23 M.tired allday upon waking.hard breath,light head,palps when standing,walk,move fast.had tests (cardio,pulmo)all normal.still feel bad, whats wrong?

2years ago had sudden vertigo weakness..I still feel dizzy when I walk and weak do I need an MRI and ear tests?

3 days of dizziness . I feel dizzy when i move around or stand up , it's not vertigo type of dizzy. I am nauseous with high hr, 130's to 180's why ?

3 months now been having epsiodes of dizzy/spinning sensations when laying mainly also worst at night when laying headaces at night at well been treated twice with predisone no help really dr says fluid in my ears ? Can this cause this symptoms?

3 wk upon stand I get dizzy i have 2lean on something to regain balance. 4 3 days now I have a flip flop feel in chest constantly. Normal BP HR is 110?

4 a few wks dizzy w/stand up or bend down. Have to hold on to regain balance otherwise will faint BP is norm flip flop feel in chest HR 110?

62yo/fem; first thing in am open eyes, felt like I was being thrown/thrashed around ~1min; room spinning when change position; exhausted 2+ days after?

9 year old son complains of being dizzy and weak and can't sit up straight. Usually after he does some physical activity. Says his head is gonna burst?

A few weeks ago I had for 5 days straight strong headaches, I felt dizzy every time I got up from sitting or laying down, and even lost balance.

A lot of eye motion for a long period of time makes me dizzy and sometimes vertigo even on car rides if it turns alot quickly movements what to do?

About once a month, I get unsteady gait. Is that ok or bad?

After 2 month break go to runing 1km but after jog feling like dizzy, nausea and near faint feling normal after 5 min lay on flat surface.Wth was that?

After chiropractic treatment to my neck, I was severely dizzy, still dizzy 2 months later. Epely maneuver didn't work. Can't do anything but sit now?

After strenuous exercise (squats) i feel exhausted, lightheaded and dizzy, my vision goes white, my face turns very pale, and i need to lie down. Why?

After swimming, i feel dizzy and have vertigo ( only when i change head position quickly ), this is a new problem for me?

All of a sudden dizziness lightheaded filling spaced out or faint then fatigue. Happens when I'm sitting Manley. Last I would say 30-40mins help?

Almost blacked out during day. Never happened before. Hard to breathe. Vision dimmed. Numb limbs. Walked it off and was fine. What might it be?

Alternating exhaustion (4-5 days)/feeling normal (1-2 weeks),for no reason.During bad days,faint if standing for more than 15-20 minutes,depressive.

Any explanation for these head spins and dizziness?

Any reason why after i sit down and when i stand up i felt dizzy? Is it because my myopia degree become higher ?

Arms and legs trembling uncontrollably and dizzy while stood in bathroom this morning, disoriented as went to sit on toilet to rest and was not near the toilet at all. Eyes not really focussing during episode. First time, generally healthy 33 yr old femal

At home. Feeling so dizzy from a chronic pancreatitis attack am unable to stand. What do I do?

At least 8 times a day i will feel extremely dizzy when standing up and have to bend over to prevent from falling.My BP is normal so what's wrong w/me

Banging headache for past 4 days unable to do much have no energy ! can't stand or walk for long without feeling dizzy what is this?

Been a little dizzy (48 hrs) even when standing up I feel like I'm rocking. Did throw up, but my head is spinning. Drink a lot of water. Why's it hap?

Been feeling lightheaded and dizzy especially when sitting and standing. Legs are cramping sore no reason. Is it heart , neurological or virus?

Been on prolong bed rest. Waiting to hear from dr about pt. when I stand up I feel lightheaded. No sense of motion like vertigo. Could this be my ears?

Blackened vision, dizzy, and sharp pain in head when sit up or stand up. BP 82/56. Some doctors say its ok others say go to neurologist?

Blacking out and falling over when standing up. Should i be worried?

Breathless feeling cough faint feeling when standing after laying down and light brown stinky floating poop and muscles twitches when relax. 2 weeks.

Cab Postural hypotension cause severly weak legs, Almost to the point of falling ?

Can badly sprained ankle cause feeling of faint dizziness ringing of ears when it hangs down or put on floor with some weight bearing on it ?

Can a 13 year old girl have insomnia and could that be why i feel like the world is spinning whenever i get up from standing or sitting ?

Can a mini stroke happen every time you stand up and but go away after laying down, then have another one every time you stand up?

Can a sinus problem cause you to feel dizziness while standing as if your losing balance or your legs are about to collapse or sitting in one spot?

Can dizzy spells be caused by extreme anxiety? Sometimes i'll get the feeling that the room is moving & will lose balance. What could be up?

Can hypothyroidism make you feel dizzy or off balance especially when standing?

Can lack of sleep cause tiny dizzy spells and body motions like sea sickness?

Can severe neck arthritus make me dizzy and lightheaded?

Can standing too long in the heat make you have dim vision, shakiness and feeling faint?

Constant vertigo. Head rush whenever I change position. Tried more iron and water but no change. 4 days now of this.

Could tingly scalp and lightheadedness on rising from bed or chair be related to electrolyte imbalance in middle aged man?

Dehydration? Little dizzy just enough to annoy me little light headed nothing effecting everyday life or balance could I be dehydrated?

Diagnosed with vertigo after flying told rest for few days .Lying down i get the swaying but getting antzy feeling all over and panicky ?

Diagnosed with viral syndrome sat. Laying down i feel fine. Standing up my heartrate jumps up to 130-140, dry mouth, extremely weak, headaches. Pots?

Dizziness after lying down with head pressure. I thought that u get dizzy only after getting up. Plz help. I'm on BCP also ?

Dizziness at rest for the last two weeks I have experienced dizziness four or five times a day standing or sitting. Do not experience when walking or active. Recently moved to south-west florida on a seasonal basis

Dizziness when laying, standing. Out of breath a lot. Tired. Weak. dizzy when doing anything. Intense. No prior head injury.

Dizziness, brief episodes pressure ok non positional, worse w/o chng in position & laying or sitting x15min. R/o by ent, neuro consult, any ideas?

Dizziness/ off balance ears feel pressured and occasionally hurt , suffer tmd, dizziness / off balance goes when wearing glasses (tere for reading/tv)?

Dizzy and room spinning spell .. drinking lots of liquid and eating right..... can't shake it... 30 wks?

Dizzy and seeing white spots, lasting up to a minute. Happens whether sitting or standing. ?

Dizzy spells lately this morning i was walking my heart rate rapid i became very dizzy for a few sec then lost eye sight bumped head weak/ unbalanced?

Dizzy spells not the room spinning but I'm swaying staggering. Not dizzy laying down. alway accompanied by sudden frequent urination. Last few hours?

Dizzy when i stand up.Eyes feel heavy and tired, headaches and fatigue. When i stand up or do quick movement my heart begins to pound hard and fast?

Dizzy when walking or sitting, goes away when laying down. What should l ask GP to check? Iron levels on the low side, but still normal.

Dizzy with BP of 90/72 a rate of 175. Not working hard. I had 2 days of waking up with the room spinning. Had some lower adominal pain between hips?

Dizzy, clammy, ears ringing from standing inor for hours. What can I do as an intern?

Dizzy: rushes: no pain..Eyes seem involved as I have a sleepy rush?

Dizzy/headaches when I stand up, when doing sports, mostly when I'm not laying my head down. Is this a symptom of something? Could this be abnormal?

Dizzy/off balance/lightheaded/ disoriented when standing/ walking. I drink ~70fl oz. A day. I don't take any meds. Hits randomly in short waves.

Do symptoms like unsteady gait go away quickly?

Doc says I have BPPV as I had two vertigo wake up sessions, I feel better now but I am woozy all day and have weak left arm at times is this BPPV?

Does everyone get dizzy on tilt table test when it goes from flat to upright (even normal people)? My BP dropped, I got dizzy but the BP recovered.

Don't know what's wrong please help me figure it out? Fatigue, headache, dizzness, if i stand for more than 10 min feet swell. Pulse 45

Drs, could sleeping 5hrs/ day for three days in a row cause lightheadedness? Also felt unbalanced for a bit, had quick feeling of blackout but ok now.

During a class doing cardio exercise I have felt weak and light headed and then notice my left eye bleeds at the bottom. I am 62, is this okay?

Dysautonomia. Normal BP/HR. Light headed sat down,standing and less laid. If I push stomach in with my hands, I quickly feel more normal? Why is this?

Effect if continously dizzy. I lose my balance when i stand up or lay down?

Episodes of dizziness head pressure,head feels swollen,blurry vision,feeling "drunk", feeling of dizzy & falling when lying on back, awaken frequently at night only during episodes.Possible causes?

Episodes of feeling like I'll pass out but blood pressure normal. Trouble concentrating/speaking/walking straight. Fine between except tachycardia.

Episodes of near passing out when sitting. Start to feel relaxed, then hearing is disturbed, warm euphoric feeling, slow heartbeat. What could it be?

Everytime i get up from laying down or sitting down i get lightheaded, (dizzy) and sometimes it throws my balance off. Im 29 yea I have had orthopedic surgery (wrist) 12/2011 and nuerosurgery (lower back) 5/2007 the type of lighthead that i get is that fe

Everytime i'm about to fall asleep i sometimes get a shock, dizziness, confused, head tingling & more. 4 to 5 times a week started 5 month ago ?

Experiences dizziness and the feeling of being unable to stand. doesn't feel room spinning. travels, often jetlagged. high trigly. inner ear issue?

Experiencing dizziness (feeling off balance) when looking up or lying face-up in bed or moving quickly. Haven't travelled or been sick recently.

Experiencing dizzy spells light headed while lying down, standing or sitting and even while driving at various times of day. Started about 2 weeks ago. Unsure what is causing this to happen.

Extended heart palps while bending forward . When I straightened up I got very lightheaded, almost passed out. Now I have a bad headache. ?

Extremely sudden, extremely brief vertigo sensation while sitting, disappearing instantly when I quickly got out of chair. Does this sound like BPV?

Faint feeling pregnant identical to when lying on back dizzy anxious, but while sitting or standing. 15 wks. Bp 110/57. Causes?

Fainting during/after exercise? 15-20min volleyball. Dizzy, sight blackens, loss of balance, nauseous, rapid heatbeat&breathing. 16female, period 2wk ago.

Fainting feeling when standing after laying down muscle twitches when relax and breathlessness feeling light brown stinky floating poop?

Feel dizzy and sleepy exposure to heat in room, travelling in bus or car with heat on.Eyes becomes sleepy, and seems like i will faint and out of breath

Feel like fainting ... All vision going blur for some seconds when i'm standing from bed some times ...

Feel like walking on trampoline. There's no spinning or moving of the environment. Nueroligical test fine. Blood work good. What could be cause?

Feel swaying sensation and dizziness and 24/7 mild unsteadiness while walking more than 15 minutes or lying down or sittingfrom 8 years . Is it dangerous?

Feeling dizzy like the room is spinning when lying down and eyes closed. what could be the cause?

Feelings of random very fast quick dizzy moments?for only split seconds - doesn't matter if their laying sitting or standing, makes my head feel fuzzy

Feels dizzy back of head. Example; sharp turn as passenger in car can cause feeling and can last hours. Worse lying down. Has minor Hemolytic anemia?

Felt faint in dance class.I was seeing black spots, lightheaded, hyperventilating, & had to sit & drink. Im on Zoloft, (sertraline) & now very concerned. Thoughts?

For 4 times, my vision get clouded with yellowness suddenly, I can't find my balance and I feel nauseous. Had to sit down but comes back when I stand.

For 4 times, my vision get clouded with yellowness suddenly, I can't find my balance and I feel nauseous. Had to sit down but comes back when I stand.

Getting frequent vision loss, lightheadedness, pressure in the head, tinnitus, and tachycardia after changing position (bowing) means dysautomia?

Getting pangs of dizziness while sitting standing or laying down when the pang of dizziness ( not a constant dizzy ) hits my heart stops beating?

Going dizzy after standing up for short amount of time. What could be the cause?

Got extremely dizzy the other day where I could not sit up, stand up, or even roll over. Went to ER with no outcome. I have chiari an neurobromatosis?

Had 2soap suds enema at Er.last night. Everything I eat goes thru me. Heart is racing light headed upon standing. Think I'm dehydrated. What can I do?