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1 nostril clogged head tightness and midde chest pain for almost 2 months after i took oxyelitepro (fat burner) why all this happening im 20yo scared!

2 days I've felt like it harder 2breathe Went to a doc n he said my lungs & heart sound fine I had a nuclear bone X-ray 2 days ago could it be a reaction or stress how can u know if it is stress?

2 wks ago momentary tightness from collarbone up neck to ears.Yesterday happened again.What causes?Fear cardiac.PCP says heart ok.See cardiologist?

26f with pots syndrome- last 3 days feel out of breath- sometimes feel like im gonna pass out-clean echo in feb. Clean chest xray other day, ER twice no answer just pots? Or more serious like pulm htn

27F and 240lbs. I have a warm feeling in the left side of chest and feeling of short of breathe. What should I do I just came from er?

29f. Whole back suddenly started aching...On and off...Feels a bit better when i lay down. Could that be a sign of heart attack?

3 hours ago i suddenly got so panic with no reason and felt like my heart getting out of my chest, now i'm kinda good.Is that serious?!

31 m - 1 year wors symptoms. Not anxie or depress. Chest full feeling like something stuck my throat and chest. Feel a weak and faint heart beat. Breathless. Cnt feel heart hitting hard in my chest at pace. Lung / heart/ hema doc all normal.See chart?

31 male my heart rate takes long than usual to accelerate like there's a blockage always breathless. Lump in Throat and chest heavyness like something's constant sitting on it. Heart lung ent doc ruled out? Feel heart not working fully? What do I do

31 weeks preg. Have heart burn bad keep having chest pains. Also anxiety n anemic sometimes pain feels like sharp sometimes dull. Is it heart burn?

34 M echoes stress good no smoke no fam his. Recently started walking again. Feel dizzy. No chest pain. Breathe fine. No sweat. Out of shape?

34wk pregnant on zpak and have pots. Went pee and heart started racing and chest felt fluttery. Felt urge to cough. I coughed and it slowed down.This ok?

35 M cleared by doctor for cardiac issues, but have acid reflux. When carrying heavy suitcase up stairs feel sob. Out of shape? Freaked out!!

35 years old female no heart problems, sharp pain in chest/heart. Only last a min. Hits anytime driving sitting takes my breath away, happening more?

39yr old female is having chest tightening that comes & goes. Sometimes feels like irregular heartbeat, this all started after having anxiety attack.

44 year old female, been noticing. When i go to urinate during the night i feel my heart racing and feels very uncomfortable. Why ?

7 yrs ago my 57 yr old hubby had a heart attack at nite his l arm elbow down has a jumping feel once it lasted all day off & on what could this be?

7 yrs ago my 57 yr old hubby had a heart attack & got stints sometime at nite his l arm from elbow down has a jumping or spasm feeling the other d?

7yr old says her heart/chest feels funny within min of giving her methotrexate shot. This was last night and her chest still feels funny. 102 bpm?

After getting my heart rate to 150 while doing exersice I get chest pain and short breath seems to happen every time I do cardio.?

After I do heavy exercise i feel like throwing up I have asthma no heart problems past all my tests with flying colors what can it be?

Age 30, and worrying about my heart. What test can I get that can show how healthy or bad my heart is? I've been getting chest pain a lot lately.

All day I have had a racing heart, feeling like I'm about to pass out and now my nose has bled for no reason should I be worried?

All heart tests were norm. I have mild pressure in chest and mucus throat feeling. Waking up mid night and cant fall back to sleep for hours. Anxiety?

Always aware of heart beating & my breathing.Echo good, EKG good, bloodwork good, chest xray good. Always worried sumthing bad is gonna happen.Wats rong?

Always tired now. Dry mouth nose. Dull pain and fullness on my center and left side chest. Like something surrounding heart beat being weaker. What can be? I'm going nuts? I got X-ray ekg ft scan blood work. I get lightheaded slow beat then panic.

Am 19.I sometimes get palpitations. Can't get it out of my head. Sometimes more than one. Always think about VT. Reassure pls?

Am I suppose to settle for how I'm feeling ? Holter ekg nuclear stress endosco- colonoscopy. CBC and panel. I can't catch a breathe and have to breathe heavy. My heart beat feels silent and can't hear it. My headache today caused me to throw up 5 tin

Am young. Sometimes get palpitations which either feel multiple or singular. They last either less than a sec or few secs. I am scared of VF?

Am young. Today I was was lying in a pretty awkward position when suddenly my left chest muscle started twithcing my hr wasn't that fast. Is this norm?

Am young. When playing soccer felt few flutters in chest. No other symptoms. How likely was something lethal? I am gonna get checked out soon

Aniexty feel out of breath all the time ;( scared of pulmonary embolism no pain can speak normally?

Anxious person/heart flutters everyday. Lst night felt BIG flutter took breath away for a sec. Every cardiac test normal, 2nd opinion? Gettn scared

Argued with dad got extremely angry heart was racing then later had sharp pains in chest would come and go throughout the day heart attack? Muscle pain?

At nite when i've been in bed for a while i get chest pressure, irregular heartbeat and sometimes shortness of breat what can cause this it worries me.

At work earlier I had pvcs they lasted for a min or two I had alot back to back had a tightness in my chest and felt like I couldn't breathe I do have anxiety should I be worried?

Bad chest pain for over a months isn't a heart attack right I'm stressed over my chest pains Everytime I see drs they say anxiety is the cause Im24?

Been to fam doc she said anxiety. Im have a feeling of constant tking a breath 24/7 even when i wake up my lungs feel tight im breathing bc i im taking and working but im just wondering if anxiety really can do that? She listened to lungs and heart

Been waking with blueish lips. Yesterday had skipped Heart B & mild aching on/off chest pain. My pulse lately in 40s on waking, should I ask for ecg?

BIG flutter in chest/throat and took my breath away for a sec. I get palpitations every day. Cardio tests all normal. Shud I get 2nd opinion? scared

Breathless after goin up the stairs, palpitations + whooshing with evry heartbeat whn pressed fingers against my ribs, where heart is?whats thtsound

Came to er. Got lightheaded took my oxygen it was 80. Vitals now all normal. Have obstructive airway. broncho , CBC chest Ct normal. Still shallow breathing can't feel heart beat feels soft / for months. Diff chest pains come cancer? Weak confused

Can a iridologist ascertain if someone has had 4 recent heart attacks? My 35 yr old healthy, not overweight daughter felt she was experiencing alarming symptoms such as sensations going down her left arm and strong unusual heart palpatations. She went to

Can a pulled muscle feel like chest pains? Had ultrasound and it came back clear. Have high heart rate but was told it was due to my anemia. Concerned

Can anxiety make me feel like i can't breath correctly all day been like these for 8 months had chest X-ray and a lung test both came out fine ?

Can costocondritus cause a cold shivery feeling every so often in chest? Tender And sore and worried! Clear ecg and bloods, Thankyou

Can feel pulse left side under ribs in sync with heart whn sitting or lying down. Been at a&e last night for chest pain they say anxiety/reflux. Is this normal ? I was examined and doc didn't say anyt

Can GERD and esophogitis cause very bad chest pain an hour after a meal? It felt like a heart attack, its the next day already. Neg stress echo

Can reg severe panic attacks cause plaque build up in 18yr old? Chest n rib pain choking sensation restlessness n Feeling like dying/ heart strained

Can stress make you get strong chest pain by the heart?

Cant tell if its breast pain or heart. Im also mensturating at the moment. Its like when you have ache. Really brief. Ekg, xray normal to. Thanks?

Cardiologist said i have extrasystole and mvp. I don't need to be worry, but today i felt like palpitations and like bubble in left side chest. Dange?

Cardiologist says all is fine except for mild SVT. Chest sometimes shakes when laugh hard, etc. Go back?

Changing a propane tank for a forklift slipped and hit me in the chest should I be worried about the whole heart rhythm thing I feel fine?

Chemical stress test today with med not treadmil.horrible.dizzy,heart might explode thought I was dying,hands turned blue. Feel bad now. Normal?

Chest always feels tight & feel short of breathe at times. ECG & bloods clear, Chest X-ray clear, My GP suggest anxiety but I am still worried. ?

Chest cramp around heart last less than 30 secs. Cardio dr. & ER didn't find anything. It can happen while sleeping. I don't have to be active ??

Chest pain & tight comes & goes for almost 3 days now doctor did echo a wk ago because it was normal she won't do anything else afraid of heart attack?

Chest pain and heart rate high . .Eco test was normal..I feel like something clogged in my arteries.. when wake up ..find some dry blood in my nose

Chest pain for 5 days. Ekg normal been on 40mg. Since monday. Still not feeling better. I have sle since 1993. Vibration of voice hurts?

Chest pain like a knife stab then goes away. Comes& goes, not daily. Have murmur. Appt w/heart dr n am, may have echo. Have anxiety. Very worried.

Chest pain like something is trapped like a food or air..Cant take full breath.Is it still my anxiety or something else?Normal 2decho, ecg, stress test

Chest pain when i talk a lot. Was on lukast and stopped bec I felt better.Very stressed.Cant blow hard.Breath is weak. ECG normal. Been 2 months now?

Chest pain, fast pulse and legs are super achy and tired feeling. Have recently had echo and nuclear stress test. All ok. Legs is a new symptom for me?

Chest pain, shortness of breath, a little bradychardia (61bpm).Last week catheterism showed all normal.Pain continues, lungs ok, i feel like blood flavour.Im desperate, what could that be?

Chest pain! ugh! its on the lft side of my heart where the blood comes into it....What cud b happenin? Er was no help, poor treatment, very sad sarey

Chest-pains, really lightheaded especially after walking, and slightly dizzy. Im a 27yr old male, what could be the cause? Er said EKG xray are fine

Chubby w visible heartbeat after a round of antibiotics. This 24/7 like a thumping sound and I can see & hear my chest move with each beat ( HR normal). Many EKG's, stress test, X-ray, blood all fine. Sometimes I hear a double beat. What can it be?

Concerned abt a sharp and heavy squeezing pain with one single beat - sometimes more. Nearly always when accompanied with a *massive* beat or beats?

Dad just had pacemaker/defibrillator put in. Immediately after implant seems to have very laboured breathing, lots of chest stomach movement. Causes?

Dear doctor, when taking a sharp deep breath in it feels like my heart pauses, this is rather alarming could you shed any light? Thank you.

Delay in ejaculation(a sec)then pain in left side of head & muscle tightens,chocking feeling,heart rt fast and shaky?goes away after a min ECG is fine

Delay in ejaculation(a sec)then pain in left side of head & muscle tightens,chocking feeling,heart rt fast and shaky?goes away after a min,ecg is fine

Did my heart just stop? Took a deep breath and when i exhaled, felt huge thud in my chest, couldn't breathe for a second, and got a massive head rush.

Distant and weak pulse with headaches and full deep seperate breaths. Been for almost 8 months and feels like it's getting worse everyday. Feels like cardiac tamponade symptoms. Got s nuclear stress and a holter ekg ?

Do you specialize with the heart ?if so I have been to doctors I had my heart racing and after it went away I felt real tight and painful they have do

Doc said brain sends or gives false alarm that lungs are low in o2,feels like suffocating,chest pain,whenever tired or upset 4 12 y now getting worse?

Doctor says my heart is fine but i still have chest discomfort. Should i get a second opinion?

Does aniexty make u feel heavy arpund your chest? Heart? Throat tighetn up? Why do my ears burn?

Does costochondritis ever go away ? Feels like I have had it forever . Tired of the fast heart rate, chest pains, and weakness that comes with it .

Doing a nuclear stress test tomorrow! Would this tell me Whats wrong ? had catscan X-ray echo ekg and I have a really hard time breathing just sitting down and long breathe like Igonna pass out. I can't feel my heart beat my chest. Weak. Headaches

Doing sit-ups and swore i was havin heart probs.Horrible pain in center of chest almost call 911. I think it was just gas.How did sit ups cause this ?

Dr said I had superficial clot on shin & not to worry butI have leg pain and now pvc's, single scary thuds.Can I take baby aspirin? Saw him 2 days ago

During the day im fine but when its time for bedtime i get pvcs, anxious and i feel chest discomfort.?

Earlier i started feeling unusual, i sat on the edge of my bed and started getting very short in breath, , i have no pain but i grab my chest. My heart rate dropped real low, but was beating really hard. My vision started messing up, i also had tingling

Ectopic beats appeared after going to gym for 2 months, did I hurt my heart? Stopped for 5 months and still there and actually increasing! Worried

Ekg 70 BPM heart rate is 62 i weight 253 i don't feel bad am i ok or not an occasional sharp pain in my chest but it comes & goes does not last long?

Ekg, echo, stress test, halter all came back normal.Heart beat can sumtimes b 100.Feel like i'm not breathing rite too.Wat can it b?Pain in back sumtimes

Ever since getting mono in 2013 I have this pounding heart-beat, It scared me got an EKG and was normal, could it be POTs. Way worse when moving?

Every time i cough it feels like a mini heart attack, small pain in the heart, less than a second, than goes away. 2 days now. Pretty healthy 35yro.

Everytime I lift heavy objects for work my sternum will hurt after I stop working for abouts 2 hours heart as been ruled out what could it be?

Evry year they star back on begingin of time is a repeat just cose last year the did not fine any thing wrong with my hear do to chest pain?

F/20.Lately had few panic attacks.&now been hving heartpounding fast(wen im doin nothin)short of breath lightheaded fingers get swolen&red.Whatsthis?

Faint, dizzy, tingling sensations, tightness in left arm and chest. Heart murmur picked up last night, acidic levels abnormal, extremely scared?

Fatigue and heart palps since past Sunday. ER Doctor said heart and lungs sounded fine. No EKG was ran. Unknown on what is causing palps. Random times?

Feel awful. Hehrn i raise my voice have chest pain. Feel breathless. Lmp 29 may for 5 days. Nausea. Breast pain. Dizzy. Bp 96/66. Pregnancy test. Neg?

Feel like not getting enough air through throat. Pulse ox, peak flow, and ekg all came back normal. What could this be? Lasted for 1 week.

Feel sensation in my chest by my heart. have an abscess tooth being treated by clindamyacin. Feel fine, smoke n drink also have anxiety should i worry?

Feeling sudden heart palpitations. Had ecg 3 months ago came back normal.I get scared n overthink too much.Could be anxiety?

Feeling tired had bloodwork have high B12 (1, 983). Blistery itcy rash on hands, pain on right side behind rib n2 bak, nauseua, shaky, rapid heart beat?