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128/66 pulse is 103, how serious is this?

19 yrs old. Constant pulse in abdomen and palpitations. Athletic but have smoked and was prescribed to amphetamine for a few years. Is this an AAA?

22 and thin, nonsmoker. Dr found an abdominal aortic bruit today. She didn't seem concerned, should I be?

22 year old female. Healthy normally. What are the chances of me having an aortic aneurysm? Keep feeling pulse above belly button and upwards. Scared

29 f 21 wk preg.pressing on r neck for pulse creates a whooshing pulse in r ear.Not heard at all unless pressing neck for pulse.Dr says fine no tests?

29 f. 21 wks preg. Checking pulse in neck carotid area while pressing on artery can hear pulse whooshing in ear on same side. Dont hear otherwise?

3.5 aeortic root anyerism/heart.2 months ago had abdomnl unltrasound +ct abdmn 4 AAA all negative. Feel pulse in belly.Im chubby, is pulse normal?

33 y/o athletic male with chest pains that go away with excessive water intake, an enlarged heart and heart murmur since the age of 8, occasionally feels as if his veins are on fire, and at times will have visibly protruding veins. What could be the cause

33 yr F. visible pulse in suprasternal notch. Bp 117/78, HR 65-80, no pain, 200 lb, 5 ft 4 in. Had ekg and it was normal.what likelihood of anuerysm?

45 yr old male for physical. Dr just listened to heart and lungs, script for blood wk. Did not look in eyes, ears, feel lymph nodes. Is this normal?

A reason a patient might not have a palpable pulse?

After doing weights noticed for a few secs there is no pulse in left wrist or faint, gp said left blood vessel probs narrower, pulse everywh else stil?

Age 54,can see a bulge at the rib cage juncture when laying down.can see and feel it pulsating.The size of the bulge increases when heart beats harder?

An aneurysm developed by extreme shorter bursts of extreme BP every day for 3 months would likely be in aorta or anywhere else?

Are bounding peripheral pulses bad? What does "2+" mean?

Are the BP in the arm always the same as in the aorta and the carotid arteries? like when doing pushups do u have the same BP in the arm as in neck?

Aside from apical pulse. i can feel other pulsation from my chest when lying on left side. pls help me!is this cardiomegaly?

Blue veins on chest, nipples, hips & legs. 2 - hpt, can hear heart beat in ears, constipated, bloating, weight loss, what could be wrong?

Bruit heard in both sides of cartiod arteries and abdomen, should I be concerned ? Dr said no worries just being safe with echo!

Bulging neck vein due to increased heart rate?

Burning/pulsating/bulging carotid when recline/lay flat. Have became a gusher with blood draw, recent heart murmur developed as well. What could it be?

Calf (often)/Stomach (always)/Other areas twitch/pulsate (small areas) to the beat of my pulse - Is this normal, what should I do?

Can a too tight pulse oximeter cause false readings? How tight is too tight?

Can anyone tell me that where is the precise location of aortic valve so that I can put the stethoscope in the right area. I find it at mid chest.

Can anyone tell me what's the auscultation-related sign of the aortic coarctation? I hear a thick harsh systolic sound in the aorta area. Is it?

Can feel pulse above my navel standing by pressing in, sometimes after exertion, sometimes not. 21 y/o, around 12.5 stone, non smoker Could it be AAA?

Can see a visible heartbeat in the abdomen, what is causing this?

Can someone explain why measuring BP in arms and feet will tell me if my small aorta is a problem?

Can strain (stretch) or other abnormal pressure in vegus nerve cause change in base line heart rate to 120 bpm?

Can you easily feel carotid bulb? There's a noticeable lump above my pulse.I'm worried it's my lymph nodes. Doc says carotid bulb. should I worry?

Can you feel the peroneal artery with your fingers? Can you feel a pulse from the artery?

Can you feel your arteries and pulse under your scalp?

Can you feel your baby's pulse in your neck? I was told this but i know for a fact its your carotid artery.

Can you tell me how is an apical, radial pulse obtained?

Constant pulsating in abdomen. 19 years old athlete. Have smoked and was prescribed amphetamines. How likely is it that I have an aortic aneurysm?

Dissection of aorta always hurt if u r attentive and it's because of sudden high BP? Can u c dissection on sonogram and mri?

Do docs use the diaphragm of a stethoscope to assess for femoral pulses ?

Do I check in my dominant hand/arm both radial pulse and brachial pulse?

Do the arteries constrict when u get a panic attack or do they enlarge? if u feel ur pulse much clearer in ur neck when training, do they enlarge?

Do you see a dissection of the aorta on a ultra sound test? I can get super high BP but ultrasound was Okey. Does dissection due to high BP hurt?

Do you think I should be worried that my pulse is at 105+ at rest?

Entire stomach pulses with heart. No mass and is not localized to a specific area. 19/m i'm 6' tall and weigh 225. Is it normal for abdomen to pulse?

F,36,slight overweight, non smoker. If I put a book on abdomen, I can see it pulse with heartbeat, when laying down. Normal or abd. aortic aneurysm?

Feel my viens pulsating all the time. Also bpm resting is around 45-48?

Friend told me that you can have arterial issues even when the pulse strength and temperature in the extremities are normal. Is this true?

Had a pulsating sensation near abdomen 9 mths ago that went away after a few hours. If it had been from an aortic aneurysm would I know by now?

Hand & arm veins have been noticeably bulging and fatigued, even when cold/inactive. Ultrasound shows valves healthy, but BP is low 96/59. Related?

How accurate is a pulse wave velocity test in determining whether or not a consistently wide pulse pressure is due to arterial stiffness?

How can I check for a "double pulse"? How will I know if I am feeling one pulse of 2? In my neck or wrist for possible pregnancy?

How can I check the pulse of my legs?

How can I measure pulse difference between upper and lower extremities. Can I do it by myself? I'm doubtful about a thick S1 sound at aorta area.

How can you differentiate the apical pulse from the other heart movements?

How do you find the apical pulse?

How do you take a radial pulse? I really can't find mine

How does one find a radial pulse?

How is possible to have different heart rate in both arms? Whats the reasons? Left arm 78 bpm, right arm 85 bpm, measurements at the same time.

How to count your radial pulse?

How to lower my pulse before I see dentist?

How would you take an apical pulse? I've heard this is the most accurate, but never looked into it, as my doc recommends I take my pulse once a day.

Howtoconvince cardiologist that I need an abdominal ultrasound scan for AAA?I'm overweight,rarely exercise. I can feel a pulse when pushing on stomach

I always check the character of my carotid pulse these past days the pulse has become less evident whilst the BP is still normal what could cause this?

I am 20 year old male with bp around 130/70, but my bp was up to 160/90 for a week. Should I worry about aortic aneurysm if I can feel pulse in belly?

I am 5'2 138 pound 23 year old with irrugular heartbeat .I feel weak and short of breath a lot.Blood pressure round 100/70 resting pulse 80.Is this ok?

I am a 21 year old male. For the past 3 months I have seen a very visible pulse right below my sternum. Can also feel at night. How likely is aaa?

I am a 33 year old female with a visible supersternal pulse for past few weeks. What's the likelihood it's an anuerysm?

I am a 33 year old female with a visible supersternal pulse. What's the likelihood it's an anuerysm? Bp normal, HR 75-90, no pain, 200 lb, 5ft 4in

I am a 33 yr old female. I have a visible and palpable pulse in my suprasternal notch for the past few weeks. I am freaking out. Thoughts?

I am experiencing pulsatile mass in my abd.I noticed it a year ago, it has gotten larger and the pulse is stronger. The pulse is very visible.

I am female 20yo, BMI 27. I have obvious pulsing in my abdomen & feel sick when i lie on my front, should I be worried ? I have low BP and pulse also.

I am to the ER three times, high bp, losing feeling in left arm, abdominal pulsations, what to do?

I can feel a strong pulse in my fingers when I wear certain gloves or a pulse oximeter. Does that mean I'm putting too much pressure on my fingers?

I can feel my pulse about an inch above my navel & hear it using a stethoscope. I also have back & abdominal pain. My BMI is 27.4. Is AAA a concern?

I can see my pulse bulging in my wrist, had an IV a few days ago, should I be worried?

I can see my pulse in my hand and there is also a slight bulge. What should I do?

I can see my stomach pulsing with my heartbeat when lying down. Is this normal? I am 24 year old male smoker, 6'2 and 182lbs. Im a medium build

I can see the pulse in my wrist is this normal?

I can see what looks to be an irregular pulse in 7yr olds neck to the right of her larynx. It don't match the pulse on her wrist. It is strong flutter?

I checked my aorta months ago and it was fine. I have extreme BP so I am afraid my aorta will rupture. Especially when training and now my belly hurt.

I get extreme BP and been afraid my aorta will burst.Made MRI and ultra sound of aorta and it was fine but could the inner layer have been weekend?

I have a pulse in my abdomen/stomach and is even more prominent when I put pressure with my hand. What could this mean? I am quite thin by the way.

I have a pulse of 125 is that bad?

I have a pulse/oximeter and its happend twice where it won't pick up my pulse what's that about? Also my hands are cold early am and at night?

I have a strong visible pulse in my neck when resting. Normal ekg and bloodwork, it just has me worried. Is this normal? I am 23 years old and male.

I have an av fistula in my left arm - will this make my pulse bounding or weak?

I have annoying pulsing in stomach and am scared its abdominal aortic aneurysm how do I know? Not in conjunction with pulse.

I have anxiety and I can feel my pulse in my stomach I've seen two doctors one do a xray should I be concerned about a aaa?

I have been pressing my carotid arteries every day for a year now to check my pulse. Sometimes just light but also hard. What's the effects? Clots?

I have been to the ER three times, high bp, losing feeling in left arm, abdominal pulsations, what to do?

I have chiari type1, when i lie down i hear my heart beats and the pulse in cervical vessels, brachial a. And small vessels of the head, my BP is normal?

I have noticed about a month ago that my superior labial artery now has a very easy to feel pulse. What could this mean/should i get this checked on?

I have random pulses on my body that are different than my heart, could this be a parasite?

I have splenic artery aneurysm, im not preg, its 15mm by 10mm, and I have been feeling sick all week no pain just sick to tummy what to do?

I have visable and palpable pulse in supra sternal notch also tender spots all around neck blood pressure normal.

I know it can be, but is it always cause for concern to see your pulse in abdomen just below sternum?

I m 20..Whenever i exercise or run..I can feel my carotid artery pounding..Its visible and embarassing..I hv all the test done for thyroid..Its normal?

I measured my pulse at both the neck and foot. I felt they are the same but there's a lag about 0.3 second between them. Is it considered normal?

I noticed my left chest shows pulsation. I dont feel any palpitation, and my heart rate avg is 75. What does the pulsation means? Is it harmful? Help

I sometimes have a fast pulsation in my neck near carotid artery, but it seems much faster than my actual pulse. Is this normal?

I started feeling a pulse in my left outer thigh like a heartbeat pulse and have had an abdominal pain by groin is this an aortic aneurysm?

I was just wondering what the average pulse is for a female between the ages of 12 and 15. Is 42 a bad pulse while at rest?