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Mitral Prolapse then Mitral Repair no Betablockers had short burst fast regular 120+bpm since my 20's few times a yr only symptom anxiety?Holter OK

1 second pause in heart beat than strong beat after. Happens alot through the day, never in a row and not during excercise. No fam hist of Hd. normal?

10-20 ectopic beats a day.Beats last less than a second, spread out by mins/hours.No fam hist.Norm Echo/stress/holter test a 2yrs agO. Should I worry?

12w4d, 175 bpm, I was very excited @checkup & felt in throat my fast heartbeat. Does mother's excitement have an influence on baby's faster heartbeat?

16. Just diagnosed mild tachycardia and just found irregular beat, cardiologist in June. Just now having sharp cramps in heart for 10 secs less on/off?

16. Mild tachycardia, just picked up irregular heart beat, is it safe to workout or wait a month for cardiologist approval?

19 y.o. female with 50 bpm @ rest. Feel tired a lot but normal ekg,echo, &holter monitor. Doc said its ok. workout 5 days/week (25 min). Normal?

2 echos 4 EKG Triponin level good. Feel heart pounding some skipping beats I feel this a lot lying down Why? Not anxiety. Been on Levaquin (levofloxacin) for 2 wks?

2 week holter only detected a couple of pvcs but i felt my more. What could explain what i'm feeling if they are not electrical abnormalities?

2 year old worked up for pvcs. Holter monitor for 4 hrs showed 3% pvcs,none in a row and many normal beats in between. Cause? Is this dangerous?

2013 Ectopic beats found on 24HR Holter Cardiologist said rapid bursts of 6 to 8 in between Beats now an again is Burst Benign Ectopics no thud, Agree

22 male. Had slow sex laid down after finish strong thud in chest which hurt for a second palpitaton. Had ecg, stress ecg, echo, 24h echo. Terrified?

24 hr holter monitor n a ultrasound of the heart, all fine n have been told its anxiety. Been given deralin 10 but i still get missed heartbeats ?

24 y/o make occasional heart thumping hard/palpitations when laying down.Echocardiogram clear ekgshows sinus arrythmia. Doc says that's normal.Advice?

24 y/o male. Told I have sinus arrythmia by cardiologist. Echo was clear. I get occasional palpitations.Like 4 beats that feel really "hard"concern?

24hr holter showed many skipped beats and early/xtra beats.What are these called? I feel heart pause,then sudden hard fast beat, very irreg n repeats

25 weeks pregnant and having heart palpitations for 3 or 4 hours straight. What should I do?

2d echo and ecg are normal but has skipped beat during sometimes at excersise and sometimes at resting. Do I need to worry? also heart palp after meal

3 yrs ago, visited cardiologist as i could feel heart beating when in bed. Had ultrasound, ekg, holter. Nothing, but it stopped. Happening again now?

34 M with perfect echo stress in Jan. Feel heart palpitations with mild exertion. Takes time to return to resting (60 bpm). Out of shape? Scares me :(

34 weeks pregnant my doctor found an irregular heartbeat that was beating erratic. Ekg was abnormal.Pac's and would say pair pvc's. Labor concerns?

4 the past wk, the littlest anxiety causes my heart to arrhythmia-skip beat mult times. Diet same, exercise reg for 1 month. On anti-hist. Ideas?

48 hr holter recorded 6 pvc's, 26 pac's but they seem to come with low HR, minimum HR 36, avg 65 pac's come in couplets mostly. I have MVP/trivial MR?

5 year old EKG showed 5 beats of v-tach. Now im having episodes of tachycardia which stops with valsalva maneuver. Dr. Appt 4 days away, terrified.

67years old. Svt prob.attrial tach. Rbbb. Fatigue and feeling faint at tiimes. Should I be concerned?

7 years ago I was DX with benign Palpitations (not sure if PVC or pac). Noticed at rest. Every once in a while i will feel them a during exercise.

8 weeks pregnant, the last two days i feel arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat. Viewed heart a year ago, all was ok. Should i be worried?

80 yr old on a 72 heart monitor. Cardiologist said he is skipping a beat 50% of the time. What are the risks of this? What might be next steps?

About 2 years I have had palpitaions..Always a short pause followed by a stronger thump and a lot of times with a burp..I have had an ekg, and an echo with doppler . All fine 2 yrs ago ..Just stress?

About 7 days into my 24 day challenge with Advocare I started having irregular heartbeat and a fluttering heart. . Heart rate 45. No symptoms before. ?

After a cup of coffee heart palpitations, fast heart rate 132 bpm. a month before, ECG, stress test, 24 hr monitor, ultrasound at cardiologist normal.

After dinner as i was talking to my husband my heart stating to beat too fast out no where 1st happend had 2 EKG before was normal . What could be?

All day today im getting runs of what feels like my heart skipping and fluttering. I've had a holter and stress test and echo norm except impired lv relax. Worried. Anything else mimic heart flutterng?

All heart tests normal. After working out I get one PAC that I can feel sometimes. Doctor says not to worry heart monitor less than 2% ectopic beats ?

Always have short of breath and fast weak and sometimes irregular pulse in the night and first thing in the morn. Had echo ECG all good. What could be?

Am young. I am worried about VT. I am starting to count my palpitations, every time I get palps I think it is VT. I have heard 3 palps is VT. Plz help?

Anxiety went to ER heart rate was like du du du slow down thump then repeat. Had ECG echo 24h ecg. Are PVC like the above safe after above tests? 21.

Any advice? I have been getting heart palpitations during and after period?

Are extra beats normal after myocarditis. ECHO and ECG are normal. Started during myocarditis, have them during exercise. Myo. was year ago. ?

Are multiple PVCs in a row dangerous - if all other cardiological workup normal? Sometimes it feels like my heart skips 3 or 4 beats in a row.

Are palpatations skipped beats or an awareness of heart?don't get skipped beats but heart pounds,body moves w to count pulse by looking @chest

Are palpitations in teens common? I have them occasionally. Sometimes with exercise, sometimes with rest. I am 19. Had ecg. Doc not concerned.

Are PVCs dangerous if your EKG, ECO and 24 holter tests are normal? I get them now and then last 1 sec or so and increase with anxiety.

Are pvcs more common during tachycardia? Strange feeling in heart then hard beat that i heard in my head. Was this a pvc? I get tachycrdia after meals

Are skipped beats or hyper dynamic circulation dangerous?& how to know if I have them or no

Are there any signs in the days / hours before a cardiac arrest? If so what? Can lots of pvcs/tachycardia /pounding heartbeat that persists be a sign?

As i am dignosed with the odd SVE Ectopic beat would a couple of skipped beats followed with a thump or thud in Heart be a Symptom of SVE? 2 Per month

Been having frequent PVCs since I was 3 weeks postpartum, I'm now 14 weeks pp. My PVCs go away when lying down, what could cause this?

Been having heart palpitations for a around a week now, i'll usually get around 2-3 flutters and fast heartbeat.Had clear ekg, chest x-ray, blood test.

Been having heart palpitations skipped heart beats for the past 5 hrs on and off?Was stressed out earlier but now feel calm but having palpitations!?

Been healthy, but started having svt's. How do you suddenly start having svt's?

Blood tests and ECG were normal but i still have heart palpitations.I've stayed away from caffeine but they won't stop. What could it be from??

Can afib attack terminate gradually? I have been in afib for 10 days but pulse now feeling more regular (with some irregular beats).

Can anxiety cause my heart to be suddenly extra sensitive to sugar, emotions? Cut caffeine/alcohol. tests clear, occasional pvcs/PAC's. They scare me!

Can anxiety cause slight T wave inversion? I ve had around 30 ECG during the last 6 months (everytime it was because i went to the ER after having a panic attack and feeling of irregular heartbeat). 28 times i ve had normal ECG but 2 times i ve had what

Can anxiety cause tachycardia with an extra pulse? My heart has always been fine but I was super anxious during an EKG this morning.

Can anxiety stressed out make you have heart palpitations (skipped heart beats) hours after being worried or panicked out . Once took breath away?

Can being on ritalin (methylphenidate) for 20 years give me svt. I no longer take it but still get pac and tach. Had ECG echo holt monitor. What's next?

Can caffeine kill someone with irregular heart beat? My cardiologists says a cup can't hurt but I'm scared . I miss it . It's been over two years .

Can classic SVE heart Beats also be felt for a couple of mins ,too, while angry or if stressed or exercise?(Diagnosed with SVEctopics from Holter)

Can doxy cause night time tachycardia /pounding heart? Cardiologist & EP say no, but night time tachycardia seems to flare up whenever on doxy.

Can heart beat normal all day n only at certain times at night before bed or while watching TV irregular heartbeats 15 mins then return to normal?

Can I keep a pregnancy with testing being done on my heart and having dsrhythmia or arythmia and or psvt?

Can i take alkaseltzer cold with irregular heart beat ?

Can i take salagen pills with sinus tarchydia and irregular heart beat? My rhumathologist thinks i'll be ok but i'm very worried .

Can i work with irregular heart beat and pots and fibromyalgia? And I have a positive ANA but they don't know why.Feel like i'm dying some days

Can improper breathing habits while being anxious trigger pvc's or a irregular heartbeat?

Can not eating trigger and episode of skipped beats? Also what would cause them 2 last hours every 3 seconds with a constant heart rate above 100

Can obsessing about my something being wrong with my heart cause it to beat faster? Had a holter done and Dr said there's nothing to worry about.

Can you have heart palpitations ( feel and hear pounding heart) 24/7 but it not elevate BPM, or show up on EKG or hospital monitor? It started after a round of Clarithromycin and happens everyday. I have bad GERD that started at same time. I

Cardiac moniter shows normal rythmn even while feeling skip or extra heart beats. Mitral repair 5 months ago, normal 24h moniter pre-op odd se beat ?

Cardiologist discharged me after review pleased with Heart But explained Tachycardia is no concern and bursts of 6-8 fast beats everyone has ,true?

Caught my palpitations on 48hr holter... But ECG did not reveal any changes during the palps. How can I feel palps without ecg change during palps?

Checked my heartbeats, there is random intervals (STOP) between hearts beats, i-e after 4,then after 8 then after 20 a interval etc. Is this a problem?

Complete cardio work up normal results. Occasional PVC/PAC. R they dangerous? They feel strong sometimes and I get so scared? Usually when relaxing.

Concerning? Yesterday I had a feeling in my chest like my heart stopped, then had tachycardia is this common or should i worry? EKG fine except SVT

Constant dizzy spells especially upon standing & palpitations! ekgs. Holter monitors, heart ultra sound and 30 day event monitor all norm. ?!?

Constant skipped heart beats for two weeks dr put me on atenolol should I be worried about these is that a good drug for them?

Could a lack of vitamin D cause fatigue, increase in pvc's (skipped beat) or other things?

Could panic attack/anxiety/stress alone cause a raise in blood pressure along with fast irregular heartbeat (between 100-130)? (it actually feel like normal fast heartbeats but with extra beat in between)Had tests cleared already (echo, stress test, ekg,

Could use expert help with why did EKG say "ectopic beat"?

Could xanex help pre mature irregular beats ? They are so random while i'm resting and relaxed.

Daily lightheadness constantly high resting pulse, over 100bpm irregular heartbeat came on 3 months ago is there something wrong with my heart?

Day 4 heart skipping and palpitation stress test came back good and im not dehydrated what could be wrong? No alcohol, caffeine or drugs. On monitor

Despite chest pain and lightheadness along with skipped beats /fluttering. 3 + reputable cardiologists say my PVCSs racing heart are "benign" true?

Diagnosed with the Odd Supraventicular Ectopic beat from 24 HR Holter monitor .Mitral Repair few yrs ago .Echo fine.Had a couple while lifting.Ok?

Difference between PVCS and SEV?I get about 1 or 2 that I can feel a day. Heart monitor showed they are SEV not PVCS. Cardio doc says I'm ok.

Dizzy spells and racing heart 36 wks preg with chest pains..had a echo it was normal . Wore a monitor only showed SVT . scared of heart attack?

Do people with arrhythmias have more abnormal heartbeats after big meals?

Doc found (48 hr holter) 30 xtrabeats from atria. Does xtra beats have to come from outside the sinus? How can it be normal if they don't come from sa?

Doc says i got pre mature irregular beats.Monitor didn't catch the vintricullar very fast beats.Im scared it happens and won't stop 1day and kills me?

Doc says I have asymtomatic pvcs I feel them he does not seem concerned, should I be, and does everybody have pvcs?

Doc says I have pvcs my pulse use to be in 90s til the beta blocker now it's good I worry a lot do I need to worry about tech scared?

Does everyone get heart flutters?Had two randomly today. Scary. Cardiologist did an echo within the year. Said fine and that I don't need event/holter

Does everyone have skipped or extra heartbeats at some point?

Does exercise or caffeine induce palpitations? I noticed that palpitations are more common with them. Am I right?

Does svt cause heart flutters while sitting a certain way are by your body being turnt a certain way I have been given atenolol to stop flutters ?

Dr said holter detected a fast heart rate but it was normal rhythm, nothing to worry about right now. Anxiety? Always worried about heart stopping

During a stress test while exercising they noted 4 beat runs of V-tach. How bad is this Arrhythmia ?

Ecg &stress test normal dr said anxiety.In the weekends i drink a lot.Sometimes the next day i get skipped heart beats but sometimes i don't .Anxiety?