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17 year old female with resting heart rate of 106-108?

7 weeks 5 days pregnant heartrate was 106 BPM is this normal?

A person with bradycardia will show heart rates lower than 60bpm during all day and all normal activities or just when resting? Thanks

And what is a normal pulse rate during hyperventilation?

Anyone know what is a healthy pulse rate when resting at 13 years of age?

At Dr's today, my heart rate was 130 bpm. Is it because I have walking pneumonia?

Average pulse rate adult?

Blood Pressure: 117/68 Resting Heart Rate Sitting: 75bpm - 85bpm Exercise everyday. Friend's sitting resting heart: 70bpm - 75bpm why? Heart Disease?

Can anybody give me advice to lower my resting my heart rate?

Can benedryl raise a five yr olds heart rate her pulse is about 115?

Can i feel my pulse in any(every) artery? What is the normal resting pulse? What can be the max pulse of a person?

Can i fly if I have heart rate in general hovering on average 50 bpm ?

Can overtraining cause an elevated resting heart rate? What would be considered an elevated resting HR? HR at rest is over 100? Tachycardia?

Can pain cause pulse to race?

Can pinch nerve cause resting heart rate to be 90-95?

Can pulse rate be different than your heart rate my ant went to the dr an he said her heart rate was hige an her pulse rate was low did she miss under stand him or is that posable

Can resting heart rate normally be between 54-60.I never noticed it before?Am not atheletic

Can you have a normal pulse and BP and still be in afib sometimes my heart is racing but my numbers are fine?

Can you tell me in an ecg, why does the amplitude of your heart rate and pulse change when one is dehydrated?

Can you tell me is a resting heart rate of 93 for a 26 year old female bad?

Can you tell me is it bad to have a resting heart rate of 77 bpm?

Can you tell me what you suggest if the resting heart rate is 72, calculate this persons target heart rate and vo2 at 60% of maximum?

Can your resting Heart rate fluctuate from time to time?

Could it be strange the my resting heart rate is lower?

Could potassium give you a fast pulse?

Could you help me please.My heart rate is beating 2 fast its ranging from 120 BPM to 149 beats can u help thanks?

Dizziness and fast heart rate BP is 157/97 ..F.22yrs.120lbs. What could be wrong?

Do you think I should be worried about this drop in pulse rate?

Docs, what's a normal resting heart rate for a 70 year old lady?

Does citalopram lower resting heart rate?

Does heart rate in the upper 40s indicate heart trouble? I'm 27 and always had a resting pulse rate of 54-68, until now. I'm not athletic.

Does it mean anything if my sleeping heart rate doesn't drop that much lower than my resting heart rate?

Does the amplitude of your pulse and your heart rate change if you were dehydrated?

During rest pulse rate is 55 why?

Few docs told me that I have athletic heart (ekg, pulse). However I do activities 3 times a week at most. Could I have some heart condition?

For days, heart rate, BP and near passing out from just walking. What should I do?

For what reason is my resting heart rate 96?

Good exercises to do on a daily routine to lower resting heart rate would be what? Son is skinny But his resting heart rate is around 90 bpm.

Have a heart beat rate 60 bpm, have left side pain tell me is heart rate normal?

Hear rate is around 90 BPM at rest . This has been the case for some time . Please help?

Heart rate 47bpm and bp 108/55 at pharmacy. Good?

Heart rate during the day is between 80-90 and my resting is 60-65, is this normal?

Heart rate per minute was usually in the 70's to 80's at rest. I am 60 years old and last two weeks HR has dropped to 63 beats per minute???

Hello. I am 21 years old and have recently have a high bpm. I is 126 at a resting rate. Is this normal?

Help! My resting heart rate was 50.. And the pulse of even said 45 .. I'm 22 non smoker .. Is this too low ?

Hi 86- to 90 BPM heart rate  for a 26 year old smoking man ?!? Is it normal ?!?  

Hi doctors,is it normal for a 60 year old male to have a resting heart rate of 57 bpm. thankyou?

Hi. I am an 18 year old female with a blood pressure of 90/60 and a resting pulse rate of 130 bpm. I have been feeling really dizzy. Is this normal?

High pulse beat i.E.108 per minute.

Hoping you can tell me, is heart rate of 90 BPM (beats per minute) too high?

How can I decrease my resting pulse rate ?

How can I figure my resting metabolic rate?

How can I get my pulse rate down?

How can I lover my resting heart rate?

How can I lower my pulse rate to 60?

How can I tell if my heart is tring or week BP is123over87 resting heart rate is 80 to 84 ?

How do I know my pulse rate if I want to monitor my BP with my phone device.

How does a doctor determine your pulse rate?

How harmful for your health is a resting pulse of 90 beats per minute?

How is resting metabolic rate measured?

How long is it ok for a resting heart rate to be at 115?

How many BPM should an 8th grade child's pulse have when excerising?

How might you have a normal BP but high resting heart rate?

How much cardio should you do a day to get a resting heart rate of 60?

How much should your heart rate increase from sitting to standing at 21 year old male?

I am 18 year old female and my heart rate is between 108-127bpm, should I be worried?

I am 23 and been having chest pain for a while now I was told it is inflammation. Yet, my heart rate increases from 75bpm to 135bpm? Is that normal?

I am 43 yr old female and my resting heart rate is always between 40 and 60? Is that good?

I am 65, workout every day fast walking for 1 hour. My pulse pressure is often over 60 and my resting heart rate 45. Any suggestions?

I am about 6 weeks 5 days pregnant and heartrate is 124 bpm. Is this normal or slow?

I am on cardizem for bp, palpitations and stabilize my heart rate . My heart rate is above 100 to 120 when i wake up. Should i tell my doc ?

I cannot donate blood because my resting heart rate is 102. What can I do to reduce my resting heart rate?

I get pvcs when exercise and when at rest. Alwasy feel them even when at resting heart rate . Heart dr said heart is good . Resting rate is 50-65 bpm?

I had an 24 hr ECG and at a time I was walking at a normal pace my heart rate was 180bpm and I was feeling breathless It was in sinus rhythm causes?

I have a fast resting heart rate. I'm 30 and female. I work out moderately. My heart rate is 95 on average and never less than 85. Is that too high?

I have a heart rate of 127 bpm when standing, I haven't been feeling well (faint) the past few days, is that rate normal?

I have a highresting heart beat so my doctor put me on metroprol of 50 milligrams but it is still high even while resting what else can I do?

I have a low heart rate around 45 BPM with chest pains are there any activities i shouldn't do?

I have a normal resting heart rate, but it seems like my heart rate rises to 75-90 after eating for hours at a time is this normal? Resting hr 50-60

I have a normal resting pulse of 85-95 beats per minute. I'm on my third day of a caffeine detox and have a resting pulse between 107-120. Why up?

I have a pulse rate that varies between 108 and 120, while resting in bed. Is this normal? Help?

I have a very slow heart rate (44 bpm) and it beats irregular. Should i worry?

I know 60-100 is the range for normal hear rate. But what is the best range for a heart rate at rest?

I may have pots, the increase is only 30 BPM when standing, how much could a beta-blocker stop this? Resting hr normal.

I weigh 70kgs and am 178cm tall, my resting heart rate averages in the 80's, is there something wrong with my heart?

I'm 17 years old and my resting heart rate is around 120 all day, is that okay?

I'm 20 and female and i'm concerned about my heart. My resting rate is about 102bpm and my resting resps are about 25. Bp is normal. Any advice?

I'm 37 and my resting heart rate after waking up from sleep is 56-60 on pulse ox. Is this normal? I'm not an athlete.

I'm 41 and have a restring heart beat around 60 bpm is this to low?

I'm 6 weeks pregnant. I know resting heart rate should rise in pregnancy, but mine has dropped from around 87bpm to around 68bpm. Cause for concern?

I'm constantly checking my heart rate for fear and anxiety. He beats 84 bpm whn im resting, is it normal?

I've got a resting heart rate of 30-40 beats per minute. Is that healthy?

If i can lower my heart rate by 12 BPM within 10 minutes, can I still be considered tachycardic?

If my heart rate laying down is 66bpm, and sitting down it is 78bpm. Which one of these is considered my resting heart rate?

If someone had angina at 130bpm would you expect angina everyytime the heart rate is 130bpm?

If your on a beta blocker can your v pulse be normal resting at 58 beats per minute?

If your pulse rate on the treadmill is above 160....Is this condition normal for a women of 50 years of age?

Im averaging a 100bpm heart rate. Im fairly active and 26 years of age. Should i be concerned?

Is 72 beats per minute at a resting heart rate a normal for a preteen?

Is 80bpm good at rest?