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My EKG reading was 54, could that be the beginning of bradychardia? My mom has a slow heart beat and a heart murmur. I'm concerned I will get a murmur

My father is a heart patient n hes heart beat is 25% is it normal ? Hes age 50 ..

My heart beats really fast for no reason sometimesand hurts. My dad passed away due to his heart that doctors originally said was ok. Should i worry?

My heart doctor thinks j have dysautonomia. I am 27. I am so scared it will kill me I can't function. Scared of heart attack. Holter recorded a PVC.

My heart flutters sometimes. It beats faster for just a few seconds. What is the cause of this and do I need to get it checked out? I had a murmur onc

My heart flutters when my boss comes around because i'm nervous. Is there anything I can do?

My heart is hitting my sternum and it's beating really rapid I'm a 16 year old female with history of heart problems?

My heart keeps fluttering on an off, it doesn't last long. I went to the ER before an they said my heart is healthy what's wrong with me :( please help?

My heart PVCs have started to get worse as I'm walking. But the cardiologist still can't find anything wrong with my heart. Still anxiety?

My heart randomly beats really fast and it hurts I have tetralogy of fallop(tof) what doesit mean or why does it cause it ? I had catheterization surge

My heart rate and blood pressure are fine but im having chest pains what could it be? Ive had heart tests and they were all normal

My heart rate is 120 but I haven't done anything but shower this morning. Even when I sit down it feels fast. I'm only 17 & scared of heart attack?

My heart rate its hight but yet when i did an ecg my doctor told me he would call me if my heart had any issues and i never got the call ?

My heart rate's been fluctuating quickly 80-170bpm for a week. Ekg and labs normal, mitral valve prolapse on echo. Burning in inner ears today. Ideas?

My heart skips sometimes but I'm afraid to ask my doctor for an ecg/ekg. Normally they listen to my heart for like 3 seconds and that's it. ?

My heart stopped beating during tilt test for 8 seconds after being sprayed under my tongue with nitroglycerin. Why ?

My heart thoroughly investigated- fine. But frequent PVCs/palps and fast resting heart 90-110bmp. How at risk am I for sudden cardiac death?

My heart throws PVC i can feel them, can this be a problem.?

My heart will skip a beat. I need to take a deep breath to feel normal. No previous heart probs. happens many x's a day. Should I be concerned?

My husbands heart has been racing for over an hour what could that mean?

My normal heart rate is about 50bpm. I had to get an echo. What are the drs looking for?

My question was I am having sweats after snyope but did not have them beforehand.I have a heart arrhythmia also.?

My son age 10 was diagnosed with slight irregular heart beat and slight high heart pressure what could cause this problem?

My son took a physical and did not pass.The doctor said she could hear a double heart beat.The doctor also said he has a low heart rate,should I worry?

My wife thinks I should see someone for my cardiac arrhythmia. Should i?

Need expert opinion on when frightened or in shock does the beating strengthen your heart muscles?

Need to see if anything wrong with my heart so what's a heart ultrasound?

Occasional PAC's and PVC's. Ruled out heart disease with cardiologist. If I have a drink of alcohol, is this dangerous? I get them with/without booze

Odd? I'm not very active but when I do cardiovascular work I can see the world pulsing in rhythm with my heart beat should I be concerned?

Palpatations of the heart. Are these just more signs of menopause, or are they something bigger?

Please tell me what happens when getting a heart ultrasound?

Potassium 3.7, costochondritis , and anemia after pregnancy . I'm stressed . Am I going to die ? Feel weak and fast heart beat . Echo normal .

Pulse/Heart beat can be felt in feet, hands,normal echo, ecg, no ishaemia in tmt, no issues in general its just i started observing it, bp is normal.

Pvc are back wondering why no heart dissese ?

Racing heart all day suffer aniexty get breathless too had ecg came back normal apart from rate scared sudden death?

Recent heart murmur, EKG says normal. Should I keep digging or am I good?

Resting heart rate 117 EKG has been done looks normal. I'm 28 female blood pressure good i feel palpitations in my chest?

Right after I had my baby 2yr ago, within the first 2 weeks I had heart palpitations. Could I have had peripartum cardiomyopathy? Can it just disappea

Scared of stress echocardiogram as get outta breath very easy how will this work when they speed up my heart ..?

Seen card doc he listened to my heart look at blood pressure and said I'm fine? Can he tell just by listening to my heart?

Severe aniexty tooth infection had antibiotics very dizzy heart palps scared I have myocarditis ?

Should I be concerned about a little chest pressure if I have atrial fib?

Should i be concerned if my heart beet is suddenly very fast so I am go to some physician, cardiologist and other doctor .?

Should I call 911 when feeling faint with history of cardiac arrhythmia ?

Should i get my heart checked? My heart flutters a lot at least 8-15 times a day if not more...Its starting to really worry me.? Could you please give me some answers....

Should I have my heart, lungs, and stomach regularly checked?

Should i see a physician for my irregular heart beat?

Sinus arrhythmia, when breath out and heart slows down it will do a slow hard thump and go back to normal. Not all the time. Had ECG , 24h ecg, echo.

Sometimes I can feel my heart stop for about 2 seconds and fluttering too. Is there a test that can determine if I've ever experienced a heart attack?

Sometimes i freak out and my heart starts racing. How do I test for asthma or how do I know i might have it?

Sometimes wake up in night with vibrating chest. Pulse ok & heart rate. Under a lot of stress. Oophorectomy 9 yrs ago. Going for heart scan soon?

Sometimes when i sleep, my heart starts to race really fast. Have a history of mitral valve regurg. Idk it may be associated with it or something else?

Suffer from anxiety anytime anything stressful happens heart feels funny had ecgs bloods X-rays doc days heart healthy ?

Tachycardia/dizziness/pvcs/sob getting worse. Cardiologist can't find a problem and says heart is ok. I'm not so sure. What's the next step?

Take meds for panic/anxiety, my heart has this pressure and hurts, fast beating all the time. seen a cardiologist said heart is ok. What can I do next?

Today during launch, for the second time after a month i had tachycardia+dizziness+panic. I don't have any cardiac problems but what is the reason?

Told by cardiac doc I have CHF, but not to worry. I don't believe that. What do I need to do for myself?

Told Dr I've beenweakformonths. Told him I wa afraidofblood clot or heart issue.Helistenedto heart n lungs ekg normal. Wh no further workup like echo?

Turned blue 3 times when i was a baby from heart murmur-now i get sob-do i still have a heart murmur? I'm 19 now...

Was hospitalized for irregular heart beat...After i was given atavan and feel asleep my heart went back to normal...Could it of been caused by anxiety?

Was told by my doctor have an overactive thyroid do I need to mention this to the cardiologist at hospital had heart attack 3 years ago don't smoke?

Wat would be the after affects of a heart attack? How would u feel?

Went to doc for heart attack systems 2weeks ago ekg and blood work good but still have the systems and I'm worried it could be my heart can it. Help?

What are possible reasons that my heart beats so intensely?

What are somethings that a person with a heart murmur must do?

What are the conclusion of heart trouble?

What can a doctor tell by listening to your heart. What are the chances of a 22yr old female to have heart problems?

What can a stethoscope find out about ur heart & lungs help...

What can be done to stop heart palpitations?

What can cause a heart murmur to suddenly get worse?

What can happen if someone has a tumor in their chest by their heart?

What can it be when heart rate reacts to everything too sensitive & extreme? Nothing wrong with heart. What controls my heart is overactive&unbalanced

What can it mean if your chest burn by the heart?

What can u tell me about extra heart beats? R they dangerous and what symptoms do u get when having them?

What cause heart burn while pregrnant?

What causes the heart too beat to fast in sudden cardiac arrest and makes the electrical system go crazy?

What could cause heart burn at such a young age?

What could causes a heart murmur in an otherwise healthy 17yr. Old?

What could happen if you held your breath when attached to a heart monitor? Would it show a "flatline"?

What do doctors listen for during a heart exam?

What do you advise for heart racing after novicane shot at dentist, is it normal?

What do you suggest if my cardiologist say I have no heart problem that is concidered a danger but the heart palpatations are scary?

What do you suggest if my heart beat is suddenly very fast so I am go to some physician, cardiologist and other doctor .?

What does a Cardiologist mean by saying that they may have to have your heart "wired" due to dangerous arrhythmias?

What does a dr mean when he say a heart attack is in the back of the heart?

What does a normal EKG look like versus an abnormal one from an undetected heart attack ?

What does heavy heart beat, breathing problem and shivering link to?

What does it mean if i can physically see a heart beat in my belly?

What does it mean if the doctor says that only 5% of my heart is working?

What does it mean if you can hear your heart beat? I've also been moody

What does it mean to have heart palpitations even without using your inhalers?

What does it mean when a specialists says its just a freckle on my baby's heart? no heart murmur though.

What does it mean when i put pressure on my chest by my heart and i lose my breath...i also have had moments of heart flutters?

What does it mean when the cardiologist says your heart is fine and then says you have plumanary hypertension he thinks.

What does it mean when your heart is racing really fast and do you have to go to the hospital?

What does mean when they can't find the fetures heart beat?

What exactly does it mean to have heart palpitations?

What exactly does it mean when my heart beats very heavily out of nowhere?

What exactly happens when you get cardiac catheterization?

What good is a king heart moniter realy good for?