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1year ago i did heart ultrasound, stress test &24 hr heart monitor all normal .Why do I sometimes still get heart palpitations with out of breath?

23 y.O no history of cardiovascular prob mild chest pains and rapi heart beat (130bpm). Heart attack likely? Drink 5 hr energy regularly

27 f, heart left arm pain for 10 days ekg normal cardiologist said anxiety. Did no blood work .Legs shake with fast heart beat .Heart attack related!?

27, Female. I have LAFB, and severe anxiety. 80-100 lbs overweight. Having skipped beats when walking up stairs. See a cardiologist, says heart is OK.

29 year old healthy male. Having heart pain and sometimes randomly feels like air being sucked out of me. Ekg normal. Heart dr. Says heart healthy?

29.Full cardiac work up.Cardiologist said my heart is very healthy.I know this does not mean I can't have a MI but it is rare for now?Stop worrying?

29/F/POTS. Scared of heart failure. Numb and tingly in the morning and weak heart beat. cold hands and feet.have ekg/echo/and blood tests all normal. ?

3 ekg's in 4 months normal. Hooked up to a heart monitor in the ER 2 times within 3 weeks was fine. Can i assume my heart is ok? I suffer from anxiety

3 months post baby, rapid heart beat, heart palps, shortness of breath, cfatigue. had normal echo done. Enough to rule out peri partum cardiomyopathy ?

35 M with clean cardiac bill of health. When my heart rate increases with activity, I can see my heart beat harder ( see chest moving more). Normal?

A Doc told me he doesn't think I have a RBBB a in heart and could be mitral valve bc he didn't hear a "click". I get dizzy and head rushes at times?

Abnormal EKG blood presure 122/80, heart skipping beats. Little pain dr sent me home stress test in the morning. Can I have a heart attack?Scared! er?

After 2nd round r-chop, swollen ankles, rapid hr. Are these signs of heart failure? Why doesn't cardiologist order echocardiogram?

All my life i was told i was healthy. Today my physician heard what she called "a tiny heart murmur" normal ekg after bt i get chest pain. Heart prob?

Almost can't take this. I have heart palps, but lately overwhelming fear of them and my heart. Dr says nothing wrong after echo c. What can I do?

Always out of breath, usually in mornings. Had heart and lungs tested everything is fine. Heart pounds. What could be wrong ?

Am 19. I've read stories of ventricular tachycardia and sudden death and am worried every time I have heart palpitations. Reassurance would be great?

Am young. Is it ok, if I rarely during sports get heart flutters,, happens rarely, and feels like heart is fluttering. No history of heart disease.

Am young. Normal ecg. Sometimes I get a strong heart beat in my neck few times. Is this normal?

Are Heart palpitations when breathing in during a work out normal? I had palps for years, all normal...but getting another heart holter next week

Are heart papltions and missing a beat the same thing?

Are pvcs as scary as they might feel dangerous considering you have no underlying heart disease and a normal eko ? Been gettin quite a few.

As of late..I have been having heart palpations and my heart races..I even hear what sounds like a thud. Been to er.Ekg and blood work came back good.

Athletic heart syndrome i thought that enlargement of the heart is very bad, is it no?

Because I have heart palpitations does it mean I will get arryhtymia ?

Been having episodes of resting heart rate around 140 bpm then goes away. Heart problems runs in family. Should I be worried.

Big heart beat under at solar plexus, should I be worried?

Blood pressure machine showed i had an irregular pulse 1/4 times. Been feeling weird all day (chest/throat). My cardiologist said my heart is healthy?

Both my kids have innocent heart murmur is it possible that I could have a heart condition too I have hypothyroid but my heart has sharp pain ?

Can a blood test tell ifu have heart problems and having cold arms doesnt mean heart failure?

Can a cold give u heart diesease or a bad heart?

Can a heart arrhythmia make you throw up?

Can a heart attack cause ears to go purple?

Can a heart that already stopped beating be shocked back into it's rhythm?

Can a person's heart hit their lungs when it beats?

Can anxiety and high stress causes the heart to seem to pause or skip beats? PCP says heart is fine, just nerves causing this.

Can constantly checking your heart rate make your heart race?I'm always checking mine and freaking out about it.

Can echocardiogram see heart tumour?

Can energy drinks give abnormal heart rythms? Can poputations be cured with heart sonograms?

Can gas have an impact on the heart such as an irregular heart beat or pressure passing surrounding areas of the heart? Male 21 smoker

Can heart Palps because caused by two issues? I had all kinds of heart tests. Came up as PVC from to much stress and cafeine butcould I have Afib to?

Can heart problems/racing heart make it difficult to breathe?

Can heart rate and blood pressure increase with an esophageal spasm? I panic feel like I am going to have a heart attack.Cardiologist says heart is OK

Can i still have sex with a weak heart help!

Can teenagers get heart murmurs suddenly and why?

Can the flu injection cause heart palputations?

Can you detect heart problem from a mere pulse throbing.?

Can you get a goiter in your heart?

Can you get heart failure at a young age with no previous heart condition only PVCs?

Can you go into heart failure at 23?No fam history of heart problems. Sometimes heart flutters try to eat healthy.Walk for 15-30mins every other day.

Can you have heart failure without having previous heart problems? I used to drink a lot of caffeine now my heart feels weak with no adrenaline

Can you have heart valve problems, if the doctor can not hear the sounds when listening to the heart. I'm having a echo done for symptoms related to?

Can you have palpitations that are not seen on an EKG or hospital ultrasound? Doctor said he didn't see any hard heart beating or fast, skipped, irregular beating. Could it be vagus nerve or esophagus from uncontrolled GERD?

Can you physically stop you own heart and breath??? It's a question on my cardiac test help...

Can you please reasure me with all heart tests I have had,that I have a normal heart even though I still get chest pain.

Can you tell me how a pneumothorax can cause heart to stop?

Can you tell me what you suggest if someone has an EKG and a heart sonogram, and is told thatthen, and the next 9 years, there could have been problematic changes in the heart?

Cardiologists orders me to stop lisonpril while I have abnormal heart beats? Help

Cardiology help please. 30, stressed, twinge in heart. Happens a lot. Doc mocks me?

Chest pain when i sit a certain way and after i eat I have heart palps.. Gerd or heart related? Been to a cardiologist it went good but still curious

Chest= very tight during/after swimming. Many skipped beats between laps. Heart function much better after asd closure. Why then these issues?

Could a heart attack be in my near future? Xray shows no heart problem but continuously having chestpains?

Could a UTI result in heart palpiations?

Could afib make my heart failure worse if i don't get it cardioverted?

Could afib make my heart failure worse, if i don't get it cardioverted?

Could an electric shock have caused me to get heart palpitations?

Could an MRI change your heart beat?

Could gad cause very stong heart beats but with normal rate.. I have normal echo and thyroid results but still suffers fronlm very strong heart beats?

Could heart murmurs come back after 9 years.?

Could I have s heart attack if my heart is fine and is good checked by doctors and blood tests are good.?

Could my heart SX be caused by "soldiers heart" or "irritable heart"? I have clear cardiac symptoms but heart is fine on tests. I am Very anxious.

Could steroids make the heart flutter?

Could you tell me what happens in a echocardiogram?

Did I have Atrial Fib. or Heart Trouble? I'm SCARED. My heart/chest vibrated, I felt weird, & cold flush. Was this a panic attack, or a heart problem?

Did my doc run an EKG because I was diagnosed with hypertension or was he worried about a heart problem?

Do i need to have my heart murmur checked regularly?

Does a hole in your heart cause vomiting blood? My boyfriend has 2 holes in his heart and a heart murmur would this make him throw up blood?

Does a resting ECG pick up or can it pick up your blood flow to thé heart or what can it say about your hearts health in general?

Does an echocardiogram tell everything thats is majorly dangerously wrong with the heart?

Does an echocardiogram tell everything thats is wrong with the heart?

Does heart arrhythmia make you throw clots?

Does hiccups have anything to do w your heart? Anything at all? Is it a sign of heart attack or cloged arteries stuff like that at ages past 50,

Does love make your heart flutter?

Does your heart really go out of rhythm with a hiccup?

Dr. Says i need a heart cath on both sides of my heart to check for blockage. I'm scared, is it really safe? Heart disease runs in my family

Dr. Says i need heart cath on both sides of my heart. Im scared is it safe? My family has a history of heart disease.Will i be ok?

During anxiety, my new girlfriend checks her pulse to make sure her heart is still beating. Is this?

EKG was normal, get very anxious easily, had heart palpitations for the last couple of days, bloods normal,?

Every night my heart rate comes up a little up to 85bpm. Normal heart after EKG echo stress test. Dr says it can be acid reflux or anxiety every night?

Experiencing a rapid heart rate after eating, which goes after digestion since a year,is this heart deasease? I have no other symptom of heart!

Fear of dying from heart problem.Had echo, ECG and holtor. Still have bad symptoms of cardiac issues.Where do I go from here, also high cholestesterol?

Getting a skipped heart beat here and there while resting, dangerous or of concern? My tests indicate a healthy heart structure and rhythm.

Had 24 hr ecg in jan all normal getting horrible feeling in chest scared of sudden cardiac arrest can I develop arrythmia?

Had a heart checkup 3 years ago, all well. Now I feel i'm having heart attack symptom. Is it possible for heart to deteriorate in 3 years?

Had a ten second EKG yesterday.I do have skipping beats.It didn't show.That night thought i was having a heart attack.Felt like my heart was on fire?

Had an ECG and an X-ray a month and a half ago. At er. Heart was apparently fine. Heart rate is fine. Yet i can feel my heartbeat in my hand how come?

Had ECG and blood work 2 days into virsl illness.Now heart racing and skipping lots. 3 days later is myocarditis still possible?

Have asd in said no treatment is needed for it. Otherwise strong heart. I get skipped beats sometime are these benign ? Or dangerous.

Having a slight heart murmur as a child mean i will have heart problems in the future?

Having heart palpitations randomly (last 2-10 min.), mostly at night before bed or if i get hungry during day. Dr also says I have benign heart murmur?