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17 weeks and heartbeat is way too slow doctor says its ominous. What to expect?

A few years ago smoked weed and heart beat extremely fast! It beat fast for a year and a half it hurts from time too time too permanent damage?

Abnormally fast resting heartbeat, what's wrong?

About 25 minutes into exercising I start to get a few skipped or extra beats (not sure).is it normal?

Advice please? My 22 year old sister has a heart beat of 41 beats per second. She is over weight and eats a lot is this normal or not?

After a 30 minute, is it normal for the heart beat fast, for example 100-120 beats per minute ?

After eating a good meal i feel dizziness and my heart rate speeding. Why?

After exercising my heart rate wasn''t only real fast , but a hard irreglr,  jumpn beat, ice water ?

After giving albuterol to my 17 month old baby his heart beat is too fast, is this normal?

After I masterbate, my HR increases and my heart beats really hard. I can then hear my blood 'swishing' through my body. This normal?

After pacemaker implantation the heart beats faster?

After running, heart goes fast and ever so many beats there will be a thud and the pulse slows, then goes back up and repeats. Had ecg, 24hecg, echo?

After stressfull aerobic, If I stop or squat while my heart is beating fast, I get 1 slow beat and short of breath feeling.worse with Jarring motions?

Albuterol makes my heart race and I don't like it, what else can I ask my doctor about?

Always get heart palpitations when im running or doing exercises like my heart skips a beat then beats hard for a second. How to.Stop.This?

Am 9 weeks pregnant my heart keeps beating really fast like heart palpatations is that normal had two previous miscarrages ?

Any remedies for a fast heart rate I can try at home?

Any time i eat my heart races for hours and beats really hard. Also slightly short of breath. What can cause this? Cardiologist doesn't know

Anyone know what is a normal heart beat per minute reasting?

Are svts dangerous? I have anxiety and benign pvcs that scare me into rapid heart rate but sometimes it beats fast after eating. Why? Very uncomfortab

At what age does a fetus' heart start beating?

Before using beta blockers i use to preform sex and notice my heart would beat fast, now it beats slow and sluggish, and really hard. Why is this?

Breathing is very fast & crackling and heart is beating very quick. What could this be?

But is this the same as having your heart beat fast from shock or from being frightened?

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Can a pounding heart cause sudden death? Normal rhytm but VERY forcefull and fast rhytm, with light headedness? Can the heart collapse from this?

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Can anxiety cause arhytmia? if im nervous, heart beat fast and if i try to breath very slow to stop it, it make it skip. Can breathing slow cause it?

Can anxiety cause faster heart rate? I feel like my adrenaline is up (fight or flight). My pulse feels a little fast too... Kind of nervous?

Can any one tell me the reason , why sometimes my heart beats so fast as though it is going to fall out?

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Can your heart beat super fast during sleep paralysis happend to me last night couldn't move talk and my heart was racing so fast. My rates normal now?

Can Zyrtec (cetirizine) cause the heart to beat more strongly but not increase heart rate? 59 bpm. I can feel the beat more prominently, like it's beating harder.

Can't breathe good after eating a heavy meal, and racing heart rate. 26 weeks pregnant, what does this mean?

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Could a heart rate of 200 beats per minute be tachycardia?

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Do symptoms like slow heart rate go away quickly?

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