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10 weeks 5 day pregnant the baby heart rate on ultrasound was 176 BPM. Os this a good normal healthy heart rate?

12 year old child has heart rate of 130, no symptoms.?

30 f resting heart 150bpm according to heart monitor excellent health heart rate drop to 80 when asleep is that normal? Full blood normal.

30 yr(M)-usual heart rate was around 65 bpm.Gave up coffee about 10 days ago, my heart rate has been around 90-95 the last 2 days.Shld I be concerned?

4 yr old has normal rhythm heart rate but speeds ups then slows down by about 20 BPM every 10-30 seconds. Also having single and multiple pvcs ?

5 year old has a cold and cough. His heart rate is 125. Is this normal?

6 weeks 4 days, fetal heart rate 128, should I be concerned?

63 years old diabetic one kidney removed and rapid heart rate. Ggood EKG good stress test. What else could cause a rapid heart rate.

Advice? Would measuring pulse show stress as well as measuring heart rate variability?

Afraid for newborns heart rate?

Always fast heart rate although my BP is always 120/80 but hr is always in the 105-120 range. what could be wrong with me?

Are heart rate phone applications accurate in measuring heart rate?

Are pvcs more dangerous if you only have them with a fast heart rate sometimes big and trig pvcs?

Are there racial differences in heart attack rates?

At 28 weeks pregnant why is fetal heart rate 88 BPM why could this be...?

At 33 weeks fetal heart rate is 162. Is that normal?

Baby has rapid heart rate of 160!?

Bradycardia? My 10yr old son's heart rate is too slow. Blood work, and echo ok, he has a holter on now, he has no symptoms. What could be wrong?

Can a cardiac MRI be done at any heart rate or will my fast rate be a problem like with the CTA?

Can a fast heart rate during a panic attack damage your heart? Sometimes mine can get up to 150 or even close to 160.

Can a fetus heart rate tell you the sex?

Can a heart rate of 160 while resting be simple sinus tachycardia or is is usually SVT?

Can a slow heart rate cause water retention? Just looking for some answers, as I have suffered for years with this problem, and know I do have a slow heart rate, also pac which they say are benign.

Can a stroke be caused by an irregular heart beat with a low heart rate?

Can a uterine infection cause dizziness in mom and fast heart rate in baby?

Can anxiety and stress cause a heart rate of 105-110? Not at rest but up and about.

Can anxiety attack cause heart rate to reach 180bpm?

Can atrial tachycardia start all of a sudden or have i had it all my life or can someone just develop a fast heart rate i'm f 30 no history of heart?

Can being asthmatic increase your heart rate. My asthma started to come back and my heart rate is faster. ?

Can cold medicine cause a rapid heart rate in children?

Can having a heart rate of 96-100 after a stressful day for about almost an hour harm your heart?Cause death?

Can heart rate of 180 (caught on 14 day loop) still be considered sinus tachycardia? What can cause this if it's not my heart? No exercise/anxiety

Can lexapro cause low heart beat. On 20mg and my heart rate gets down to mid-50's sometimes. Is this normal?

Can lightheadedness and fast pulse be a sign of coronary heart disease?

Can low vitamin B12 cause irregular heart beat?

Can my irregular heart rate be dangerous in the long run?

Can prednisone cause your heart rate to be irregular?

Can sinus tachycardia cause heart to race even though the heart rate is normal? what should I do for something like this? I am on no meds for this.

Can smoking spices cause irregular heart rate/ heart problems?

Can someone here inform me about my rapid heart rate? Only happens when I climb stairs.

Can sottopelle cause heart to race?

Can the thumb be used for measuring heart rate?

Can you explain if it's unhealthy to raise your heart rate to 180 beats per minute?

Can you please tell me how men and women's heart rate monitors differ?

Can you tell me what number of times does the heart beat in a lifetime?

Can your heart arrhythmia be passed on to your child?

Cause of increased heart rate and feeling of pounding heart in teenage girl for almost a week? Should I be concerned?

Child health, when a child has rapid sweating and heart beat?

Could bradycardia may caused by endocarditis? Or endocarditis causes always thaquicardy? My heart rate is 56-64 by resting. Im not athletic.Headaches

Could cardiac heart rate varies with age, kindly give figures, thanks?

Could you tell me why my heart rate will drop quite significantly if I have not eaten?

Could your heart rate go up rapidly or down rapidly during amniotic-fluid embolism?

Dad has been diagnosed with arrythmia of the heart. He has been in a and e twice in the last two months to bring his heart rate down. Is there medica?

Diastolic clock-making cardiac rate sgpt=120?

Do babys heart rates go up when teething?

Do bluetooth heart rate monitors cause cancer risk?

Do you get high pulse rate with coronory heart disease as on beta blockers and still pulse 60-80 at rest ?

Doctor said I have a "slow, steady, fetal heart rate". What does that mean?

Doctor, what cause irregular heart rate? Is it dangerous?

Doctors can't find anything wrong with me. But my heart rate is so high and I am weak all the time and out of breath.

Does crawling on the knees affect your heart rate?

Does everyone's heart rate change when breathing?

Does heart rate say anything about the health of the heart? If heartrate is normal then is the heart working fine?

Does heart rate variability predict death?

Does it ever happen that a sinus infection cause dizziness and fast heart rate?

Does it work if I monitor my heart rate everyday, I can prevent some illness in the future?

Does qt prolongation mean your heart rate is sped up?

Does your heart rate go up rapidly during amniotic-fluid embolism?

Does your heart rate go up rapidly or down during amniotic-fluid embolism?

Does your heart rate speed up when you are sick with a fever?

Don?T understand exactly how do you find your maximum heart rate?

Don?T understand how do you find your target heart rate?

Drop in heart rate is that normal, should I be concerned?

Elevated heart rate on treadmill. Why did they stop me?

Every time I have an iv bag of whatever my heart rate increases dramaticly. Even during a colenostomy and they had an iv bag my heart rate was 140 +?

Expert opinions? Which nerve speeds up the heart rate?

Fast heart rate and anaemia - any relation? What does this mean?

Fast heart rate around 100-110 bpm. Healthy and active, limited caffeine use, normal blood tests, EKG for heart murmur when i was young was normal??

Fast heart rate from cold medicine-anyone know anything about what caused it?

Fetal heart rate 8 weeks 139, is that too low?

Fetal heart rate at 8 weeks was 163 BPM but today at 9 weeks it was 144. Is this normal?

Fetal heart rate has dropped below 70, is this considered fetal distress?

Fever for five days and elevated heart rate. Is this the flu?

Finding it difficult to breathe heart rate racing?

Flu, body ache, rapid heart rate. What to do?

For a long time my heart rate has always been over 100 beats and that is resting too. What does this mean or contribute to as far as health?

For what reason would this type of heart not give you a pulse in your body?

Full cardiac work up was normal. Cardiologist said heart is healthy.During hot shower in the morning my heart rate increases&very rapid.Normal?age 28

Heart problem? I just experienced a normal heart rate resting at 80 BPM and doing nothing it shot to 230 BPM why did it do this? I am super healthy

Heart rate 115 otherwise ECG normal, what does this mean?

Heart rate between 40 bpm-50bpm echocardiogram, holter monitor results are normal, non athlete can my slow heart rat be due to genetics?

Heart rate in 150's showering? I'm 17

Heart rate of 140 in a 4 year old with fever dangerous? Otherwise healthy child. Beat is regular just rapid. Thank you

Help plz! Can psychosis cause heart rate to go up?

Hi I been having fast heart rates of 130 150 should I be concerned?

Hi my heart beat is98in night is it important for me?

High heart rate up to 198 with cardio, should I be concerned?

Hoping you can tell me, is 240 BPM heart beat dangerous?

Hoping you can tell me, is 30 BPM heart rate considered healthy?

Hoping you can tell me, is heart rate of 134 at 10 weeks for fetus bad?