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I have bouts of rapid heart rate, shaky hands, nervousness, & a feeling of internal trembling through my chest, back/abdomen, & random chest/side pai?

(6 months) occasional tightness in my chest and heart palpitations. One week ago I had a strong palpitation and started sweating. Is this dangerous?

15 year old passing out and sweating bad with heart beat at 57 ?

16 yr old male. Occasional chest pains, and random fast heart beat mostly at night. Had recent EKG and physical. Is this anxiety related or a concern?

After sex, I feel my heart pounding, shortness of breath, and it feels like anxiety, what's wrong?

All day felt bloated and short of breath.PCP says no heart.this happened 8 mos ago when I had similar nasal congestion.ANXIETY?Gas?Cardiac?Please help

All docs saying it's anxiety always breathless can't catch breath not loud breathing shallow and can't feel my heart beat always pushing for my beat bc it feels full my chest and Throat. Left chest when move has pinch past month diff Breath patterns ?

Am i feeling heart palpitations, hard time breathing, throat blocked, flu like symptom's?

Annoying chest pains and a rapid heart rate, should I be concerned?

Anxiety or heart? Today all day I've felt my heartbeat or twitching in the left side of my neck I have anxiety, healthy heart other than SVT

Anxiety, pvc's and chest tightness at night only. During the day i feel fine.?

Anxiety? I was cleaning and all the sudden in my chest it felt like my heart stopped I don't know if it did or not but I also have really bad anxiety

Anxious, stomach ache, crying, heart pounding? What should I do?

Are all heart vibrations sensation due to afib?

At least once a week I've been feeling what feels like heart palpitations,fluttering.Every time I feel that,I burp.Related to gerd?Esophagus spasm ?

At night I have a irregular and fast heartbeat with heaviness on my heart and slight loss of breath why is this?

Aware of my heartbeat.Couldn't sleep last night felt jittery and anxious, still do. Have acid reflux burning throat chest last night too. Related?

Been having constant heart palpitations (beating at 60bpm) worst at night with a throbbing pains around the body. What would be the cause of this?

Been having heart palps throughout the day for past 4 days. Also breathing hard when standing and chest feels like bronchitis. No caffeine intake.

Been lightheaded and chest pains for about 11 months, been to heart doctors and lots of others everything is normal.. Could it be anxiety related?

Been suffering from left hand side chest pains and funny beats in chest for 6 months. I do have asthma but my inhaler doesn't help. Heart racing also

Been waking up with chest pain and sob that subsides in a few hours. Sometimes my heart beats very fast n a painful pulling sensation in diaphragm.Y?

Belching constantly for the last two months. I have history of pvcs anf tachy. Can this be related?. Nothing helps the belching. What could it be?

Burping heart related, should I be concerned?

Buzzing or vibrating sensation in left chest, last for 10s at time, heartbeat normal. Different feeling than PVC (150mg Atenolol to control them) Help

Can a heart skip cause a cough? Or can it be indigestion which might feel as if my is heart skipping a beat causing the short random cough? Thx

Can a pinched nerve on neck cause belching a lot after a meal and rapid heart rate?

Can acid reflux cause a fluttering or quiver sensation in your chest? Or actually cause palpitations?

Can asthma cause heart palpitations? I've been having a sinking heart feeling post workout (lasts seconds), and wondering if the workout could be why?

Can chronic stress anxiety depression make your chest heart / full dull feeling and heart beat seen weaker shortness breathe headache lightheaded ?

Can Gabapentin cause heart palpitations that feel weird?

Can gas and feeling bloated triggers pvcs/pacs?

Can I have really bad chest pain out of nowhere? My chest is the only thing that hurts. Not out of breath or fast heart beat. I'm 17

Can intense abdominal pain from chronic pancreatitis cause a really fast heart rate? I keep feeling my heart jump and race in my chest after pain

Can mitral valve prolapse be misdiagnosed as anemia? Fluttering pounding heart beat, shortness of breath, shaking/twitching, pain in arms and legs.

Can nortriptyline cause heart flutters? 10mg right now

Can Nortriptyline cause heart pain or weird palpitations?

Can or does running help ease heart palpitations?

Can other issues mimic heart palpitations? I have continuous sessions of seeing, feeing, and hearing my chest beat. I have very bad GERD and wonder if it's my esophagus and not the heart? They both occurred around the same time?

Can symptoms of a heart attack be felt in the face?

Can you feel a difference chest Muscle spasm or heart palpitation?

Can you help? I woke up, unable to breath rapid heartbeat?

Can you tell me, are dizziness & chest heart pain booze withdrawal?

Causes for heart beating much faster than normal and you can feel it in your entire chest a sympton of anxiety disorder?

Chest burning and heart palpitations. Any remedies for this?

Chest discomfort random rapid heart palpitations?

Chest pain for the past 3 days and a low fever. Not feeling well. Only in my early 20s but worried if it could be heart related like a heart attack?

Chest pain left upper quadrant come n go shortness of breath racing heart beat . Asthma n a PFO help what should I do?

Chest pain, heart heart feels like it's.Going jump out my chest, veins unusually noticeable and I have a clotting disorder. What should I do?

Chest pain, short of breath rapid heartbeat, obsessive thoughts , burning sensations in chest, diagnosed anxiety and costo.Normal2dcho, is it heart attack?

Chest palpatations no matter what my pulse rate is and throbbing discomfort in both arms?

Chest pressure releived by burping. Lot of burping. Weird feeling on throat. Normal EKG and echo 4 months ago. Is this most likely my GERD or heart?

Chest tightness palps after i eat been going on about 6 yrs. Everyday palps all day if i drink alchohal very annoying. I need help?

Chest tightness, rapid resting heart rate 95bpm, dizziness, feeling of panic, cant catch breath, is this anxiety? Happening on and off for 3 years

Cold feeling in chest left side by heart and throat , palpatations, I am underweight. I have been stressed and anxious. Could it be anxeity?

Coldness in chest. Heart rate increases when I lay down. My chest hurts when I cough or laugh. It has been more than a month now. ?

Costchondritis what symptoms can I expect? I have been feeling weird palpitations and short of breath I have no heart issues

Could cardiac neurosis cause weird sensations and movements around heart area?

Could i be having a heart attck? I know Im only 20, but there is slight pressure in my chest, & im burping alot! I just have fear of any chest stuff..

Could I have had a heart attack? A few weeks ago i felt nauseous, dizzy and my heart rate was fast. I had chest pain. Upon standing my legs were weak.

Could my tooth abscess be traveling to my heart? Been having pains in chest with rapid heart beat along with anxiety

Could the feeling of your heart feeling like its beating out your chest be caused by anxiety?

Could this be a heart problem? I am 22 and when I lie down my heart beats very hard. It makes me cough at times and short of breathe. is it anxiety?

Could you tell me why my heart palpitations are getting really bad?

Diagnosed w/afib. Had a heart ablation for 4 mon ago but still feel confusion, lightheaded, chest tightness/pressure. Doc said afib gone but still sick?

Dizziness and heart palpitations..Have hadthem off and on for 4 years now..Feels like im constantly dizzy all the time. Had EKG and blood work..Norma?

Do esophogal spasms feel like a heart palpitation?

Does an anxiety attack make you feel like you're having a heart attack? Numbness in the hands & feet. Fast heart beat. Loss of breath

Does dizziness and shortness of breath mean I have heart disease? I am 57 and have been getting dizzy spells, shortness of breath when i climb stairs or walk for very long, and sometimes my heart feel like it is pounding or racing. I'm otherwise healthy.

Drs say anxiety i think its something else.Ekgs normal.Feel differently thru the day. Lightheaded, short breath, chest pain, palpitations, cough sensation?

Due to anxiety, I have been getting frequent heart palpitations where it feels like my heart flutters. Is this dangerous to my heart?

Ever since I was four my breathing is randomly interrupted. The muscles around my lungs and heart feel as if they had a cramp and I want to know why.

Every once in a while it feels like my heart skips a beat. Could it be due to my acid reflux or would that not be the problem?

Every time i may down my heart begins to race then when i wake up and am trembling internally and nobody can see it; but i can feel it. Chest up?

Everytime I stress iget shortness of breath and start to shiver and increased heart beats ?

Exercise causes to me chest pressure, palpitations and indigestion but if I stop most symptoms are relieved but why palpitations last for hours?

Experience tight band like feeling around chest, tachycardia/forceful heart beat, weak ... after eating. Lasts a while. What can cause this?

Experiencing shortness of breath, heart in throat feeling & feeling of heart skipping a beat for 4 consecutive days. Feelings come and go. Ok to run?

Fast hart rate shortness of breath runny nose wired feelings in the lower stomach aerea?

Fast, pounding heartbeat and short of breath. Time for exam?

Fear of heart attack - tight chest feel like can't breath, tired, agitated?

Feel like being hit in chest with after waking up cause? No sob tachy hist tachy palps hbp pcos

Feel like being with bat in chest & sternum tachy cause? Hist tachy hbp palps

Feeling heart beat in head and upper body shortness of breath?

Feeling tired, short of breath after mild activity. I still get palpitations, fluttering, heart pounding frequently. Why am i experiencing this ?

Fluttering in my heart, that takes my breath away, should I be concerned?

For 2 days I believe I've been having heart palpitations(first time)Sometimes very intense other times not so much. Happens every time I bend over too?

For months now I've had a constant feeling of my heart beating against my chest/short breath like drums its extremely uncomfortable doctors ignore me?

For the last few days, my heart rate has been higher. I have weird feelings in my chest and throat, palpitations, and I am tired. The cardiologist said everything is normal. What should I do?

For the last month when my pvcs start I have constant belching. What could it be?

Getting chest pain stabbing with every heart beat, lasts for less than a minute. Woke me from sleep very painful?. Worse when PVC beat occurs.

Getting heart palpitations that give me a feeling like I need to cough. I do have a bad family history of heart issues. Should I be examined?

Had a dream that scared me so bad when i woke up my heart was racing and the middle of my chest to the right was aching could that be a heart problem?

Had fast heartbeat, short breath, bad chest pain in heart area for 6 months now. Had no help from my doc. Should i go back? And what could it be?

Had normal EKG Thurs. Went in for pain in left arm, rapid pulse, short breath,tightnStill having symptoms, feel a disconnect between heart and body.

Had palpatations, and when I do even mininal things my heart beats faster and feel short breath.Had xray, EKG months ago was ok.Im only 19?

Had the feeling of pressure coming up my esophagus and my heart started racing. Could this be heart trouble? I have gerd.

Hard to breathe, heavy heart beat. What are these symptoms of?

Have been having heart palpitations for about 1yr but they now feel like a quiver. EKG was normal 1yr ago. Chest pain but rarely at the same time.

Have panic attacks where I feel dizzy and faint like BP will go up and sometimes have fluttering in right side of chest. Is the fluttering normal?