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Heart stops for 1 second and restarts. One dr says its anxiety and another dr said its not anxiety. Who should i believe? Ekg was normal

Hi, I have chronic anxiety and panic attacks that I live with. I get so many physiological symptoms:is a sinking sensation in heart/chest normal?

Hi, i was told that I have mild mitral valve prolapse, is it normal experiencing skipping heart beat? And anxiety / panic attacks

How can I avoid panic attacks and heart fluttering?

How can I determine if I have atrial fibrillation or panic disorder? During anxiety, 100-137 bpm.Relax 75-85 bpm.Take place only during panic I think.

How can I differentiate panic attacks or anxiety from heart attack if they have the same symptoms?Normal 2decho jan 2013, ecg, threadmill stress test

How can I discriminate if I have panic attack or angina attack? Both include chest discomfort, rapid or irregular heart beat and anxiety.

How can I stop my heart from racing after being scared?

How can I treat anxiety immediately (loss of breath, pounding heart, freakouts) without medicine?

How can you stop random attacks of nervousness?

How can you tell if the heart palpitations are from a anxiety Attack or something different. Had this yesterday with shaking, ?

How common is myocarditis? How can you tell between genuine heart trouble and anxiety induced palpitations and fatigue by yourself?

How do emotions cause real heart pain?

How do I control a massive panic attack? I can breathe, hearts pounding and my hands are starting to cramp. Please help me

How do I know whether my chest pressure that i wake. Up with is MS or if ist just anxiety. I have no history of anxiety!

How do I lower my b12? I have been having heart palpitations and panic.

How high can BP rise with anxiety? Can anxiety cause heart attack?

How rare is sca (sudden cardiac arrest) in people with anxiety/depression taking setraline 50 mg?

How to deal with nocturnal panic attacks? I wake up with my heart racing and feel as if I was going to have a heart attack.

How to fight panic attacks and their symptoms? I experience muscle weakness, lightheadness and shortness of breath after Anger , with normal bp.

How to know if it's a heart attack, hypoglycemia, or anxiety? Fast heart rate, chest pain, crying, fear, all out of the blue. 22 y/o female no history

How to know if palpitations are dangerous.or they only caused by anxiety?

How to overcome racing heart symptoms I get all the time?

How to overcome rapid heart after masturbation?

I am a 20 yr old male. suffer from anxiety. Occasionally i have heart flutter feelings. They most common during /after sport game. had ekg. is it ok?

I am having 4-10 pvc's a day. Normal? No family history of heart problems, but a history of anxiety, but not anymore.

I am having heart attack symptoms, could it be anxiety or my acid reflux?

I am really anxious about my heart palpitations/thuds/pvc, can me being anxious/thinking about them bring them on more and frequently?

I am still experiencing constant adrenaline surges. Will they give me a heart attack.

I been having heart palpitations for a year now. All blood and heart work up test are normal what else could this be beside anxiety n panic disorder?

I do have anxiety but my heart has been racing for 3 or 4 days. I had a anxiety attact the day my heart started to race but i lay down an fell asleep ?

I don't have racing heart or hyperventilation during my panic attacks. Only uncomfy chest, pvcs, dizzy & short of breath. Cardiac r/o. Possible?

I don't know if im having a heart palpitations or not because im constantly aware of my heartbeat.I also have anxiety so anxiety symptoms mimic hd?

I experience a lot of stress, anxiety and panic. I've been checked out (blood, thyroid, x ray, EKG, urine) for palpitations and the doctor says it's anxiety. What should I do?

I experience occasional skipped heart beats. My doctor says it is from my anxiety which i take medicine for, but still scary.Any thoughts?

I feel like I have a racing heart when i get up. 37/no smoke/drink. Echo/stress/ecg normal. Yoga regularly. Anxiety disorder. On paxil (paroxetine). No caffeine ?

I feel suicidal because of heart palpitations. Is there any relief for me?

I get HBP say 140/95 with panic attacks and anxiety heart rate in the 115 and up range at morning and bed it's 90/55 heart rate 50s is this bad?

I had an ekg because I'm having heart flutters. I have panic attacks but what would have made "widespread changes " in my ekg?

I had panic attack about a week ago. Yesterday i felt heart palpations and lost my breath but only last for a minute. Anxiety or heart problem?

I hadn't felt a palpitation before my first noticed one.Since then I've had bad anxiety/panic. Now I have palps a lot. Heart problem or just anxiety?

I have a bad anxiety disorder and notice that when I am stressed, that is when my afib acts up and my heart goes crazy. Is there an afib/anxiety link?

I have a feart of my heart stopping. And i keep checking my pulse ( it feels slow?) Is this anxiety? I dont have any heart conditions etc.

I have a lot of palps. I am totally aware of my heart and have severe anxiety and panic attacks. Could the palps be atrial fib or bc of the anxiety?

I have a phobia with my HR. I have no heart problems but when I work out and feel HR high scares me, I panic and cause anxiety/panic. What to do?

I have a Rbbb and suffer from anxiety. I was prescribed lexapro (escitalopram). Will this cause problems ? I'm nervous of having sudden cardiac arrest or death

I have anxiety and OCD about my heart rate and blood pressure. Can your heart beat go so fast you die? often when I see it higher this the worst fear.

I have anxiety and panic disorder and today after working out my heart rate was 180, and 100 at rest. I'm 18, female. Is this ok?

I have anxiety I'm on Lexapro 40 mg and is not working I've been have been having panic attacks all day long I shake all day shortness of breath?

I have anxiety would this cause adrenaline rush in throat and skipped heartbeat at the same time?

I have anxiety. Today I had a panic attack. I'm used to high HR, but for some reason my pulse was only around 70-80, plus no palpitations. Strange?

I have anxiety/panic attacks Ive been to see a heart specialist he says he can hear a murmer on my heart could this be the cause.

I have bad anxiety/panic my #1 worry is my heart&I'm aware of my heartbeat.I have at least 20 palp flutters a day.Normal ekg,stress & echo.Heart prob?

I have been experiencing these intense anxiety attacks! racing heart/mind trouble breathing. Is there anything i can do to make them less intense?

I have been suffering from anxiety disorder. I get fast heart beats and I burp a lot during an anxiety attack. Can you help me how to resolve this?

I have daily panic attacks where my heart rate can rise to 140BPM. My MD said its anxiety. I feel a need for a EKG. Should I worry about this?

I have had panic attack symptoms for 2 days now. My heart seems to be beating very fast, but otherwise I am calm. What do I do?

I have high anxiety I have at least one attack a week and chest cramps I have been to a doctor and just told to do breathing exercise is that all I ca?

I have history with anxiety attacks, depression and ocd. Can having anxiety give you chest pains or heart palpitations? I've had them all day today

I have low potassium could that make me have panic attacks or anxiety problems. My doctor did a EKG and chest xray and my heart is good?

I have no health issues other than anxiety.adrenaline is unbearable all day.Should i usebetablocker?Would it help?Best betablocker for adrenaline?HELP

I have no heart problems, I have anxiety and panic syndrome, I have had heartbeat before sleep and only at night, what can be???

I have palpitations and sometimes a pounding heart, i also have anxiety, how can I tell if this is wolf parkinson white or just anxiety?

I have panic attacks, heart palpitations, & severe anxiety. Could I have hyperthyroidism? I'm only 16! I also feel a pulse/twitch in my leg constantly

I have severe panic attacks&anxiety , I had cardio workup ,holter ,Echo ,all came back good , my heart races up to 180 during the attacks , I've never had SVT , can one go into svt from panic Attack?

I have severe panic, anxiety and I have palpitations. Single ones and runs. Ekg, stress, and Echo have all come back normal. Could I have a condition?

I quit smoking 2 weeks ago. I have increased anxiety, feeling detached, vertigo, chest pains, shortness of breath, and panic attacks. Normal or worry?

I recently had a panic attack and now every time I drink any caffeine my heart starts pounding and hurting?

I started experiencing anxiety about 4 months ago and while I have the panic and anxiety attacks I worry about my heart. I am 31 years old, female. I ?

I suffer from anxiety can having your heart race every other day to 120bpm when I get anxious hurt your heart?

I suffer from panic attacks with history of high heart rate. Last night I had shakiness, dry mouth, and arm pain along with it. Is that normal?

I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks. my biggest triggers are heart palpitations.I have had a stress test, ekg, and two echocardiograms?

I think I have anxiety what are the health risks for my heart later in life because of my anxiety I was curious what will happen to my heart. ?

I was sleeping just now and woke up with my heart racing . Is that dangerous or harmful for my heart ? My echo and ekg's were normal i hav anxiety.

I was taken off plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) because i told my rheumy about what i thought was an anxiety attack with my heart beating out of my chest. Is she right?

I woke up with my heart rate at 162 BPM and I was perspiring a lot was it a panic attack?

I'm 40 years old. I have been having severe anxiety for a month with panic attacks. I have just got my period twice in amonth. I get rapid heart rate/pounding but the stress test and EKG were normal. Could this be a hormonal problem?

I'm having heart palpitations. Anxiety is acting up I'm on busprione. No previous heart conditions. Is there a way to stop them?

I'm having very bad anxiety attacks what can I do my heart is racing ?

I'm not sure if it anxiety or if I have developed a heart condition. What do I do?

I'm scared I might be having a heart attack my left arm went numb heart palpitations troubled breathing what to do? I am known to have panic attacks

I'm sixteen no health problems, have anxiety, don't drink any caffiene, what's the likeliness of me having a heart attack? I'm terrified of having one

I'm suffering from pounding heart and paralysis. Could it be nightmares or a heart condition?

I've been feeling irregular heartbeats and dizziness, but I'm not sure if that's due to new medication or my anxiety panic attacks. What should I do?

I've been feeling short of breath with anxiety and a racing heart. What could this be?

I've been having palpations in my chest for over a week. My dr says it anxiety I don't think it is I have no stress ?

I've been prescribed levothyroxine. But it gives me bad anxiety, panic attacks, palpitations. Could my heart be bad? What can I do about anxiety?

I've been waking up with a rapid heart beat recently. I have anxiety so is it related to that or a physical condition?

If otherwise healthy, can an anxiety or panic attack lead to a heart attack if your heart is racing extremely fast during that panic?

If someone breaks out in sweat and shaking is it a heart attack?

If you are stressed/anxious throughout the day can that increase blood pressure? Not talking about panic attacks just anxiousness.

If you have a panic attack during labor and your heart is beating 200bpm is that dangerous? And what can they give you to calm you down?

If you have anxiety and depression but not at the moment could that still cause heart flutters? ive had many many heart tests and it's "healthy"?

If you sleep 5 hours only at night because of anxiety and panic attacks are you risk for much serious problem?Normal 2decho, ecg, stress test, endoscopy

If you're having anxiety/panic attack while having an EKG, can this cause EKG to be off or abnormal?

Im day 4 of benzodephine withdrawl and I can't stop shaking and my heart is racing! please help?

Im not a flexible person, when under stress and have a change in plans i get nervous and get panic attacks, rapid heart beats, trembling and numbness.

In a healthy heart can strong emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety and a rxn to a natural disaster cause a heart attack or cardiac arrest? :(

Increased palpitations and heart flutters general chest discomfort (no heart disease + normal echo) medication or un noticed subconscious anxiety?

Is anxiety or heart palpitations a symptom of ovulation?