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Can chest pain after angry outburst be a heart attack if it lasts for hours?

31 yr old female having constant heart flutters, tired, dizzy when standing up, very scared of dying or having a heart attack. Was diagnosed with GAD?

35M with good EKG. Doc prescribed 10mg citalopram for anxiety and cardio phobia. Heard can cause heart attack&death. Scared. Echo stress lipids good.

36M My doctor , after echo stress, says heart is fine, but I am scared of having heart attack and can't be alone . Ativan (lorazepam) helps No interest in life :(?

Albuterol can cause chest tightness, irregular heart beat, high BP, and anxiety. I have Irritable Heart Syndrome. Is this safe to take for allergies?

All heart tests ok. Developed anxiety after fundoplication,heart racing always after eating. Blood work normal.Vagus nerve?

All of a sudden I have a anxiety attack gasping for air then its allover in seconds can this be anxiety?

Almost an every day basis i get a pressure in my throat sometimes followed by racing heart and shakey. It's not a panic attack. I'm out of answers.

Always fearing I'm having a heart attack dr has ran numerous test to rule out heart so is it just anxiety/panic symptoms ?

Anxiety but not got the racing heartanxiety but not got the racing heart?

Anxiety depression and tremors and fast heartrate. What do I have?

Anxiety? I am a super healthy 16 year old. I have panic attacks last night out of no where my heart Shot to 230, i didn't feel scared, was it anxiety?

Are anxiety attacks and irregular breathing all from problems in your head?

Are frequent anxiety attacks bad for your health and heart?

Are heart fears common with panic disorder? While I know my heart is healthy via numerous tests, I can't stop worrying about every little PVC I feel.

Are PVCs from anxiety common? Dangerous?

Are there any non-drowsy meds for anxiety? I have anxious, racing heart feelings in my chest all the time. Not sure why. Besides exercise & therapy.

Are there any signs or ways to tell if a random racing heart is from anxiety or not before going to dr? No other symptoms with racing heart.

As soon as I lay on my back I experience skipped heartbeats. I do suffer from extreme panic and anxiety and have always had a healthy heart . Anxiety?

Began Effexor (venlafaxine) 37.5 bid 6 days ago for gad last night 2 hrs pounding heart skipped beats sweats chills. Scary. Not anxiety attack. Normal side effect?

Can a healthy heart go into cardiac arrest or heart attack due too fear, anger, exercise, sexanxiety or any kind of stress such as: natural disaster?

Can a panic attack cause dizziness, numb all over, heaviness in chest, shivering, taccycardia, and respiration of 40?

Can a panic attack cause respiration rates to go up to 40 per minute?

Can a vagal reaction cause rapid heart rate? Why does it continue to happen? Treatment? And no, I do not suffer from depression or anxiety attacks :)

Can anxiety cause heart murmur? Does it go away when anxiety goes away?

Can anxiety cause problems even if ur heart never races. Like can u have anxiety issue without rapid heart rate or panic attack?

Can anxiety eventually cause heart proplems?

Can anxiety give you a heart attack or heart problem? I can't exercise because i get shaky, weak short of breath during and fear it's my heart.

Can anxiety harm your heart?

Can aspirin cause palpitations nd anxiety?

Can atenolol intensify anxiety? Also cause heart thumping?

Can beta blocker make you short of breathe? (minax 50) or me having panic attack about heart attack again?

Can citraplex anxiety medication cause chest pain or heart issues?

Can constant anxiety and panic attacks cause broken heart syndrome in a 19 year old?

Can dysautomonia cause panic attack like symptoms with high heart rate (up to 185bpm)? If so, why does this occur?

Can everyone get heart palpitations with panic disorder?

Can food and chemical sensitivities cause high heart rate, chest pressure, nausea, dizziness, reflux, anxiety and panic attacks, etc.?

Can GAD cause sx even when one is not currently feeling anxious? I have heart palps, cog diss, feeling of impending death.

Can heart arrhythmias trigger intense dreams?

Can heart palpitations caused by stress/anxiety be painful or painless?

Can klonopin (clonazepam) cause heart problems or a heart attack?

Can mental disorders and heart palpitations have anything in common?

Can mirtazapine (remeron) give you side effects that can actually trigger a panic attack? Ex: skipped heart beats, shakiness and feeling weak? :(

Can my hyperdynamic heartbeat be related to anxiety?

Can my vagus nerve be the cause of my anxiety?I had fundoplication and developed anxiety thereafter all heart tests are ok

Can nervousness and severe anxiety raise bp?

Can palpitations resulting from stress and emotional anxiety result in sudden cardiac arrest? How do relaxants such as xanax (alprazolam) and lexaurin help?

Can panic and anxiety cause a low heart rate?

Can panic disorder and heart palpitations go hand in hand ?

Can panic/anxiety attacks occur without heart rate change? I've been diagnosed with pvc's and taking propafenone 300mg daily.

Can PVC be caused by stress? If so how can anxiety cause pvc? I have around 700 pac/pvc per day but if i have panic attack ill have more in short time

Can regular heart palpitations cause fear & weakness? Ive been to heart doc they say Im fine. Is it just anxiety or Afib?

Can running help alleviate physical side of anxiety such such as fast heart rate or Adrenaline rush and can it also help with fight or flight anxiety ?

Can seroquel (quetiapine) XR (150 mg) cause heart palpatations/trouble breathing? Can it cause panic attacks?

Can severe anxiety and panic attack lead to heart attack with physical signs and symptoms like chest pain?I have normal 2d echo with doppler , ECG resu

Can severe health anxiety over heart cause frequent heart flutters during the day. Have had multiple ekgs in the past all were normal.

Can social anxiety cause arrhythmia? In stressful situations my heart rate goes up and then i start to experience short and nasty beat irregularities.

Can someone have a cardiac arrest simply as a result of phobia. have plane phobia which manigests in restlessnes, racing heart fever. Xanax (alprazolam) not help?

Can troponin levels elevate due to stress, anxiety and such and cause chest pain but will not cause a heart attack?

Can waking up from a nightmare cause a panic attack? I had it happen twice where my heart is racing.

Can you get heart palpitation from stopping inderol? I was using inderol for performance anxiety and have been having palpitations for the past month

Can you get shock during panic attack anxiety attack anixety racing heart high blood pressure ?

Can you have a panic attack without elevated heart rate my pulse is fine but i feel like i'm having a panic attack?

Can you have an episode of anxiety that can give you shortness of breath 24/7 even if you don't have GAD ?

Can you tell me are occasional sessions of anxiety/ releases of adrenaline good for your heart?

Cause of my anxiety I am constantly checking my breathing and heart rate, how can I stop this pattern?

Chest pain due to stress, how inocent may is it? How to be sure it is panic attack?

cn nightmares cause heart attack? 22, no history of heart probs, frequent anxiety panic attacks, insomnia, BP normal, blood glucose normal, ECG irreg

Could anxiety be causing me to have a rapid heartbeat?

Could I have died/ passed out? I think i had my first anxiety or panic attack 2day. My BP during this episode was 151/100 pulse 134. Bp normal later

Could my heart fluttering or palputations be caused by stress from my boss?

Could someone get a heart attack from anxiety?

Could stress and anxiety cause months long of daily heart flutters in a 19 year old?

Diagnosed w/generalized anxiety . I quit meds after feeling fine during the day but at night pvc's, anxiety and chest tightness. Ekg 5 months ago good?

Different heart symptoms with anxiety?

Dizziness pulmonary embolism??? Exstreme anxiety just started propananol

Do panic attacks caused by anxiety cause your heart rate to change for short periods of time?

Do you have any suggestions for my anxiety but not got the racing heart?

Do you know if occasional bouts of anxiety/ releases of adrenaline are good for your heart?

Does being overtired and or stress cause SVT ?

During an episode of a fast heart rate, how can you tell if you're having a panic attack or SVT?

During day and at night, i've gotten hot flashes when I have panic attacks. Racing heart, no fever, only normal sweating. Is this normal for anxiety?

Earlier i had heart palpitations then right after i had an anxiety attack now it won't go away what do I do and should I worry?

Fast heart beat, insomnia, shortness of breath, anxiety, feeling weak while taking welbutrin. Is this normal?

Feel panicky in dream like state for 3 days convinced myself i have myocarditis or some heart problem bp normal heartrate normal?!

Feeling a strange heart beat, can someone please help me stop worrying? Is it just my anxiety, or is it a heart problem?

Feels like i've been having a heart attack everyday is this possible ? Or anxiety ?

First i had massive anxiety attacks but now the opposite is happening my heart rate gets very slow is that because of anxiety?like45bpm in the evening

Flatulent dyspepsia , anxiety and missing heart rythm please suggest some remedy?

For the last week I have had substantial heart palpitations, keeping me from sleeping at night. Can anxiety do that? For that long?

Greetings, is an almost narcoleptic feeling of exhaustion normal with chostochondritis, hypertension and a stressed heart?

Had an EKG about 8 months ago.Was perfect. Lately-feeling nervousnes, rapid heartbeat, suddennfear of choking, ect. They said it was panic attacks?

Had ekg, echo, &blood tests normal. Any reason to fear cardiac arrest? Severe anxiety & hypochondria. Nauseous and sweaty. 18 years old

Have a blood pressure of 112/70. Is that good? I'm worried that my heart will stop beating. Is this irrational fear? I have no diseases. Have anxiety.

Have extrasystoles everyday constantly. Had EKG said normal just need lifestyle change.Can anxiety cause constant extra beats? I have severe anxiety.

Having ruled out heart condition by cardio doctor then why do I get PVCS??They drive my anxiety through the roof!!!

Heart attack vs anxiety. How to tell the difference? When I get chest pains & short of breath how can I reassure myself it's just anxiety?

Heart palpitations (pvcs and pacs on 24-hour monitor). On ritalin (methylphenidate) (40mg). Doctors say it's anxiety. Should i worry about sudden death or heart attack?

Heart palpitations when driving. Is this a phobia?

Heart palps on and off for ten years. Ekg was fine. Really bad when nervous. But still happen at random times. More than anxiety?