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(1) Can hypernatremia be live-threatening?, and (2) Can hypernatremia be an underlying cause of delirium?

Abg result: mixed metabolic acidosis and respiratory alkalosis with more than adequate oxygenation. What's the meaning of this? Thank you.

Acute hyponatremia is caused by?

Alkalosis and acidosis--is there a visual to see how they work?

Anyone know what is a neurologic condition characterized by siadh and hypovolemia?

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Can you tell me how hyperventilation cause dehydration?

Can you tell me how the renal system compensates for metabolic acidosis and alkalosis?

Can you tell me how to distinguish between repiratory acidosis and metabolic acidosis?

Compensation for respiratory acidosis is best achieved by what?

Could metabolic acidosis be one possible cause of rosacea ?

Could use expert help with why a fever causes metabolic acidosis?

Difference between respiratory acidosis or alkalosis?

Doctors, what is the difference between acidosis and alkalemia?

Does dehydration cause hypokalemia?

Does respiratory alkalosis cause hyponatremia?

How are respiratory acidosis and metabolic acidosis different?

How can hyperventilation treat hyperkalemia?

How can diabetic ketoacidosis (w/ metabolic acidosis) causes respiratory failure?

How can metabolic acidosis cause kussmaul breathing?

How can the renal system compensate for respiratory acidosis?

How common is lactic acidosis with sepsis?

How could you expect this to affect blood pH and respiratory rate and is this a state of acidosis or alkalosis?

How do we treat lactic acidosis ?

How do you manage hyponatremia?

How does high chloride cause a (non-anion gap) metabolic acidosis?

How does hyperventilation cause hypernatremia?

How does metabolic acidosis affect liver clearance of drugs? I.E. Should i stop my medications during metabolic acidosis

How does primary hyperaldosteronism cause metabolic alkalosis?

How does rhabdomyolysis cause hyperkalemia?

How does the renal system compensates for metabolic acidosis and alkalosis?

How ketone bodies lead to acidosis?

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Is it possible for diarrhea to cause the blood pH to indicate acidosis or alkalosis?

Is it possible for hyperkalemia and hypernatremia occur at the same time?

Is metabolic acidosis bad in pregnancy? I'm 25 weeks.

Is serum Osmolality typically elevated in metabolic acidosis/alkalosis and ethylene glycol poisoning?

Need expert help here. What are some ways of treating metabolic acidosis?

Normal CBC, CMP & electrolytes. Does this exclude acid/base problems such as metabolic acidosis or alkalosis??

Respiratory acidosis and metabolic acidosis in the same patient-how can this happen?

Respiratory acidosis and metabolic acidosis, which is worse?

Severe infection causes metabolic acidosis or dka?

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What causes lactic acidosis? Is it from metformin? How to avoid lactic acidosis?

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What does hypervolemia and hyporvolemia mean?

What does nacl do with regards to respiratory acidosis or any other acid-base imbalances?

What does this mean "high anion gap metabolic acidosis"?

What exactly is hyperchloremic acidosis?

What is clinically-induced hyponatremia?

What is clinically-induced hyponatremia?

What is euvolemic hyponatremia?

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What is hyperchloremic acidosis? What causes it?

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What is the difference between hyponatremia and hypernatremia?

What is the difference between uremia and ammonemia?

What is the result of metabolic acidosis if pyloric stenosis?

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What to do if I have respiratory acidosis compensating for metabolic alkalosis or is metabolic alkalosis compensating for respiratory acidosis?

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What're symptoms of pancreatitis, kidney issues, lactic acidosis & ketoacidosis?

What's hyponatremia about?

What's lactic acidosis?

What's the pathophysiology of lactic acidosis in von gierki's disease?

When you ascend to high elevation acidosis or alkalosis?

Why does primary hyperaldosteronism cause metabolic alkalosis?

Why does respiratory alkalosis cause hypokalemia while metabolic acidosis causes hyperkalemia?

Why does the overuse of laxatives lead to metabolic alkalosis?

Why is there an increase in bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) during a chronic respiratory acidosis?

Why the anion gap is not increase in metabolic acidosis due to ingestion of nh4cl or carbonic?

Would a normal CMP with electrolytes & kidney functioning rule out metabolic/respitory acidosis or alkalosis. ?

Would you have edema (severe) with euvolemic hyponatremia and would blood work be normal?