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Do symptoms of ischemic heart disease come and go?

A friend was just diagnosed with inflammation of the heart, is that a serious condition?

After a heart cath, can I develop internal bleeding? And if so what symptoms would i likely have?

Any reason a coronary anomaly would start causing excercise angina at age 17 when age 16 no angina. If it is an anomaly?

Are any of the antidepressants related to causing heart attacks?

Are the symptoms of congenital heart disease bad?

Are tiredness, depression and breathlessness signs of a heart problem?

Arm pain is a less common symptom of heart disease in women. What is main symptom ?

Can a symptom of heart disease be tightness only when lying down?

Can an enlarged heart develope in one day ?

Can congenital heart disease and impending heart attacks cause excessive sweating, esp. On the forehead?

Can gastroenteritis (without vomiting) cause chest pain or lead to heart disease?

Can gastroenteritis (without vomiting) lead to chest pain and/or heart disease?

Can heart disease cause a warm sensation in your throat?

Can heart failure from rheumatic fever improve or go away?

Can heart flutter be caused by chemo and menopause?

Can I have heart disease even if i don't have any symptoms? I am a 65-year-old woman with several of the risk factors for developing heart disease, but don't have any symptoms like chest pain or difficulty with breathing, could I have heart disease withou

Can most heart conditions be treated these days?

Can papillary muscle dysfunction be present with only a faint murmur, but no symptoms at all, no prior heart attack, normal echo & ekg?

Can psoriasis inflame my heart? what r the symptoms? I find my heart racing when I wake up. How do doctors treat heart inflammation due to psoriasis?

Can serious injuries cause your heart to stop?

Can someone tell me if sinus arrhythmia is a serious disease?

Can you describe chronic heart disease?

Can you explain the heart infections? How would someone get an infection all the way in the heart?

Can you have a normal EKG if you have heart problems? What types of heart problems would not show up on an EKG? Only symptom is swollen ankles.

Can you list at least five symptoms of myocardial infarction in women?

Can you please describe the earliest signs of a heart attack?

Can you please explain can common cold lead to severe heart complications. Is this sth that happens in stages or as a result of prior heart illness?

Can you please tell me what are some symptoms that your heart might be weak????

Can you see heart attack changes on a 3 lead EKG?

Can you tell me about any ideas to my symptoms: cough blood enlarged heart?

Can you tell me about the worst possible scenario for a heart murmur?

Can you tell me the usual symptoms of heart failure in and adult?

Can you tell me what are the symptoms of heart block?

Can you tell me which are the strangths and weaknesses of the human heart?

Circulation and complex congenital heart disease: what symptoms would be most prominent?

Could a person have heart problem symptoms for years and not be diagnosed with heart disease?

Could crease in ear signify a possible heart attack?

Could my heart "clicking" be a bad sign?

Could my heart burn be something more serious? How to tell?

Could not breathing be related to an enlarged heart?

Could you tell me what are the symptoms of someone has a hole in the heart?

Describe symptoms/treatments of a mycardial infarction?

Describe the disorder called an infection of the heart valves.?

Describe the features of a cardiac output problem.?

Diagnosed with thyroid disease. Heart symptoms of preassure in chest. Did the thyroid disease cause damage to heart or is it just symptoms?

Do symptoms associated with heart problems worsen at night (both when sitting up and laying down)?

Do the symptoms of a heart attack come and go, or are the persistent until the heart attack occurs?

Do viral infections cause a heart problem called pericarditis?

Docs, when symptoms start, how long until a heart attack usually occurs?

Does a heart attack always have noticeable symptoms

Does a normal EKG mean my heart is fine? I had mild symptoms of heart disease, so my doctor did an ekg. It was normal. Does this mean i definitely don’t have heart disease?

Does anyone know the name of the nerve in you stomach that can cause heart symptoms?

Does being vegan helps in decreasing symptoms of arthritis and heart problems in patients that had rheumatic fever before? It worked for me.

Does heart ailments disease cause swelling of the face?

Does kyphosis cause heart issues? Or c5-c6 herniated disc symptoms are similar to heart issues symptoms.

DR. said my mothers heart is functioning 28% only and also mentioned its due to a heart attack which is unnoticed by us. Please advise?

Echocardiogram said Nonrheumatictricuspid(valve)insufficiency. What is this and does it require surgery, symptoms include. Dizzy,weakness, chest pain,?

Enlarged heart --what are symptoms?

Enlarged heart caused by copd, what to do?

Have experienced many symptom of a heart attack, does it mean i'm going to have one?

Heart enlargement question. What are the symptoms you would feel?

Heart flutters that occur occasionally. Is there anything I can do to reverse these heart effects? How often can flutters occur before dangerous?

Heart problems I have been having for some time now exhaustion, aching all over my body fatigue, agitation, panic attacks, and lots of daily chest pain i want to know what could be wrong with me some of my ailments include, diabetes, epilepsy, hypertensi

How bad is angina and enlarged heart?

How can anxiety mimic the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, heart disease, etc?

How can I differentiate b/w heart pain associated with heart desease or heart burn?

How can I tell the difference between true breathlessness caused by illness and breathlessness caused by panic attacks?

How can I treat a congested heart?

How can you determine if my unexplained fainting is due to arrhythmia?

How can you distinguish between menopause symptoms and a heart attack?

How can you tell the difference between anxiety and heart related pain?

How do I differentiate pacick attack from hert problems?

How do I know whether the pain i'm having is a heart burn or something more serious like angina or coronary artery disease?

How do vital signs change during a severe asthma attack?

How does gastritis and heart related?

How does microvascular heart disease progress? What are the symptoms that indicate that it's getting worse?

How is congested heart treat?

How is heart enlargement treated?

How is heart failure diagnosed? What are the symptoms?

How is it possible to tell the difference between an esophageal spasm and a heart palpitation?

How likely is it that broken heart syndrome causes the heart to stop whithout symptoms?

How likely is it that fever and a heart murmur is linked to toothache and abscess formation?

How likely is it that for a fracture to the 5th and 6th ribs to cause heart failure?

How often and soon (tens of years?) myocarditis develop to dilated cardiomyopathy? Happens it only if heart is scarred during myocarditis? How I know?

How painful is a heart attack? And what are the symptoms?

How to describe a sinus arrhythmia and what does it signify?

How to find heart valves and the warning signs to be on the lookout for?

How to treat stress cardiomyopathy "broken heart syndrome"?

I am having jaw pain for two days... is it anyway related to heart disease?

I am not feeling like myself. What are the symptoms of aortic stenosis?

I am the nervous type. Have jaw pain can be a symptom of a heart attack? But what I also have tmj?

I have a heart murmur and a small artery and am experiencing problems. What can I do for treatment?

I have a heart related problem that takes more to describe than 150 characters.

I have a loud systolic heart murmur best heard in right intercostal space.I have other heart related symptoms.Wud this indicate a valve or hole issue?

I have all the heart attack symptoms, does this mean i will have one soon?

I have all the signs of anemia, but i'm worried about my heart palpitations.I do have gastritis, how does that make anemia more likely to be present?

I have an enlarged heart caused by copd, what to do?

I have heard that tingling in the fingers can be a symptom of a heart attack in women.Is this true?

I have pulmonary vascular congestion along with an enlarged heart. Is this something dangerous as one doc said it was nothing?