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chest pressure from the morning now it's night... before sleeping yesterday my heart rate was 50bpm I was concern so Now all day chest pressure why?

>400 lbs, edema legs/feet, severe sleep apnea, shortness of breath >50ft, has indigestion for 3 days laboring to breathe, sleeps a lot . Heart?

112/68 bp. 5 weeks preg. Is this normal ? Also been short of breath and chest pains every now and then. Before my BP had been in the 130s/70s

16 weeks pregnant with shortness of breath and chest pain while resting. I have a heart murmur, can it be serious?

17 year old male ekg,blood work, peak flow meter, chest X-ray, echo, all normal still have chest discomfort at times short breath, BP 117/80 ?

17. Have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Trouble breathing/can't breath well late at night. EKG and chest x ray were good. Saw a cardiologist. Anxiety??

2 days of chest pain /tightness. insomnia had ecg in emerge only prolonged qt interval. Could be lung clot even after 2 days of having symptoms?

2 Negative D-Dimer tests but extreme chest pain, difficulty breathing, exhaustion and rapid heart rate. Could I have a Pulmonary Embolism?

2 year old with fever of 104.3 and rapid shallow breaths. Pulse is about 160 per minute. Suggestions?

24/7 chest pain 6 weeks, near constant tachycardia palpitations shortness of breath past week. Normal ecg, blood, chest xray. Likely anxiety or heart?

25, went to 2gps and a specialist and says lightheadness and shortnes of breath are not physical,chest pain,no ekg, should i leave it as anxiety?

29 y/F. Shortness of breath, chest pain, pain while breathing, high heart rate, fatigue, blue nails, early nail clubbing? Normal hearttests, poximetry

3 weeks ago i had what the dentist called a norm reaction to local anesthetic, (heart pounding, hard to breath and panicky) and now im sufferring from shortness of breath. For 5 days. Related?

3 wkspostpartum, shortness of breath, difficulty projecting voice, feeling of tightness Had chest X-ray and ct scan, no PE. Possibilities? anxiety?

30yrs age.I am facing shortness of breath for 3 months. Doctors use stethoscope and say no problem. What can be the cause? Ecg normal.

6 month ago had ECG heart enzyme eco xray all ok. Now again short breth pain in chest mild cough w secretion iron deficien.Reflux, cardiac, anxeity?

70y.o male, wheezing, tightness in chest, lack of energy or appetite. Bp 172/84 pulse 82. What could this be and what do we do?

84 yr female b/p & oxygen normal. Fibromyalgia and arthritis, acid reflux. No shortness of breath but feels weird and weak.No hist of heart. No edema.

A Dr. sent me info via link but do these symptoms match HCM? Chest pain when exercising. Short of breath long time after exercise. Heart palpitations.

A friend has systolic murmur in the aorta, shortness of breath and chest pain. What do these mean?

Abd. Pain deep in my belly trouble breathing pounds with heart beat i'm 38 htn, chol ?

AFib no longer controlled by Meds. Having fatigue, chest pain, heart pounding. I don't want ablation. What are symptoms I can expect? I'm only 57.

Afib shortness of breath 86 years old started Lasix (furosemide) 40 week ago still sob on cardizem xarelto please stop the shortness of breath how?

After eating I have heart palpitations that make me cough and cause me breathing difficulties.I checked my heart and results came ok. What could it be?

After months of palpitations and racing heart I always eventually get costocondritus and chronic chesty cough. For 2 years. What causes this pattern?

Always feel like heart races and sob and nausea with little exertion. Excercise daily and had normal echo and ecg and lung tst could still b heart?

Am a 48year old woman having difficulty with breathing and heart palpitation. What could be happening to me and I don't smoke?

Anxiety or blood clot in lung for the last week and a half I have had a heaviness in my chest mostly on the left side along with shortness of breathe. Seen my doctor and said it was probably my anxiety/hyperventalation since my heart rate was 132 BP was

ANY activity on propranolol caused chest pain,dyspnea,dizzy.Months after stopping, pain&dyspnea again. LungCT&blood tests clear.Heart damage possible?

Ascites with irregular pulse and chest discomfort in 26 year old male with mild lupus? Is it heart failure? Pulse less than 90.

Back/chest tightness, difficulty breathing, faster heart rate. Chest xray, urinalysis, EKG normal. Still feel the same. Could it be my anxiety?

Been to two heart doctors and all test are normal, but still have chest pain, lightheaded, and shortness of breath! is this atrial fibrillation?

Been very weak and short of breath when moving around ekg, heart, xray all normal blood normal except one thyroid hormone low what can i do?

Ben having high INR levels 6.2 and chest pain with shortness of breath. Went to ER and they sent me home. Still having CP and short of breath?

Bloating inside my chest, exactly like a breathing lung, though I am not breathing. deflates and inflates my body. palpitations pouring heart rate. ?

Blood pressure 130/92 at 77bpm at 135lb at age 26. Is this normal for my age, could it cause shortness of breath, like asthma but lasts months.

Blood, work normal body swollen i look 9 months pregnant shortness of breath fast heart beat?

Bp ranges from 140/90's to normal. Can this cause shortness of breath and lightheadedness? Blood work, EKG and chest X-ray all normal

Bpm 46 (normal 56), indigestion, tight chest and throat. Could these be symptoms of a heart attack?

Breathed deeply and had sharp heart pain and short tachycardia. I had tachycardia all day due to stress. Should I run to ER.blood epressure is 110\90?

Breathless, heartbeat gone berserk at rest. Symptoms cyclical. Doc says not lungs or heart, Endocrine?

Breathlessness on mild exertion all heart lung n blood work normal I have lpr reflux read on forum it can cause breathlessness do I need more test?

Call 911 if racing pulse, out of breath?

Can a 450 lb man with sob after walking 20 ft be having symptoms of coronary artery occlusion? He becomes sweating profusely and very short of breath

Can a thyroid problem cause tenderness in legs, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, rapid and slow heart rate?

Can Allegra (fexofenadine) cause shortness of breath only when walking up the stairs? Last month I had a normal chest X-ray, Ekg, and blood work up.

Can an anxiety attack cause you to cough to the point that you are gasping for air? Symptoms are, rapid heart beat, difficulty breathing.

Can anxiety cause constant chest burning and shortness of breath? Many tests . . . If heart is ruled out should I go the mental health route?

Can anxiety constantly mimic symptoms of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy such as shortness of breath lying flat fatigue. No hit in echo ekg/no famhistory.

Can anxiety really cause you to be short of breath? I have felt short of breath for over two years now the doctors checked my heart and i did a lung function test to check for asthma which both came back fine. The doctor then told me I have anxiety and ga

Can chest pain be a symptom of sustained ventricular tachycardias?

Can continuous pressure on the chest cause the hearts rhythm to change?

Can depression cause shortness of breath without hyperventilating? Have had a clear chest X-ray, blood work and EKG over the past 12 months

Can extreme shortness of breath and heart rate fluctuations when laying down at night just be anxiety? Sometimes it occurs just sitting still. Cant sleep without being propped up. I have purple fingernails and toenails and a history of heart palpitations.

Can GERD cause shortnes of breath feeling like heart bumping with heart rate up to 105 specialy after eating? All cardiac & lung test ok.BP ok.

Can having high heart rate and chest and lung pain and coughing your body be telling you that you are over doing it?

Can long term anxiety cause continuing shortness of breath? Pulse ox ok, chest xray ok. Echo ok, but sob when walking always thinking about my breathi

Can nadolol 10mg bid cause slight shortness of breath when i don't have a history of breathing issues? I was prescribed it for pots and having sob at times

Can restless legs cause heart problems or gasping for breath?

Can severe gastritis cause heart racing issues and shortness of breathe?

Can shortness of breath be attributed to fibromyalgia? Pfts normal. Sats 100% echo pending..Not anxiety. Stumped!

Can symptoms of pulmonary embolism (chest tightness, heart palpitations) come and go, or will they be constant if it's a dangerous pe clot?

Can the thyroid cause symptoms of heart pain and shortness of breath?

Can your heart and breath STOP??? without any cause or injures...

Chest heaviness, palpatations when i lean or bend over along with increase heart rate?

Chest pain and pressure. shortness of breath sometimes. ekg normal. could it be anxiety? or pulmonary embolism? any suggestions of tests to rule out

Chest pain and vomiting? Always have a high heart rate over 100bpm but in pain and have sickness, had many ECGs because of HR but always ok?

Chest pain in middle chest after eating blood pressure 135/76 pulse 82 oxygen saturation 96% could this be heart attack been hurting for thirty minute?

Chest pain when breathing especially lying down, heart rate jumping from 100-120 dizzy, sweaty. 20 year old female ?

Chest pains chest very tight. I have asthma and COPD. No history of heart problems. My heartbeat per minute is between 60 to 66. Please help ASAP ?

Chest pressure. Heart rate jumps from 65 to 135 with mild exertion. Chest pressure for two days. 40 yr old female. . ?

Chest tightness and some shortness of breath, no heart problems found, doc said slightly hyperinflated lungs with 100% o2 sat is this bad?

Chest tightness, shortness of breath and nausea, last test cardiac angiogram but having diff. getting HR down without getting BP too low, what next?

Chest wall pain during movement or bending my body.done ECG and ECHO.dizzy and tremble,shortness of breath.panic?

Climbing hill symptoms:shortness of breath heart heaviness sweating. Admitted to hospital ekg, stress test, no heart attack. Angiogram no blockage? Could it be related to gerd? Treatment type of dr.

Concerta with dextromethorphan for my cold has caused my heart rate to race shortness of breath... What should I do?

Consequences of below normal blood mch? Shortness of breath?

Coronary artery calcification...I take adalat (nifedipine) blood pressure ok but heart rate high 110 at rest ..feel heaveness on chest and shortness of

Could anemia cause heart problems like dyspnea, palpitations and chest pain?This happened after climbing 9 floors.I have a sedentary life though.

Could hiatal hernia cause trouble breathing when lying flat on back? My husband's heart is healthy-went to cardiologist but Dr had no idea why

Could it be Asthma or GERD Bloating causing wheezy chest ?When i am laying down in Bed at night or even Heart or Bisoprolol taken in the Evening?

Could it be broken heart syndrome if sob all the time?

Could low blood potassium cause shortness breath?

Could my hital hernia cause shortness of breath when eating. If so is it dangerous. If not could it be my mvp with heart murmur Help??

Could smoking cause chest pressure?

Dealing with random shortness of breath for over year, clear chest X-ray/blood work. Dr thinks it's anxiety but happen when not anxious, what else?

Diagnosed w/ heart murmur, symptoms im having; rapid heart beat shortness of breath chest pains dizzyness numbness of hands&feet;should i go to the er?

Dizziness when exercising(aerobic)...Sob and dizziness and chest pain when running what could be the cause? Hbp tachy rt minimal lung base collapse

Do adrenal tumours cause shortness of breath with rapid heart rate?

Do i have anxiety or panic disorder? Sob chest tight lighthead sweaty palms heart palpitations. Had EKG pft blood work etc done months ago. Retest?

Does a low-grade fever increases the heart rate in any manner? Doctors hear the chest to examine fever.

Does chest pain and trouble breathing usually mean a heart attack?

Does heart failure always show up on an eeg, MRI or Echo? What is the definition? I have severe chest pain, breathlessness, palpitations upon standing and walking around. Is that a definition of heart failure? Or does it need to show up on one of thos

Does thyroid hormone replacement cause rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath?

During my period, i get shortness of breath, fatigue, and heart palpitations during exercise. Is this normal? It's very scary.

Dysautonomia causes shortness of breath at rest, lungs n heart healthy. Is it worth trying oxygen?

Dysautonomia when I eat I get shortness of breath and air hunger? Heart and lungs / bloods all normal

ECGs over last 14 years show LVH +ve but even at 59 yrs no symptoms e.g. chest pain, palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath,fatigue. False +ve?

Echo had 'sPAP > 50 on excer'. Heart normal. Been dizzy, dyspnea, chest pain, fatigue and palpitations. Report had 'exer ind PAH'. Is that real cond?

Echo, EKG and Stress Test OK but heart won't calm down, breathing fast, air hunger & neck pulsates a lot esp upon standing up. What could it be?