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Low heart rate and I am not an athletic person. I also fainted two weeks ago?

Low pulse rate. I am 37. Not in great shape. At rest it gets. Down in the low 50s bpm. Should i be concerned?

Lower than usual BP and heart rate. BP 95/65 normally 110/73. Heart rate 58 normally 78. Low iron. Lightheaded, blurred vision, dizzy. No cold or flu.

M 21yrs old and having a weight of 102kg and my pulse rate always remains above 100 is it normal ?

Male 66yrs old, AFIB, bp137/90, heart rate 107, Go to ER or wait for appt with cardiologist 10/12?

Might have tachycardia, echo normal.Haven't seen doctor yet after results. Highest heart rate=140 whilewalking. Can i start working out again or wait?

Mild Fever at night.In AM I couldn't stop sweating.bp dropped very low and heart slowed,panic attk during and hands went numb.Dehyd cause if low BP?28

Mom felt nausea, dizziness, headache and had a heart rate of 47. She was sent medication for the n+d but was told low heart rate happens.Is this true?

Monitoring my heart rate. If I am relaxing from mid 50's to 60's. If I am up walking around 70-80's. 50 years old. Do cardio 6 times a week. Normal?

My blood pressure is 110/40 my doctor sent me to a heart specialist, because my heart rate was slow and low what are some options because i am 16 wks?

My resting heart was in the 80s and now i average in the mid to low 60s i lost weight and exercise is this normal?

My 14 yr old son has rapid heart rate. It happens only periodically but really races when it does. Should I be concerned? He's healthy & active.

My 15yr daughter's resting heart rate 126-132, with frequent dizziness, early am vomiting. Eats well. Labs, EKG, NEG. should I be concerned. ?

My 2 month olds apnea monitor is constantly going off showing a BPM of 234 and higher mainly when she is calm and resting. Should i be worried?

My 3 year old daughter's breathing rate is 23/minute. Is it normal? At what point I should consider that the breathing rate is high?

My 3 year old has asthma and is wheezing heavily. His pulse is around 130 bpm. Is this normal or should I take him to the er?

My 4 year old has an average heart rate 115-120. Has a sleeping rate 88-92. Actitivity rate 118-125. A week ago had a cold. Is this normal?

My 44 year old nephew is having frequent pounding heartbeat. Ekg normal, BP a little high(on BP meds), pulse normal(80), TSH normal...Cardiologist?

My 4year child heart beat 250+ why? What causes this?

My 6 year old has a resting heart rate of 198 bets per minute. He has no fever . Is this to high ?

My average heart rate even at rest is as high as 90 to 100 bpm, what is the best way to reduce it to about 70?

My avg heart rate is very high 170bpm+ when excersicing compared to friends. Hiwever im fit 60bpm resting. Im diabetic does that play a role?

My babies heart rate was 170 beats/min in 12 weeks 4 days, 147 in 19 weeks 1 day, 131 in 27 weeks. By this can i able to know the gender of the baby? If can please tell me the gender

My babies heart rate was 170 beats/min in 8 weeks 6 days, 166 in 13 weeks 1 day, 137 in 25 weeks. By this can i able to know the gender of the baby?

My baby's heart stopped for 15 hours no heart rate no movement no heartbeat then it came back. Is this normal? My doctor suggested steroids is that ok

My bf has a fever of 103 his resting heart rate has been around 135 since he has had the fever. So around 3 days. What should I do?

My blood pressure gets up to 140/90 with heart rate of 90-100, but during the morning and late night 100/60 with heart rate of 60-70 is this normal?

My blood pressure is 140/90, heart palpitation, age 33, weight 80kg, did ECG which is clear?

My blood pressure is 147/103 my heart rate is 107, bad headache on the left side only & heart skipping a beat I am 45 female, do I need to go to hospital

My blood pressure is 86 and my heart rate is 50 bpm. Blood test normal. I Eat healthy, workout, but I don't eat enough. Are these stats safe?

My BP continues to run high today's numbers are 171/113 with a heart rate of 69. All I am doing is sitting on the couch. What should I do.

My BP goes up to about 135-150/70 immediately after exercise then drops to 118/65 shortly after. Heart rate drops to 50. Is this normal?

My BP is 125/67 Pulse 54 at 11.25amm. I am always so tired and need to sleep. My husband thinks I'm very lazy. I have Congestive Cardiac Failure contr?

My BP is 141/93 with heart rate of 84 BPM and i'm 39 yrs old. How bad is it? Sometimes upon standing i get a head rush...I do have a lot of anxiety.

My BP is 90/120. 21 years old. Feels breathless after smoking. Heart BPM goes more than 85 but less than 105 sometimes. Breathlessness not evrytme?

My BP is 93/64 is that right & pulse rate is 84 plz suggest me on my diet as well Waiting for ur reply..thanx?

My BP usuallty around 120/80. After doing exercise recently for a week, average is around 110 /70. Is it normal? What is normal pulse rate while zzz

My BP when I stand up is 120with80 and after I kept a heart rate monitoring for 48hours no tachycardia was found, I still feel dizzy standing up,pots?

My BPM is 66 at resting, wondering is this normal or good?

My dad 67yo, resting pulse is 93. Is this ok?

My dad is 70 and has a pacer (put at rate 75). His heart rate is 88. Is that ok?

My dad's heartbeat has been very sporadic lately, his pulse has been as high as 167. What could this mean?

My daughter (38 yrs old) had a halter monitor on for 24 hrs and they said her heart constantly went from 45 to 140 beats.....what's causing this?

My daughter age 5 month having rapid heart rate about 240 per this dangerous? mybabys growth and other activity are normal.

My daughter has an increased heart rate after a treatment with albuterol is this normal or should we go to the er?

My daughter is eight and has been on vyvanse 20 for 6 months. The last two visits her heart rate was 124bpm. Is this high? Could it be the medication?

My daughter, 16 has heartbeat rate of 104 when she was at rest. Is that ok?

My daughters heart rate dropped 5 hours before having her due to an epidural she is 2 now could that be a cause of developmental delays or leg probs?

My diastolic sometimes goes down to 63.Is it dangerous?My avg. Bp 126/72 , map- 90, bpm-64, and body wt.-61kgs, I am 68 yrs. Old.Suffer drop beats.

My dr referred me to a cardiologist for a high resting hr, blood, ECG are normal, no anxiety or coffee, heart seems fine, what else could be wrong?

My dr took me off atenolol. Now I have heart rates ranging from 87-148 when doing virtually nothing. Is this serious?

My dr took my BP sitting which was 120/80 and 95bpm and when I stood and he measured it my BP was 145/93 and 127bpm why would this happens?

My ECG and blood work are normal but my resting heart can get as low as 41 when sitting. Can a prolonged sedentary lifestyle cause bradycardia?

My father has afib, 70 years old, 5'7" and weights 217lbs (he says this is his current weight). His heart rate is at 135. Is that a good afib rate?

My father pr(45-58),bp(140/70),he take betaloc50,cordarone300 for Afib,he feel fatigue,is this due to bradycardia,what todo ?

My father-in-law's BP is 70/100 and my pulse rate is 57? His age is 65. Is it dangerous? What could be the consequences?

My father's ECG is normal. But when I checked his heart rate through Apple watch, sometimes for 5 mins. his heart rate is 33-40 when sleeping. Normal?

My granddaughter is 5yrs old, she now has a heart mummer with slight heart enlargement, her body has swelling and her last sed rate is 22. ?

My heart beat is 86 while sitting at rest, age 45 male, is that normal?

My heart beat pounds upon standing, shoots up real fast too, 110bpm or more. Why does it do this? Typical resting rate is 56-70 for me. V-tach? A-fib?

My heart beats 200bmp and more while exercising (joggin) is that normal? Is there any negative effect?

My heart monitor Records on it's own and sends, it will speed up and go down with and jumps around (numbers) could this be anxiety?

My heart rate always between 50 to 60 my bp machine Is reading 130/70 124/69 can this cause sudden death srydrom (sads) should I seek medical advise ?

My heart rate always in 110 what i do now it is normal and now.105dpm?

My heart rate at the gym today reached a very high BPM about 4 to 5beats per second after i attempted to lift my heaviest and i felt pain in heart?

My heart rate fluctuates from 80 to 105 to 85 and continues to fluctuate. I am nervous that my heart rate fluctuates this much, possible causes?

My heart rate gets high very quickly when exercising ? What does this mean ?

My heart rate has been really fast for the past few days. I'm not doing any greuling activities either. What could this be?

My heart rate has been very high (resting 110+ & general 140+). I went to a cardiologist & had tests but it's normal. What could it be? No caffeine.

My heart rate has dropped from 54 BPM to 44 BPM over the last month. I have had a cardio workup and everything was fine. What could cause this?

My heart rate is 104 I am 34 and my chest is hurting?

My heart rate is 106 now, was 115 earlier , i'm 16 weeks pregnant .

My heart rate is 108 bmp, and my breast is hurt?

My heart rate is 113 and my sp O2 is 91 I'm 27 year old femal Is that normal ?!!

My heart rate is 113 I'm 22 year old male should I be worried?

My heart rate is 138. should I be concerned? I normally have low bp, as well. But haven't checked it today!

My heart rate is 142 is that bad for a 25 year old female?

My heart rate is 180-200 while exercising. Is this normal?

My heart rate is 51 but I am not an athlete and i don't exercise regularly. Is it normal?

My heart rate is 73 per minute, am i pregnant?

My heart rate is 76 BPM usually before bed is that bad?

My heart rate is always kinda high. Around 116. Something to be concerned about?

My heart rate is generally somewhat high, around 80-90. Today i took my heart rate resting and it was 55-60. Is this worrying?

My heart rate is high today, im on diltiazem (120 mg) once daily and coreg (carvedilol) (6.25 mg) twice daily but my hr still goes high for no apparent reason.

My heart rate is higher when waking up around 80 to 100 yet when going to bed at night it's 50-70 why is this?

My heart rate is normal 140 to 160 I have chest pains and my rate goes up to 200 I have been to doc after doc and they can't figure it out i'm on med but they have stopped working?

My heart rate is over the 100. I never exercise and get fatigued pretty soon during exercise since i was a child. Why is my heart rate this high?

My heart rate is real low shoul i worry 40 bpm at rest, 24 yr old cardiologist seems to be ok with this but idk what to think? Help?

My heart rate is usually 80-90 beats a minute but today it's been as low as 58. I have a very sedentary lifestyle. What could this change mean?

My heart rate is very volatile. Without a beta blocker at rest it can get up to 150+ but with meds it stays at 50 & at night slips to 40. Is this ok?

My heart rate often slows to low 50s before sleep when very tired and have exercised a fair amount that day. Am not physically fit. Is this normal?

My heart rate ranges from 41-120 on the average day. Only noticed bc of iwatch! Flutuates constantly- not exercising: Is this normal?

My heart rate resting right now is 67 and i haven't took my remeron (mirtazapine) 45 mg yet fit sleep and depression should I worry about it going to low?

My heart rate sat down in day is around 60-75 i lay down at night it can be a low as 47 is another node taking over?

My heart rate shot up yesterday, I went hospital and heard the word SVT being used. My heart rate is really high and I'm not sure how long this will l?

My heart rate sky rocketed from 75 to 162 BPM because of severe stress. Am i sensitive to stress? Or is it normal?

My heart rate skyrockets when i exercise. Today i did jumping jacks for only a minute and my rate was at 180. Is that really bad? I'm 23 years old

My heart rate stays high even after long rest. What could be wrong?

My heart rate stays in the 60's even when I'm asleep and at rest. Is that too high of a hr to have all the time?

My heart rate variability at rest is extremely high (RMSSD >300), can that be a cause of concern?