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Is 88 a good heart rate during the day sitting down? This morning it was 67-73.

Is 92 to 100 BPM considered normal?

Is a fetal heart rate of 127 at 11 w 2 d normal? Tech said he/she was sleeping

Is a heart for a bed riden 50 yr old male of 65 BPM ok?

Is a heart rate hovering between 50-60 BPM safe? I'm now on diltiazem and losartan for hbp, and it was always in the 70-80 BPM range previously.

Is a heart rate of 100 normal for working as a waitor in a restaurant?

Is a heart rate of 140-150 an acceptable heart rate for a 5 year old with a fever of 102.5 and cough? He's taken mucinex and albuterol 2 hrs ago.

Is a heart rate of 43 during sleep normal, when a 34 year old woman has a resting heart rate of 65-70? Is that to big of a drop during sleep?

Is a heart rate of 43 during sleep normal? I am a 34 year old female.

Is a heart rate of 45-47 BPM normal for a 73 year old female or should this be addressed medically?

Is a heart rate of 50 normal for age 15 130lbs. No problems except dizziness when standing up.

Is a heart rate of 51 considered healthy or to low for a 76 year old man? And what would be the normal range for that age?

Is a heart rate of 54 'ok' in a 16 yr old female? EKG showed an arrhythmia which would be considered normal. She is having excessive tiredness/dizzy

Is a heart rate of 54 to 60 bonus normal for a 50 yr old male moderately active, I take benazripril, for books and simvistatin.

Is a heart rate of 65 bad for a 17 year old male?

Is a heart rate of 97 for a baby with bpd normal while sleeping? she usually has a heart rate of about 147 while sleeping

Is a heartbeat rate of 52 per minute a problem?

Is a high pulse rate a sign of good health after you go running?

Is a low 60's heart rate common in a very sport active 14 year old female?

Is a low heart rate while exercising healthful?

Is a low heart rate while exercising useless in terms of benefit?

Is a low resting heart rate in an overweight person cause for concern? 55 right now laying down. 60lbs over weight. Taking lexapro (escitalopram) 20 mg

Is a pulse rate of 105 normal for a 15 year old girl?

Is a pulse rate of 50 in male aged 67 dangerous while on chemo ?

Is a resting heart bear of between 52 to 55 good for a 24 yearold who is 5ft 9 and 10 stone 5. As the average is 70 to 90 I been told?

Is a resting heart rate at night from 55-60 normal? I do exercise at least 5 days a week but I haven't in a month due to injury. I am 28.

Is a resting heart rate of 120bpm bad for a 19yr old otherwise generally healthy female?

Is a resting pulse of 48 on a 22 yo male healthy?

Is a resting pulse of 59 to 65 good ? Im 21 and on klonopin and inderal (propranolol) and have changed my diet and my pulse is staying at that rate while resting?

Is a resting pulse rate of 91 high for a 20 year old female who is mildly physically active?

Is a sudden raise of the heart beat for like 66 BPM to 95 bpm, during 10 seconds, at rest and for no reason, considered an arrithmia and dangerous?

Is abnormal pulse rate(around 115bpm) and taking Ciprofloxacin related? I took my last dose 2 days back and today I am feeling abnormal pulse rate.

Is an average heartrate of 98 to 110 beats considered high?

Is an elevated heart rate of 100-115bpm dangerous for my baby brought on by episodes of stress occasionally? 24 weeks pregnant.

Is blood pressure 130/85 with a heart rate of 69 bpm good in a 26 year old male?

Is blood pressure at 157/107 high or just average also my heart rate fast i'm 43 have a lot of stress at the minute and makes me feel unwell?

Is bradycardia a problem if it only happens at rest. I am 28, not an athlete but not overweight. Resting rate is between 40 and 50.

Is exercising at a pulse rate of 180 dangerous for a fit 47 year old male? I exercise daily

Is exercising on a machine for 30 minutes at my target heart rate good?

Is GNC mens ripped Vitapak program (non stimulant) good for a 23 year old male with a slight heart murmur and bicuspid aorta?

Is having a highest heart beat of 85 & lowest 64 a good sign? Can it be improved? I'm a 34 y /o female.

IS heart rate of 86 beats a minute high for a 44 smoking female?

Is heart rate recovery a good way to test for clogged arteries? After elevating my heart rate due to exercise HR typically 30-35 BPM less after 1 min.

Is it a good idea to raise your heart rate if you're trying to lose weight?

Is it an increased heart rate or actual body heat that causes you to burn calories?

Is it at all normal or ok to wake up with a BPM of 68 or 70 & then minutes later raise to low80's? My rate usualy faster than 68. Scared.Is this ok?

Is it better to have a higher heart rate working out or just go with what is comfortable?

Is it considered unhealthy to exercise above your target heart rate?

Is it normal for a 22yr old lying down heart rate to be 50 even if doesn't do much exercise? Had ecgs etc sat hr is 60

Is it normal for a female 37 years old 90 lbs overweight to have a heart rate of 120 when walking semi-fast while shopping?

Is it normal for a non athletic 29yo female to have a resting hr between 55-60? No cardiac history and recent work up was good.

Is it normal for an overweight person to have a resting heart rate 51-53 upon waking up and lying in bed and 58-61 during the day at rest? 19 female

Is it normal for heart rate to be around 120 when just walking around doing things in the house? BP is 117/66 I'm 35 years old.

Is it normal for me to get anxious before I take my blood pressure my heart rate is about 83 then slowly goes from 70's to 60's every other test?

Is it normal for me to heart my own heartbeat or to be consciously aware of it? It's daily but non-24. Slightly anemic and BP 110/65. Bmi is 20.

Is it normal for my heart rate to be 52 beats/minute? I'm 17 and fairly athletic. I workout at least 4 days a week.

Is it normal for my heart rate to drop while resting? 26, overweight, non-smoker, and no health issues. Heart is fine. Troponin I levels < 0.02. My heart rate will drop down to as low as 53 while resting. Shouod I be concerned?

Is it normal for my heart rate to go from 50-60 BPM when laying down to 90-110 BPM upon standing? How can you differentiate between pots and anxiety?

Is it normal for my resting heart rate to be 100, EVEN though I exercise? I do alot of cardio exercise everyday.

Is it normal that I blacked out a few times today on Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine)? First time on it heart rate was 157

Is it normal to have a heart rate in the 120's when you're sick with bronchitis? Mine has been in the 120s for about 15 hours now.

Is it normal to have a higher resting heart rate during the day as aside from it being much lower during the morning and evening before & after rest?

Is it normal to have a higher resting heart rate when laying down then when sitting down sometimes also after eating food?

Is it ok for my heart to reach over 100 bmp without excercising?

Is it ok heart rate 86-92 3 hours after working out?I take 50mg atenolol. Heart rate in the 70's usually. Why when after work out stays a little high?

Is it ok if my hr is 100-120bpm when standing? I'm in heat have ist and mild pots i feel fine but know my heart is high. Have healthy heart

Is it okay to keep running without my heart rate slowing down and just walk slower?

Is it possible for pulse rate go up with illness?

Is it possible to have a respiratory rate 48 / minute in an adult?

Is it possible to have atrial fibrillation and not detect it by a BP monitor or taking the pulse? My husband feels weak and lethargic.

Is it possible to lower my heart rate at home without using the gym?

Is it practical to have my 91 year old mother to have a pacemaker put in? For 2.4 sec she doesn't have a heart beat in the early hours.

Is it safe to exercise close to your max heart rate ?I'm 26 years old and when i jog my heart rate usually gets up to 175 BPM . Should i slow itdown

Is it safe to run at slow pace, although heart rate goes into 90% range (190+) after 10 min. Resting heart rate, BP and stress test are all normal. ?

Is it true that to burn fat I should maintain my heart rate at 60 to 70% of it?

Is lower heart rate, the lowest was 37bpm during sleep, (recorded on holter monitor), any danger? I am 33 male, 183cm 92kg. Have b12 defficiency, D defficiency and chronic sinusitis.

Is my heart rate monitor watch accurate for the number of calories burned?

Is my resting heart rate of 110 justtoo high, or sign of a problem?

Is normal to have 36ppm in rest? Which is the normal heart rate in a 17y/o active girl?

Is normal to have continuously resting, withoutphiysical activity heart rate 120/min after more than 1 hour? I have diagnosed paroxysmal tachycardia.

Is sinus arrhythmia in an 8 year old a norm finding? Dangerous? My son was diag with it after a 48 hr holter. His heartrate was 50-193 bpm. He had strp a and was hospitalized a month before. Worried.

Is the rate at which you burn calories dependent on how fast your heart beats, will medication that makes your heart rate increase burn more calories?

Is there a heart rate calculator where you can wnter weight and age?

Is there a way I can naturally lower my heart rate. I exercise everyday, and eat right, yet it still dangerously high as in 100+.

Is there any danger in wearing fitness trackers such as fitbit or chest strap heart rate monitors such as Polar? Any radiation or anything from them?

Is there any difference in how hard your heart is working if its 130bpm at 10mins and 130bpm at 20mins?

Is there any long term dangers of having a constant regular sinus rythym, yet slightly tachycardic heart rate?

Is there anyway to reverse the effects of lipodrene XR 725mg? Tachycardia @ 190bpm, dizziness, body shakes, sweating and sob

Is there concern over a 17 yr old male, 205 lbs having an ekg with heart rate of 44?

Is this accurate 4 chk heart rate? Index & third fingers on ur neck 2 the side of ur windpipe.Count the # of beats in 15 seconds, then multiply by 4.

Is this normal? My heart rate is normally 75-87 but today it's in the low 70s and sometimes in the 65-70 range, is this normal?

It it ok to use my nebulizer when my heart rate is 92 BPM and has been since taking it the first time 3:30 pm yesterday. ?

It's good and healthy to have a higher heart rate while exercising?

Ive had some strange palpitations and my BP when lying down is 120/68 BPM 70, when I stand my heart rate goes up to 135 BPM and my BP is 94/64 causes?

Jogged in place for 1 minute and heart BPM is 132 and rising, rest is usually 80-110. 18 year old male. Already been to cardiologist?

Just what happens when I reach my target heart rate?

Laid down 5mins, heart rate was 67, stood up and timed 5mins then heart rate was 98. Dizzy for 2-5secs, should I try get a tilt table test?

Lately my blood pressure readings have been 131 over 87 with a 137 heart rate. Should i see my doctor? I have turner syndrome. I had been to the cardiologist in the last year and he said i was fine but my heart rate was a little high, it has been 118 for

Laying in the sun for about an hour came in feeling dizzy took BP and it was 116/51 pulse 97 with irregular heart beat notification?

Looking for answer to how do you calculate maximum heart rate?