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I'm 22 male, 130 pounds, vegan My resting heart rate is around 60-65, when I eat it goes up to 80-100 & causes anxiety. How can I eat free of anxiety?

I'm 22 years old my heart rate was checked 3 times by my dad and it was 89,100,108 is this normal this was all do in between 30 mins or so is this ok?

I'm 24 and overweight. My heart rate has been about 106 resting for hours. I have a headache today also. Do this require a visit to the ER?

I'm 25, with tightness in my chest every now and then. So I decided to check my BPM and it's 82bpm. That's a good rate for my age right?

I'm 26 male 6'6'' 300 lbs. I run 4-5 times a week for 30 mins. I've just noticed my resting heart rate is between 48-54 bpm. Should i be concerned?

I'm 27 years old 250lbs and 5'8 am I obese. And what's a good heart rate for my age my hr is 94 is that good?

I'm 29, active with a normal resting heart rate of 50-55bpm but over the last week I have been having bad dizzy spells and a HR of 90+ Should i worry?

I'm 35 yrs old an my heart rate goes up often to 120 even when I'm just sitting. I take endarol should I go to my physician or is this ok?

I'm 39 weeks pregnant and at my last ultrasound (in march) my son's heart rate was 118 bpm. At home it's always 105-120 BPM max, isn't it too low ?

I'm 41 yrs having an average heart rate of 150 to 190 while running while it peaks to 239 - 244 in certain stretches is something wrong with me ?

I'm 6wks pregnant, and wear a Fitbit. I have noticed my heart rate drop from 70 to 66 over the last 3 days. Should i be worried? Shouldn't it increase

I'm a 18yo F with a pulse rate of 100-135 what should I do? I'm also a smoker of only a year. How can I slow it down? As well as quitting smoking

I'm a 19 year old female with a sore throat, a slight fever, and a resting heart rate of 115 Bpm. Am I ok?

I'm a 32yo female who works out 6 days/week., however not an elite athlete. My resting HR is 40. Is that too low?

I'm a 33yo white make 6'5" tall 205lbs and my BP was 103/68 hr of 46 not dizzy my resting heart rate always falls 40-55 I don't work out am I normal?

I'm a 44 active, healthy female. When I workout I get my heart rate up to 171-172. Is this ok, or too high?

I'm a 56 yr old female, resting heart rate is 100-103, how can I lower this? Should i worry? No other symtoms.

I'm a cardiomyopathy patient and I've been extremely fatigued. My heart rate has been elevated in the 100-105 at rest. Should I be concerned?

I'm a smoker I also take .5 of clonazemp twice a day but I just checked my pulse shortly after smoking and it was at 56 should i be worried? I'm not athletic but my testing heart beat is low

I'm five weeks pregnant and my heart rate has gone from a normal of about 68 to around 105 resting. Is this normal?

I'm having an average heart rate of 150 to 190 while running, while it peaks to 239 - 244 in certain stretches is something wrong with me .?

I'm having palpitations for over 3 days.My BP is 136/78 Pulse while walking/standing is 85 while relaxing is 74.Wt-90Kgs.Age23.Sometimes they go away.

I'm just wondering, if you go above your target heart rate are you burning muscle?

I'm male 26 6'2 and 175lbs. Resting heart rate is 46 and when I do cardio I can get it to 170 or so. Got an ecg that was normal. Dizzy sometimes :)?

I'm not an athlete or considered 'fit' but my heart rate whilst sleeping goes as low as 43bpm is this normal?

I'm on propranolol daily for SVT from Wolff-Parkinson-White & my pulse drops to 45 or lower at night. Doc said it's ok and just stay on it?

I'm only 137 pounds and 5'6, my heart never slows down no matter what. What's is this all about?

I'm really scared. I have a high heart rate of about 100 to 120 and it won't slow down. Should i be worried? Er

I'm supposed to know what a healthy heart rate is after exercise, and also know what isn't healthy.

I'm tachycardic I'm on 2.5mg of bisop it keeps my hr between 70-80 beats a minute but my pulse in my neck so strong at times is that normal?

I'm tachycardic. Resting rate goes from 75 to 120-130 upon standing. I do have high blood pressure & I am obese. How to permanently fix tachycardia? Stress test 2-3 wks ago and passed just fine. What other tests may I need? What could be the cause?

I'm taking 200 mg of amiodarone. It feels like my pulse is low and my heart bear is slow. Is that a cause for concern?

I'm woken in the night by my heart racing so fast. What could this be. I have low blood pressure and have just started taken toprimate.

I've been having fast heartbeat for the past hour and a half. My blood preassure is 135/86 and heart rate is 83.

I've been prescribed 25 mg metoprolol for PVC symptom reduction. I have NOT started yet. I noticed with my FitBit that my resting HR is 53 when laying on couch, and goes to 40 while sleep. Holter "found" IVCD with sinus brady. Can I begin Rx?

I've been waking up after sleeping a few hours nights not feeling well. Is a blood pressure of 84 over 42 heart rate 57 to low while sleeping?

I've been with a competitive swimming team for almost 5 years and my resting heart rate still 66-72 i know that there's something wrong cause there should be some improvement in the pumping power?

I've had an accelerated heartrate for 12 hours now. Up to 120 laying down. Had EKG xray and blood work done. All normal. Healthy female 18?

I've had issues with high pulse (often over 100 resting) and bp spikes (160/107 or 125/104).it makes me faint or feel ill, ekg / echo normal. Insite?

I've lost 150 pounds in the last year now my blood pressure is 105/55 and my heart rate is running 55 is this normal?

I've notice my heart can be 115 in the mornings when I wake up. Resting in the day it is in the 80's. should I be concerned with the higher rate?

I've noticed I have an irregular pulse in my arm but I have a regular heart rate in chest. My BP is usually 100/ 80 and p110 but I could be dehydrated?

I've noticed that my pulse rate has become very slow recently - 50-60 bpm, is this something to be concerned about?

I've started carvedilol to slow heart rate. My BP has always ran low which made me very tired.Today im very week. Is this normal? :

I've taken my BP several times and my resting heart rate is always 95-100 is that normal for someone who is not very active?

Ideally what should the resting heart be while in AF. Also what is ok if optimum can't be achieved to avoid damage to the heart?

If a normal respiratory rate is 12-20 breathes per minute for an adult, and mine is about 6-9. Is this healthy? I do not have any medical conditions.

If a persons natural pacemaker has complaint, is it possible to increase the pulse rate when doing exercise? Resting pulse rate 44-50.

If abnormally high qtc (24hr holter max qtc 586) is caused by meds (coldfx), will it return to norm range if coldfx is ceased? I take no other meds.

If benadryl (diphenhydramine) caused palpitations and raised heart rate should i be concerned?

If exercise increases your heart rate, why is this good for your heart instead of hurting it from the extra strain?

If exercising at 60-70% of MHR for 3 times a week or 7 weeks what will be affected? like resting heart rate, respiratory strength, blood sugar levels?

If fhr is 156 bpm, what is the symptom of the fetus, male or female?

If heart rate and BP are described as going the opposite way to each other on a tilt table test ie BP going down and heart rate going up what can it b?

If i excercise at a certain intensity will i eventually be able to do the same intensity but lower heart rate? Male 22.

If i exercise 45mins a day at heart rate 140-160bpm. How much fitter will i be in 3 months and then 6 months?

If i got some kind of dysautonomia and resting hr is at 50, what does it take for the heart to stop and what are the chances?Can the psn shut it down?

If i had BP of 140/ 100 could be possible for me to jog in morning ... Do i had benefits for it ... ?

If I have anxiety and ate a lot of dark chocolate can that cause the rise in heart rate to over 100 like 120?

If I have palpitation, average of 119, my doctor did all tests that showed that everything is normal, would taking magnesium help me lower this rate?

If i keep hr exercising within 30-35 of resting heart rate, can I assume it will not cause damage to heart? This was level used all thru card rehab.

If I stop smoking now will my baby be ok 32 weeks pregnant ultradounds are good heart rate 140?

If i'm battling an infection and my resting heart beat is 70-72 is that ok?

If my potassium level is 5.6 and my pulse rate is 52 should I be concerned?

If Nictotine causes coronary & cerebral vasoconstriction why doesn't it cause angina or light headedness in people running with a HR of 180BPM?

If somebody has high heart rate (>90 at rest) it is very easy to hit the max HR during exercise even moderate. How safe is to exercise at that level?

If someone has a high resting heart rate, what is their usual level of cardiovascular fitness?

If someone was a fit athlete and had a low resting heart rate of say 30 and had a pacemaker for any reason to make it 60 what would happen?

If the heart beat it's 163 does that mean it could be a girl?

If u have a low resting hr but need metoprolol 25 mg, can the heart stop after just 25 mg? With meds having hr in 40-60 without symptoms? I feel fine

If you have a high resting heart rate from approx 99 to 125 can that cause weight loss?

If your heart rate goes 120 and up per min can it cause a high fever? Is it weird that I'm still running a high fever and it been a month

If your heart rate is 120 per minute can you have problems seeing I pass out dr told me to take another beta blocker to slow heart rate down feel good?

Im 16 i enjoy sport but my resting heart rate is at 82 . Is that high ?

Im 18 years old and i was wondering if a heart rate of 63 bpm is healthy. (I am laying down to sleep)?

Im 18 years old, female, active n good diet but I still have a very high heart rate, bp, and palpatations that occur often. Should I worry or c sum1?

Im 27 male and im super terrified of having a heart attack i weigh 190 when i lay in bed mt heart rate rides about 50-59 had ekg 10 year ago was good?

Im 65 yrs old my readings are218 over124 heart rate 98 what does this mean?

Im a 23 year old female, i exercise 3-4 days a week and complete an average of 7000 steps a day.. but my heart rate is 94bpm.. should i be worried?

Im a server at a resturant and I have been off work for over an hour now is it normal for my heart rate to still be 130?

Im courious what heart rate variation in percentage could be considered as normal during a 4 minutes measurement at rest?

Im having a boy and Im 28 weeks. Is the heart rate normal if its in the 130s. My doctor has me worried. Dont know if I should go to the hospital or is?

Im in perimenopause and my BP is low when i wake up 97/80 and heart rate around 100 as soon as i get up.slows down in a few minutes. is this normal?

Im obese I've had 14 Ekgs and a echocardiogram in the past 2 years im 23 right now im experiencing fatigue after walk and low resting heart rate?

Im on a heart monitor. My heart rate stays between 140-150. Got up to 197 then dropped to 67...any ideas whats up?

Impalpable radial pulse today at times. Now trying to sleep and radial pulse disappears for a second followed by adrenaline surge and return of pulse. Asystole poss in healthy (pots) heart? Or low bp

In a famous hospital in south india, they successfully fixed a 3 year old girls irregular heart beat by some radio frequency energy.How do they do it?

In bed last night, heart rate increased and stayed that way for an hour or so, average 95 bpm resting. woke this morning with migraine, related??

In mornings, 9/6 BP and 55 heart rate. Bf to go in bed i have 12/8, 80. During the day i feel palpitations, 120 heart rate sitting. Heart problems?

In supine position my heart-rate is 43 bpm, when I stand up my HR jumps to 88 BPM then drops to about 70 BPM a minute later. Is this considered POTS?

In the morning my BP is 120/70 but during afternoon to night its 130-155/70-80.? Heart Rate during the day 60-72 (when walking or doing simple stuff)

Is 110 an alarming heart rate for an adult?

Is 125+ BPM at rest to high for the third trimester?

Is 125mcg too high of a dose of levothyroxide when my resting heart rate is is 90 to 100? And 114 to 120 when just walking around

Is 134 over 68 with a heart rate of 62 a good reading?

Is 159/80 and pulse 64 normal ?

Is 180 heartrate is too high for 13 week fetus?

Is 43 none a normal pulse rate. Mine usually stays in that range.

Is 65 resting an alright pulse reading?

Is 72 a good heart rate of a 29 year old woman that's 52' and 192 pounds?