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I have a history of pots but it's well controlled. I have a cold for 2 days and my resting heart rate is 100 and palpitations . High from cold?

I have a normal bp, but rapid heart rate (chronic). Bp typicall 110/76, pulse 100.?

I have a problem keeping my heart rate under 150 when i'm trying to do an aerobic workout even when i'm going really slow. Target is 127. What to do?

I have a pulse rate of 57 and I am really unfit. Is it possible and if so common to have this whithout any underlying problems? Had ECG and was normal but i may have had higher pulse when it was done

I have a pulse rate of around 50. hve undergone angioplasty day before .is it normal?

I have a rest hr at 50 when i lie down. Can i still take beta blockers? Doc said it was the only way but I am scared of the low pulse it will give me

I have a resting heart rate of 104 I am 16 and 125 lbs. I am female and i get very dizzy when i stand. Some blurred vision?

I have a sinus infection. I'm taking ibuprofen. I've taken 6 in the last 24 hours. My heart rate is 110. My resting heartrate is normally in the 60s?

I have a slow heart rate and no matter what exercise I do it wont speed up. What could this be?

I have a slow resting heartbeat, average of about 55bmp. I've seen it go into the high 40's though. I jog, and also take Valium daily. Dangerous?

I have a unregular heart beat for about one hour. When it started i think i blacked out and my blood presure dropped.

I have an ear infection and no fever. But hearing loss and pain. Can this cause my resting heartrate to be up 10 to 15 bpm? I also have pots,eds,lyme

I have an iron deficiency. My resting heart rate typically seems to be between 82-85bpm. I haven't exercised in over a year due to injury. Normal?

I have anorexia and my resting heart rate varies from app. 40-135bpm. I'm 160cm and weigh 43 kilos. What does that mean and should I be concerned?

I have avg pulse rt of 93.I am ADHD but wen i take my Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) my pulse rate is over 106 should I worry?

I have been coming off bisoprolol with the advise of my dr which was used for sinus tachycardia My heart rate at rest is 130 bpm how can i lower this?

I have been diagnosed with bradycardia pulse during the day at 43 and night 20 I am 43 years old what are the chance that i will need a pacemaker?

I have been short of breath at night and my heart rate at rest is 96 at night and i'm a 16 year old male. What does this mean?

I have BP of 130-140 systolic. However my resting heart rate is very low, at around 46. Post excercise, my BP drops to below 120 for a few hrs ?

I have BP of 150/90 but a slow pulse when at rest of 50 or less. After physical effort I feel overly tired have palpitations and my BP rise even more.

I have bradycardia, will my hr get even lower when i stop smoking? I am scared about my low hr, although doc checked BP and listened, and said it's ok

I have had a rapid heart beat of 120 BPM for 5 hours (normal 4 me is 75). Have not taken any meds and my temp is 99. Should i go to urgent care?

I have had influenza, this is third week and much improved except very week and tired and a heart rate of 127 when sitting down should I be worried ?

I have heard that fetal heart rate bear a relation with the gender of the baby. Less than 140 BPM indicates a boy and vice versa. How far is this true?

I have heart BPM of about 75 average according to my blood pressure machine (is this ok?) but my phone app says in the 90's and once 142!, go to doc?

I have heart related anxiety, my heart use to race and be elevated most of the day but now my heart rate remains 50 - 65 although I am anxious and jumps to 90 when standing. Also get skipped beats when standing. I am 27 5'8 140 lbs. Anxiety?

I have Hypokalemic PP. I work out 5 days a week (weights) but if I go on a cardio machine I'll have sudden drop in heart rate & weakness. Why?

I have inappropriate sinus tachycardia i'm on no medication and resting heart rate above 100 and slight movement to over 130 will it cause damage?

I have IST. Avg resting HR: ~100bpm. Lately 40-60bpm. Cardiologist not concerned since Im 18. Im symptomatic. That range considered low? No meds.

I have low blood pressure and slow hr at rest and a fast heart rate during exercise, what should I do?

I have low blood pressure, on euthyrox .75mf per day. Getting heart palpitations and diziness. I am fit, going to gym 5 days a week. Use to have a slow heartbeat of 57 p m - now betweet 69 and 72 beats per min resting! should I be concerned about my heart

I have mild pulmonary regurgitation and my BP remains 56/104 or 47/110 or less & heart rate around 80-120 and i feel really tired . what should i do?

I have mvp and OCD .Heartrate 90 temp around 37.3 celsius..Cant workout as it causes headache.What should I do?Was on propranolol for 1 year.

I have noticeedd something weird i have a very slow heart rate 33 BPM while sleeping and a very fast heart rate sometimes 140+ is this sick sinus syn?

I have pots male 22, for 3 years my heart rate went from 60-110-112, my hr now goes lower at rest, is this due to better heart function from fast rate?

I have pots. Today, i can't get my heart rate to go below 100-120, even if i lie down. My BP is around 100/70 even with my heart rate. I also feel weak. I started taking florinef earlier, but it has had no effect yet. Is it okay for pots?

I have quick heartbeat. A dr.gave concor 5. Is fast heartbeat due to heart or high bp? Feeling anxious about diseases. And have trival isolated met.

I have resting heart rate of 55 bpm. I had lots of ecgs this year and all normal. Should i be worried ? I'm 21, no other symptoms. I'm generally activ

I have sinus tachycardi but want to stop bisoprolol and see how I go. I eat healthy and im not stressed but my BP is always 140/93 and 120bpm causes?

I have sinusitis, and my pulse is rapid-about 100-110 BPM resting-and sometimes my pulse in my wrist will stop and start again.Is sinusitis the cause?

I have tachycardia upon standing but only sometimes, what could this be? I've had a full heart check up and all is normal?

I have tachycardia. Recieving fluids through an i.V. Always slowed my heart rate even tho i was not dehydrated. Why is this? This is b4 i was on meds.

I have taken 1 x 2mg diazepam and my heart rate has gone to 59 and my BP is 130/90 taking for muscle pain why is my hr so low, will it go any lower?

I have terrible cold my heart rate usually when resting is 60-70bmp now it's resting at 110 and all I have done is spend it in bed no fever ?

I have unspecified tachycardia how closely should I monitor my heart rate during sports, such as ice hockey?

I just had my gallbladder removed a week ago and have a resting heart rate of 115 should i be concerned?

I just had to be taken to the hospital.I had a pulse of 110 and 126 BPM heart rate. Is that normal?

I just made 35 push-ups, and my heart rate sky-rocketed to 198 bpm. Is this heart rate too fast, for that exercise intensity?

I just wanted to know my heart rate at rest is 55 and during the day I've checked it and it doesn't go higher than 84 should I be worried ?

I know an HR of 47bpm isn't too low but I am diagnosed with Inappropriate Sinus Tach. Normal is ~100bpm. Could 47bpm still cause dizziness + nausea?

I know for the depo shot it's a 0.3% failure rate . What causes that failure rate ? Because I really dislike condoms I have a latex allergy

I like heart rate to be 60-75 it occasionally spikes to 90-92. Is this dangerous? I take 50mg of atenolol. Spikes when I check pulse obsessively.

I live with anxiety. Is it normal for these to fluctuate? blood pressure 120/80 - 102/56 is my normal. 60-100 heart rate changes minute to minute.

I m abit obese and have a BPM of 98 when im completely at rest or 108 without rest. My heart beats fast everyday. M i sufferin from heart attack?

I never had thyroid problems. Resting heart rate was in the 50's. I started taking diet pills, heart rate now 100bpm and tsh 0.03? Still safe to continue until I reach goal weight?

I recently had a stent placed in a myalcardial bridge. I am experiencing a resting heart rate of 98 bpm currently with a cold sweat and feeling weak?

I recently lost 35 pounds but noticed my resting heart rate has changed significantly! From 90 to about 49-53. I'm concerned?

I seem to have many of the symptoms associated with under active thyroid. My GP said I have a slow resting heart rate (52) I'm 46yrs old.

I stopped taking my thyroid pill 22 days ago. I was on 150mcg. But i just check my heart rate and it came up 95 bpm. Is this high, no activity resting?

I suffer anxiety but today was different!! Normally also high pulse rate/heart race..2day anxiety BAD but my pulse/heart rate normal!!? Is this normal

I take 100mg of flecinade twice a day and ran out 2 days ago. Heart rate is 120 BPM all day should I be concerned?

I take 20 mg Benazripril in the am for hbp my heart rate resting is 50 to 64 bmp is this low, my Dr.hasn't mentioned any concerns?

I take 6.5 mg atenolol for tachy. The last 2 days my hr has been 45-54. What shoukd i do? How low is too low for heart rate?

I take a beta blocker. When trying to exercise, how do I calculate my maximal heart rate?

I take about 40mg of atenolol. I have anxiety issues and I'm obsessed always checking my pulse. Is a heart rate of 80 at night normal? I get nervous

I take about 8000 to 10000 steps 5 days a week and i work out for 20 minutes a day 5 days a week. I get my heart rate up to 125 to 136. Is that enoug?

I take atenolol 25 mg in the morning for tachycardia. It seems like my heart rate always raises in the afternoon (usually around 105-110 when sitting)?

I take atenolol 50mg. Sometimes HR 70 and jumps to 80 while at rest for 5 min. back to 70 and even lower. Is heart rate that variable? All tests OK.

I take bystolic (nebivolol) becsuse my anxiety causes my heart rate to be at a constant 144 beats per minute. I am trying to get pregnant. how can I lower my HR?

I take Corlanor for Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia & now my nocturnal HR is dropping as low as 48BPM - is this dangerous, should I see my cardio?

I take my resting heart rate every morning and it varies from 62 to 80. Is that normal for it to fluctuate like that?

I tend to have a lower heart rate (around 58) because I eat low calorie, but I have anxiety. I read Ativan can lower heart rate. Is it safe to take?

I think I might be pregnant, if i were, i would be 8 weeks and 7 days. What would be my normal respiroty rate?I am 16 years old and weigh 182 lbs&66cm

I think I've got a problem my heart resting has been 45 to 55 most nights and when I wake up. During the day to varies from 60 to 80 is this normal?

I took 10mg of Inderal (propranolol) for fast heart rate (anxiety) and after 2 hours i feel like a pressure in top of chest near neck (for 20-30 minutes). My BP it'?

I took a 1 does 40mg Prednisone 10 hrs ago for ear fluid, and my heart is pounding. HR is 97. BP IS normal. Is this normal? Will it return to normal?

I took a couple of Norco's yesterday and 1 this morning.Im breathing slow, very sleepy, and my heart rate is 82 bpm. Should I go to the hospital?

I took a overdose 36 tramadol a week and a half ago. Ecg was ok day after but pulse 103. Last 4 days lIghtheaded & pulse between 90-105 Is It related?

I took mdma oraly, my heart rate has been around 10-135BPM 3 hrs. Chest tightness. Oral temp-99.8F,rectal-100. i'm am having weird anxiety. any help?

I took milk of magnesia before bed & I am experiencing a much slower heart rate than usual. (60-65 bpms) Should I be worried about this?

I use seroquel (quetiapine) 300 mg pr. Day. My resting pulse is often above 100. I'm quite tall and have normal blood pressure and work out. Norm. Weight. Wtd?

I used to have a period of time when my heart rate was 120-145b/min and high BP, and now it is below 60,and both at rest. What's the cause of changes?

I used two calculators to find my target heart rate, with different results. One used my resting heart rate. Which should I use for losing weight?

I walked 5 miles today at a fast rate and afterwards was very dizzy . My heart rate was 90 and BP 110/60. What could cause this?

I want to find out my baby gender with heart rate 146 at 22 week?

I was diagnoz.with neurosis lately have heartpalpitations up to 120 bpm. Doktor said my heart is ok.shall itake 32?

I was induced on due date bc of high baby heart rate, he's now 3 mo old, had haltor monitor for 24h and results say hr average is 151. Is it normal?

I was told my baby measured 5w3d with a heart rate of 160, is that too high?

I was wondering what a healthy heart rate for a 15 year old girl is?

I was working very hard and hadn't slept for 36+ hours my heart rate was 44 last night usually around 50-60! Does this mean I have heart disease?

I wear a fitbit heart rate thing to bed its showing my heart rate goes as low as 42 while sleeping it worries me bc im not and athlete im 27 weigh 180?

I went for my 1st ultrasound. I'm 6w1d heartbeat was too low to hear but dr said it was between 110-115 is this a good heart rate for 6w or low? P3g0

I work 80 hrs/week. High stress and on my feet all day. Heart palps at night. How can I address and correct? Smoker only at night after work.

I work night shifts, my bp is usually 140/100 and resting heart rate is 104. Should I see a doc? Is something wrong with me?

I work out on the treadmill at least 3times a week and i'm 45years old. What should be my heart rate on the treadmill in order to loose weight?

I'm 16 years old. I just took my heart rate and it was 113 at rest. Is that bad?

I'm 17, a girl and my resting heart rate is 107bpm. After running I can't breathe. I got a inhaler but it doesn't seem to help. Could I be tachycardic?

I'm 176lbs 6'0 tall male i exercise regularly but my resting heart rate is 50-60 in the morning all other times its 80-100 during the day is this okay?

I'm 18, heart rate used to be good in the 60-80 range at rest. Now that i'm on Norvasc (amlodipine) 5 mg, it's 90-120 range at rest. Is it even safe to exercise?!

I'm 20 years old & I went to the doctors & they took my heart rate & it was 108 then they did it again & it was 126. what does that mean?