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How high should my heart rate go when exercising to lose weight? It got to 180 the other day I want to make sure it wasn't too high.

How long can the heart beat in 150-190 BPM whithout the heart being hurt? And when is it generally speaking dangerous with a high or too low hr?

How long do docs recommend I should I stay in my target heart rate zone if i wish to burn body fat?

How long does a shot of toradol last and is it normal to feel drunk and my heart rate is elevated?

How long does it take for a 10 year old's heart rate to recover after exercise?

How many times a day is deep breathing exercise rec./day? What if you have work and school? I still need to keep my heart rate down. Advice please?

How may i track my calories b. And vo2 max in a jogging with a heart monitor if i'm taking 25mg of atenolol daily and my heart don't go over 155bpm?

How much exercise and what kind do I need to do to lower my resting heart rate? I walk about an hour a day at least three days a week at about 2.0 MPH

How much should your pulse rate be while walking on the treadmill if your age is 50years and you are a women?

How much would 40 minutes a day exercise increase the overall stroke volume of the heart in 3 months in a male 22?

How safe is laproscopic gallbladder sugery? What is the mortality rate? I am healthy and have no health conditions. 30yo 6'5" 195lbs good BP and pulse

How significant is it on a stress echocardiogram that one cannot reach target heartbeat even at end of stage 3?

How to control breathing rate while exercising?

How to controll a fast heart rate caused by anxiety? Breathing exercises don't work.

How to decrease heart rate but still get a good workout?

How to find maximum heart rate i can tolerate without treadmill?

How to prove that exercise makes heart rate faster but safely?

How would you rate the BP 140/80 for and 18 year old who weighs 137 lb. and is 6' 1"?

HR 130-170bpm for the last ~2 hours. BP 140/90. Dizzy/pre-syncope & chest tightness. DX is ANS dysfunction/IST. No meds. What to do? Doctor is away.

HR in 150-170s with normal exertion. GP, Cardio and ER did many tests and said my heart is healthy. GP says some ppl just have fast hearts. Is it true?

HR increases from 80-90 to 130+, sometimes up to 170 upon standing. Dizzy. Cardiologist can't explain, says my heart is normal. Must be wrong. Ideas?

HR rises & falls twice (Up, down, up, down) during each set of inspiration & expiration. Shown in ANS tests. Variation of normal Sinus Arrhythmia? or?

Husband has a heart rate of 134 bpm just resting or sitting down. But he says he feels fine. I'm nervous and scared for him. Possibilities?????

Husbands hr is 59 BPM while resting at night, which is typical for him. In a otherwise healthy individual, should he be worried of bradycardia?

Hyperthyroidism on methmiozole pulse fast afternoons into evening then pulse rate drops to 79 midnight to noon BP which beta blocker is best for pulse?

I 'm 21 ys old girl . Suffering from tachypnea ( i m a medical student ) . My respiratory rate is 30 \ min. I elso feel my heart beating strongly?

I always feel tired .I had low B12 and its normal now as i take tablets.I have fast heartbeat(88bpm), i had ECG and it came out normal, what's wrong?

I always feel tired, i had low B12 but its now completely normal, I have a fast heartbeat (88bpm), but i had ECG and it s normal, what is wrong with me?

I always lived in low altitude but moved to co 6 mo ago. Is it possible i'm still adjusting to the altitude difference? My resting heart rate is 95bpm

I am 11 weeks pregnant 27 years I have a 47 heart rate at rest. Is this dangerous?

I am 16 years old , a male . I weigh about 92-95 . I was wondering if a heart rate when working out of 135-145 is good or bad ?

I am 18 weeks and 4 days sometimes my baby boys heart beat is up to 164 is that normal or should I be worried at resting it is 150?

I am 19 weeks pregnant. My resting heart rate is around 100. Will this be a problem later during delivery? Is natural birth advisable with high pulse?

I am 25 and i had a stress echo today. Is it normal for my BP to go to 170 over 70 while i hit 185 bpm? Resting BP is 120 over 80 give or take

I am 26 male, 6'2",175lbs, in good shape with a resting heart between 51-55 on average. When I sleep it's between this good? Thanks!

I am 35 year old woman. Always done a lot of competitive sport. No health probs or medicine. Resting pulse is between 80 and 90 bpm, cause 4 concern?

I am 35 yrs old and on a low dose beta blocker. What is an optimal exercise heart rate for me to have the cardiovascular benefits?

I am 39 yrs old.My resting pulse is 44-50.When do exercise, pulse increases.Is it healthy? Bp is normal.No other diseases, what treatment should I do?

I am 67 yrs old and cycle about 100 mi. Per week. What should my heart rate be when riding?

I am 71 have CAD recently have some PVCs after exercising mostly.I take a statin and sometimes have fast heartbeat. Have lo BP so cant takebeta locker?

I am 8 1/2 months pregnant with a girl. Her heart rate was in the low 150's it has never been that high. Should I worry?

I am a 15 year old female who weighs around 100lbs. my pulse rate is 122, what does this mean?

I am a 17-year-old female and my heart rate is 145?

I am a 19 year old vegetarian male who exercises infrequently, usually rock climbing, but my resting heart rate is 46 bpm. Is this abnormal?

I am a 45 year old female, i sometimes wake in the middle of the night with a heart rate of 125-139. Is this worrying?

I am a 60 year old male with average fitness. My blood pressureis 150/95 with a heart rate of 42-52. Last week, i passed out.I have some lightheadedness and I am constantly tired. Ihave had high potassium. What should I do?

I am a 69 y Female 76 kg and 170 cm. what should my maximum heart rate be while excercing please?

I am a boy aged 23. My heart beat is always more than 100 per minute?

I am a brittle asthmatic with iron-deficiency anaemia. Ferritin is 4, and my haemoglobin is 9.7. Today, my resting heart rate is 150bpm. See a doctor?

I am a fairly healthy male.age28.I do work out regularlybut not recently. I have a resting heart rate that ranges from 53-62.No other symptoms.normal?

I am a teenage girl 16 years of age. I have a pulse rate of 96. Is this considered abnormal ?

I am always checking my pulse can checking it so often actually create anxiety and make you nervous? I take 50mg of atenolol heart rate usually 65-78

I am always scared if my resting heart rate isn't below 60. Sometimes it's 75-80 then other mornings and nights it's 55-69. Should I be concerned?

I am experiencing heart palpitations and a low bp while on noratrytaline? I skipped last night but when I checked my bp was 87/66 HR138

I am Flecainide for AF. Sometimes when I check my resting pulse it starts at around 34 but quickly jumps to late 50's/60s. Is this ok?

I am having trouble with low blood pressure, shortness of breath and fast resting heart rate. I have idiopathic dcm and bi vent pm. Ef is 38% why?

I am male 69, underwent CABG , doing well, my pulse rate is 82 in rest. Is it high?

I am noticing resting hr of as low as 54 sometime but no symptoms. Also it increases as i move etc. Ecg/echo/tmt all ok 5 months back Bradycardia?

I am over weight. What is the best exercise for me. My heart rate on average is 120.

I am pregnant and diagnosed with svt. During a 24-hr holter test, my heart rate reached 130. I am concerned about being on propranerolol pregnant.?

I am taking 2.5 ng of bisoprolol when I lay on my back my heart rate drops to 55 bpm from 66 bpm and I get missed beats Is this a problem ?

I am taking Amlodipine+Atenolol everyday for past few years.But at times I feel very lethargic and my pulse rate is around 52-54 .Is it ok .

I am wondering what heart rate should I aim for while doing cardio?

I consider myself in relatively good shape but after a workout it takes my heart rate over an hour to get below 100 bpm should I be concerned?

I currently have a resting heart rate of 100 blood work is fine/ultrasound of heart was fine except arachnoid cyst was removed recently, tachycardia?

I do HIIT everyday. Yet my resting heart rate is 70 - 80. Do I have a problem that needs to be checked or am I overtrained?

I don't know a whole lot about blood pressure but I just took mine and it was 112/47 and my heart rate was 89 bpm. Is that bad??

I drank last nite and today my heart rate is in the 95-113 range is that normal?

I exceeded my maximum heart rate for my age, is this bad?

I fainted twice during 2 min for a few sec. I take 5-htp and l-tyrosine. Could these be cause of fainting? I have mvp and discircul. Encephalopathy.

I gave blood, since then i am, dizzy, chest discomfort, high heart rate and fever &low bp. Is this normal after giving blood? I have SVT and afib.

I gave two incorrect pulse rates at work, is this bad?

I generally have normal bradycardia (pulse between 55 and 60) however weekly experience morning pulse rush between 90 and 110 which causes anxiey - ?

I get angry at myself when my pulse isn't below 69 cause im very healthy far from overweight yet for the past week heart rate is 80-100. Is this safe?

I get high heart rate due to dysautonomia (POTS) I just took zithrmoax for sinus headache about 2 hours ago, but now HR VERY fast, concerning?

I get so fast heart rate after minimal cardio exercising that I have to stop. Can you please tell me how to overcome this problem?

I go from tachy (up to 185 bpm) to bradycardia as low as 36bpm. Whatcan cause thesefuctuatios? Havebeen working out. Thnk you for your time :)

I had a 7 day monitor done. Under Pause/Block it says slowest bradycardia of 43 BPM at 4:46 a.m. during sleep. My pulse went from 73 to that. Bad?

I had a ablation for wpw 6 weeks ago and the ekgs have been normal but monday I had a fast heart rate ? They said I could go back to full activities?

I had a c sec after too much stress was causing my sons heart rate to drop after being induced what are my chances of a 2nd c sec? Can I request it?

I had a c sec with my 1st Bcz every contraction would make his heart rate drop, I have high BP an heart probs. Should I do a vbac or a c sec? With #2

I had a heart rate of28 bpm. Had a dual pacemaker put in. They said it should be at 70bpm but sometimes it is around 85 to94 bpm. Is this normal?

I had a pulsox reading at home of 36bpm.Went to dr. Had a reading of 40bpm on there's, i was hooked to EKG same time showing 100 bpm. I have bad pvc's?

I had a steroid injection a week ago in my hip for bursitis, have been getting palpitations heart rate 43, last time had tachycardia how long will las?

I had a steroid injection a week ago in my hip for bursitis, have been suffering with palpitations and heart rate keeps dropping to 43 ?

I had a SVT episode n my heart rate went up to 180 & it last about 6-7 minutes total. Please help?

I had night sweats for a couple of nights,bp is 140/80,pulse is 75,02 level is 92,irregular heart beat,feeling weak all over,pain in both legs,age 64?

I had two heart ablations done at approx 14 and 16 years old. I had a fast hb. I am now 30 and have episodes where i feel my hb is slow.

I have 1st deg. AV block with intermittent 3rd degree My Dr has me on lisinopril for high BP. He just suggested Midorine for palpitations. Is this ok?

I have a 200 (pyrethins and piperonyl butoxide) heart rate when running should I be worried? Only get lightheaded/short of breath sometimes. Heart tests were normal

I have a 57 RHR. I workout 3-4 times per week and struggle to get my heart rate into an aerobic zone. I try to burn 600 calories per workout but per heart rate monitor it takes 1:30 hours. With Bradycardia is heart rate indicative of calorie burn?

I have a aortic aneusym 3.9 how fast will it grow?

I have a beat of 154 per minute after jogging for exactly 1 minute and my resting heart rate is above 80 per minute is that normal?

I have a bp of 130/80 & a pulse of 109. I take metoprol for my high heart rate. Im very shakey & feel like something sitting on my chest. ?

I have a eating disorder im 52 and weight is 80lbs and 5"6, my bp is 85/55 heart rate is 97 and sometimes my heat rate will drop down to 63 is this ok?

I have a few questions. My girl friend is 38 weeks pregnant and her BP is 164 over 104 and the babys heart beat is in the low 120s. It's it ok?

I have a fib,do I really need to take betablockers with a resting pulse rate of 85 per min.maxium. Thanks?

I have a higher Rhr (80-95) for a high level athlete and hr goes up very quickly.visible pulse.lightheaded at times.very hydrated. is this IST?

I have a history of hypoglycemia, should my baby's heart rate be checked twice weekly at 32 weeks?

I have a history of pericarditis and every time i eat or drink something my heart rate goes up by about 30-40bpm hospital doesn't know whats wrong?