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Have panic attacks and heart rate jumps up and down from 150- 180. Gets slower if i walk around n faster if im still. Is 150-180 normal during attack?

Have panic attacks but sometimes resting heart rate increases w/o feelings of anxiety--normal test results-not worried-curious abt avg. Fluctuations?

Have proxysml afib on coreg (carvedilol) BP iin the 120/65 range and pulse around 65 pulse sspikes to 95 sometimes short of breath and heart seems to race ideas?

Have recently had resting heart rate of 95 - 120 and will get sweaty at odd times. EKG, CBC, and metabolic panel normal. Blood pressure is normal.

Have sinus tachycardia all cardiac test normal holter recently show sinus tachycardia 140bpm my BP 100/70, bb lower my BP is ivabradine good choise?

Have suffered from tachycardia for 1.5 yrs. Past week wake up wth hr of 160bpm and lightheadedness. Heart remains fast all day when standing. Reasons?

Having depressive thoughts and my heart rate is only 53bpm. I have a history of high cholesterol too. should I be worried?

Having symptomatic bradycardia w/ pulse as low as 35 but usually mid 40s but my cardiologist said my 48 hr holter was ok. Should I still be concerned?

Healthy 46 YO male, active, occasional drinker, occasional cigar smoker, no inhalation. Heart rate spikes to 150 bpm while sitting on occasion. Why?

Healthy eater only water. Why does my BP spike every couple of days & sometime BP is normal & heart rate is in the 90's. Could this be anxiety?

Heart beat can predict boy or girl?

Heart checked at top national heart clinic. Irregular heartbeats benign. No beta blocker, low BP. Anxious when feel them. Best advice to deal w/ it?

Heart concerns history of afib....Bp is 120 over 75. No pain. But pulse dropped into the high 40s about 4 hours ago and is still hovering between 48 and 52. Taking 120 mg of diltiazem every morning. 40 mg of zocor at night and half an aspirian. Also tal

Heart conditioning and lung conditioning correlated? Resting hr of 47-60. Exertion sports are difficult but hr responds well and reaches near max hr. Ef was 57% with no abnormalities. Slight mv regurg

Heart doctors , may i know what causes a heart to grow big in a woman who's in the mid 60, she said dr's told her that her heart is enlarging.African am?

Heart EF 20%.suddenly brain stroke,hepc,,bp low n pulse fluctuating..doc says recovery only if heart stabilise..breathing normal now after ventilator ?

Heart feels like it is skipping beats. BP normal. Heart rate goes from 73 to 93 on resting Not on any meds. Slight increase in body temp. No appetite.

Heart of my husband always slow rate puls 53 after he got hreat attacked year ago he feel not good, blood pressure is ok .so how to raise heart rate ?

Heart race after I use albuteral and i fell vary jittery is this normal?

Heart rate 104 per min is that normal for someone who maybe 6 weeks pregnant ?

Heart rate 108 is that normal after 18months i have started training again?

Heart rate 160 at 37 weeks boy or girl?

Heart rate 160-180 during 2 sets 20 pushups and 6 sets of 10 pushups. People my age tell me I have a bad heart and that they don't go over 120! :(?

Heart rate 160BPM but ECG shows it's still in a normal sinus rythym, just really fast. What caould cause this? It lasted for about 45mins @ that speed

Heart rate 58 when I'm doing nothing at home. Is it normal? 35yrs F

Heart rate 85 at rest sometimes and I worry. Should I worry??

Heart rate always above 90 male 5'2 133 lb doc gave me inderal, (propranolol) should I insist on cardiologist referal? I can barely walk without getting very tired

Heart rate and strenght of the beats changes dramatically according to my breathing. Is this normal? (16 yo and not very sporty but also not unhealty)

Heart rate at18 weeks is 36 and last week it was 142 I am really concerned because I have had 2 girls and there heart beats never dropped below 160?

Heart rate during the day when, i dont smoke, at work varies from 60-75 depends if iam sitting or walking is it good? When i smoke my heart stays at 80-95bpm for some hours is that normal?

Heart rate fluctating every few mins from 55- 130. Patient 90 years old. please comment?

Heart rate goes so high in hot shower. about 150-160 bpm. Im 17 and athlete?

Heart rate has been high min 90+ at rest. Medication change from felodipine to ramipril, now HR low 48-53 at rest.(not athlete) Is this a concern ?

Heart rate normally 68 BPM brief jump to 208. Intermittent cardiac arrhythmia on recent neck scan but no follow up, palpitations 2 days ago. Ideas?

Heart rate of 120 two hours after intense cardio. I rarely do cardio so is this normal ?

Heart rate of 240 beats per min on ECG in emergency dept. Diagnosed with svt. What can I expect from my appointment with the cardiologist?

Heart rate of 70 right before bed. Is this normal?BP numbers are 118/77. I take atenolol. Is this ok?

Heart rate of 84 beats per minute? I am a 23 year old b f i stand 5ft and 2in tall and weigh about 112 lbs

Heart rate of 88 to 94 beats a min. While at rest and sleeping. Does this signify a heart issue? I'm a 42 yrs old female.

Heart rate resting is 65 normally at this time of day its 77 should I be worried about it getting to low especially at night?

Heart rate sat down - 71, heart rate 10mins after standing 94. Is this pots?

Heart rate shoots up in the mid to late hundreds after doing 100 pushups? I'm 18 male 5'9 160-170 pounds. Rest is around 100. I'd say i'm fit so why

Heart rate slowed to low 50's. Always 80's - 90's. on 2 occasions in the last month it was so slow I became dizzy. Lasted +_ 3 min. Exercise less now than before. Worry or normal?

Heart rate stays at 160 after exercise for 30 minutes? Never happened before? Healthy resting ecg?

Heart rate still over 90. 45 minutes after workout. Doctors at emerge insist my heart is fine. Just out of shape?

Heart rate very low during intense excise and tired?

Heart rate was 55 sitting and then I stood it was 130? Just like when at drs BP is 140/80 and always at pharmacy it's 107/60? Is this all anxiety?

Heart rate will go from 87 bpm at sitting to 110bpm at standing is this worrisome should I let my doctor know pcp? Cardiologist? 21 yr old F 205lbs

Hello I'm on remeron (mirtazapine) for anxiety from 15d but I start have rapid bpm 100 rate/ min after 13 days. What shall I do. Is this dangerous. Please help. ?

Hello i am 34 year old female and my pulse rate ranges from 80-100 BPM is this normal? Or should i worry?

Hello i'm 36, female, overweight, and as long as i can remember I have a low resting heart rate about 52 is this normal?

Hi My heart rate is 119, resting plus I have quite intense headache. It unusual as my heart rate is normally 60-70. Recently had blood work done, all ?

Hi doc. I have been having a high pulse rate and it usually remains in 90+ range. How to control it.

Hi I am on atenolol for a fast heart rate I am wondering why the medicine has also stopped my dizzy spells did the dizziness come from the High HR?

Hi iam a 41 old male with a resting heart rate between 65 75 most times is this normal and does it mean my heart is in good shape?

Hi, I am not healthy and bit overweight but my heart rate is below 60, it's 55 sometime, is this normal? But sometimes it is 60-75 range...

Hi, I'm 20 and exercise regularly, but my resting heart rate is often 90 and gets to 120 just when walking. Is this normal? Last ECG was unremarkable.

Hi, i'm 21, orthostatic tachy. I need to give a talk for uni but my hr is already fast and some stress makes it worse, up to 180 bpm. What can I do?

Hi, my son is 14 and is 170cm and weighs 56kg. His resting heart rate is 58 bpm whilst lying and his bp is 116/56. Is he normal please?

Hi, today I was walking in treadmill, my heart or chest kinda hurt, BPM was 140. Am I ok? I'm taking levothyroxine 25 MCG and bupropion 100 mg. 253lb

Hi. I sometimes measure my heart rate. Most of the time, it varies from 70 to 85 bpm, but before i sleep it varies from 50 to 65. Is this too low?

Hi. My grandma is 72. Her heart rate is 177. What can we do to lower it?

High (approx. 80 BPM) resting heart rate. Previously sedentary. My heart pounds hard and fast during T25 DVD workout - is actually feeling it normal?

High BP avg 160-180 /90-105 heart rate 50-55 light headed feel very bad what should I do have no health insurance

High heart rate when I wake up from sleep around 90 bpm, feeling anxious and nervous, normalises during rest of the day, previous ecg and echo normal.

High hr, no energy, lightheartedness, svt, 180 bpm. What medication will treat these symptoms?

Hipertiroidism since 5 yrs ago, TSH actually normal under methomazole , is it normal to still feel symptoms as fast heart rate, and some more?

History anxiety. Frequent heart flip flops every half hr to hour, reg heart rate no chest pain. Don't feel stressed. Body scan showed 0 calcium score.

Holter report supraventricul 24isolated ,2couple ,1 runs totally 3 beats, 3beats longest Run 81 bpm, 3 beats fasted run 81bpm, 1.7 second max R-R?

Holter. Graph shows HR >100 entire 4-5pm. But table for 4-5pm says time in tachycardia only 11min & only 1459 /6661 were tachy bts. Same prob 9-10pm.

Hoping you can tell me, is heart rate of 49 beats per minute healthy for a 20 year old?

Hoping you can tell me, is respiratory rate of five to six breaths per minute low?

How are AET and IST differentiated? HR not always high but sometimes much higher than should be with exertion and feel palps. up to 155bpm up stairs

How can your resting heart rate translate into the amount of calories your body uses?

How can a very obese person have a hr of 77 and someone slim have a heart rate of 90+? Is the obese person healthier because of her heart rate?

How can I determine my optimal range for heart rate, for exercise?

How can I find my maximum heart rate when running?

How can I lower my heart rate besides exercise i need advice?

How can I lower my resting heart rate naturally? And how long should it take to improve?

How can I quickly increase my potassium level? Levels were at 2.9 yesterday with no symptoms. Tonight I my heart has an extra beat.

How can I recover from labrinthitis?Will there be shivering and increase in BP & pulse when it comes?

How can í tell him that í need them?

How come a person with a low resting heart rate is healthier than a person with a higher resting heart?

How come the breathing and pulse rate increases as the length of exercise increases?

How common is constant tachycardia in pregnancy? I am 32 weeks pregnant and have been tachycardic constantly for the last two weeks. My resting heart rate has not been lower than 100. The highest I have caught by pulse at has been around 160 during a pe

How do pulse rate, activity, and breathing effect how much blood you could lose?

How do u know if you have cal fixation of the heart?

How do you get the same cardio benefits when on beta blockers if you cant get your heart rate yp to aerobic zones?

How do you know if you're having a heart attack if you have no pain and just have elevated hr?

How doctor determine the minimum rate on my pacemaker? at the beginning, my base rate is 60 bpm, but then changed to 70 bpm. Why?

How does body temperature affect heart rate during moderate exercise?

How fast can an ejection fraction rate go down in a 92 yr old dad?

How fast is the hr of a patient who is in v-fib?

How fast is too fast for a heart rate while exercising for someone with tachycardia? assuming non-smoker and no alcohol or drugs and otherwise healthy female in late teens to early twenties. tachycardia started a week ago with no identified cause.

How have I lost 15 pounds over the past few months without trying? I'm now 120. Bloodwork is fine, but heart rate is often elevated from sinus node.

How high does my heart rate have to be in order for me to be in a "weight loss zone"? Like as long as my heart is pumping really fast am i shading lbs

How high is a normal heart rate while walking steady pace or light jogging? 39yr old female no health issues other than low thyroid.

How high is to high for a constant heart rate?Today, i've been at 120-130 resting & moving is 160-170.I have mvp & am sick right now.(wearing monitor)

How high should heart rate go after one flight of stairs in terms of % of max?Also,what could be cause of pvcs/pacs during exercise for young athlete?

How high should I keep my heart rate on a stationary bike to lose weight?