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Checking heart rate always. I take atenolol. It's always in normal range. I freak out if it reaches 80bpm. What should I do. This anxiety is terrible?

Child/has/[email protected]/told/her/heart was good/now/2yrsold&when asleep heartrate drops btwn 37 and 57 BPM o2 drops too when awake shes normal ?

Constant low BP 100/60 pulse rate 85-90 lightheadedness, salty food work for short time then BP dropped again, already did echo, ecg, stress test normal?

Coronary artery calcification with fast heart rate...cant do activity without stop catching breath..take adalat (nifedipine) without good

Could a heart rate increase from 66 to 98 upon standing be due to not excercised for years 21 years old. Worried its pots?

Could Acetaminophen cause Diarrhea and slight increase in the heart rate at rest?

Could Diastolic Heart Failure be the cause of my heart pain, tachycardia and breathlessness upon standing and walking around? My neurologist said that my heart contraction phase is more pronounced than my relaxation phase, after having a tilt table test.

Could heart pain be normal for a child with BP rate 11670?

Could it be okay for a 51 year old man to travel via plane with a pulse rate of 35?

Could it be something bad if I have bradycardia?

Could my weight be a cause of my heart palpatations and increase hr with any activity, 134 lbs and 4'10?

Could running speedily push pressure on the heart?

Could their be a link of fast hr with hyperthyroid?

Could you please tell me the proper way to measure recovery heart rate? Does duration of exercise matter? I was hoping to do it after 30mins of cardio.

Could you tell me what are good exercise routines that can test the heart rate and breathing rate?

Could you tell me what are some common techniques for regulating your heart rate when doing aerobic exercise's?

Could you tell me what happens when i workout over my target heart rate zone?

Could you tell me why my heart rate is 180-200 while exercising?

Could you tell me why my heart rate is 97 BPM sitting down and in class today it was 110?

Currently have a low resting heart rate of 50-60 BPM. Doc put me on 12.5 Metoprolol Succinate ER. This won't make my heart stop will it?

Currently have a pe and now bronchitis, for several hours my resting heart rate is 120-140. Should I worry?

Currently hyperthyroid (tsh .005) my heart rate is 75 resting but having symptoms dizziness and lightheaded after moderate exercise wld propanol help?

Currently on metoprolol succ ER for PVCs 12.5mg. I've noticed at night my heart flip flops, blood pressure rises. Wake up feeling weak. Why? Anxiety?

Diagnosed with Inappropriate Sinus Tach. Normal resting heart rate 90-150+. Last 2 days has ranged from 32-150+. Dizziness and chest pain. Ideas?

Did a test. Heart rate 55-60 BPM before consuming monster sugar freeenergy drink. BP 124/71. 45 mins after HR same. BP 121/68. Why no raise in either?

Do Medixon (methylprednisolone) may cause bradycardia? I already took it as much as 16mg x 2 for 7 days "for alergy". HR 45 BPM + pounding heart beat.

Do Medixon (methylprednisolone) may cause bradycardia? I already took it as much as 16mg x 2 for 7 days. Now my HR 45-50 BPM + pounding heart beat.

Do myocardial infarction happen at my age? I'm 23 my BMI is 30 and i don't work out and i sit a lot, my resting heart rate is great tho 50/55 bpm.

Do saunas burn fat from elevated heart rate or the heat?

Do sports drinks lower heart rate?

Doc #1 saw my pulse go from 70 to 120 standing up, said POTS. Doc #2 says tachycardia issues = anxiety. But anxiety shouldn't trigger from standing?

Docs, why do I have a fast heart beat, my resting hb is 100-107 when relaxed and sitting down and ranges from 120-140 while working..

Doctor my heart BPM some time 115 some time 80 and 85 which level are batter ?

Doctor says its OK. I have a fever from stomach bug. Heart rate is 105 and he says its normal body response. EKG is normal. Is this OK?

Does a person's metabolism run at the same rate while they sleep as it does when they are awake?

Does a return to normal resting heart rate after an endurance event (double century) mean the body is fully recovered?

Does Afib cause slow heartrate. If not what can? Im not a athlete, but I eat healthy & stay off the couch! Can being healthy cause low heartrate of 51

Does an overweight person usually have a higher heart rate than a normal weight person? 27yo 200lbs 5'3. Heart rate between 90 and 120's.

Does elevated heart rate play a role in fat loss?

Does elevated standing heart rate suggest I should take a recovery week?

Does everyone age 55+ who walks fast for exercise and who are in good general health with no known heart problems need to know their max heart rate?

Does exercise affect the heart rate the same way in boys and girls?

Does heart rate change every minute? Is it normal?I am always checking my pulse like obsessively. Very anxious about it.

Does high intensity interval training on a regular basis have a negative impact on heart health? 33 years old male and max heart rate goes upto 180+.

Does injury in the vegus nerve cause baseline hr to be 120 bpm? What else suddenly change the baseline hr?

Does the mean rate of Heart BPM have to go over >95 on a 24 Hr Holter for true diagnosis of Sinus Tachycardio Or only if an episode is captured?

Does working out above my target heart rate burn calories at a faster rate than normal?

Does your heart rate increase as the day goes by like example my resting heart rate way 60 this morning now after breakfast it's 80. Is this normal?

Does your pulse increase when you're in danger?

Dr put me on diltiazam 24 hr 180 mg side effects of swollen feet, muscle pain , slow heart rate, told dr he said need blood work said no stop taking?

Dr. Ali, let me rephrase my q - can gas cause palpitations and high pulse rate? Or is it just panic/anxiety. It subsides in a few hours

During panic attack, I took propranolol. After 1 hr, heart rate is 110 bpm. Then, after relaxing, it became 70-76 bpm whole day. Is it normal?

During sex heart rate goes very high as I have sick sinus syndrome?

Dysautonomia since florinef (fludrocortisone) diastolic BP is 70 not 60, my pulse doesn't feel strong like it did and heart not beating hard all time BP 120/70 weak puls?

Edited: I had a 7 day monitor.Under Pause/Block the Slowest Brady N-N is 43 BPM for 29.0 s at 4:46 am. My rate was 73 BPM at 4:46 am and dropped. Bad?

Fast heart rate and diarrhea . Took caffeine pills over 10 hrs ago .. Go to ER ?

Fast heart cardiology give me nitroglycerin 0.4 , when I take it my chest pain is worse and heart rate become faster ..160 ..I lost my hope?

Fast heartrate, hbp about 150/100, no pain, should I go to er? Likely anxiety. When calm, BP normal when active or nervous, it's really high

Feeling very fatigued w/o physical activity, weak and had blood done weeks ago @ ER w/fast heart rate labs=lymphs high neutrophil low.Meaning of this?

Felt sudden spike in heart rate for some time. After 5 mins, measured, heart rate 88, bp 108/75. Is it cause for concern? No coffee, drugs.

Female 23 years old approx 55 kilos and about 5"5 tall. Resting heart rate on average of 87 should i be worried?

Fetal heart beat 148bpm at 22 weeks 4days .weight is 504 grmas +/_70 it is normal ...?

Fetal rates above 140 could be a boy?

Fetus heart rate 160 to 190 at 8 months, is it a problem?

Few yrs after mitral repair 88-96 Bpm active at rest 72Bpm On Bisoprolol 2.5mg 60Bpm If off Betablocker heart faster Does it really matter to repair?

Fistula hand can take pulse rate, could it?

Fitbit, Apple Watch, and every wearable seems to tout the ability to read heart rate. But how important is heart rate, really?

For 2.5 years have suffered with tachycardia daily/nightly. Past two weeks have had bradycardia (as low as 38bpm). Strange? What can cause this?

For 5 days post IV methylprednisolone (1g daily for 3days), I experienced bradycardia(39-44bpm), hypotension & chest pain. Any concern for next pulse?

For 57+ female with Hypertension, what should be the ideal heart rate to maintain during resting ECG ?

For a 14 year old is it normal for a 109 bpm?

For a 36 Male with clean echo stress and lipids within a year and no risk factors, waking in middle of night and having heart rate of 52-60 normal?

For a week my 2 yo son has had a 1.5-2 degree drop in rectal temp & a 20 beat drop in heart rate. Both still in normal range, no other symp. Thoughts?

For a year now i've suffered from rapid heart beat due to graves' disease, my BP is 135/96 and pulse is 98, can I go back to doing kickboxing?

For the first time ever my heart rate became 50 bpm when doing an intense work out. Why would this be if I'm not someone that smokes or drinks?

From last 4/5months my diastolic sometimes goes below 65 and somedays i also suffer from drop-beats.My avg.Bp 126/72, bpm64, map 90, body wt. 61kgs.

Got dysautonomia, for yrs standing heart rate 100+, laid in bed ECG showed sinus bradycardia 47. I sat up and it went to 60. Pacer needed, or fit heart?

Got dysautonomia, get slow heart rate 48-60 laid, standing 58-70 and lightheaded all time even laid. BP Normal. How to increase sympathetic ANSand HR?

Got dysautonomia, supine Blood pressure 115/53-60 HR 64, standing 126/65 HR 88. Heart is fine, echo, MRI etc. low diastolic worrys me?

Greetings: I am 60 year old male, 5' 9" 170 lbs. I work out 5 times a week . My resting heart rate is 75. How can I lower this number? Thanks. Robert

Had 14 day loop and had sinus tachycardia with heart rates 55-180bpm. Also the 180 occurs when sleeping or lying in bed. Cardiologist not sure why tach occurs every night. Elevated epinephrine? Ideas?

Had 2 heart attacks this year and stents to LAD been for treadmill test today now can't stop shaking an hot all over short of breath BP 190/107?

Had 6/7 wk pregnancy scan but embryo size is of 5.5 weeks and brachycardic. What is outlook for growth and heart rate increase?

Had a gastroscopy done and was put to sleep. During the procedure my heart rate spiked to 220. Dr was concerned. I'm only 18. What could this be?

Had a holter monitor to check palpitations. Cardio doc said normal results. Report stated lowest heart rate 49 (during sleep). Normal to go this low?

Had all tests: normal. Hr 102-120. Wearing h monitor patch. No symptoms other than fast heart rate. Safe to travel?

Had an holter 5 months ago. Had anxiety. Now relaxed again and resting hr dropped from 65 to 45. Dizzy and chestpressure occur. Doc says drop is oke?

Had Flu for the last week with high heart rate, now that Flu is gone my heart rate is really low in the 50s, feeling light headed. Should I be worrie?

Had full cardiac work up.Heart rate usually 90's but recently 60's and as low as 55.overweight/dieting now.Anxiety that my heart may stop.Rate to low?

Had heart palpitations and went to ER. potassium was at 3.3 and mildly dehydrated. Bringing my potassium higher will palpitations go away? Will return

Had normal pulmonary function tests. But oxygen levels go down in 80s when running housework heart rate goes up too. What's wrong?

Had PVCS and tachycardia for 30+ yrs. Having about 20 skips per minute now (measures 44bpm). Do I need to go to urgent care. No pain. No sweat?

Had resting heart rate of 49 today while meditating. Is that abnormally low?

Had surgery,too much anesthesia. Woke up bp 186 heart rate 125. very anxious since then. Could this have messed nervous system?Its been one year

Has anybody experienced a fast heart rate while using alli?

Have benign irregular heartbeat, also normal low blood pressure, heart rate went low in 50's on monitor. Can this cause dizziness- room spinning kind?

Have BP 130-150/70 BPM 50-65. Is this too low a heart beat rate? Am 68 yr old female. Have BP that varies 130-150/70 and heart rate 50-65. Is this too low a heart beat rate? I exercise a lot and have weight under control; lacto/ovo veg diet with some fi

Have had a pace maker for almost a year have been smoking pot again recently. I also have been having HB 150 per min and low BP could this be cause ?

Have IIH, saw dr. and when they did the standard tests for weight/bp/heart rate,etc. my hr was 96, but I was calm. Why was it so high, do you think?

Have MS. Medrol (methylprednisolone) always causes low heart rate in me / chest pain when breathe too . Tests always fine aside from heart rate. Safe to take for relapse?