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Are beta blockers supposed to keep your heart rate within the 60-70 range or are they just meant to control your heart rate to keep it within 60-100?

Are some adults "born with" a higher and benign heart rate than others that fall in the average range of beats?

Are there long-term effects from sinus tachycardia? Pulse rate is regularly above 100bpm d/t ADHD meds. No palpitations. Should i be concerned?

Are you burning muscle if you go above your target heart rate?

Arrhythmia; BP=90/76 HR=60bpm. Advised to increase salt intake. Now BP=102/65 HR=51,feeling lightheaded, dizzy and tired. Is this an expected outcome?

Ascending aortic aneurysm growth rate of 6 mm in a year -- now 4.6 is this a growth rate that could be dangerous?

Asthma and a 129bpm heart rate, health taking a turn for the worse. Advice, it can be slow but high rate the past week?

Asthmatic 3 y/old has pulse in low 50's while asleep. Her normal is in the high 80's. She's on amoxicillin,prednisolone & xopenex (levalbuterol). Is pulse too low?

At 33 weeks what should fetal heart rate be? I listened to my baby tonight as not feeling well, heart rate was 159-161. I am currently in Spain on hol

At 38, i'm a regular exerciser and healthy. Now pregnant. What should I keep my heart rate under? 

At 7 weeks pregnant, my identical twins both had a BPM of 180. At 8 weeks, it went down to 154 and 168. Is it okay that the BPM went down?

At my 32 wk appointment my heart rate 123bpm which is normal & has been checked out via ECG. Bubs heart was 165bpm.Ob didnt seem concerned is that ok?

At the age of 40 how much should be ideal heart function rate ?

At what maximum rate can I see a therapist?

At what maximum rate can mono show up?

Athletes often have a very low resting heart rate in the 35-50 range but is this while sleeping? And does it even go lower during sleep?

Average heart rate for 56 year old eoman?

B/P 161/105 Resting pulse is 140. Chest is uncomfortable but not painful. How can I lower pulse. Can't sleep.

baby heart bpm @ 8 weeks 164 is that a boy a girl

Been having a low heart rate recently, should I go see a doctor?

Been having heart palps on and off since last night. More noticable when resting. Resting BP 101/61 HR 67 bpm. Standing BP 89/67 HR 69. Not overweight?

Been in Ketosis to lose weight (>25 g carbs/day). Lately my heart feels like it's pounding. Heart rate/blood pressure are normal. Should I be worried?

Been taking prednisone since tues, today my heart has been racing just took blood pressure it was 110/68 and heart rate 104. What do need to do.

Before 6 months I have had a heart attack. I have two stents. Now I am cycling 2 hours, 4 times in the week, with 130 to 150 heart beats. Is that ok?

Beta blocker for svt. hadh h stopped now twice 168 qnd 167 pulse at rest 2 occassions. should i be concerned?

Blood pressure of 132/110 after waking up something to be concerned about?? It's been going up and down and I'm on a heart monitor

Bp 100/66. Heart rate 62. . 5 weeks pregnant is this a normal ?

Bp 106/56 p120 BP used to be perfect heart rate was the issue afib for 13yrs. Now tired dizzy no insurance please help?

Bp 134/96 plus 108 heart sounds like its fast n speeds up 3-4beats then skips one every 20-30 secs I'm 40 almost good Health should I be concerned ?

Bp before exercise: 130/83, after exercise: 100/60. 2 hours after that time: 95/60, heart rate 85 bpm. Without beta blocker. Is it normal / abnormal?

Bp is 158 over 108 heart rate is 118. And i am doing nothing at all today. What should i do.

Bpm 85-95 always? Solution and cause

Bradycardia hr 48-57 lots of standard symptoms, no fainting. But at rest hot diff breath chest pain can't talk hr 77-89 what is this called? Is it ok?

Can 10 mg of ir Adderall 1x daily damage the heart over time if the resting rate is generally in the 70's with the aid of 10 mg inderal (propranolol)? 115 lb male

Can a 31 year old male who weighs 160 pounds have a heart attack?

Can a blocked nose cause increase in BPM? I usually get a resting bpm of 62-80 but since blocked nose its between 80-90.

Can a doctor tell the difference between svt and sinus tachycardia on loop monitor? Heart rate gets up to 180bpm laying in bed

Can a heart rate of 176 be considered sinus tachycardia? No exercise at the time but during rest

Can a migraine cause my BP to go high? Take atenolol for fast heart rate. Normal BP for me is 106/60. Now is 145/75.

Can a resting pulse rate of 160+ in ER be considered regular sinus tachycardia? Or is it svt?

Can a TENS unit cause my SVT to start up I think it did while using it. I have SVT and my heart went from 60 bpm to 140 while using the machine. ?

Can a trapped nerve in my neck affect an ECG and elevate heart rate? I in a lot discomfort when i took my annual ECG the BPM were 108 usually its 90.

Can a UTI and high temp of 38.5 cause tachycardia and skipped beats?

Can a very low calorie diet make your heart rate slow (57bpm) and is it a problem?

Can Adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) cause pulse rate 65-54 when resting? Starting dose of 12.5 mg. Normal pulse rate 77-69 resting.

Can ADHD medicine cause a fast heart rate while someone is running?

Can allergies or a swollen eye from allergies increase SED RATE? A week ago my sed rate was 8mm/hr, but after having an allergy attack, it was 13mm/hr

Can anxiety cause your heart rate to go fast all day? And weakness? My hr goes up to 125 when up and around.

Can anyone give me a diagnostic on this: systolic:159 , diastolic 102 , heart rate 94. He weights 220 , height 6 ft tall, age 28?

Can asd be closed when lung pressure is 140? My child is 10 years old and 21kg weight? Pls help

Can bradycardia cause memory loss? So for instance if you had a slow heart rate yesterday that you can't remember it well the next day?

Can clonidine lower heart rate? Having POTS, my HR is usually 115 on a good day. The past 2 weeks it's been as low as 40 bpm.

Can constant anxiety raise the heart rate all day long?

Can diabetes be cause for elevated resting heart rate and exercise heart rate, as well as extreme sleepiness/fatigue after exercise and bounding pulse?

Can doctors tell me what does your heart rate need to get up to when you exercise?

Can exercise treadmill cause a fast heart rate or would you just collapse?

Can exess exercise cause a fast heart rate?

Can fetal heart rate reach 170 -174 at 28 weeks? My obgyn on call said it can be very normal. The baby's heart rate is always at 150 though?

Can fish oil cause your heart rate to rise or even your resting heart rate? I get about 2, 000mg of epa and 2, 000mg of DHA daily.

Can having a stuffy head increase your heart rate? My heart rate is usually i the70's at rest but for the past two days its been in the 95 - 102 ran

Can I be overtraining myself if I don't eat enough but do heavy cardio everyday? Thus causing an elevated resting heart rate?

Can I increase my metabolic rate through exercise even after a total thyroidectomy?

Can I still play sports competitively if I have a really low heart rate?

Can i take hair skin and nail vitamins with irregular heart beat and low BP ? Are those really good for you?

Can i take viagra (sildenafil) suffering with low pulse rate of 50 beats per minute.

Can my heart arrhtyima kill me. My drs keep saying no. My ehco'ekg'stress test are all normal. But my pulse keeps bouncing around. On nadolol too?

Can not shallow breathing, potassium level of 3.2 or anxiety cause low resting hr of 52 in 32yo woman? Had 3 recent normal ekg's, but still scared!

Can over-the-counter cold medicine cause a rapid heart rate in a first grader?

Can Oxycodone cause bradycardia & extreme dizziness? HR has been dropping to 40-50bpm. Have a tachyarrhythmia & resting average HR is 102bpm normally.

Can PVCs and PACS be caused by extra adrenalin? Got dysautonomia and standing increases adrenalin and HR levels. If it does are they harmful?

Can small nostrils cause higher heart rates while running?

Can somebody tell me how can anxiety, a common cold or fever affect pulse rate readings?

Can someone with a very low activity level but very healthy give birth vaginally or her heart will give out while pushing? No heart issues.

CAN SVT CAUSE INCREASE IN BLOOD PRESSURE. DURING AN EPISODE, IT DA REACH UP TO 195/90. I'm only a teenager, and I'm worried if that is normal with SVT?

Can tapering from 1mg of clonazepam that I took for 4 months to now 0.75mg cause my heart rate to decrease?HR resting 60-65 usually 70-75

Can teething cause an 11month old babies heart rate top be slightly faster?

Can there be a website/program that can calculate calories burned based on your heart rate?

Can u use a app to take your heart rate?

Can you drink alcohol on 2.5mg bisoprolol? I do not have high blood pressure and just take it for a fast heart rate, all tests have come back normal.

Can you exercise so hard that you go over your max heart rate? If so, is it dangerous?

Can you have both tachy and bradi all together? I have a history of SVT but NOW my rest HR only 45bpm (without BB). How could?

Can you have pseudo seizures in your sleep and foam up blood and have very shallow breaths and very slow heart rate please answer asap?

Can you help? Is 69 heart beats per minute healthy for a 17 year old girl?

Can you please discuss the importance of having a relatively stable resting heart rate?

Can you tell me how long it should take to decrease resting heart rate from regular exercise?

Can you tell me if there is something that raises the heart rate considered cardiovascular exercise?

Can you tell me the breathing mechanism using flow rate equation and boyles law?

Can your target heart rate zone depend at all on your height or weight?

Can't run, have disc issues, how else to get my heart rate up enough to keep heart/body healthy?! My heart & health good, 130lbs./Female/37

Cardiologist give me 1.25mg bisoprolol. My hr is 52 resting at some points. I let him know and still gave me them. Will they lower it a lot more?

Cardiologist's staff threadmill technician says max heart rate is 158 for age. I said this does not count BMI which makes max rate 173. I'm right.?

Cardiology: People can reach the maximum heart rate on a treadmill test in differing amounts of time and still have a normal heart. Can you comment?

Cardiology:Can people have a normal heart even though they reach the maximum heart rate on an treadmill stress test quickly?

Carson is almost 2 years old and is breathing hard and his heart rate is 145-150. Is this normal? What should I do?

Cause of gradual onset high heart rate? Specifically during exercise with pounding palpatation.

cause of increase in resting HR in an athlete? Elevated w rest and activity. Already tested for thyroid anemia. Not dehydrated. Ekg normal? 17 yrs

Cause of Resting heart rate of 45bpm? Bmi is 27, no other medical probs but do get dizzy on standing and have lost 5 stone in a year. Not on any meds.

Cause of Resting heart rate of 45bpm? Bmi is 27, no other medical probs but do get dizzy on standing and have lost 5st unaided in yr. Not on any meds.

Causes of sinus tachycardia during exercise in athlete? HR is overly high for me and increases very an elite athlete. 17.

Checked my pulse and it was 50-65 bpm. I'm just wondering if that's normal or what?