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What is the max heart rate for a 40 yr old? For a 30 min workout rate is 165? Is that normal? Weighs 176 and 5 feet with pre hypertension

What is the maximum heart rate of a 73 year old during a treadmill stress test?

What is the maximum heart rate that is safe after exercising?

What is the medical explanation for low heart rate during exercise?

What is the mortality rate during colonoscopies? I am 72 years old, better than average heart condition.

What is the normal heart beat for an 14 year old girl that is 5'6 and weighs 116?

What is the normal heart beets per minute for a 13 yr old boy diagnosed with adhd?

What is the normal heart rate average while standing/walking for a healthy 18 years old male?

What is the normal heart rate for a fetus at 37 weeks. My daughter's heart rate has usually been 130-140 max. Now its 160-163. ?

What is the normal heart rate for an adult who is resuming exercise program?

What is the normal peak expiratory flow rate of an typical adult?

What is the normal pulse rate for a 18 year old female? I did mine twice and it was 109 the first time and 101 the second. Is that normal?

What is the normal pulse rate for a 75 year old man?

What is the normal pulse rate for pregnant woman?My pulse is 100bpm (is it normal), i am 3.5 months pregnant,my weight is 43.5kgs, thyroid is normal.

What is the normal safe range for your pulse?

What is the pulse rate for a man of age 48?

What is the purpose of checking your pulse rate after an exercise?

What is the range for a life expectancy for a client who exercises 6x a week cardio (90 minutes) who never smoked, He is 6ft1 and 220 lbs , non diabetic with a quad bypass. He has a heart with an infraction rate of 35 from 17% The heart is extensive with

What is the relationship between someone's resting metabolic rate and their muscle mass?

What is the safe maximum heart rate during exercise for a 58 year old woman with BMI 36.8?

What is the simplest explanation for low heart rate during exercise?

What is your maximum heart rate that is healthy when running?

What kind of heart problems may explain a slight BP elevation followed by a 40mmhg crash at peak hr (>90% mhr) to below baseline level on treadmill?

What makes your heart rate accelerate when running?

What r the chances at age 47 with a leaky heart value. Heart at functioning at 45 percent. Of a herart attack.

What should be the max heart rate on trademill for 73 yr female?

What should be the normal pulse rate for an adult at 55 years old?

What should I take if i've had an elevated heartbeat for prolonged time?

What should my heart rate be 1 hour after I finish exercising? I'm 17, female, high level athlete.

What should my heart rate be i'm 38 year old male who walks a lot and just stated to smile crystal meth 3-4 weeks ago ?

What should my heart rate be when cardio boxing between high intensity and low intensity, and weight training?

What should my target heart rate to burn fat?

What should you do in regard to the intensity of your workout if your post-exercise heart rate is above either the five- or 10-minute levels?

What to do if heart rate v sweat which is a better measurement for calorie burn up?

What to do if i thought that bulimia was supposed to increase heart rate, so why is mine low at 64 bpm?

What to do if i want to know what happens when you exercise over your target heart rate zone?

What to do if i'm 64 year old female my blood pressure is 127/55 my heart rate 86 is this ok?

What to do if i'm a 45 year old female, i sometimes wake in the middle of the night with a heart rate of 125-139. Is this cause for alarm?

What to do if I'm a 45 year old female,i sometimes wake in the middle of the night with a heart rate of 125-139. is this cause for alarm?

What to do if my 46 year old friend has the blood pressure of 136/87, and the heart rate of 94, is that normal for her age group?

What to do if patient has high hr, no energy, lightheartedness, svt, 180 bpm. what medication would you give?

What treatment will they give me for bradacardia 17% of the time. Lowest hr of 43bpm.

What type of class of HTN prescriptions may be an effective way of gently slowing a normal, but slightly quick heart beat, by a few beats a minute?

What will bring my heart rate down? Resting rate about 100. Blood pressure is good. Possible thyroid issue. Waiting for results. Can't sleep.

What will happen if you exceed your maximum heart rate when exercising?

What would be a good healthy heart rate for a 53 yr old just doing daily activities? RHR 50s/60s. Is upper 90s-lower 100s too high?

What would be the reason for my heartrate to go up when I have given up caffeine due to PVCsResting Heartrate used to be 60-70 now is 80-90 and over?!

What would it possibly mean when an 18 year old's pulse rate is at around 120?

What would you think is going on if a teenage high level athlete presented with a resting heart rate consistently in the 80's or 90's w fatigue and a noticeable heart beat? thyroid normal. other blood work normal (electrolytes, anemia, etc.)

What you expect BP and hr of a person with congestive heart failure to be at rest and with exercise?

What's the average heart rate for a 17 year old female (110 pounds)?

What's the best way for me to calculate calories burned with a heart rate monitor?

What's the best way for me to calculate calories burned, using my average heart rate?

What's the effect of slow pulse rate (48-55) to my heart? Live longer?

What's the normal heart rate per minute for a 17 year old girl who has just had scoliosis surgery 2 and a half weeks ago?

What's the target heart rate during aerobic exercise?

What"s increase vegal tone that causes droped beats- is it dangearous?

Whats a normal change in heart rate with exercise?

Whats the avg blood pressurereading on an avg day when not resting?

Whats the machine called in a hospital which measures your heart rate and goes beep beep beep?

When doing cardio should I go for the machine that keeps my heart rate the highest to achieve max wt. Loss?

When excercising, should I keep a low heart rate for fetus?

When exercising, heart rate will rise 5-10 bpms for 10-15 secs after stopping from its exercising rate, then will sharply fall. What causes the rise?

When I do my exercises my heart rate goes really high when I only do a few of them what could cause that im n good shape as well?

When I exercise, my heart rate goes between 160-175bpm. Is this too high for a 37 year old woman? Target heart rate calc says 146 maximum.

When I exhale my heart slows down dramatically and when I inhale speeds up dramatically. 16 years old, male, not very sportly but also not unhealthy.

When I go to the doctor they usually mention my heart rate is a bit high, but when I'm home it seems to be 84-88 bpm. What is an abnormal heart rate?

When I jog or am in the middle of a 5k, my heart rate can go up as high as 160-170. For my weight and age, what should be the maximum heart rate I should allow while exercising. I am 59, 196 pounds, and do not feel any strain at this heart rate?

When I participate in high intensity exercise my heart rate suddenly beats incredibly fast.. Skips a beat or two then returns to normal. ?

When i start jogging at low speed, my heartrate shoots to max heart rate of 173, until after 5mins it normalizes to 123. Is this normal?

When I'm anxious my heart rate at rest is about 105, when I'm relaxed its about 65. Should I be worried that my HR increases only when I'm anxious?

When is bradycardia seen as an issue. I work out on cardio 3 hours a week and have a resting bpm of 45. Would that be concerning or just due to cardio?

When my child is laying down I can see her heartbeat in her neck and her heart rate was 88 she's 5 is this normal?

When someone goes in 2 complete cardiac arrest . No pulse heaetbeat . How many min would it take without oxyegen to b brain dead ?

When ur heart rate goes up during exercise what does it mean?

When using a heart rate monitor for exercise, how do you factor into your heart range the intended effects of heart meds?

When working out, i my heart rate tends to read a bit higher than normal around 190bpm during vigorous exercise, but i don't feel bad. It's this ok?

When you have a-fib, what is a good or safe heart rate when you exercise?

Where do I read my % pvc's on my 24hr holter and is 50min hr concerning? :/ resting is probably higher this is from my understanding during deep sleep

Which value of cardiac output is considered high?My stroke volume 90ml, by 75 bpm, that means cardiac out:6, 7l/min;cardiac index would be 3, 5l/min*m2.Tx

Why can't I get accurate reading on my heart rate wrist monitor?

Why do athletes have thicker heart walls compared to non-athletes?

Why do I feel better when my BP is 135/85 vs 120/80?

Why do I have fast heart rate while I'm on my testosterone replacement therapy???

Why do I keep getting altitude sickness @ high altitudes. I'm in good physical shape and have a heart rate of an athlete.?

Why do preemie's heartrates drop when they have reflux?

Why does caffeine put me to sleep, but alcohol makes my heart race at a resting rate of 135-150 BPM (and not from dehydration)?

Why does heart rate rise to about 85 when waking up in the morning and then settles down in the 70's. Is this normal?DR says its OK. Cardio tests OK.

Why does my 'asthma' make my heart rate slow down (51 - 59bpm) instead of speeding up?

Why does my heart rate increase around 40 BPM after eating? No diagnosed heat conditions. No symptoms other than anxiety.

Why does my heart rate stay elevated for 2-3 hours after exercise?

Why does pulse rate increase during exercise except yoga?

Why dose my heart hurt sometimes? I've been to a hospital because of my heart rate was to high and had to stay for 4 days then they said i was fine?

Why i always have a high pulse rate? Very afraided. Its always 90+.(18 yrs male)

Why if B12 injections are given for "weightloss" did it cause a rapid heart rate and eating 3x more than normal to be satisfied?

Why is an elevated heart rate alone not always a valid indicator of effective aerobic-training?

Why is it i cannot get my heart rate lower then 85 usually during the day until bedtime when I am tired or early in the morning when its 50-69 bpm?

Why is it important to keep track of your weight if you have heart disease?

Why is it possible to burn more calories by having an increased heart rate while working out?

Why is it when I do exercises or activities that get my heart rate up, i get palpations?