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Please explain why is my heart rate is high during a moderate intensity exercise?

Please help me with an easy way to stay within target heart rate?

Please tell me the infant circumcision rate in the united states in 2012/13 and is it trending upwards or downwards?

Polar FT4, sitting here my heart is fluctuating between 69 - 74bpm. I am so confused. What is my resting heart rate?

Possible causes for shortness of breath and irregular heart rate 85 yo male has high BP and hiadle hernia? Resting rate of 46, but was 85-130

Post hyst heart rate on monitor was between 100-140 normal?

Postpartum cardiomyopathy patient of 3yrs, ejection 25. I've been fatigued and today my heart rate is 118. Should I go to the ER?

Prolonged bed rest cause bradycardia? I have depression and become inactive resting heart rate goes down 42 nrml cardio wrk up and no symptoms.

Pulse 135 on ecg with short pr interval, delta wave. Pulse ranges 52- 161. Periods of SOB, chest pressure and dizziness. Cause? Getting holter tomorrw

Pulse 48-58 per minute normally.What can I have disease ?

Pulse goes 1,2,3, pause repeatedly.BP 127/82 HR 75. Breathing difficulties ?

Pulse is at 50 while resting lying down but 120 while standing and walking. Can i take beta blocker or is it to dangerous in resting state?

Pulse monitor often shows my pulse rapidly varying second to second, i know small changes are normal but sometimes the variance is +/- 15 bpm. Normal?

Pulse oximeter reading is 97 oxy sat. Resting HR 56-68. Freq pvcs. When I feel the pvc, I notice HR on the oximeter is 56-60. Normal? Also on period.

Pulse rate taken manually vs on my phone app is always different. Which one should I believe? &, why did I have a fast rate & not feel like it was?

Pulse usually in 60s. now it is in 50s or 60. is this normal. has afib chf?

Put on beta blocker for high heart rate.very slow hr now at rest and doing normal activities(what it should initially be)but currently hr in 90's?

R my heart rates ok? Varies(why?) between late 70's, & 80's BPM in rest/general/doing stuff, somedays 90's.Then, when i'm exercising, it's in the 100's.

Racing heart( 160) sweaty palms, shaking. Panic attack or SVT? ER doc said EKG strip showed Sinus Tachy not SVT, even at that high of rate

Rapid heart beat my daughter, who is 11 years old, has occasional dramatic increases in her heart rate (once or twice a week). I taught her how to count her beats per minute and today her pulse jumped to 240 for about 5 minutes (per her account). Her norm

Reading heart rate 63 but I have not taken my remeron (mirtazapine) 45 mg yet should I be worried ? Stress echo clean 23 year old male overweight?

Reason for a higher than expected resting heart rate in an athlete? mine is about 80-95. used to be in the 60's? i drink tons of water

Recently had PPI as earlier pacemaker gone out of power, but this time its programmed 70 bpm, had been 60bpm for a decade, is it safe to increase this?

Recently I've been taking my heart rate and I've noticed is regularly over 100bpm. Is this normal and should I be doing anything to reduce it?

Recently, I have been experiencing low morning blood pressure (soon after waking up) and tachycardia (usually above 120 bpm). What could be a cause?

Resting heart ejection factor has stablized at 35-40%, improves at 45-50% under stress. How to improve resting ejection factor?

Resting heart rate 53-57 on average when wake up. I'm 39 and work out on a fairly regular basis. Normal or concern?

Resting Heart Rate 60 - 70bpm, after doing heavy cardio, it stays between 80 - 90bpm for the rest of the day. Heart disease? No other symptoms though.

Resting heart rate as a young man was 50-55. Doctors are considering a pace maker 2 years post heart attack?

Resting heart rate has been anywhere between 100-135. Doctor prescribed atenolol 25mg. About how many point will that lower it?

Resting heart rate in high 90's all the this dangerous? Ekg was normal, should I be worried? Goes up to 110 sometimes when I go to the doctor

Resting heart rate increased at 100 BPM its annoying me and im on dostinex (cabergoline) since 2 weeks. Should i worry? Should i go to the hospital?

Resting heart rate is 96 bp110/70 is that normal. 35 yr old female?

Resting heart rate is always low but once I get up It goes 90 to 120. Rhythm was normal on holter.could this be caused by anxiety?

Resting heart rate is higher than usual (85-90bpm).experiencing profound fatigue after exertion over past months.high level athlete.well hydrated?

Resting heart rate laying in bed is 61. 34 yr old female. Is that normal?

Resting hr 90 first trimester of pregnancy. Is that okay? Palpatation? I have pots and these symptoms always make me anxious. Are they safe?

Resting hr is always between 101-121 i'm 19. What causes this? Had many ecg's but is fine dr's always express the concern but i don't know the cause?

Resting is 97 bad pulse rate for a 62 female ?

Resting pulse 96-100 &112-120 / winded with light activity since pericardial window 6 weeks ago. Echo normal/ holter-mild tachicardia. How dangerous ?

Resting pulse over 100. I've always been fast but not this fast. I'm resting between 105 and 120. Away on business. Do I need urgent care?

RHR increased from 60 bpm to high 90s 1 week after stopping Zoloft (sertraline). Related? Should I be concerned? Recent ekg showed normal sinus rhythm. Causes?

RHR normally in the low 60s. The last 2 weeks after quitting Zoloft (sertraline) it spiked to the 80's/90's. Is this normal? Today EKG showed normal sinus rhythm

Sat down heart rate 47, ran upstairs 150. BP 124/72 age 23. Not athlete. Have dysautonomia POTS. No symptoms at hr 47. Why so low? had ecgs,echos etc

Scared i have sepsis but im a hypochondriac? I have a healing boil, a temperature of 97.0 and my heart rate is a resting 88 but I did take it in panic

Should I be concered about my heart rate if it is 48 but I weigh 250 lbs and am 31 yrs old. I recently went to a doctor after a BP spike. ?

Should i be concerned my heart rate is 115 resting but I have a cold wondering if that's why?

Should I be tested for POTS? I suffer from dizziness/fatigue/shakiness. Resting heart rate of 65-70 rises to 120-130 after 10 mins of standing

Should i get thyroid checked? Am i overreacting? 100 avg. Pulse rate @ rest. Not sure if stress or thoughts can increase my pulse. B/p seems normal.

Should I still go to work if I have bradycardia?

Should my heart rate be changing dramatically within just hours?

Should your heart rate rise and stay over 100 while playing golf?

Shouldn't boyfriend 165lbs 5'8 be concern that his resting heart rate is 87beats per minute?

Since 2years on betablockers.Last 3 weeks BP low (105-65).Dr said ok.Now since 2 days BP on 145-95.Hr 60-65bpm.Why these oscillations?Catheterism ok

Since beta blocker lowers the heart rate, will it affect the tread mill test?

Since i started colchicine 0.5 twice daily for fmf.My resting heart rate became 58-64.Normally it is 73-78.Is it normal?

Since i was a child, I have a high heart rate (around 100bpm) at rest.This can cause me future problems? During workout i reach 180bpm.

Sinus bradycardia otherwise normal EKG, the slow heart rate something to be concerned with Ian not an athlete 6"2 201 slim exercise regime ?

Sinus tachycardia treatment: which is better, ibravadine or bisoprolol? Avg resting HR 90-115, normotensive, no other comorbidities, exercise daily!

Sir, my heart rate generally remains 85-90.But my b p is normal . What lshould do?

Slow fetal heart rate and growth and hashimoto's thyroid. Any correlation? I am 7.5 weeks and measure 6.5 weeks. Today's heart rate was 72.

Slow heart rate when sleeping. My "resting heart rate" is 59. But, while sleeping, it drops to 44 or even 38. Is this ok? Some Fatigue, otw healthy.

SMC / ANALYSIS OF A 48 HOUR HOLTER SCAN FOR "RACING HEARTBEAT": Underlying rhythm is sinus. Heart rates range from 69 BPM (asleep) to 173 bpm(unknown?

So how close to death was I with a BP of 58/23? I don't know what my heart rate was, fairly normal though, 80-85? I was alert and coherent.

Solu Medrol (methylprednisolone) ... Can it cause low heart rate and nonspecific ekg?

Sometimes get a fast heart rate after eating especially breakfast and lunch. Can be up to 130. Had holter done Dr said everything was normal rhythm?

Sometimes have heart palp. emerg took blood tests said heart was fine.. Yesterday night in bed and resting heart rate was 56bpm should i be worried?

Sometimes when eating, my friends heart rate jumps from 75-80 to 120 or so. He's overweight and concerned, trying to reassure him. Is this worrisome?

Sometimes while exercising my heart rate is around 180 (and can reach 200 maximum). Is this safe?

Sons sick with a 104 temp. 157bpm heart rate, is that normal for now? Should I be concerned. Also anything else to help with fever other then cvs drop

Started .01mg of clonidine for motor tics. My resting heart rate is a healthy 42bpm. Scared this med will drop my heart rate dangerously low & kill me?

Started a VLCD 5 weeks ago for gastric sleeve last Tuesday. Since the diet my resting heart rate has dropped from 76 to 51. No symptoms, ectopic beats?

Started carvedilol to slow heart rate have always had low bp. Today i'm so week and tired just don't feel myself. Is this normal? What should I do?

Started Paxil (paroxetine) 5mg x1 wk now upped to 10mg. Feel extreme fatigue at times with skipped heart beats and faster heart rate. Can these be se?

Suffering skipped beat often at a stretch 5/6 days for last 6 months. Can medicine cure? I'm 68yr. Avg BP 126/72, BPM 64, map 90 and wt. 60.8kgs.

Symptoms of cardiomyopathy in teen athlete?I have heat intolerance,exercise duration decreased significantly,elevated HR resting/exercising,pounding

Tachycardia 40 yr female. Started 8 mo ago w/pneum. No meds no illness.Lay down heart rate 60s. Immed stand and 120. Cardio &electrophys no idea. What?

Take asa & warfarin, have af . When i do, get that feeling of impending doom , high, irreg pulse rate, dizzy, ha. Can high na foods cause it?

Take bisoprolol intermittent resting heart rate of 165 + . age 49. causesplease?

Take my pulse it is 69bpm, after 1 minute I take it again its 74bpm, then another minute after its 72bpm. Is this normal? Or do I have arrythmia?

Taking Gabapentin 200mg 1 X day for last 4 months for severe nerve pain. Last few days resting heart rate is 90 BPM. Can gabapentin cause this?

Teenage girl: pounding heart/increased heart rate (for 2weeks) and unexplained nosebleed and easy bruising. Cause?

The continuous hr fluctuations between 40 BPM and 190 BPM are incapacitating me (can't do efforts anymore) while on duotrav .Will cause heart damage?

The first heartrate was 158, the second was 160's and now the heartrate is 140. Is it a boy or girl.? I am 18 weeks and 2 days. Due date is jan 26.

The past few days my resting heart rate has been around 106 & BP around 130/98 should I see my cardiologist or wait a few days and see if it improves?

Thought my condition of a high pulse caused by graves' disease was over, but i went for a jog and nearly collapsed, my pulse was 152, what should I do?

Tilt Table HR 65bpm jumped to 155bpm. (Sustained). BP didn't plummet. Ordering Neuro said notPOTS. I have all of the symptoms. What else could it be?

To lose weight I have to keep my heart rate high, but just how high should I keep it?

To reframe a?About could a high resting heart rate cause weight lose, do to my heart rate is always high and I have lost wt (not on purpose)tryin to ga

Told I have EF of 48%. (Was 50-55%) I'm 25. Dr doesnt seem that worried but I get rapid HR, SOB, dizzy. No diagnosis. What could it be? Heart failure?

Took azithromycin first dose 2 hours ago. Heart rate has been 120 BPM at rest. Is this normal?

Treated for atonomic dysfunction w/ atenolol(HHR) taken off of it heart still beats fast but only when standing up and climbing stairs reasons for it?

Uncle's age is 55 suffering from urinal infections wants to operate for that but pulse rate is below 30 doctors can't operate what to do for normal bpm?

Under what heart rate for an adult and then for an infant are chest compressions required?

Understanding that the ideal heart rate is 60-80bpm, is there an optimal heart rate? Mine is 60bpm. Should it be a tad higher or is it perfect?

Us neonatoloby grapples with rising infant death rate and what can be done?

Using hr device. On it during exercise what is normal heart rate beats per minute?

Usually have bradycardia,but starting 2 weeks ago started getting a higher resting pulse with occasional bouts of tachycardia. What causes this?

Vomiting, body tremors, resting BPM 207 blood mucus?

Wake up with discomfort in heart region but after 1hr vigorous exercise feel fine. I take atenolol, lisinopril, flecainide for mild arrhythmia. Worry?