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My heart rate was 174 then went down to 81 then back up to 144 in 2 hours. Should I go to emergency.

My heart rate was 50 BPM the other day when working out and now I'm freaking out. Can someone put my mind at ease?

My heart rate was elevated for several hours when I was just laying down. It was between 96-104bpm?

My heart rate was over 110 during fever I was really scared, but now that the fever has gone the heart rate is 66-85 depending on activity or stress.

My heart rate when I sit down is 55-60 and then when I rise up its 85-98. Do I have POTS?

My heartrate has been high, at rest 80-90 bpm. Always nervous. Should i be taking beta blockers? The doc wont give me any bec i might feel dizzy

My heartrate is 124 at rest & can feel it beating. Last week at the dr my BP was 109/77.Labs came back as elevated wbc. Any thoughts why hr so high?

My Holter Monitor showed 1596 Bradycardia events (under 50 bpm) in 48 hours and 2356 pauses between 2.02-2.5 seconds. Lowest Heart rate was 27 .

My hr beats much faster due to pectus excavatum, do I burn more calories when exercising because of this?

My hr resting is 132 feels like my heart is flip flop ing in my chest my h ands shaking I take 5mg atanol for high BP never had problems wiith tachyc?

My husband 67 had aortic valve replacement ten months ago? His pulse rate is 43. He works out a lot. Is this pulse worrisome?

My husband age 32 history of gout ,resting heartrate is always between 45 to 50 and his potassium level is 5.6mmol,would slow heart rate be a concern?

My husband is on 12.5 mg metoprolol bid, heart rate is low 50s, feeling lethargic and is mentally slower. Should he stop metoprolol?

My husband says my heart rate is too high, since it rests at about 90-100. Is it normal, if not how can I fix it? I'm not an excerciser type person, I don't have the stamina for it.

My level of CPK is 687 and cpk-mb is 18 i lift weights and i take propranolol because I have rapid heart beats anything to be worried of ?

My many docs believe Inappropriate Sinus tach but what do you think? -fast heart rate(resting 100-190s) -dizzy -low and high BP -cold feet -tremors

My mom age 63 years has a pulse rate of 133 and BP 98/55. Should we rush her to emergency service or does it gets normal itself.

My mom has familial hypertriglyceridemia and bradycardia (36 bpm) when she eats/sleeps flat). The heart beat will increase with exercise.Any ideas?

My mom is 65 yrs. Old with familial hyperlipidemia (5'2/128 lbs).She is having bradycardia when she sleeps and eats. Her pulse is 36.What is this?

My mother is 58 her pulse rate is above 100 since five days. Pls help?

My normal resting heart rate is around 60. Why is it sometimes down at 52? Once it was even 48. I am a non athlete.

My normal heart rate is between 75 to 85. Today it was 52. What could cause it to drop so much? I am 58 not athletic

My pressure while the 30 week in pregnancy is first check is 150/84 second 134/72 third 126/70and heart beat is between 126-114 is there a problem?

My pulse is 57 resting.I am untrained.Made ECG but for pain not arytmia.Can u see bradykardi on ECG even when pulse is higher when its bein taken?

My pulse rate always shows betn 90 to 120 per BP betn 117/80 to 150/90. Help me to correct my pulse rate.

My pulse rate goes up by 30 - 40 beats per minute every time i eat gluten , does this mean that I am gluten intolerant ?

My pulse rate has been ranging from 110-130 lately. Why would that be?

My pulse runs from 114 down to 40. My BP is also erratic. I have Afib but it has never been like this. Any ideas what would cause this. ?

My regular heart rate is usually low 50-60 and I wake up feeling drained with a fast heart rate 90-100 what could cause this?

My resting hart rate is 150 what should I do. I fell fine this rapid hart rate started about 2 weeks ago before then my it was about 55 bpm. I was weak the first day it started i think i was dehydrated. I have no symptoms i fell fine my BP is 122/78 im 62

My resting heart beat is over 90+ at least to 120. What does this mean? Could it be more then sinus tachycardia?

My resting heart rate at the hospital was 43-53 bpm. I tend to be tired a lot, could it be related?

My resting heart rate has averages of 58 to 66 today it was at 48 BPM should I be concenered about how low it got

My resting heart rate has been 100-130 for 2-3 years. I'm a 23 year old healthy female in my second year of medical school. Should I worry about this?

My resting heart rate is 100 right now. I took my klonopin (clonazepam) to see if it would go down... It actually is now higher. Why is this happening?

My resting heart rate is 104 bpm . I don't do much excersise and get out of breath easily. I'm 5ft 2 and weigh 10stone 4lbs. Is this ok. ?

My resting heart rate is 113 and standing 133 with a peak of 142. Is this healthy? I am taking Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) for my ADHD. should I stop taking this?

My resting heart rate is 55 bpm. I live a sedentary life. I never had my heart below 57. I guess i have little anxiety and I am really worried.

My resting heart rate is 60-70 in the morning/evening but can shoot up to 90s throughout the day. Why is it higher during the day? Smoke+have stress

My resting heart rate is 98 bmp. It is usually about 60 bmp. Is this a bad thing?

My resting heart rate is anywhere from 59-65 bpm, but as soon as I get up in the morning my rate stays around 70-85 bmp even if I am sitting down?

My resting heart rate is between 110 and 120. Is this normal? I am 5'9" and 120 lbs., 34, female.


My resting heart rate is in its 80s but am having episodes of it dropping to 46 feel dizzy and it jumps about ECG was ok any clues I've mild COPD ?

My resting heart rate is up to 98 bpm right now. I am a 38 year old woman. I'm dehydrated from being stomach sick today. I also usually drink wine at this time of day and have not had any today. Should I be worried? My normal heart rate is usually in the

My resting heart rate is usually 85-95 and after realizing stress might be the issue, it dropped to 65-75 in just few days. Is this normal?

My resting heart rate is usually in the 50-60 range, but today it's 90-100?

My resting heart rate is usually in the 60's or 70's, but when I stand up it gets to be 90's or low 100's. Is this normal?

My resting heart rate stays around 100-120. I'm 17 F. Possible reasons/causes?

My resting heart rate was 69 bpm the other day and today it was 81. How could there be such a difference? 12 bpm difference. Should i go to the ER?

My resting pulse is always around 95-110 beats per minute. 90+ is very dangerous correct? Does this mean stroke/heart attack for my future? BP 130/85

My results showed off my 7 day monitor that my heart rate never went below 150bpm through the day at nigh t would drop to 80bpm when get up back 150?

My sed rate keeps going up now is it 90 doctors believe I suffered a TIA . Is it possible to take 800 mg ibuprofen to lower sed rate or predisone ?

My sedimentation rate is 27. Normal rate is 1-20 can something be wrong? I'm 19, female and i've been having headaches and some muscle/joint pain.

My sister had a recient hospital stay and was put through a battery of tests. Was told she has braidiacardia, slow heart beat. Her heart rate for me ( 3 days now) has been in the 40's and low 50's. She had a spell that she was going unresponcive and was

My sleep study shows avarage BPM of 67, highest 171, 34 events of bradycardia lowest hr 6 bpm. Is there something wrong with me or the machine?

My son had an EKG done twice when he was extremely nervous. Could this make a qt interval longer? His heart rate was normal but he was super nervous.

My son has a temp of 39.8 and heart rate of 180bpm no cold or anything any clues?

My son is breathing hard and his heart rate is 145-150 he is 2 years old is this normal?

My son is tachycardic heart rate 120 for 4 hours now, what to do? My son is 7 years old

My son, age 35, has anxiety. Physical: normal bp, but high (100) heart rate. No hyperthyroidism. Other physical causes of both? Beta blocker help?

My sons BP is 129/69 he has a heart murmur and he is 14 yrs of age his hr is 82 can u tell me if this is normal ? He has been lethargic for past 2 wk

My sphygmomanometer shows arrythmia warning...i checked manually and for 30 seconds pulse is fine and 30 sec its too slow. what is the cause/disease?

My supine pulse was 42-48 during hospital stay.6'0 150 athletic. Is this too low?You hear of Olympians with pulse like this but reading of Bradycardia

My two year old is sleeping and her heart rate is registering in the 140's is this normal. Her 02 sat is at 95/96?

My wife uses a fitbit band and found heart rate bpm is very high over 100 whole last week. What does it mean by? Thank you for your answer in advance.

My wife, 6 months pregnant, has a resting pulse of 95-100. Does pregnancy caused an increased resting heart rate?

My wife's pulse rate is 120 and BP is 116 by 74. She also feeds my 13 month daughter. Is such a high pulse rate normal. Causes and remedies please.

My Wilde 22 weeks Pregnatn. Fetal Haeart Rate is 134 bpm. his Boy or Girl Please Healp.

My Wilde 22 weeks Pregnatn. Fetal Haeart Rate is 134 bpm. his Boy or Girl Please Help.

Nadolol changed to carvedilol 6.25 am12.5PM;resting rate 60s; exertional 100-120;IST back? If so, y isn't rest rate increased?my low BP stable so far.

Nausea/ indigestion for up to three hrs after eating anything plus heart rate and BP going opposite way to each other on 45 min tilt test related?

Need advice on what is the the target heart rate to burn fat?

Need help docs! my 46 year old friend has the blood pressure of 136/87, and the heart rate of 94, is that normal for her age group?

Need to lower hearts extreme reacton to everything and high pulse but can't lower my resting hr anymore ( 45-50 ). Which beta or what can I do/take?

Need to lower hearts extreme reacton to everything and high pulse but can't lower my resting hr anymore (45-50). Which beta or what else can I do/take?

Need to lower hearts extreme reacton to everything and high pulse but can't lower resting hr anymore ( 45-50 ). Which beta or what else can I do/take?

Never exercise, but when I do my heart doesn't go back to normal resting rate for over an hour, do I have a heart problem? what can I do to improve?

Night 2 of oximetry study on 21 mo male. Testing for apnea which I don't think he has. O2 is solid. But heart rate is 140-160. Is that normal?

No morning sickness at all and urination has decreased. Fetal heart rate of 120 @ 6w2d. I'm 7w2d. Should i worry? I have appt in 1 week.

Normal hear rate for 52 yr old male, average health, disabled, resting rate?

Normal stress test and X-ray in er, 10, 000 PVC count on holter and symptomatic. Standing BP 90/60 & 115+ rate, rest BP 90/51 & 72 rate. Go back to er?

Normal to have a paulse rate resting around 65. Bp 98/54. Average is around 110/69. P72?

Normally my heartrate is 80/90, but what is my maximum heartrate that's healthy when doing intesive sports??

Normally my pulse around this time of day is 77 while im just resting watching yv today its 65 should I be worried about this drop of heart rate?

Obese w/ pounding heart and awareness of heartbeat ( sometimes no pain) almost 24/7 for 3 months after course of Clarithromycin. HR is normal, and can drop to 50 at resting. EKG didn't show abnormal rhythm. What does this be?

Obese with a resting heart rate that goes down to 50bpm. I heard that is not normal, and may indicate heart blockage or MVP. HR elevates to 140bpm when exercising. Ekg's, stress, blood ( troponin I < 0.02) X-ray are normal. What could be wrong?

Of the numerous heart rate zone conditioning formulas. Who's formula do you feel is the most productive for a male 46 year old amateur athlete?

On 48 hr ECG h.monitor is 180 BPM walking when im asleep 48 bpm, 12 atrial ectopic beats and 68bpm av. after I took b.blocker on 2nd day significant?

On NO meds. DX is inappropriate sinus tach. Normal resting HR is ~100bpm. HR is currently 40-50bpm. Too low? Feeling dizzy, nausea, trouble sleeping

On Propranolol for anxiety. When on it, my heart rate goes up to 100bpm when anxious but can drop to 48 at rest. Is that too low?

On propranolol for Wolff Parkinson white syndrome. Last night my pulse was 39 while laying down. B/p was normal & it's normal now. Should I worry?

Overactive symp.-nervsys. makes hr higher than normal and also get atrial xtrabeats doc call normal but if they come with high hr is it dangerous?

Overweight but with onset of sleep heart rate in low 60s. Often jolt awake right away and heart rate in low 50s, why?

Ovulating based on higher temp. What is normal heart rate for a woman?

‪Oxy sat 97% while lying flat‬ ‪Heart rate-55 bpm‬ ‪Upon standing I develop dyspnea ‬ ‪Oxy sat drops to 95% ‬ ‪Heart rate increases-95 BPM‬ ‪Causes?‬

Palps for months. All tests are normal. I woke up from nap with palps, pain and 90 heart rate. Bp normal. Should I be concerned? I exercise, meditate.

Past few weeks heart rate high 0ver 115bpm xrays, holter monitor, ekg all normal thyroid a lil low now heart rate normal again without meds y?

Please advise if it's normal for my heart rate to from 62 to 135 to 148 during a workout?

Please advise what is bradycardia (bad/good)?