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I have hyperadrenergic POTS. Why does my bp go (140/90) up when I get symptomatic ( Syncope/Seizures) but normalizes and goes down after 24 hr IVF NS?

Clenil 100mcg 2x day for 2 wks 4 puffs Mitral Valve Repair 2yr Check with Cardio listened Valve fine BP OK BP 98/57 resting 1hr after eating, Low?

pulse BPM of 60-105, spO2 of 95-98%, peak flow 600-700. I know these numbers are normal, feel unable to breathe efficiently, lung/heart/PE problem?

. 63 yr old male CAD and heart disease. Can't get heart rate out of 80's on treadmill or recumbent bike after 30-40. Minutes. Is this normal?

*Resting heart rate 90+ for last 2 weeks *Tachycardia, on verapamil to slow down pulse *Exercise 5x/week *on Clobetasol for alopecia *thyroid good ???

1. What is an acceptable recovery heart rate level five minutes after exercising?

10:58 min sec achieving 86 % FAC, Peak heart rate was 181 BPM,The patient achieved 12.0 METS, how accurate is a stress echo with these stats? negative

113/69 pulse rate 85 is that good? And they said I have reversal ischemia would it be this normal if i had that?

12 weeks pregnant, fetal hb always around 165-167. Has there been more studies on gender relating to heart rate ?

14 day loop results. Heart rates 55-180 bpm (no exercise), non specific st-t abnormalities. Nomal?

14 Y.O son always has a heart rate of 100-120 this normal.was inactive and NowHe recently started exercising cause of it.heart disease?skinny 2

15 yr old daughter had ecg. QTc was 440 Is this relevant with Potassium over limit(5.0)at 5.4, breathless, palpitations, dizzy and rest h rate of 95+?

15 yr old daughter has raised potassium 5.4mmol, more than once.Resting heart rate (95-110) dizzy, breathless, heart rate at 170 with mild exertion?

16 f y/o. 5'3" & 143lbs. I have anxiety issues and meds for it aren working. Randomly resting BPM rases to 120 and breathing becomes frantic. Anxiety?

16 yr son not athlete dzzy wlking up hill. Heartrate slow 48 in ER rate at times 38 doc said ok heart can't b 2 slow, nrse gave me EKG 2 take w/me ok?

17-yo boy, runner, has resting HR of 55 but on 50 mg Adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) it's 95. When running it's 185. EKG/echo fine. Any cardiomyopathy concerns? What to do?

18,athlete.heart rate much higher than should/used to be for given activity.feel heart pounding extremely HR spikes,just high.extreme fatigue after I exercise(fall asleep I'm so tired).blood work normal.tilt test negative.

19 yr old female. Random heart palpitations. @ gym on low level elliptical 5 min: heart rate = 185, 14:40 min: heart rate = 194. Prickly skin. Why?

19, Female, Anxiety. Bp of 140s/90s and pulse rate around 110s. I now take metoprolol tart. but still worried of dying in my 20s or 30s. Will i live?

21 wks pregnant twins,PE suspected,taking fragmin 6000 units twice,still resting heart rate 120 and if I walk few steps goes to 160 is it normal?

21 y/o active female. Resting hr around 100bpm. Resting BP averages 105/68. History of heart disease in my immediate family. Average weight, occasional fainting spells. Should i get checked?

21, f, ( tachycardia, tachpnea, pulsation )all the day even during rest, easily fatigued , my hg s 11, thyroid hormones normal, 5 ys ago , normal eco heart?

21f. Stress test. Target heart rate was 165 but within less than 5 minutes mine was 195 and showed an irregular heartbeat. What could be causing it?

22 got post orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. My heart rate sometimes is 52-58 resting but usually 60-80. Is the low hr dangerous? See tests on profi

22 male. Moderate/highly active. Heart heart rate of approx 48. Is it healthy/unhealthy to hit max heart rate twice weekly? Highest I've been is 179.

22yo M Extreme Tachy, Low HR, High HR, Missed Beat, Irregular HR Pair PVT Multiform PVC, Non Sustain VT, Pause. What could be the cause? 197+ at rest

24, female. Heart rate with minimum effort while exercising lower body muscles is 190 and lowers slowly. Increases when I speak. Sometimes I faint?

25 years old. Average weight female. Resting pulse at about 54-59 at night before bed. Is this normal? I am not an athlete by any means

26, obese, no smoke started heart pal. after taking antibiotic. EKG stress, blood fine. I can see & heart heartbeat but no elevated BPM. This is 24/7 pounding heart feeling. EKG & monitor didn't show active pal. I have bad Gerd. Doc said not palp. ?

26, obese(bmi 41), BP 117/76. Resting heart rate only 54-60. After exercise it hardly raises. Had normal ecg/stress test last year. Is this normal?

27 wks pregnant with twins,known PE taking blood thinners ,resting heart rate 120,all cardic tests are fine,can I have normal delivery?

27yr male slim body. My resting pulse rate is 60 to 70 when i'm on bed. When stand up it rises up to 90 to 100. Is it normal?

29 male no exercise, resting heart rate is 95-100bmp, normal blood pressure. How can I quickly reduce that rate, how long does exercise take?

29 yr old female, good health 125lbs, resting heart rate ranges from 109-130. How do I know when I should see somebody for this?

29/f. A little overweight for my age and height. My resting heart rate is always between 105-115 this is extremely high. What could be the cause?

2day just errands, took my pulse & it was 80 bpm. Later its 88. Is that a good pulse rate? Ususally unless i'm at rest it's faster. Is this ok/normal?

3 minutes into heart recovery to see what my heart recovery rate was, my number was still up in the 170s. I'm young and fit. What gives?

3 months ago,HR increased about 20-25 beats (resting,exercise,recovery).pounding,decreased exercise tolerance due to hr,dizzy,bad in heat.arrhythmia?

3 yr old girl resp rate 23-26. Every ten minutes it drops to about 14-17 for about 30 seconds. Is this ok?

30 yr old f, healthy. been dizzy for weeks, tested for everything MINUS the heart. should i get this tested as well? my resting heart rate is 62.

32 female healthy weight. Resting heart rate has been at 120 for 4 hours. Should I go to ER? No anxiety

33 year old male. Dont excersize regularly. 5'11 185lbs. Heart rate around 48 when resting. Any thing to worry about? No dizzy or faint spells

33 year old parent's are cardiac patients both have angaina. Now after meal my heart rate is 96 to 99 . And breath rate also gona high . Plz advice.

35 year-old female, resting heart rate 95-98, BP at rest 142/99: exercising to lose weight...Took 3 hours to recover resting pulse...So should I decrease my intensity a bit, just to be safe?

35 yr old male, 201ibs 114/73BP heart rate goes from low of 42 and ranges up to 65/70 throughout the night, is this bad? LHR always at night

35 yrs old stay home mom of 3 kids resting pulse rate 58 is it normal with 118/81 bp?

36 M with normal echo stress and lipids in January. No risk factors. Phone app measured resting heart rate 57. Is it ok or something wrong?

37 weeks. What could cause an elevated heart rate and tender uterus?

40 yr female. Seen drs, specialists, all tests fine. No diseases. Heart rate rises 50-60hbm sitting to standing. Diagnosis sinus tachy, ortho static?

40y m enlargd l heart & high bp.Has chest tightnes when BP up, 3-4 skippd beats q 60beat past 5 days.Not dizy.Last echo normal.Take to ER or cardio dr?

40yr f diabetes2. Heartrate 40-65 resting. Holter =15% PVC w/3 episodes of 4 sustained beats. Metropole 25mg 1xday. Anxiety. What to do to improve?

44 yo male afib anxiety what is a good active/resting BP and hr. And best times to monitor these . Thanks docs?

49f-runner 5 mi 4-5 times a week. Pulse under 50, 50% of the time wornout?

4yo had high temp for 36hrs, it broke on its own. But has heart rate of 128, she is on zpak for bronchitis. Is this too high heart rate, or is this pn?

5 days with throbbing headache, heart rate high 120 or 135 and nose bleeds ?

5 weeks pregnant. Heart has been racing for almost 2 hours without exertion. Pulse between 96-119. Should I be concerned? What could it be?

5-10 minutes running. Heart rate between 180-190. 22yrs 5'8 10.5stone. Is this normal?

5'9 290 pounds. Resting heart rate of 45-55 ok for a 23 year old who lives a very sedimentary life? My heart really starts to pound at 135bpm or so.

50 year old female - take BP couple of times daily to monitor, notice heart rate sometimes only 55 BPM - not fit and overweight, is this concerning?

51 yo male. Chf with no known cause. Exercise about two hours daily. Moderate cardio in targeted heart rate range. Am i overdoing it? Feel great.

53, m, toprolxl25mgx2. Hr at rest is consistant between 47-52bpm.Holter recorded as low as 35 during sleep. Dangerous? Will low hr lead to arrest?

63 yo female, resting hr 45, no hi bp, very fit/bmi 22, heart rate with only moderate exercise @185 routinely, max recorded 238. What's up?

63 yr old male with CAD and heart disease. Can't get heart rate out of 80's on treadmill or recumbent bike. Do not take any blood pressure drugs.

63 yr. old female.... 5 ft. 8 in. and weigh 168 - what is normal BP level and heart rate.... past two days burping ?

64 years old,pulse too fast to count,bp160/90,o2 90,smothering,chest pain,took baby aspirin,finally pulse 120,bp down,o2 up?

65 year old female with normal heart rate around 60+ and has been all over the place last 24 hours...from a low of 84 to a high of 128...resting?

6MWT results: 477m, with saturation going down from 100% to 97%, heart rate up to 75% max. I'm 39. Cardiologist said is not good. What should it be?

7 month baby breathing fast, fast heart rate. Temps in 38+ still breast feeding ok, but off food?

70 year old with usual interstitial pneumonia, is a resting heart rate in 44 to 47 an area of concern?

70 year old woman with pulse of 143 and heart pounding. Blood pressure is 81/51 since i took three metropolol due to my heart beating fast.

8 year old female on 20 mg of vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) has heart rate in 120s is this okay? Previously on 80-90. No history of heart condition.

8 year old has been sleeping on his back for over an hour his resting heart rate at wrist is 108. Hes on two different sedatives. Is his BPM a litle high?

8 yr old diagnosed with sinus arrhythmia. How high of a heart rate is too high? His heart rate is 150-165 BPM just putting shoes and coat on. He is alays out of breath. Diagnosed asthma but wondering.

93/68 bp. female, 105lbs 25yrs old very thin. I also feel reall drained like no energy. heart rate was 68bmp is this normal?

A resting heart beat of 116-120 for my age is it normal? An I wonder if it has anything to do with my migrains also? Age23 weight125

A resting heart beat of 84 normal..some web sites say this is not good . I am 33 blood pressure 115/80 pulse the 84?

Accelerated exercise heart rate response in athlete? Causes?

According to my fitbit my resting heart rate is 71 but when im active my heart rate can easily jump up to 105. Is this normal?

Adderal 30 mg& Zofran (ondansetron) ODT 8 mg. RHR now 100-125 bpm & fluctuates very high & low. Some dizziness&hand tremors, breathing fast, dilated pupils. Normal?

Afib 86 year old on cardizem but heart still irreg xarelto short of breath exertion dr said see 6 months - pulse irreg but not too high help?

After 20 weeks pregnant week by week growth rate?

After 48hr holter monitor test dr said i had no arithmetical beats. However my highest hr was 140 BPM with a low of 40 . Should i be concerned?

After eating my heart rate increases to somewhere between 100 and 130. Normally it is between 60 to 80. I exercise daily but feel tired. Is this ok?

After having CABG and walking on treadmill how high should I allow my heart rate to go?

After stents are inserted in the LAD is it protocol to try and keep your resting pulse rate between 70-80.Mine will sometimes be higher after exercise?

After stop taking Flecainide 2 days ago for PVCs my average heart rate went from avg 55-60 to now 80-90. Should I be concerned?

After strong physical exertion, my BP was 114/64, but my heart rate was 105. Ok?

After taking albuterol for eia, my heart rate will rise to 180+ for an extended period with moderate exertion. Can I safely push myself harder?

After taking propranolol, my heart rate was 110 bpm. Is that normal? Felt slight dizziness. Thank you.

After working out for 45 min is it ok for your heart rate to be in the 80's two hours later?I freak out about my pulse all the time. Also have GAD.

After you stop exercising for a while (about a month) does it change your heart rate? I used to workout daily but stopped.

Age 14 and her blood pressurewas 18/12,19/13 and her heart rate was 180,205,170.Doctors checked everything.Diagnosed essential hypert. And tachycardia?

Age 17 weight around 150 semi fit body type. heart rate of around 50-56 when resting and i want to know if that's normal. I Don't exercise too much.

Am continuing with the last question..So I am 8th pregnant and my pressure after the 20 mg propranolol is 125/68-136/78 is it okay?Heart rate is 105

Am in my 38 weeks and 4 days my pressure was yesterday 149/68 and heart rate 114.And later 129/74 heart beat 112..Is there anything to worry?

Am taking medication for high b/p and arrithmia for 7 days is normal to fill chest pressure and coughing feel hearth pulse accelerate for few seconds?

Amitriptyline (12.5mg) use increase resting heart rate (+10-15bpm) in athlete. Normal? Echocardiogram & EKG normal 5 years ago. 150b, 6ft male.

Anxiety causes 85-110 BPM heart rate. I try and relax but cannot I have an OCD with checking heart rate and blood pressure. How can I break the cycle?

Anyone know what is a normal temperature and heart rate before exercise?

Anyone know what is a optimal exercise heart rate for a 35 yr old?